Joe Rogan Ponders Long Term Effects of Coronavirus Lockdown
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Taken from JRE #1450 w/Brian Redban:

  • Alex Mccutchan
    Alex Mccutchan

    Christ i hate redban

  • Stephen Harden
    Stephen Harden

    I knew it! Everytime you want to tell truthers with NASA propaganda, you got this douchebag on. Just your family matters huh, Joe?

  • Knobbae

    Joe you’re scaring me 😰

  • suliman khayyat
    suliman khayyat

    13:44 So he's even telling you that he's a moran

  • Alvarez Lovick
    Alvarez Lovick

    Joe did you have to throw Jon Jones under the bus 😂💀🤷‍♂️ pictograms

  • FG FaZe
    FG FaZe

    mannn at this point the weed smoking rogan

  • F M
    F M

    this is whats happening, yiu have to fill out an e form, saying why and where we going? I literally don't know anyone who died, we are a huge family ,what is this?

  • Baird Gaming
    Baird Gaming

    If I had the money to pay for all my bills all the time id be fine never leaving my house again except for grocery shopping.

  • Goldie 24k
    Goldie 24k

    I was at union station in dc in November and this Asian phenotype woman was coughing on everything. They exported her out then when I went to the back to catch the train she was back there plugging her phone into each charging station. I was hi af and thought she was trying to spread some shit.

  • Zack Reynolds
    Zack Reynolds

    “If you were a nut right now”.... apparently, people who look at the facts and realize we’re being treated like mindless cattle are CrAzY

  • Sonja Grace
    Sonja Grace

    Ew i like him better when he’s sober on here. smoke weed with your friends at home and joke around, not on a podcast where people come to listen to intelligent conversation. I just wasted my time listening to these hypothetical situations that would never happen. A virus tornado? Okay then. I can’t believe I clicked on this expecting to hear any kind of valid conversation about this. His opinions flip flop and don’t follow any kind of linear logic.

  • Jonathan Lindsey
    Jonathan Lindsey

    definitely the way we have done things will forever change... and i 100% would not be shocked if we figure out that china created this with the intention of sending infected people to the usa to try and destroy them.... and if they do i hope the usa wipes china off the map... they definitely have the power to do it.. china is not as advanced as people think and almost all the very few ways they are advanced they stole from the usa

  • dale alan caldwell
    dale alan caldwell

    how many disasters huh . right now how big does the next disaster have to be where we cant get back to being fat as we want to be?

  • Egan Rabiee
    Egan Rabiee

    Goodbye everyone. We humans had a good run of about 10,000 years, but now it's time for the Earth to cause our extinction. Oh well, maybe a better species will evolve and take our place after we're all dead.

  • g A
    g A

    Arizona gave out $500 tickets if you were out past 5 in the afternoon for no good reason

  • Mel V
    Mel V

    Tyranny? Power trip? Control? Everyone wants Trump to fail? Conspiracy theories? Flu shot linked to positive tests? Numbers are not accurate? compliance? Don’t let a crisis go to waste? Innocent defiance of government? Save lives or save economy? Is this a test? But for how long?


    He's good at talking! Guests come on they get high listening to him talking. .

  • Devin Guzman
    Devin Guzman

    Not alotta people are ready for these conversations yet tho..

  • Bobby Bacon
    Bobby Bacon

    33 - Order out of chaos. The more you know

  • Deco *
    Deco *

    Guess it’s the norm to talk so much about the thing you are not talking about. This guy is not a conspiracy theorist at all.

  • Natalie Carter
    Natalie Carter

    Dude is high AF 😂😂😂

  • jonathan R
    jonathan R

    I like you but sometimes you talk stupid

  • Mar Mar
    Mar Mar

    So Joe Rogan is not a socialist. Because what he’s against .. is what socialism is for.


    Joe you know the truth just admit it

  • Queenofthegoofballs74

    Depending on what part of Chicago you're from, tanks in the street might not be a bad thing.

  • Joshua Rolsten
    Joshua Rolsten

    Where did you guys get those jackets?

  • Mark Froman
    Mark Froman

    Joe “Nice astronaut jacket” Rogan

  • Jose Ortega
    Jose Ortega

    Joe "if you were a nut" Rogan

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson

    Sometimes people are just too high to listen to.

  • Aldo Saldana
    Aldo Saldana

    Joe rogan interviews joe rogan

  • mark d
    mark d

    I like joes Old Spacesuit Better!

  • Nancy Falcon
    Nancy Falcon

    If the SYFY Channel doesn't make "VIRONADO" now I will be super disappointed!

  • Quinn Hugentobler
    Quinn Hugentobler

    Southern Utah is nearly all open. Screw lockdown, we’ve got shit to do.

  • Cee Ayy Cee
    Cee Ayy Cee

    Joe's the GOAT! The Quarantine Cypher, for any hip hop heads in this comment section!

  • sherisunshine

    5:47 he's definitely high

  • Stephen McPhee Music
    Stephen McPhee Music

    I feel like this was at a point in the interview where they were high/drunk

  • Jester Ishere
    Jester Ishere

    That's the DMT talkin. Virus tornadoes... Lmao

  • Littlebits L
    Littlebits L

    Let’s get Jamie on a damn podcast

  • j2y2k3

    It seems a lot of conspiracy theories in the Trump era, simply exist as ways of avoiding the fact that the president's screw ups (lack of mass testing and tracking, taking the virus seriously, shutting down the voices of people in the CDC who were telling truth etc) actually hurt people.

  • Ozzie Filmlover
    Ozzie Filmlover

    Toe Rogan at it again.

  • Edwin Ruelas
    Edwin Ruelas

    That jacket is too bad ass

  • mike smith
    mike smith

    Truly i cant believe the lockdown is about to end..Ive thoroughly enjoyed the lack of one of the essential heroes Ive loved the freedom and im hoping for something that either continues the lockdown or starts another one. This time completely enforced by the national guard . Obviously the economy didnt collapse because im still getting paid. And dont talk to me about unemployment..everybody is getting a check . Obviously the taxes from us heroes is enough to send the nonessentials 300 bucks a week and keep the beach free of all the people who have honestly annoyed me..So from an essential hero..from the bottom of my heart stay life has been better because of it...

  • Mk H
    Mk H

    Got to get Maynard on ASAP...... especially after your asteroid conspiracy theory conversation...... careful what u wish for ... 🤟

  • WhatCheif Network
    WhatCheif Network

    Lot's of people saying when the internet goes it'll be a different story, I fully support this theory. Can't imagine even 25% of the people I know (maybe the real older generation) staying indoors for a prolonged amount of time without access to the internet. No TR-my? Instagram? Even emails? The entire nation will be out on the streets attempting to re-calibrate to a world once thought to have gone extinct - a world in which the only thing to do in a home is eat, sleep, and jerk off.

  • Damian

    JRE could have nearly any guest and that's not an exaggeration. Out of all those gifted and interesting folks in the world, JRE books Redban.

  • Raskolnikov

    He is so high in this segment

  • Scott Frost
    Scott Frost

    Coming out with that jacket in the intro just gave me the smile I f****** needed thx bro seriously

  • J S
    J S

    Substance abuse. Lots of it.

  • Nobel Warrior
    Nobel Warrior

    How about an increase in racism and prejudice towards Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans. Prophecies are coming to past. True Israel repent!

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez


  • Con

    Everyone chillin, eating and watching t.v doing fuck all meanwhile true workers still waking up at 4 - 5 am to pay for all this you fuckin lazy losers

  • K. mad.
    K. mad.

    You're full of shit Joe, yer a sheep.

  • K. mad.
    K. mad.

    Why wont you entertain us by having David Icke on? Money!!!!!!

  • Beesmakelifegoo

    Can we sue if their vaccine causes big problems to the immune ability to work?

  • Beesmakelifegoo

    A big experiment is us!

  • Beesmakelifegoo

    Are we going to be forced to take the up and coming vaccine?

  • Beesmakelifegoo

    The fear is that we are being told to wait for this soon to become the vaccine!

  • ghost245353

    What are we gonna do? It won't be fight the government on fear of getting infected.

  • Freak96

    wtf is joe wearing? is he ready for a trip into space lol.

  • Braeden Stevens
    Braeden Stevens

    Please try to interview Judy Mikovitz!

  • Lynette Krohn
    Lynette Krohn

    They're always camo now. You can't paint all equipment and have a uniform for every environment. Why all military vehicles used to be olive drab except for the time periods we have been at war in the desert. Then everything went tan. When I went to basic in 08 we had the old olive drab camo bud and then pretty quickly we all switched to abu and acu. Later multicams

  • Bus12103

    Damn ... Joe is going to Mars. Or he just showing off his Space Suit.

  • Awakened Jaguar
    Awakened Jaguar

    You know that all the 5g radiation is demons/dark spirits. Keep living it up at whore island!

  • Hayden

    People are seemingly forgetting that the primary reason why the lock downs were in place was to make sure there was enough medical facilities for everyone. If every bed is taken by a COVID patient, where is the cancer patient going to go? Or the emergency heart surgery patient going to go? Those videos of them stuffing bodies in the refrigerated semi truck were real. The dead people in elderly homes were real. The protests from nurses and medical professionals without gloves or masks were real. Now that the hospitals have slowed down, keep the at-risk in doors, protected, and everyone else go back to work. The government can't control shit without taxpayers. NONE of this is under control.

  • Chris D'Avanzo
    Chris D'Avanzo

    When did Rogan become Alex Jones?

  • Eric M
    Eric M

    Didn’t we already do that with airports? I think pretty much everyone has accepted that. If anyone can tell me the difference let me know.

  • Dixie Chik
    Dixie Chik

    Joe is obsessed w talking about this (as if he isn't in the know) 😉 In his podcast w Lil Duval(late 2019) he specifically stated how everything came from China and his biggest fear w not nuclear weapons,ect , but some type of "flu like" virus that would be untreatable causing mass devastation, then Wa La... C-19 comes along. 🤐 I call BS

  • Jack Pfister
    Jack Pfister

    Coronavirus is fake like space

  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker

    My anxiety is actually better during this I even stopped taking my medicine. Makes no sense

    • X X
      X X

      Because now you actually have time to focus on yourself and not other stuff

  • Great Britten
    Great Britten

    5:20 how high is joe lol he was looking at Jaime like "am I right?" 😂