Jeffree Star - Prom Night (Official Video)
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  • Maria Gloria
    Maria Gloria


  • Diogo Martins
    Diogo Martins

    0:36 is that detox?

  • E Vidz
    E Vidz

    Prom in 2012: 💅👄👦👩🤴👸👯‍♀️👣🏫🍕🍷👗👔 Prom in 2020:👨‍💻 👩‍💻

  • It's Bessie
    It's Bessie

    i wish we could of seen the manipulator in jeffree sooner

  • Fitzana Williams
    Fitzana Williams

    i'm crying wtf lmao

  • Кристина Мельниченко
    Кристина Мельниченко


  • repetitive reality
    repetitive reality

    disgraceful and to think that parents leave their kids to see this.. I'm outta words

  • John Harvey
    John Harvey

    I still wanna know when I can get my Lipstick Nazi pallet

  • shauna estes
    shauna estes

    Who else is here from tea spill 🤠

  • Lex

    I bet Jeffree still has that yearbook but instead of classmates has every guru's picture there.

  • Debra Wanjiru
    Debra Wanjiru

    Omg this is iconic😂😂🔥🙌

  • anothereero

    Literally Trisha Paytas makes better music

  • Jasmine Soza
    Jasmine Soza

    School shooting much?

  • Ketzer Moloch
    Ketzer Moloch

    Beschiessener geht nicht.

  • Jazz163


  • Ashyx Draws
    Ashyx Draws

    Bruh it’s sad cause I think this song is kinda good and then I see the lipstick nazi up on his wall 😔

    • Lol

      Who tf cares

    • Ashyx Draws
      Ashyx Draws

      Mrs. Infamous 0:03

    • Mrs. Infamous
      Mrs. Infamous


  • Robin Johnson
    Robin Johnson

    What the hell this was produced by Akon? Ps like if you're here from what's about to happen?

  • Oddly Alex
    Oddly Alex

    Still can’t believe that picture of him cutting himself is in the back at the beginning lol

  • Mihaela M
    Mihaela M

    anyone here after the tati drama

  • karina

    anyone else find themselves here cause of recent tea??

  • Vi987

    Always stand Jeffree

    • Why Park Jimin If You Can Ride Jimin
      Why Park Jimin If You Can Ride Jimin

      In you're dreams 😂

  • Charlotte Lindsay
    Charlotte Lindsay

    POV: you’re here from the recent drama

  • - k a t h -
    - k a t h -

    as a person who has actually selfed harm, and still does at times, seeing the poster at 0:07 is so triggering to me. I can swear my legs suddenly felt weak and my heart actually started racing.

    • Lol

      He used to self harm too. 🤦‍♀️

  • Babie Of Chat
    Babie Of Chat

    Anyone else staring at detox?

  • Jack Leighfield
    Jack Leighfield


  • Nassar Alahmadi
    Nassar Alahmadi

    I miss the 10s

  • Marylin Hillz
    Marylin Hillz


  • Itzelina•_• 91
    Itzelina•_• 91

    This would be fire If It was in the lady gaga fire time

  • Avril B
    Avril B

    Who told him he could sing? Because hunty its ALL autotune.

  • Bon Fyre
    Bon Fyre

    Australia never had prom king's or queen's or whatever they are called In Australia the tradition always was the excellence recognition and joke awards at an after party In fact in Australian tradition the after party is the thing everyone cares about I remember at my formal We call them formals not proms More people rocked up to the after party than the actual formal

  • um chile anyways so
    um chile anyways so

    anybody else here to see if that picture was really in the background...

  • salma

    omfg is that detox lol :36


    Wait is that detox like dead ass

  • Michelle Castillo
    Michelle Castillo

    Who gives a shit about the picture in 0:07? This video is old af and back then everyone in the emo/scene world was obsessed with creepy/cute stuff and often glamorized violence, self harm and mental illness. Jeffree himself has publicly said stuff like that it was his trademark, bc back then everything pink and smeared with blood was hot. It used to be like that, but now everyone has already grown up and no one cares about it anymore. See, none of you had an issue with this video but now you're suddenly upset and clapping back? After 8 years? Stop looking for drama where it isn't, i'm sick of people trying to cancel people EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY over stupid little stuff which isn't that important or even real.

    • Sage Dill
      Sage Dill

      The music video was released in 2012 well past the myspace era. And the fact that he claims that picture is triggering for him and he has been getting that photo removed from the internet and begs people not to go look for it yet it's right here! It's right here in a music video that is only 7 years old... where he a 27 year old is not only showing depictions of self harm in a way that glorifies it but also glorifies spiking punch and school shootings!! Fuck off excusing this egomaniac that hey by the way is still covering up his involvement with a sexual predator.

    • The Steam Tea
      The Steam Tea

      It’s not just that. This and things he’s done recently just add to how he’s still the same person. Go do your research google is free hun 💅🏼🥰🥰

  • Sharlette Myers
    Sharlette Myers

    Auto tune though

  • Deanna Babiie
    Deanna Babiie

    The fact that all the comments are new and we’re all stuck indoors is just proof TR-my is a life saver.

  • Deanna Babiie
    Deanna Babiie

    We are all only here to see the LIPSTICK NAZI poster of him cutting posted on the wall.. 7 years later - HA!

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez

    lol yall talking about the poster but im gagging about detox🤩🤩

  • Sid

    Why do the lyrics sound like he's saying "I'm like covid in your mouth"

  • Nathan Baileigh
    Nathan Baileigh

    Who else is dying by jeffree in the pink suit. Like it's so rare to see a suit link since it's not a "masculine" color so I'm like I'm very happy to see there's a suit that's pink

  • Evynn Hood
    Evynn Hood

    Who els is watching in 2020 like if you are

  • Kick MeBitch
    Kick MeBitch

    Oil London ?



  • Skye

    He's actually a good voice

    • The Steam Tea
      The Steam Tea

      That’s autotune

  • Greg 5
    Greg 5

    My my what a violent poster I'm sorry but I have to report for violent repulsive content. Hi strike, how are ya

  • Hollie Sarvis
    Hollie Sarvis

    That poster tho..🤔

  • SisterTea

    This was jeffree, oh god

  • Butera Angel
    Butera Angel

    Anyone here from 2020

  • Chloe Isabelle
    Chloe Isabelle

    Came for the poster, then saw detox!

  • keep uwu-ing
    keep uwu-ing

    Im so glad i didn't know jeffree back in 2012

  • A Wray
    A Wray

    Dude. Love hearing “konvict” then seeing the shit show after

    • A Wray
      A Wray

      Can’t even listen to Akon anymore hahaha

  • Arroz ConRosie
    Arroz ConRosie


    • Lol

      You realize this was 8 years ago?

  • Phoenix Augurey
    Phoenix Augurey

    Anyone else here after the picture drama?

    • Love Smith
      Love Smith


  • XxNeon GachaxX
    XxNeon GachaxX

    Idk Jeffrey not. Trying to be mean but I don’t think singing is you’re best suit

  • Haise Succsaki
    Haise Succsaki

    0:07 jeffree being a piece of shit and promoting self harm yess we love to see it 😍😍

    • Lol

      He used to self harm too. Don’t act like a snowflake

    • The Steam Tea
      The Steam Tea

      0:07 you’re welcome 🥰🥰

    • Haise Succsaki
      Haise Succsaki

      @Ruby Trueman look at the poster behind him

    • Ruby Trueman
      Ruby Trueman

      I can’t see where sorry

  • Chana Senpai
    Chana Senpai

    Damn the lipstick nazi picture was really on his wall 😂

  • Scarlett Roger
    Scarlett Roger

    What a load of shite

  • Gabriela Cruz
    Gabriela Cruz


  • Jessie Art
    Jessie Art

    0:07 for everyone here just cause of the drama

    • Jessie Art
      Jessie Art

      @Marcie Herrera theres slit marks on his wrist u cant see it v well tho

    • Marcie Herrera
      Marcie Herrera

      Where is he cutting himself?

    • W

      he's a snake glad he's getting his well deserved karma.

  • My Comment
    My Comment

    Let's be real he's got a nice deep voice

  • sheramis ._
    sheramis ._

    What is this honey💀

  • Melanie Tarantino
    Melanie Tarantino

    Jeffree: omg that’s triggering stop showing people Also jeffree: 0:06 make it a poster and put it up for my music video the aesthetic uwu So it’s only triggering when it makes you look bad instead of empathetic

    • Melanie Tarantino
      Melanie Tarantino

      My Comment I use to as well and I didn’t pose for pictures, I didn’t encourage others to do it or glamorize it. I told others not to do such things. He has no excuse for it nor does he have a excuse for changing his stories 3 different times.

    • My Comment
      My Comment

      Well he's been cutting himself as we all saw in shane's videos so I think it was no big deal for him back in the days

    • Eduardo Rojel
      Eduardo Rojel

      He isn't sorry for anything he just wants his way

  • 3xoticx

    Lol aare u people serious. It took me a magnifier glass and 12 rewinds to catch that 2 second poster in the back.. Fck off man

    • 3xoticx

      @The Steam Tea TBH i still stand with mycomment here. But after his friend cme out with that last video.. Im kind of done with him

    • The Steam Tea
      The Steam Tea

      That’s not the point. The reason people are pressed and cancelling him is because he went on a twitter rant talking about how all the allegations about that photoshoot are wrong spreading complete bs. Threatening people to take it down because he doesn’t like being reminded of it yet he has it in a music video hanging up on his wall... This just proves he’s full of bs and lies

  • person who plays mobile game s
    person who plays mobile game s

    I came to see if the poster was actually here lmfaooo

    • Vivien Faith
      Vivien Faith

      Lmao samee 💀

  • raven oi oi
    raven oi oi

    I don't like the song I only like the makeup videos

  • James Provost
    James Provost

    Everytime I See Jeffery star I just imagine him Loose AF an not in the good way lmao

  • John Gil
    John Gil

    who's here to only see 0:03

    • Violet M
      Violet M

      person who plays mobile game s what is it?

    • person who plays mobile game s
      person who plays mobile game s

      Me lol

  • Abby J
    Abby J

    He’s asking people not to share the photo around because it’s triggers him and he doesn’t want anyone to see it, but it’s in his own music video

  • Kate Gamez
    Kate Gamez

    Anyone else here after Peter Monn’s video?‼️👀 literally not even ten seconds in JS self harm picture (that he’s so ashamed of ) makes an appearance 🤦🏻‍♀️ Peter was right. 🗣This should be edited out‼️😒

    • xLunaDivinerx

      No keep it to prove how manipulative and a big ass liar he is

  • Kertney Martinez
    Kertney Martinez

    Who’s here after @petermonn ‘s video?

    • Fri Fri
      Fri Fri


    • Liz Rodriguez
      Liz Rodriguez

      Hey Hey!