• Spill Sesh
    Spill Sesh

    Hey guys I know this video is up later than the usual Sunday Special but I just wanted to make sure everything was right in this video and I was able to share important sites with you as well as provide the same content you guys are used to. Please consider looking at the sites in the description to donate/sign petitions/ and get educated on important issues being discussed. Stay safe guys, ily. ❤️

    • Sean Shimamoto
      Sean Shimamoto

      Spill Sesh All this time I thought you were a black girl...it’s pretty cool to find out that you’re a white girl. I really don’t care either way, black, white, purple...they’re all wonderful if their own ways and cultures. It was just great hearing you say that you get cultural appropriation...it’s really not that hard, but you explained it really well. Lotsa love and aloha from Hawai’i! 😘

    • katie wickham
      katie wickham

      i live in az and the protest wasn’t even in scottsdale that was only the looting the protest was downtown phx

    • Loi Lee
      Loi Lee

      i unsubbed and disliked because u never fixed ur mic

    • lindsay chamorro
      lindsay chamorro

      It’s not Minnesota that’s in trouble? It’s Minneapolis.

    • Brittany Frix
      Brittany Frix

      Spill Sesh check out a tik tok account (@8passengers_confused) exposing a TR-my channel called 8 passengers. There’s some weird stuff going on with that family !!

  • Vanessa Guzman
    Vanessa Guzman

    Isn’t Jeffree’s wear house the ones that make James merch ? There’s no way he didn’t know

  • Sayira Silverio
    Sayira Silverio

    James wasn’t shading Jeffrey specifically lol that’s such a stretch. Pretty sure he was just referencing people in general

  • GorillaPlayingSax

    Ik this video is old and may not be current w how you see the Blm movement and the issues it addresses but I hate that first post (about heart addressed in home to change world). It is sooo reductive and literally could apply to any problem.

  • Rebecca Gabbard
    Rebecca Gabbard

    Nobody owns hairstyles

  • Hollyfrost Pointers
    Hollyfrost Pointers

    Who gives a fk how someone does their hair...Jesus.

  • MinSuga's Wifeuuh
    MinSuga's Wifeuuh

    I don't drink because I don't like the taste of alcohol but I do like trying new things so like I'll take a sip from people's drink just to taste it. Not drinking is absolutely fine but don't even try and say you've never had alcohol before lol.

  • Akshaya Subeegaran
    Akshaya Subeegaran

    Although I do understand why people might find it rude or offensive to wear that hairstyle, I'm just saying that isn't her fault that she gets praised. There isn't anything she can do about that, also i just want to mention she is wearing french braids/plaits not a box braid. Learn the difference

  • h2oLikeMisery

    The hair thing is getting so stupid.

  • opalexotic

    off topic and maybe I’m late or missing somethin, but is this Michelle Platti 😦

  • Jordan Hartman
    Jordan Hartman

    would appreciate more objective coverage and less of your personal input. give your audience their own space to interpret 💚

  • EternalSnoie

    I don’t understand the hairstyle... my Asian cousins do this all the time... I just ... why? There’s another hairstyle that is deemed unacceptable I don’t know what it’s called.

  • Jae Shon
    Jae Shon

    Im LIVING for the editing! Lmao😂😭😭 "Iv never had a sip of alcohol in my life" While being shown drinking alcohol 💀💀💀💀😷

  • Mama Jin
    Mama Jin

    Why do people care if Madison got surgery omg 🙄

    • Mama Jin
      Mama Jin

      Zuwu I honestly don’t mind if she’s lying or not like she’s an adult she can do what she wants

    • Zuwu

      Because she says "I'm all natural" so it would be a big deal if she got a surgery

  • zoe marie
    zoe marie

    spill the tea sis

  • Just A Random Comment
    Just A Random Comment

    James shouldnt have threw shade now he’s on the verge of suicide.

    • Zuwu

      What?? That was when shane and jefree and tati did dramagedon but he is better now

  • Grace Christiansen
    Grace Christiansen

    Alot of cultures fucked with braids and dreads 😑

  • Layan

    Yall are just lookin for any reason to bully ppl, like tf they’re just braids get over it omg

  • GG Ryan
    GG Ryan

    If they really took part in protesting, they would have been livestreaming and promoting the hell out of it all over social media to make themselves look good. He’s so predictable.

  • rebeckah aldred
    rebeckah aldred

    As for Madison saying her lips are bigger because she’s older 😂🤣😂 if you talk to any professional who works with filler,Botox etc or just a medical professional in general they will tell you that your lips actually start to loose volume and plumpness at the age of 16 !!! So she can keep on lying like Kylie Jenner did at first but I don’t think anyone believes her ! Your lips get SMALLER not bigger as you age !

  • Kritty Kratt
    Kritty Kratt

    Jake paul is the worst hes gotten worse hanging with izadi too

  • Mya Hamilton
    Mya Hamilton

    I don't care if white people wear cornrows or dreadlocks because culture by its very nature can't exist or survive without people taking an interest and sharing/spreading to keep it alive. No culture is purely untouched by another, no matter how much people wish that to be true, and you are not doing yourself or your culture any favors by getting upset because people are taking an interest. If you're upset don't yell or judge but educate them instead. Whenever I see people talking about this online I think of the Herero people of Southern Africa who wear a dress based on late Victorian dresses, and I wonder if people would think of that dress as cultural appropriation.

  • emma m
    emma m

    ok so next time a black women buys a blonde straight wig then im going off i guess since its cultural appropriation..... got it !

  • ganbysauce

    sorry but who cares if someone photoshops..?

  • Celia Magwood
    Celia Magwood

    It is okay to wear braids but you just can't assume that they're okay to share I would write but that's cuz that's basically the only way we can keep our hair if we practice it goes poopy again if you get it in the water so just say sorry I'll try harder next time

  • Welcome To The SH!T Show Crazies R Welcome
    Welcome To The SH!T Show Crazies R Welcome

    OK I got a question. As a young aboriginal Canadian we wear our hair like that all the time its more cornrows and traditional braids that they wear I'm all for ending the racism I've lived it for too long but I've also wear my hair in braids like uhh nevermind

  • Ana Maria
    Ana Maria

    Double French braids isn’t a black hairstyle....neither is Dutch braids...I actually feel real bad for the girl

  • Sister Kaylee
    Sister Kaylee

    but Jeffree does weed

  • Sister Kaylee
    Sister Kaylee

    I think the merch was a coincidence lol

  • Sister Kaylee
    Sister Kaylee

    bro, drinking isn’t even bad whatttt there’s no need to hide it lol

  • Shiro Chan
    Shiro Chan

    Even if she had fillers, why lie about it? It isn't that big of a deal. You know?

  • Viking Jack
    Viking Jack

    im all for donating to BLM ect, just make sure your not donating too the "BLM" causes that go to bernie or some other politician . There is a few out there that do.

  • Malixati

    Are those Dutch or French? O_o We can't even wear certain hairstyles anymore?!??! What???? I agree with blm but sometimes this stuff gets taken too far.... it's a hairstyle and I'm pretty certain its French or Dutch...

  • Louisville Lady
    Louisville Lady

    Lmao donate to George Floyd?? Unreal.. pathetic

  • Merp Merp
    Merp Merp

    “Sure, Jan” I hope jeffree gets cancelled this year for REAL not the “I’m gonna subscribed next week again” not cuz of the alcohol but his hate against James and all the other sh*t he has f***** up

  • Mother May I
    Mother May I

    I think Jeffree is crazy-intimidated by James and that’s why he’s so dead set on bringing him down and copying him..etc.

  • killagangsta713

    Donations won’t help the movement. Money won’t solve anything, stop encouraging this! How about you put “I can’t breathe” on your window or a poster and leave it out on your lawn. This is actual protesting.

  • Lizbeth Maldoso
    Lizbeth Maldoso

    James hahahha kill me.

  • Lizbeth Maldoso
    Lizbeth Maldoso

    Braid's are not only from Africa... People need to learn anthropology.

  • todd hazel
    todd hazel

    first off I'm not splitting hairs but to say that black women have such roots with braids is ridiculous a culture or a race cannot own a hairstyle and if we really want to go back the Indian people native Americans had a longer history with braids than African American people do so I think everybody needs to get off their high horse and grow up this is ridiculous no one comments about Wendy's because she's got two braids in the picture no one comments about the 90s pippi longstocking no one comments about white women with braids up until recently that is ridiculous a race and a culture cannot own a hairstyle

    • todd hazel
      todd hazel

      quite ridiculous when we live in a world where people are mentally physically and emotionally abusing African-Americans and among other people and we're worried about freaking braids and someone's hair like that is an important issue we're making them going Instagram and TR-my and give apology videos are you people serious right now this is how you feel black lives matter and this is how you all are protesting it's ridiculous why don't you do something at actually matters and affects the world instead of doing ridiculous nonsense online and thinking that you're doing something great for the black people you're doing nothing your attention seekers that's all you are

    • todd hazel
      todd hazel

      and I have never praised a white woman black woman Hispanic woman Chinese woman any type of race for their hairstyle and I've never heard that done and I've never heard a black woman being ridiculed over there having braids I have never heard such a thing this is something that is just now made up for people to go online and boohoo and cry about I was born in the 80s I've lived throughout the 90s and all the two thousands and this is literally the first time I've ever heard of such nonsense

  • sami ani
    sami ani

    I feel like box braids are only considered Cultural appropriation in america, where i am from everyone can wear their hair how they want, also racism isn’t a thing here ....

  • gacha pop U.U
    gacha pop U.U

    Jeffree ... Babyyy your cancelled for life shady af calling the world crazy ???*yea okay smh*

  • MzJaded Lynch
    MzJaded Lynch

    We're living in a time where America is literally on fire and there's a pandemic while North and South Korea are on the brink of fighting again ... And we are out here getting offended at a hairstyle...How DARE someone style their hair the way they want 😱 (yep...this seals the deal, humanity is done for)

  • Happy lurkin cat
    Happy lurkin cat

    Doesn’t your lips actually get smaller when you age

  • Nyleww M
    Nyleww M

    But do you guys know that Jeffrey Starr sells James Charles apparel?

    • Omotayo Uthman
      Omotayo Uthman

      He doesn’t any more

  • Jessica Vincent
    Jessica Vincent

    I think Jeffree said he used to pose with alcohol to fit in. Sounds like bs to me but...whatever.

  • tangelai0111

    The “cultural appropriation” one is bogus. It wasn’t offensive at all and I didn’t really see an issue with it.

    • queen

      tangelai0111 she said she wanted to look urban and then got a traditionally black hairstyle

  • Razan Alsayed
    Razan Alsayed

    Grown a bit hmmm

  • can i get 500 subs by the end of this year plz
    can i get 500 subs by the end of this year plz

    why would people care abt fricking lip filler

  • Chloe Speight
    Chloe Speight

    "Literally everybody Photoshops..." **stares at all of my non-edited, non-Photoshopped pictures on my social media accounts** M'kay...

  • Time+space=perspective

    the whole braid thing is dumb, no one is saying those things, "white girls are praised for the hairstyle and black girls are told theyre unkempt" that statement... that ASSUMPTION is racist.

    • Time+space=perspective

      @Amaya Jiselle the fact that you were dresscoded for having boxbraids is not cool, i dont know if you mean at a club or at work.. but either way it doesn't make sense to dresscode someone for that reason. period.

    • Time+space=perspective

      @Amaya Jiselle let me clarify. I think that the assumption that women who are white are ALWAYS complimented on that hairstyle and women who are black are ALWAYS ridiculed for it is kind of ridiculous , i don't think white women should not be allowed to wear their hair in box braids if they like the look, i think they can look beautiful on anyone. do you remember when it was in the news that a white boy in school dressed up like martin luther king for halloween and painted his face brown , i thought it was great that he wanted to be martin luther king for halloween, but all the news kept saying was how it was racist to paint your face ...i guess i just think differently than a lot of people.

    • Amaya Jiselle
      Amaya Jiselle

      It's not a assumption? When I wear braids I always get bad looks from white women and people degrade us for our hair litteraly every day. I even got dresscoded once for having box braids and it wasn't even violating the dress code. You continue to ignore black women talking out about this. Does it make you feel more comfortable? But when white women wear braids it's all the sudden a trend or just hair?? why wouldn't I get that treatment 😐 huh

  • missymani

    Shaming people for wearing braids is fucking stupid. You don't have to be black to wear braids, period. We should be focussing on those who are telling black people they look unkempt instead of focussing on harmless people wear braids.

  • Lily rose
    Lily rose

    so people that lack melanin in their skin cant wear braids because they are native to black people. this makes no sense i haven't seen anyone come at Latinos, etc for wearing braids like yall are just being petty at this point

    • Amaya Jiselle
      Amaya Jiselle

      nah it's a whole ass part of our culture. Litteraly black women get dragged and degraded for ANYTHING we do. And it gets worse when it's something from our own culture. We get compared to litteral animals every single day. Imagine how tired we are. I don't want to hear a peep from you getting mad about us calling people out for stealing oir culture like what

  • Madam Wolfie
    Madam Wolfie

    Most horrific injustice? Really that is the most ignorant thing I've heard in a while. How about 9/11? How about killers walking free? How about the holocaust? Or the slenderman murders? How about covid19? Like really there is plenty of things that have happened that are way bigger injustices. Is it wrong what happened yes very much so. Yet the cops didnt walk free. They have been tried. Like really. Todays world is full of people who waist too much time being offended and feel like the world owes them something when it doesnt.

  • aglove275

    Wait so white people can't wear dutch braids or french braids anymore? It's not like its cornrows.....

  • roblox._. chiara
    roblox._. chiara

    Not gonna lie James Merch looks better than jeffree’s so copying gone wrong 🤭 xoxo

  • T-Ann

    I am ALL about donating to good causes... but George Floyd was a criminal. And no, not just once or twice but over 6 times! He held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly while he and 5 other men ransacked her home. Invaded her house in mid day! Only reason he got caught is because the neighbor got the license plate #. I do however feel strongly about the BLM movement and feel the black community is not treated the same. It’s wrong in every way to discriminate, judge and even treat someone differently all because of the color of their skin. So awareness needs to happen but donating to George Floyd, who was a criminal and even had drugs in his system, (BOTH autopsy reports said that) shouldn’t be idolized. Would you idolize someone that robbed you at gunpoint and then died by a corrupt cop, all while under the influence, too? I highly doubt it. Point is, don’t idolize someone that is not worthy. Second point is, awareness has to be made but use the other innocent deaths by cops. There are many. 1 death by a corrupt cop is 1 too many. Unless you go to pull a gun on a cop, there are MANY ways to stop someone from attacking or killing you. Cops all know this. Death should be last resort over tons of other options for detaining a threat. Why can’t we all just get along and stop judging others. We all were born with nothing but our bare skin and soul. We all are Gods children. Let God decide our fate. Let God judge us. Love one another. Help one another. Showing love, instead of hate, can go a long way!

  • T-Ann

    I’m sorry, but I have no problem with white women wearing braids. ITS HAIR!!! I didn’t know braids were trademarked.

  • Dante

    I will forever stand by this , if you are mad at someone for wearing their hair a certain way... you really need to rethink life , like seriously....

  • evilTdancer

    its just fucking hairstyle..get over it...the problem is if anyone is called names for any hairstyle...not the fact who is wearing what

  • Amy Elizabeth
    Amy Elizabeth

    I’m sorry but your theory on why white women cant wear braids is ridiculous

  • Stevie Bos
    Stevie Bos

    "not into drugs" Whose gonna tell him?

  • longmayshereign •
    longmayshereign •

    Jeffree said he isn’t into drugs but he smokes weed all the time

  • longmayshereign •
    longmayshereign •

    She was wearing french braids? Is that also considered racist? Im so confused

  • longmayshereign •
    longmayshereign •

    Madison has been pretty controversial lately, she needs to be reminded that shit can hurt her music career

  • Ava Needs help
    Ava Needs help

    Hi I live in Arizona and me and my mom drove by the Fashion Square and omfg the mall was trashed,,,,

  • K. Angelova
    K. Angelova

    'not into drugs' um, chief. weed is a drug. it might be legal, but it's still a drug. 'In pharmacology, a drug is a chemical substance, typically of known structure, which, when administered to a living organism, produces a biological effect.'

  • K. Angelova
    K. Angelova

    people of all races, ethnicities and creeds have been braiding their hair for centuries (i include rastas as well, they were invented by greeks who are considered white and were also extremely popular for white christian monks). box braids look and are bad for your hair and what was shown was not a box braid. it's a french braid lol. look up the history of hair braiding. literally every single culture has it without any ""cultural appropriation"". by the way, even if any braid was 'cUltUrAl' instead of typical human behavior, even then it would be fine for anyone to adapt that into their own culture. aren't those people who cry out RAYCESM also crying out for diversity and its benefits? this is diversity. taking the best of every culture and improving the existing culture and melding them together. that's the future of humanity unless you want another period of segregation. these girls are hurting nobody and it's actually a compliment. they're nonverbally saying: i like this style, i think it looks good, so i'm going to do it on myself!

  • Kadsiru O.
    Kadsiru O.

    Braids are not just a black thing! My great grandfather wore them for cultural reasons and we are Kurdish!

  • Gypsy Pixie
    Gypsy Pixie

    Seriously, STFU about hairstyles. Uplift the voices of WOC who are raising awareness about issues that affect WOC worldwide; FGM, forced child marriage, guardianship, women dying in period huts in Nepal, forced veiling in Saudi. WTF is wrong with you?