Jeffree Star Comes Forward After Being Accused of Cheating on Ex-Boyfriend
Jeffree Star broke up with his longtime partner, but some people think the break-up wasn’t drama-free. This video is sponsored by Skillshare.
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    • It's naddy
      It's naddy

      Ur tea is real .

    • Christy Woods
      Christy Woods

      @sky tv what is that?

    • Artsy Fartsy Lovers
      Artsy Fartsy Lovers

      @Fggg Fffg lol. shane, too funny!

    • Fggg Fffg
      Fggg Fffg

      Jeffree and MMMMitchell seemed very close for the last few months and even closer now . Maybe I am completely wrong but I think they have the hots for each other .

    • Artsy Fartsy Lovers
      Artsy Fartsy Lovers

      where do you talk about Jeffree being the cheater?

  • Cicishere5

    Is this a real person or a computer voice?

  • TableFlippersInc

    To the twitter person saying to just stay off social media? Ok you try relaxing off of social media while at least 50 or so crazy fans try to stalk or hunt you down or figure out what you’re doing because you’re not in jefferees video. He probably wouldn’t have been able to get away unless he left. Sometimes as adults we can grow apart and while it’s sad to see, I can only hope both parties are able to grow from it.

  • Sweet V.
    Sweet V.

    Didn't both of them cheat on each other publicly

  • Mikaela Laygo
    Mikaela Laygo

    Oh no it’s okay jeffreestar it’s okay me and ur fans love you not ur boyfriend💔💔💔

  • Mikaela Laygo
    Mikaela Laygo

    What jeffreestar boyfriend oh no💔💔💔💔

  • D.A. Maisonville
    D.A. Maisonville

    It kills me how people have opinions of people that they have never met. People assume things and they somehow become fact (in their own heads). What happened between the two of them is their business, no one else's.😀♥️

  • Carolyn Twiss
    Carolyn Twiss

    I am so sad for both of you. I loved the tenderness in your relationship. Jeffree’s NEW team annoy me; too much goofiness. Like uncontrolled adolescents. Nothing but gimme, gimme.

  • sparker1219

    I love Jeffree so much. Yeah he has said and done bad things in the past. But who hasn't? I'm glad he is making mental health important and taking time for himself. He just went through a break up, death's in the family and stress of having a business. Take your time Jeffree, I will be here when you're ready.😍

  • Luke Triton
    Luke Triton

    The only one I feel bad for is the doggo.

  • Dumplin68

    I think everyone should just go and actually watch Jeffrey's video on all of this! Not these shady channels

  • Tracilyn Hidalgo
    Tracilyn Hidalgo

    Ring a side piece is cruel. What’s wrong with ingenious people in this world

  • Kirtisha Samant
    Kirtisha Samant

    I needed to watch this video god idk how i landed on this video but those few seconds of jef saying it's okay to not be okay & u don't wake up everyday smiling. THIS IS EVERYTHING.

  • Michaela Maestas
    Michaela Maestas

    no one acts like that after a real love and real relationship.

  • AbdulQadir Tv
    AbdulQadir Tv

    How can 2 people in love ,even fathom to sleep with someone else ..THIS IS NOT OPEN MINDED can never let your lovelife sleep with someone else or if you can ..Maybe you dont care enough and you’re in it to enjoy it ..PERIOD .. Why they never were enough for each other !!? Why it was an open relationship!! Why they had to invite friends to their bed at night ??? THATS WHY BREAKUP HAPPENS !!!

    • Sophie Bennett
      Sophie Bennett


  • Ishmeet Tagore
    Ishmeet Tagore

    honestly jeffree is the most sexiest person i've seen on yt

  • Shelbi Danielle
    Shelbi Danielle

    Literally they were in an open relationship. Neither one of them cheated. 🙄

  • Sarah Young
    Sarah Young

    No one cheated, they were literally swingers 🥴

  • Zen Dissonance
    Zen Dissonance

    Literally no one's business

  • Colleen Frankle
    Colleen Frankle

    Love the way his cosmetics are in pink so pretty

  • Colleen Frankle
    Colleen Frankle

    Jeffree seems very considerate of others that's one reason I like him

  • bootygang 666
    bootygang 666

    I just wanna say how is Nathan supposedly cheating when they have an open relationship though? They've both publicly spoke about their threesomes.

  • Clobo

    I really thought Nate and Jeffree were made for each other. It’s so sad. But it’s their life not ours and we need to respect their wishes.

  • 80%

    one of them must have wanted it... two people in love dont break up for good. something happened

  • Alana's Take
    Alana's Take

    Not a J* fan AT ALL, but just because two people break up does not mean there was cheating...

  • Alexander Hayward
    Alexander Hayward

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  • Jackie Brown xo
    Jackie Brown xo

    Your voice sounds like a softer jenna marbles

  • L N
    L N

    I think they just grew apart. That happens ya know! Why does everything have to be complicated. This could just be as simple as oil and water.

  • Nihal 707
    Nihal 707

    Even the dogs look sad 😔 I wish Jeffree and Nate good lives!

  • Sarah P
    Sarah P

    It’s his life, His relationship, His business. It’s none of ours so we really need to let him be him and handle his emotions. They are both going through a lot ❤️

  • Deadfool 23
    Deadfool 23

    Love you Jeffree

  • Dalia Dunn
    Dalia Dunn

    bruh not every break up has to be toxic!!

  • Ell Huynh
    Ell Huynh

    bảo hiểm nhân thọ Cathay


    Just let Jeffree live n leave both him and Nathan alone

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit

    It's funny how people still make up stories despite Jeffree has said in his videos over and over again how others talk about him when they don't even know him irl. The internet, man

  • Jr Sy
    Jr Sy

    If you're having 3s'm even to other country, then that relationship is already fu'cked up!!!

  • Jennifer Tjandrajana
    Jennifer Tjandrajana

    I love Jeffree's message about starting fresh and focusing on yourself. That is a priority for me too

  • Joëlle Damen
    Joëlle Damen

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  • Heidi Hendrix
    Heidi Hendrix

    terrible news

  • YASSS Kari
    YASSS Kari

    That’s tragic

  • K Butler
    K Butler

    It's true, you have to take care of yourself, first, and your pets!

  • Kimberłyn AnnMay
    Kimberłyn AnnMay

    "stay strong, you got this" i needed that more than i need oxygen right now

  • Nibble Bibble
    Nibble Bibble

    imma rewatch the beautiful world of jeffree star and take a shot every time they say open relationship or threesome

  • Ashley Cable
    Ashley Cable

    That threesome they had with mmmmitchelle didn’t end so well did it ? Cuz Jeffree has been with him on insta an awful lot

  • Honey Angel
    Honey Angel

    I so wish my therapist was like jeffree

  • Demetra Dema
    Demetra Dema

    Nathan broke up with Starr

  • Major-Xeno Fouquereaux
    Major-Xeno Fouquereaux

    I don't know much about Jeffree's life, and maybe there IS serious evidence that Nathan cheated in the past, but it sounds to me like people couldn't understand the reason for the breakup so they jumped to cheating as the only way they could wrap their minds around it. breaking up is a very personal thing and we as observers will NEVER have the full situation enough to think we understand it 100%! Jeffree probably didn't even give the full explanation in his update video. we're not owed full details on his personal life just bc we stan him. just because you don't get why someone did something doesn't automatically mean there's foul play going on.

  • Brittney parker
    Brittney parker

    I absolutely love that you included the need to take care of yourself and tips on how ❤ It really is okay to not be okay!

  • Ms Yuna Salazar
    Ms Yuna Salazar

    Its Fantastic ~!

  • Rachel Fourie
    Rachel Fourie

    Erm… I thought Jeffree’s mother was sick and not his grandmother?!??!?

  • Buddha Baby
    Buddha Baby

    I can't support a man who constantly says how transparent he is. Someone who constantly says how transparent they are is hiding something. Not only that but the guy wears fur even though most luxury lines have actually outlawed it. He goes out of his way to find those who haven't so that he can still wear tortured animals. Does that sound like a good person to you?

    • the Bride of Frankenstein
      the Bride of Frankenstein


  • Pearla Volkman
    Pearla Volkman

    I think people just need to stay out of other peoples relationships 🤷‍♀️ it’s none of our business if someone cheated or whatever. So what they just bought a house? It ain’t our money sis

  • It's naddy
    It's naddy

    Honestly, I feel bad for Jeffree and Nate they both dont deserve the controversy 😔

  • Jules Dolan
    Jules Dolan

    People who don't fly back-and-forth to Europe often don't realize how much of a strain it really is. Imagine sitting still in a seat for 10 to 12 hours. Its horrible....I'm over it.

    • It's naddy
      It's naddy

      I agree

  • Nini Molina
    Nini Molina

    People need to leave them alone! The end of a relationship is not tea, these are people’s lives and they deserve respect

    • It's naddy
      It's naddy

      I agree!

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    He came to my work in idaho when he came

  • B B
    B B

    Just give everyone space! Leave Jeffree, Nate, friends and family alone.

  • Darkn Deviant
    Darkn Deviant

    I think they are happy being fwb's, nothing wrong with that, IMO


    Do people know they had an agreement to invite others sexually into their relationship? That, that is not cheating because all involved are well. . involved? Nor is it anyone else's business anyway.

  • Allin M
    Allin M

    Dude no offense but if your not dating how are you cheating ,unless one of them is not over the the other.

  • Kimberley Vanderlinden
    Kimberley Vanderlinden

    Geez, leave the poor guy alone. I'm sure he knows what he needs to do to get over this. He shouldn't have 2 feel guilty 4 not going to Europe at this time, and I'm sure he will more than make it up to the ppl that bought tickets to his tutorial. Give the guy some time

  • Kelly Gallagher
    Kelly Gallagher

    He just posted an Instagram picture with Nate in it. So I'm confused. It was a picture from today so they were hanging out today together

    • R

      No he didn’t lol. Nate is in Michigan.

  • Christine Davis
    Christine Davis

    Ok what am I missing still not understanding the point of this video even after watching the whole thing hhmmm

  • Kendall Prather
    Kendall Prather

    This video is completely unnecessary.... I mean like seriously what jeffree and Nate ham are going through rn is really none of the publics business. Not all relationships end because of cheating. Jeffree and Nate just need space and time rn and what this video is doing is the complete opposite if that. Its drawing attention to the situation when it's really not necessary

  • Lo Cosmos
    Lo Cosmos

    All of you talking about "its their personal business.. leave them alone" Girl you're here aren't you...?

  • Noemi Angeles
    Noemi Angeles

    Isn’t his mom not grandmother who is not doing well

    • Kia

      Noemi Angeles both of them sadly 😔

  • Trishalovesmyhorsebono

    I found it very weird that they split after they bought a 14M mansion. They are were so Excited and then when Nate removed himself from SM that didn’t make any sense whatsoever

  • DreamWeaver

    Just because someone’s famous and discloses their turmoil online doesn’t mean judgment is necessary at supportive and what ever took place between the 2 is no one’s business..people need lives my god 🙄

  • Inside Kin
    Inside Kin

    Cheating is kinda bit too much imo. I see Jeffree would end this person's career if that's the real reason (whoever is the culprit on it, cuz he's friggin Jeffree gdi), I think that's genuine out of love moment.

  • Julieh Macharia
    Julieh Macharia

    Yall leave jefree alone😭