Jimmy Kimmel Remembers Kobe Bryant
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jimmy pays tribute to Kobe Bryant the day after he and his daughter Gianna and seven of their friends were killed in a helicopter crash. We take a look back at some of our favorite moments with Kobe from his 15 appearances on our show over the years. If you want to remember Kobe in a philanthropic way, make a donation to The Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. kvbff.org
Jimmy Kimmel Remembers Kobe Bryant

  • Ruatpuizz K
    Ruatpuizz K


  • Rehman Ahmed
    Rehman Ahmed

    I think kimmel was actually about to cry...damn sad

  • mickee06

    Kobes right I have to girls and the first is so chill but the second has energy for days.

  • Tonya Taylor
    Tonya Taylor

    Thank you Jimmy Great footage

  • Katja xxx
    Katja xxx

    So sad ..... His wife left with a 7month old baby and 2 older girls ....lost for words. My prayers will be with them

  • Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts

    Who thought Rodman would outlive any of us 🥴

  • Jay Torr
    Jay Torr

    Jimmy done it RIGHT

  • Miguel Valenciana
    Miguel Valenciana

    Go Lakers

  • graham robinson
    graham robinson

    This is pure gold and he will be missed

  • 4664andrej

    Zvezde granda

    • 4664andrej

      Rada manoilovic

  • Jacob Raphael
    Jacob Raphael


  • Crack A Rat
    Crack A Rat

    lol this democrat tv host was just talking about God and praying...am I in an alternate universe? R.I.P Kobe Bryant....You will be missed

  • axelgamer TFM
    axelgamer TFM

    This video left a certain strange feeling on me

  • that Jones
    that Jones

    the Illuminati strikes again

  • Trobanko

    I’m sad 😞

  • Zakk16

    How can people even dislike this

  • Elim Figueroa
    Elim Figueroa

    The ones that thumbed down this vid aren't thumbing down the vid, they are actually thumbing down the situation we are in. Everyone one is down with this news. Condolences to the Bryant, Altobelli, Mauser, Zobayan, and Chester families.

  • villegas24

    Didnt know him, dont care about the lakers or basketball but this is a father that died with his daughter so may he RIP.

  • Burt472

    A big hug from Italy....This Country loves you, Kobe....

  • Japhet Ismael
    Japhet Ismael

    Such a great person can’t die. Hat’s off !

  • Jenn Duu
    Jenn Duu

    Man, I am still in disbelief, Kobe was my childhood... even as a fan, his death has impacted me, I can’t imagine how hard it is for his family, especially Vanessa and the 3 girls... RIP 💜💛

  • Ryalz ツ
    Ryalz ツ

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Vanessa and her children it is unimaginable to lose both your husband and child within an instance. I know Vanessa and her children will never get past this but i hope they will find the strength to move forward and laugh at the memories that they have of Kobe and Giana. Although Time does make it better the scar is left behind and will continue to be their until the day you die. The impact that Kobe had on the NBA was insane and I truly believe we won’t see anything like it again, besides the impact and legacy he left on the court he also made an impact on kids around the world. He was a huge role model for the younger generation and will continue to be for upcoming generations. Although we are feeling sad we should be happy knowing that he is in a better place now. This tragedy will take a while to sink in. As of his daughter passing with him as well makes the tragedy way worse. I can’t even imagine how Kobe felt when he knew that his life was about to end as well as his daughter and he couldn’t do anything about it. This tragedy goes to prove that tomorrow is never promised and death can happen at any second, so if you haven’t told a loved one that you love them today then please do because you just don’t know if they could be gone the next day. Kobe & Gianna as well as the 7 other people on board will forever be in our hearts. “Mamba out” Kobe Bryant August 23,1978-January 26,2020 Gianna Bryant May 1,2006-January 26-2020

  • Tom Tyler
    Tom Tyler

    Respect to Jimmy, for being so respectful for everyone on that died❤️

  • Julia Waskowska
    Julia Waskowska

    My heart 💔

  • Devin Vasquez
    Devin Vasquez

    Kobe ALWAYS had a smile on his face! Always had a good attitude!

  • Windy Eevee
    Windy Eevee

    I cannot imagine the pain his wife and kids feeling right now. I can only pray they get thru this hard time. Rest in paradise Kobe and Gigi.❤️

  • Sarah Foresta
    Sarah Foresta

    Love that he took a whole episode for Kobe!!

  • Patricia Orie
    Patricia Orie

    well done


    wise man always good at talking.. what a goat 💛💜

  • volimcsns@gmail.com

    So sad. God rest him in heaven.

  • Swarna Samantha
    Swarna Samantha

    Rip Kobe💖💖

  • Lenara Nikolenko
    Lenara Nikolenko

    He was such a bright person !!!!This is so sad....

  • call me pirxtis
    call me pirxtis


  • SYW Piano
    SYW Piano

    The only time I agree with Jimmy Kimmel.


    wise man always good at talking.. what a goat 💛💜

  • ___jflo

    As a Lakers fan and a Kobe Bryant fan, it’s really hard watching dis 😩 RIP GOAT 🐐

  • Harminder Singh
    Harminder Singh

    Kobe Bryant was best person he was my favorite player God gave him daughter place heaven legends never dies staying peoples heart ever alive ever peoples hearts miss you Kobe Bryant ever you my cousin and my favorite player NBA I loved to watching you played every night when you was playing basketball we loved you all Indian punjabi peoples God gave you place heaven you was my hero my cousin was your poster his room he and me your dies hard fans

  • Corey Tevis
    Corey Tevis

    Jimmy... that was beautiful... thank you

  • CMort760

    This was absolutely beautiful. Thank you Jimmy🙏🏾

  • John Dominguez
    John Dominguez

    Im crying literally

  • Robert Dellanno
    Robert Dellanno

    He raped a girl get over it

  • NightNerd

    People disliking this video are people watching 3 am challenge videos aka idiots

  • לסרי הערוץ הרשמי
    לסרי הערוץ הרשמי

    i can hear your voice breaking when you trying not to cry..be strong man. shit's hard.


    Let's not forget he sexually assaulted a woman in 2003.



  • Jay Torr
    Jay Torr

    FINALLY this guy gets it: don't compare a ballplayer to REAL heroes, but still show ur support...

  • JulMihaj M
    JulMihaj M

    What a class act. Makes it that much harder.

  • Maria Narvaez
    Maria Narvaez


  • Time_iz_everything

    🙏🙏🙏 He was a man. A man of god. Well respected! I love Kobe & his family. Gianna your beautiful daughter, ill say a prayer for you too.. Rest Up fam. Im glad you showed black man how to strive hard and love his family like a man supposed too. You are missed my g.🙏🙏🙏

  • Connie paniaguA
    Connie paniaguA

    Omg Jimmy ! That was beautiful.😭

  • CurlyKei

    So so sad I pray that kobe, his daughter Gianna and all the other families and passengers on the hellicopter RIP xx

  • Tara

    Leave it to jimmy to do an amazing tribute

  • sherlock tang
    sherlock tang

    The reason Kobe's death matters is because basketball matters in America. If some great athletes from curling or badminton died, America could care less.

  • ZacCoxTV

    Man I'm so torn up for the whole family, but his newest daughter who is only six months will never get to know her dad. She will only know the superstar and legend that he was to everyone else.

  • Lisa S
    Lisa S

    I appreciate all the tributes but facts are lost in the reporting. Kobe did not just play for the Lakers. He was initially drafted by the Charlotte Hornets and traded to the Lakers.

  • Mob

    Those people who disliked this video, your gonna go to hell

  • Vuk Stajic
    Vuk Stajic

    This is a little surreal

  • Nikki Kanetra Music
    Nikki Kanetra Music

    That black and white photo of him and Gianna gets me every time.

  • Zaina Chishti
    Zaina Chishti

    RIP 🕊❤️

  • Zay Pierson
    Zay Pierson

    The total world impact this feels like the biggest death since jesus...😟😤😭

  • Mitja Marič
    Mitja Marič

    who even clicked the dislike button?

  • Rick James
    Rick James

    His legacy was tarnished when he smashed that thot in Colorado

  • Starchildfrom 90s
    Starchildfrom 90s

    A peoples champ

  • Alexander Lopez
    Alexander Lopez

    If you are commenting about this mans rape accusations, you should be ashamed of yourself. Please enlighten yourself to what the definition of an accusation is. It is so far from saying they have been found guilty. Which the women got a settlement. She decided she would rather get the money, then to tell the court she was raped. Don’t you think that is odd? Why wouldn’t you tell the truth? If it was true. She was just thinking about the money. Like majority of these cases which are always aimed to tarnish people’s livelihood. Which is honestly pathetic behavior and people who do such thing, should be imprisoned. So before you call him a rapist, think about his wife and kids who lost their father, husband, sister, and daughter. Along with the other 7 who lost their lives. Kobe was so much more than basketball, he was a business mogel with supreme intelligence. He was the city of LA. I know that and I live on the east coast. You don’t need to watch basketball to understand what this man accomplished. So please be respectful of people upset about this. It’s sad for the world. Who lost a truly great human being.

  • Virgen Lopez
    Virgen Lopez


  • Michael Moffatt
    Michael Moffatt

    Jimmy, this was powerful. Kobe was welcomed into everyone's home. Through different outlets of entertainment, you felt like you knew him very well. Perfectly said.

  • Amber Harris
    Amber Harris

    Rest in peace gi gi and Kobe

  • Jxtrf

    the people that disliked the video probs smell soo bad omg i can smell them from here

  • Supafuh

    so sad....

  • Rah Torres
    Rah Torres

    Man this is so tragic to watch. I wasn’t a lakers fan. I grew up watchin Jordan and the dream team, but I remember when Kobe first started playing. It’s sad to see what a characteristic person he was. God bless all the families that lost a loved one. Truly feel horrible for his wife and little girls.Riparadise