Jeffree Star - Prom Night (Official Video)
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Directed by: Robby Starbuck
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  • leggy vampyer
    leggy vampyer

    hey jeffree star you,re cool and i like you

  • Landon Pomerico
    Landon Pomerico

    He sounds straight in this

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    I came here looking for anamanaguchi

  • Dani Molina
    Dani Molina

    Jeffree should do a re make of this I love this song so epic come back Jeffree

  • Nina Viktoria
    Nina Viktoria

    Is that detox????

  • Slayer_X

    Banger lmao

  • myprincessfocus

    Love this video jeffery looks so hot

  • Gocha_Blossom11

    I hate the people who hated on him back then. Hes my literal role model


    Its really nice tho

  • Lisa Slater
    Lisa Slater

    Love jeffree star slay queen 💖💖xx

  • Grace Bowsers
    Grace Bowsers

    I can’t even tell if he has a good voice or not because there’s to much FRICKING auto tune

  • Bellatrissa

    I love that he spent the whole day curling his hair carefully and then ended up going to the prom with two giant balls on his head.

  • Nyktelios Sol
    Nyktelios Sol

    Just realized Detox is in this video lol

  • Alciee Chan
    Alciee Chan

    Who says a boy can’t wear pink and actually look sexy

  • Corbyn Bebe
    Corbyn Bebe


  • Francé Gonzalez
    Francé Gonzalez

    This is just randomly recommended to me

  • Dahlia Murder
    Dahlia Murder

    Who's still here since Myspace?. 🤠

  • AllexthaKatt Luvz you
    AllexthaKatt Luvz you

    Everyone knows jefree from his makeup and his Shane vids.. I know jefree from talking about sex, dicks, and lollipops when I was like 13.

  • 엠마emma

    you ever just watch jeffree and see how far he’s come from here to now. i’m so proud

  • sometimes275


  • Kaelyanna Mathis
    Kaelyanna Mathis

    Dang he didn't age at all 🤔👌

  • Adie G.
    Adie G.

    i love it!!!

  • WolfQueen 2019
    WolfQueen 2019

    Is that detox in the group picture

  • Daniel Kurniawan
    Daniel Kurniawan

    How is nobody talking about Detox's appearance

  • Jenna Ki
    Jenna Ki

    I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched this, but it never gets old. I’ve been the biggest J Star fan since I was 15.. I’m 29 now. Love you forever, you can do no wrong.

  • Holden Stegall
    Holden Stegall

    Who’s always been a fan of this song?

  • Holden Stegall
    Holden Stegall

    Who’s always been a fan of this song?

  • Mood Killer
    Mood Killer

    Omg I like this...but why?!😹💕

  • Benjamin Milicevic
    Benjamin Milicevic

    Did anyone noticed that Detox from RuPauls drag race is in the video?

  • lumi pumi
    lumi pumi

    i get TikTok (by kesha) vibes lmao

  • Jherust Khim
    Jherust Khim


  • Mr. NLR
    Mr. NLR

    Honestly we need Jeffree music back

  • Lexi W
    Lexi W

    I wish he would make more music 😔

  • lucyelizabeth welch
    lucyelizabeth welch

    This is iconic

  • Chu Ail
    Chu Ail

    Кто от red autumn??

  • Anya Lytka
    Anya Lytka

    To much audio

  • Allison Perez
    Allison Perez

    Why can’t they ever put this on a prom 😂

  • C.k K.c
    C.k K.c

    He raps better than singing

  • Kevin Johnston
    Kevin Johnston

    I guess we can thank jeffree for inventing school shootings

  • M1NGYU K1M
    M1NGYU K1M

    I lowkey read it as "Porn Night" instead of Prom Night😂

  • Arcy Palasin
    Arcy Palasin


  • maria eduarda
    maria eduarda

    Até que ele canta bem e gostei da música e do clipe bem animado e colorido 🍓😘🌹💕❤️❤️❤️

  • chewygrace

    The things I'd do to Jeffree HMMM

  • G Bear
    G Bear

    I love Jefree Star !!!!

  • Galaxy Lucy
    Galaxy Lucy


  • Jarrad

    No one: Absolutely no one: Literally not a single soul: My recommended: PROM NIGHT

  • R Feyman
    R Feyman

    Wish I could have gone to prom but they don't like LGBTQ+ people in hickville. Freaking love jEfFree's hair but I would glam it up with glitter and unicorns - because eff the haters.

  • Leithel H
    Leithel H

    why are all his lyrics trashy? why is he obsessed with sexual antics! only way he could make money? he is trashy

  • Bubbleberry

    This as recommended to me with 'This Christmas Life' from Shane and,,,,, conspiracy?????

  • DJ AJ
    DJ AJ

    Yeh take a gun to school prom 🙄😶

  • Lucas

    Anyone know the guys handle at 1:57 😈

  • Lena Lalic
    Lena Lalic

    I can't believe that James Charles was 12 at this time

  • Cosette Munoz
    Cosette Munoz


  • Lanea

    Steal the crown!

  • Raelene Casarez
    Raelene Casarez

    I'm so proud of Jeffree Star & how far hes come!!! Im now 19 and I seen him in concert when I was 13 and met him at warped tour in 2014 😭 he deserves everything he has and so much more ❤

  • Knoppy

    I was 16 when this came out I’m 23 now and still fucking jamming

  • Valeria Luna G.
    Valeria Luna G.

    I was nervous in my prom so I started listening to this song to calm down. :3... Then I saw the lyrics. It was a good party tho

  • Pig Dragon
    Pig Dragon

    ..... holy fuck that's detox

  • Ilona

    Okay but he's not aging

  • Holy Naldy
    Holy Naldy

    Was that detox?

  • Mykelle Barton
    Mykelle Barton

    Does anybody see Detox I think that’s him ? 🤔

  • Emily x
    Emily x

    I think jeffree should make a whole palette all about his music

  • Abdulrahman Adel
    Abdulrahman Adel

    0:31 i just realized this is detox standing with the girls

  • Payge

    3:07 sounds like fantastic baby by big bang lol

  • Geneva Ayala
    Geneva Ayala

    November 2019?

  • Zarah Libozada
    Zarah Libozada

    WHO SAW DETOX from RPDR @0:33???

  • Panda Rach
    Panda Rach

    I loved him since this song

  • Itz Pastel
    Itz Pastel

    I wish Jeffree kept making music now! Its would be so cool

  • Kinga Báthory
    Kinga Báthory

    OMG when I saw Detox next to the car

  • here's what i have to say :
    here's what i have to say :

    Most early 2010s thing ever lmao