Juice WRLD ft. Marshmello - Come & Go (Official Audio)
Juice WRLD
Come & Go by Juice WRLD ft. Marshmello is out now:
Legends Never Die. 7/10. #LLJW🕊
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  • hfyh

    This been out on SoundCloud no cap

  • Jose Osorio
    Jose Osorio

    Og song is better had the tone that juice wrld wanted not this upbeat garbage

  • Ktown.33


  • dpl4yz

    Man could Never make a Bad song❤️ Rip 💕

  • Rouge 999
    Rouge 999

    Bro Juice Wrld really has no bad songs all of them are the best.. this one is FIREEEEE it kinda give me 2000 feeling songs but with a kind of modern lyrics and beat is FIRE .. His legacy is will never be forgotten and no one will ever be better than him RIP JUICE WRLD

  • LgdKey

    the versatility of juice is amazing.

  • Cash Stevens
    Cash Stevens

    omg this is so lit and sad

  • Zachary Miller
    Zachary Miller

    Although Juice was a legend I wish he were alive to make better music

  • aariz khan
    aariz khan


  • aye_panda 1
    aye_panda 1

    I hear this song for 10 times I like it I'm not a hater

  • Doomraid3r YT
    Doomraid3r YT

    sad because all you have to do is say "RIP Juice" to get likes now

  • Alpha Martin
    Alpha Martin

    A lot of rappers recently passed away too young but I still haven’t gotten over Juice Wrld’s, this would’ve been his year. He inspired every song I made since I stated listening..

    • JC Jesse
      JC Jesse

      I hear his influence in your music tbh

    • Canna Ken
      Canna Ken

      He inspired a lot of us

  • i miss XXXTENTACION miss x
    i miss XXXTENTACION miss x


  • Umpa

    need on spotify

  • Ronald Popp
    Ronald Popp

    love that this song finally is officially released, like this version over the leaks


    It feels good to hear his voice again rip 🙏😢💔

  • mako beats
    mako beats

    People still putting thumbs down and bro isn’t even here smh

  • Christian Barnett
    Christian Barnett

    When I saw this, my mind went to Roddy Ricch's song with Marshmello and I thought no one could stop that. I love when I'm wrong

  • Boone Boyy
    Boone Boyy

    I know it’s only been 11 hours but can we get more views on this audio

  • katabok


  • Thomas Bliss
    Thomas Bliss

    #5?! This needs to be #1. R.I.P juice

  • Ashwin c
    Ashwin c

    Imagine disliking this

  • omg puged
    omg puged

    RIP legend

  • Lucas Ault
    Lucas Ault

    If YRG is here they know that rage didn’t like this at all

  • ZaparDaparGaming

    The fact stuff is still being posted on this channel is sad I mean seriously why can’t they just respect him and let him continue with the videos that’s were already here and leave it here where it would’ve just slowly disappeared but no they still need the likes R.I.P JuiceWRLD

  • Allison Wallace
    Allison Wallace

    Just shows how much talent had. Its ashame

  • Nadeem Tareq
    Nadeem Tareq

    وينكم يا عرب😂


    I lost my job due to Corona outbreak and I can't even feed my family but I stil have not lost hope and this man is an inspiration for me and because of him I have made a TR-my channel on online money making and hoping for the best.

  • Man United
    Man United

    The 1k of dislikes 💔

  • Young Pumpp
    Young Pumpp

    So sad rip love this song tho

  • Ali app
    Ali app

    I loved this song

  • Mindless ix
    Mindless ix

    Peep would be so good on this song. Marshmello is a perfect producer for songs like this. Juice x Peep x Marshmello... imagine... LONG LIVE KINGS 👑🙌🏽✊🏽 Rest in Power.

  • DeadOcalypse ¿
    DeadOcalypse ¿

    Damn rest in peace Juice Wrld, his legacy will live on forever

  • Alejandro Burneo
    Alejandro Burneo

    Song Nice 🖤&🤍

  • Ryan Janssen
    Ryan Janssen

    Tbh without marshmallo it’s a better song

  • Gaming Central
    Gaming Central

    Upload it on Spotify plsssss



  • Suhela Lamba
    Suhela Lamba

    To the amazing person reading this: You are awesome. Say it with me; "I am awesome, I am loved." YOU ARE!!!!! Say it, "I can do anything." I believe in you. Do I know you? no. BUT I LOVE YOU AND I BELIEVE IN YOU ALWAYS!!! Now you please Believe in yourself. If I can then you can. You think that person is so perfect, well guess what. That perfect person is hiding inside of you, let them out. Find your true self and live your own life. You are so worth it and life is so not worth hating yourself. I can't stress enough that you can do anything. Have an awesome day or night! I believe in you. Go look at yourself in a mirror and admire all the great things about yourself. Smile for no reason. Laugh cause you can. Work hard and live life. 999 forever

  • jack jernigan
    jack jernigan

    This comment will have over 10k likes

  • Amín Candía
    Amín Candía


  • NBAYDC MacAurthor
    NBAYDC MacAurthor


  • Cristian Tassone
    Cristian Tassone

    So many mixed emotions :( rip

  • Jacob Howell
    Jacob Howell


  • schmiggolo 123
    schmiggolo 123


  • Mina Zaroual
    Mina Zaroual

    Just to know the like is on the left side

  • daniel tavi
    daniel tavi

    Damn I miss him

  • Sacralo

    Can’t wait for the album 💔🕊 #lljw

  • Isaiah Seaton
    Isaiah Seaton

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  • pringleman godzilla
    pringleman godzilla

    All my boys out there can we form an army in case we find any girls that make tik tok dances to his album. This album is about remembering how Juice was an amazing person so let us enjoy it and honor him in the best way possible, and not let these females just make stuff for clout

  • DST -Max11シ
    DST -Max11シ


  • 10k subs with 1 vid challenge
    10k subs with 1 vid challenge

    People that dislike were crying to much so that they couldn’t see

  • 10k subs with 1 vid challenge
    10k subs with 1 vid challenge

    People that dislike were crying to much so that they couldn’t see

    • 10k subs with 1 vid challenge
      10k subs with 1 vid challenge

      LinEar you copied that reply

    • LinEar


    • cooper maurer ツ
      cooper maurer ツ

      I've literally seen that so many times

  • TensePN

    Every song that juice drops should all get on trending

  • 10k subs with 1 vid challenge
    10k subs with 1 vid challenge

    People that dislike were crying to much so that they couldn’t see

  • Abdulqayyum Olusesi
    Abdulqayyum Olusesi

    Real juice wrld fans heard this song a year ago TBH

  • It's Me Suri
    It's Me Suri

    Song hits home

  • MeMarzani

    Only real fans already heard this

  • Truly

    If your a true juice WRLD fan

    • Truly

      Like and comment

  • SpACeGRL 2019
    SpACeGRL 2019

    I love this song, only if he was here😔

  • Don Julio
    Don Julio

    How can anyone press the dislike button?

  • Rob and Nicole Gamino
    Rob and Nicole Gamino

    This is a new account

  • Skowdz Clueless
    Skowdz Clueless

    He really loved his girl

  • Renz O
    Renz O

    1.1k atheists disliked this video

  • Exzert3d HD
    Exzert3d HD

    If any tiktok girl ruins this song i swear man i just can’t they retarded

  • Flinty Monkey
    Flinty Monkey

    2020 would be much more fun if juice and x were still here

  • Scenario


  • Cheesy_X_

    Heroes come and go but legends never die.

  • Really Bad Memes
    Really Bad Memes

    i swear tik tok

  • ochako uraraka
    ochako uraraka

    I still feel he isn't dead,I feel hes still alive😿💔

  • Weston Pandolfini
    Weston Pandolfini

    Number five on trending in 11 hours