James Charles DISSED Shane Dawson Tati Westbrook Jeffree Star AGAIN!
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  • Melissa Downey
    Melissa Downey

    If you make me listen to him rapping again I will unsubscribe! ... for like a day because I cant live without your channel lol

  • Omi is a snitch
    Omi is a snitch

    Wtf kill him that rap sucks

  • kendra Medina
    kendra Medina

    Why the fuck did I listen to his rap. I always fast forward when he’s on a video. So I can’t hear his voice.

  • Catherine Montalbano-Harris
    Catherine Montalbano-Harris

    Luv ya doll...keep doin’ what you do!!!!!

  • Cherrie Bombe
    Cherrie Bombe

    Ok, first things first.....THAT WAS NOT RAP🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chloe Long
    Chloe Long

    I ordered my palette nov 1st and still haven’t got it no hate tho I love Jeffree I’m just a lil concerned

  • EtoileMarceau

    James Charos... talking or rapping I hate him all the same... Be right back I need to go vomit :S

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown

    Lol James prolly hates his rap too 😂

  • Victorina Haryani
    Victorina Haryani

    I really want to know what eminem will say about jc's "rap"

  • Dee S
    Dee S

    If JC wants this whole dramageddon to go away, then maybe he should STFU, and stop poking sleeping bears, but let’s be real, JC lives for drama, he’s not relevant if he’s not involved in drama. He likes to dish it out, but Can’t take it when others give him a taste of his own medicine. He is one shady, immature “Influencer”

  • Taylor Isom
    Taylor Isom

    That clip of him rapping made me🤮

  • Dizzy Filmz
    Dizzy Filmz

    I like the little intro moment

  • Padbae

    Just got my final order processing email today for the mini, but I received my other three items a while ago (3 conspiracy palettes, 2 separate orders)

  • Raine Porter
    Raine Porter

    My ears will never be the same after this video.

  • Lindsay Garvey
    Lindsay Garvey

    Wtf all the kid said was bye sisters?? I’m so confused

  • Sereta Donner
    Sereta Donner

    He literally says "bye sisters" all the time... I came here for tea and shade.... There was none. 😂

  • Jess

    James rapping reminds me of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling GLOW

  • Calvin Brockington
    Calvin Brockington

    I think everyone should stop giving JC airtime, attention or following. Why are we even watching him rap? I threw up 🤮

  • Fsfisher22

    That rap was so bad.

  • Belle Forevermore
    Belle Forevermore

    His rapping is terrible!!!! Oh my god!!! Just stop lol. I do feel like he was putting shade out there. Because it wasn’t just oh bye sisters it was, “infamous words once said, bye sisters.” That’s an obvious shade right there. But that’s IMO. 🙂

  • Maranda Breen
    Maranda Breen

    I still haven’t gotten mine... I can’t wait for it to get here though ✌🏼

  • JodieeXO

    James rapping is the cringiest shit ever.... Boy, bye.

  • respect yourself
    respect yourself

    That was offensive to the ears. Truthfully...I feel like this is the official moment that Shane gets to post whatever he wants. The gauntlet has been thrown... James just played Shane. Jeffree is legit telling Shane... Told you so

  • Danielle Young
    Danielle Young

    james needs a new career he cant sing and he def cant rap my ears r bleeding after watching that clip lmao he should stop bringing the bye sister thing up all the time if he doesnt want others talking about it or he really wants to move on, and i honestly dont believe he wants to move on

  • Bo Ballie
    Bo Ballie

    It sounded like he was choking on a dick covered in peanut butter while completely tone deaf

  • Ashhh

    I was fortunate enough to be able to catch the Ryland lipstick before that sold out & a pig hoodie.. am i excited to receive them ? hell yeah ! but i also know, as i’ve worked for a couple different factories, that those are people with families that are working hard to get those items to me. there are only so many hours in a day someone can actually work & like jeffree keeps saying, the amount of orders they have, there is absolutely no way everyone can get what they ordered within that same week. i think people just need to have a little patience. if you got a confirmation email, then girl it’s yours !

  • Miram poop
    Miram poop

    god that was fucking horrible

  • Claire O.R.
    Claire O.R.

    honestly that video is so embarrassing how isn't james crying in shame

  • L1

    I'm still waiting for the email from the launch 🙁

  • JAMlife

    WHAT?! dude. Seriously? I can’t believe literally EVERYTHING is turned into drama. Wow.

  • Kris Howsey
    Kris Howsey

    rip jeffree’s nail, we really keep losing real ones in 2019

  • Melissa Scally
    Melissa Scally

    The issue I have with the email that came through about the shipping issues is they said you can cancel your order if it is an issues. I tried cancelling prior to this email and due to the warehouse my products are being shipped from, cancelling was not an option for me. I understand the reasoning, and the large number of warehouses, but be more specific that only certain warehouse distribution centers can cancel orders.

  • Marilyn Motty
    Marilyn Motty

    i think the rap was cute a fun people are so lame

  • Arifah

    “You bouta walk your dog?” 😂😭

  • kaitlin kohlman
    kaitlin kohlman

    HE ALWAYS SAYS BYE SISTER! in my opinion, this is a reach.

  • Andra Mihalache
    Andra Mihalache

    Dude I love you and your videos but cut down a little on the ads, 5 ads for a 10 min video is really annoying!

  • Ricoh Ramirez
    Ricoh Ramirez

    This is the best stretch I’ve had all year!

  • J S
    J S

    Listening to that rap was hard to get through 🤭

  • Ashleigh Clary
    Ashleigh Clary

    Why? James rapping is the same vibe he gives off.....slow and vapid.

  • Cali Stevens
    Cali Stevens

    i ordered from beautylish and jeffreestar cosmetics. i had my beautylish on that SUNDAY. I am STILL WAITING for my JSC order....Only gonna use beautylish from now on. This damn thing better be here by christmas, cause its a present for my daughter. as for james....i don't believe for one second he wrote his rap. I don't think he has enough brain cells.

  • Vickie Nolan
    Vickie Nolan

    I can't stomach James Charles oh, he's washed up he's on his way out by sister

  • Colleen H
    Colleen H

    James rap at best is child like, and taken as adult is a cringe fest. But he can put make up on like a mofo queen. I wish he'd stop the 5th grade drama and show how he does the make up. And please not with his jank pallet.

  • Colleen H
    Colleen H

    Ok, so after 4.5 hours on launch day I got the mini ($6 shipping)..then got the pre order full pallet (I think $15 ship.) So for price of that shipping and time I spent trying to get both, I kinda am irked not to have mini yet. Please no hate, but morphe would have been free shipping and a lot faster (that cart sold out on me.) I wonder why Starrs site that has high shipping is taking so long (email said as late as 23rd for MINI bought on 11/1.)

  • An Yuuuh
    An Yuuuh

    I'm ok with ads.. but 10 ads in a video.. just too much for me..


    Someone needs to punch him in the face. JC I mean.

  • SydMint

    Is James getting lamer and more petty or is it just my imagination? Also white people can't rap, I can't un-hear that :D😂😂😂

  • Zanillani

    I don't think it was shade... "hi sister's, bye sister's" is his thing.

  • redbecs1

    First time watching this channel and the voice over dude- I SWEAR IT WAS JEFFREE STAR TALKING. WOAH!! The laugh, the speech pattern, the way he pronounces his words.. WOAH!!

  • xXxlolomgwtfxXx

    I want the shade in shanes series goddamn it

  • Yulian Starr
    Yulian Starr

    It’s okay for somebody who was a victim of harassment to joke about their own trauma. It’s not okay for anybody else to joke about someone else’s trauma.

  • rhymelyn sanchez
    rhymelyn sanchez

    James charles should rap as fast as the way he talks... Its really cringy seeing him rap so slow... I bet he can beat eminem in rapping if james charles does it like he's talking.

  • Avonli Swift
    Avonli Swift

    So, when did he diss shane dawson again?

  • Laydee

    This is a HUGE reach. I’m not a James fan but good lord what a ridiculous connection to make?!

  • channel name
    channel name

    I don’t think he at all was dissing anyone by saying “bye sisters” he was saying that long before Tati ever titled that video

  • Queen Qualities
    Queen Qualities

    James Charles is a kid with money ...... if he wanted the topic to stop being brought up then he wouldn’t bring it up. Not try to be shady.

  • Brandi Spry
    Brandi Spry

    Nick that was so wrong of you to put that clip of him “rapping”. There should have been a warning before it!!!

  • xXAmLuvsXx

    How the fuck do you not want anyone to make fun or harrass James when you're doing exactly that. And he isn't poking fun at the drama. He was doing it for fun. Honestly wtf.

  • Bex C
    Bex C

    I will never forgive you, Nick, for making me witness that “rap”.

  • Joei Campbell
    Joei Campbell

    God. I wish james would be cancelled for good.

  • brandon gordon
    brandon gordon

    james was in the right, he can talk about it how many times he wants

  • Nicki B
    Nicki B

    James Charles needs to get a life

  • Jan Doe
    Jan Doe

    I hate you for putting that EXTENDED CLIP of james rapping. I was trying my best to ignore it. Damn you Nick.

  • Tammy Britton
    Tammy Britton

    If James 'Queen Shade" Charles doesn't want Dramageddon 2 brought uo, he shouldn't be bringing it up himself. As for his video.., anything he does is cringey. He just needs to stop. B

  • Sarah Joseph
    Sarah Joseph

    IM STILL WAITING! I'm trying to be patient, but were heading into the two week mark. I was a little suspisious that they dropped new merch so soon when he said they were closing Killer Merch to do extra shipping. I get that its still a business but people really want to get their items purchased!

  • Diane

    James got a ghost writer... but he can’t rap

  • Diane

    Tell James I can tolerate his singing but not his rap. Tell him stop it

  • Samantha Barfield
    Samantha Barfield

    Gah. Why did you make me watch that

  • Lindsey Knepp
    Lindsey Knepp

    But why does James Charles look purple in the image?

  • Rees

    Just because he said “Bye, sisters” doesn’t automatically mean he’s shading Tati or anyone else who says the same phrase for that matter 🙄. He should be allowed to say that without people giving a different meaning to it.

  • Raelee Ramirez
    Raelee Ramirez

    I wonder if James Charles will ever just shut the hell up 😂