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Ukhozi FM is one of the biggest radio stations on the planet and the largest in Africa with its listener-ship in access of 7.2 million. Ukhozi FM broadcasts mainly in IsiZulu and loosely targets IsiZulu speaking and understanding audiences in South Africa. Critically acclaimed for its useful content that is delivered with poise and skill, affirming the cultural identity of its listeners, Ukhozi FM focuses on Edutainment and Infotainment as a guiding philosophy. Overall, the station's precedence is to provide a foundation of upliftment, power, comfort, escapism, connectedness and culture to its listeners. Ukhozi FM continuously retains its number one spot as the country's most loved and listened to radio station. Listen to the Award Winning Best Gospel Show on the continent and Feel the spirit of Ukhozi FM Sunday, 08:00 - 11:00 Umculo Wokholo,8:00:00 AM Central European Summer Time (CEST) GMT +2:00

  • Nicholas Nick
    Nicholas Nick

    My God is good oooooooooooh......

  • Zz Vloggg
    Zz Vloggg

    Africa united from Nigeria, Kongo , Tanzania , Namibien to South Africa I love ❤️ i❤️❤️❤️

  • Modiri Kemang
    Modiri Kemang

    Dankie Jehovah re sireletse mo seemong sese thta se sa corona virus All The Way From Botswana

  • Thabiso Prince
    Thabiso Prince

    May 2020 - You who is reading this everything in your will double double. Just hang in there and stay strong 🙏🏽❤️

  • Gregory Lupenzi
    Gregory Lupenzi

    Louez, Louez, Louez (Louez) Louez Yesu, Louez (Louez) 3:11

  • wonderclass07

    May 2020...double double oh

  • ancy W osse
    ancy W osse

    God is good🙏

  • SNK Africa 1
    SNK Africa 1

    What's the name of that guy who is playing that bass guitar?

  • SNK Africa 1
    SNK Africa 1

    I love the way we Africans praise God

  • Ramolito Oliveros
    Ramolito Oliveros

    Eve do i cant understand your language but my Spirit rejoysing your praises to our God Great you all Love peace and Joy. From your Brother from Philippines in Jesus Lord Our Savior Amen

  • rochelvie gampul
    rochelvie gampul

    God bless you

  • SNK Africa 1
    SNK Africa 1

    I love the way the Bassist is playing to the song

  • SNK Africa 1
    SNK Africa 1

    Bass guitar really makes the music sound really good especially African music

  • SNK Africa 1
    SNK Africa 1

    I like the way the Bassist is playing to the song

  • kpambu sk Watson
    kpambu sk Watson

    Yes, everything na double double .....

  • mucis lyrics
    mucis lyrics

    Plz bless the everything bad stays away and live in a good earth 🙏🏿

  • Gerfas Agwanda
    Gerfas Agwanda

    My lord is good

  • Mekena Gospel
    Mekena Gospel

    Amazing Double Double Double April 2020 I keep coming back Love you guys!

  • Geraldine Hopefully
    Geraldine Hopefully

    My GOD is good🎉😍🎧 2020

  • Snenhlanhla Mnyandu
    Snenhlanhla Mnyandu

    Promotion double double,anointing double double, joy double double,favor double double

  • Dj Izzy
    Dj Izzy

    This the national anthem of all Africa Praise Songs💯

  • Gideon Makoko
    Gideon Makoko

    Covid19 2020 who is here 🙏🏻

  • Musa Samela Soncase
    Musa Samela Soncase

    I believe South Africa is the world's most diverse country because even in its music, quite a number of languages are used to sing and the message is easily conveyed. South African music is the best. Even after all hassles of life including the Covid19, "Our God is good"....

  • Sally Wanjeri
    Sally Wanjeri

    2020, Praise God!!!!

  • Leticia Couto
    Leticia Couto

    Everything na double double. Happy easter.

  • Minenhle Ntuli
    Minenhle Ntuli

    Ahhh 2020 we here

  • Yolande Yolande
    Yolande Yolande

    Qui est là en 2020 ?

  • Manoach Kamangu Yuma
    Manoach Kamangu Yuma

    So old wow!! God is great !!

  • Angela Ngeka
    Angela Ngeka

    I love this Jesus. Oooooh

  • Hon Newton William
    Hon Newton William

    Is good

  • rodarolodah

    Na Time Double Double

  • rodarolodah

    March 2020?

  • Renee Rivera
    Renee Rivera


  • Sergë Kompany Mundèl
    Sergë Kompany Mundèl

    Double double 2020🤝

  • Jacob Gongora
    Jacob Gongora

    God is good forever

  • Lucsene Dorelus
    Lucsene Dorelus

    GOOD JOB 😘😘

  • Joseph

    Welcome Ighalo, Man Utd striker 2020🇳🇬

  • Marcus Z
    Marcus Z


  • Me Me
    Me Me

    Ighalo brought me here

  • kisakye Recheal Adhan
    kisakye Recheal Adhan

    2020 where are you from Uganda team UAE where are you Dubai double double 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • sha. sha
    sha. sha

    You are a good singer and a good drummer and do you know that I am a drummer and I am 7

  • Carrol Signficant Lopez
    Carrol Signficant Lopez


  • Take Courage
    Take Courage

    Whatever is happening to you is a valley and life is full of them. We all have valleys but it is just how deep your valley is. Some valleys are deeper than others, some are longer than others. You cannot have a peak without a valley. That you are disappointed today doesn't not mean that tomorrow you will not win. Remember, you are not finished because you are defeated, you are finished when you quit. There are things you can do and there are things only God can do. There are situations that only God can change and there are bondages that only God can break. When God gets involved everything changes. To His power nothing is impossible. God is changeless but He changes everything. It is looking to Him that you overcome all. The greatest tragedy on earth is to be separated from God. Your response to God's call will determine where you spend eternity. Won't you say yes to Him today?

  • Israel Goddridge
    Israel Goddridge

    So nice

  • mutasa tafadzwa
    mutasa tafadzwa

    God is good all the time. Still good in 2020 and beyond

  • Kutemwa Kara Mazala
    Kutemwa Kara Mazala

    This man made joyous live

  • Jones 2.0
    Jones 2.0

    Ighalo FC

  • JCgirl Cooper
    JCgirl Cooper

    Today is 2020!🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿😜😜😜👌👌👌

  • JCgirl Cooper
    JCgirl Cooper

    The song name is my god is good

  • Lucas Nicotra
    Lucas Nicotra

    Pray for me!

  • Joseph

    Ighalo 2020💯Utd fans in the house 🤙🏻👍🏻

  • Remi .PH
    Remi .PH

    Ighalo FC

  • NaNa Efya Bonsu
    NaNa Efya Bonsu

    01/02/2020 God is good ooooooo

  • Jeanlouis Evika
    Jeanlouis Evika

    Of course my God is good 👍

  • i dont know my name
    i dont know my name

    2009 = Nah 2010 = Nah 2011 = Nah 2012 = Nah 2013 = Nah 2014 = Nah 2015 = Nah 2016 = Nah 2017 = Nah 2018 = Nah 2019 = Nah 2020 = Ayy, let me give this a try

  • mukhethwa Skanda
    mukhethwa Skanda

    2020 any1???

  • Habyarimana Samuel Savior
    Habyarimana Samuel Savior

    I love this song

  • Habyarimana Samuel Savior
    Habyarimana Samuel Savior


  • Robely Nzuzi Makani
    Robely Nzuzi Makani

    2020 💃💃💃🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩

  • Francinah Khabo
    Francinah Khabo

    Ohhhh yesss

  • Caswallon and Flur
    Caswallon and Flur

    THAT .... was fun ! 😁

  • patrick Isaac
    patrick Isaac


  • Maurice Ogalo
    Maurice Ogalo

    2020 am still here ...double double🙌🙌🙌

  • dianah Namatovu
    dianah Namatovu

    2020 MY GOD IS STILL GOODOOOO 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺👯👯👯👯👯🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🕺🕺🕺🕺

  • C C
    C C

    Who is here with me in 2020? Everything na double double. 🙌🏿🙏🏽❤️

    • Alex Malatsi
      Alex Malatsi

      Multiply multiply multiplyooo💃💃💃

    • Tochi Lazarus
      Tochi Lazarus


    • Nasty 9
      Nasty 9

      C C I am

    • Yolisa Kupiso
      Yolisa Kupiso

      Double Double 🙌🏽

    • Botlhe Tebatso
      Botlhe Tebatso

      Double, double 😍

  • Shir'Mira Williams
    Shir'Mira Williams

    Double Double💃🔑🔑💃🌈🌈🎆🎉🎊🎼🎶👑💵💴

  • C Monney
    C Monney

    20 20 Double Double

  • Princess suzie Suzana
    Princess suzie Suzana

    💃💃💃💃 2019 and 2020 my God is good I'm still here double doubel

  • Melanin Monroe
    Melanin Monroe

    Watching this on 25th of december 2019

  • Richard FATON
    Richard FATON