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  • Marc St. Laurent
    Marc St. Laurent

    Sunny just called out Democrat voters sexists and racists.

  • Mathew Russo
    Mathew Russo

    Why is Meghan McCain even there? She's beyond rude and ignorant. =M=


    Democrats talking points are not what the normal people wants....

  • SlayerJ 77k
    SlayerJ 77k

    I say all canidates dress in clothing where no one can see them, no skin color just hear their plans and ideals. And im not rascist just becuz i say Obama sucked, way to passive. People cant direct their own steps its been proven, and once in a blue moon a president arises like well Washington, Lincoln, Reagan...if we cant put our foot down and take care of this countries internal issues and be strong against other countries that hate us well were just screwed...lets see what happens in 20 years. 🤨

  • Bliss Lives
    Bliss Lives

    Dear Abby, Obama's elections did not end racism.🤦🏽‍♀️ Want to sound so intelligent but so clueless and disconnected from reality at times

  • Willy Ro
    Willy Ro

    Black people are not even the biggest Minority in America. There are more Documented Latinos than blacks in America. So why are we talking more about Black Interests than Latino interests????

  • Dennis Fiorillo
    Dennis Fiorillo

    Leave it up to the black chick to blame it on racism and Trump.

  • TRUMP 2020
    TRUMP 2020

    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👌👌

  • Julia Nam
    Julia Nam

    Abby is right here.

  • Henry Lester
    Henry Lester

    Abby with her lip injects and her silicone cheeks. The botulism has leaked into her brains.

  • Andromedon

    Abby shut up boo lol

  • Andromedon

    What is Joy laughing at lol

  • Jose

    After she went after Biden with that low blow attack, she lost my vote and respect. Which sucks because I was a huge fan of hers. But you don't attack a member of your own party like that.

  • hookalakah

    "I’m dreaming of White Aged Democrats Just like the ones we always know, Where the scalp tops glisten And donors listen To hear gray dumbbells as they slow. I’m dreaming of White Aged Democrats With every donation check I write. May your wine caves be merry and bright. And may all your Prez nominees be white."

  • Locura

    My mother was pregnant with me on a campaing so I know everything about it.

  • Sherman The Get A Clue Rocker
    Sherman The Get A Clue Rocker

    3:13 good job Sunny!

  • pete toma
    pete toma

    The point is !!! sony always brings up the race card. she`s probably one of the biggest racists out there.

  • rockafelladw

    Blacks vote 95% democrat every election, and only make up 12% of the U.S. population. Of course presidents can win without the black vote. They've been doing it for decades.

  • EmmanuelPierrePortraits

    "Does she have less money?" "Does she have less money?" "Does she have less money?" "Does she have less money?"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

    • Bro Science
      Bro Science

      EmmanuelPierrePortraits 😂😂

  • Marlo Britton
    Marlo Britton

    Sunny needs to stfu!!!

  • Walter Higo
    Walter Higo

    Does Sunny Hostin think before she speaks??? First she says Kamala Harris face "Unprecedented" sexism and racism. And then she says it was "African Americans" who did not want to support her because they thought the other (white) candidates were more "electable". DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL?????????????

  • kerry A
    kerry A

    Nowadays if u don't hv enough money there is no way to rule "no money 💯no power" it has got nothing with racing to do those kind of campaigns only exists with money power period! Very Sad!

  • Sam Kunkel
    Sam Kunkel

    Sunny, maybe people just didn’t like her ideas...she just jumped to racism immediately

  • alwaysopen

    Wow....identity politics are running wild on that show as well as in this comment section. Harris is Hillary 2.0 and not black, though she will wear that suit when it serves her best. Colored person, yes. She had zero message to voters and is a rather hollow person with an authoritarian nature. She stood no chance.

  • al mil
    al mil

    No offense but how does electing a mixed president automatically mean that we as Americans like, value or appreciate black people. Law and war couldn’t make this happen so how does one man change anything. Again no offense. Just asking.

  • Kevin Bertke
    Kevin Bertke

    So glad that fool dropped out

  • Red Rose
    Red Rose

    Sunny is an overated, biased racist !! I get so tired of her racist yammerings. Oh, go away Sunny. Please!!!

  • Carrot Boy
    Carrot Boy

    Sonny on every show: Being Black in America is the worst thing ever..

  • Thomas Malloy
    Thomas Malloy

    Shut up trick

  • pepe luvsyou
    pepe luvsyou

    Trump 2020!!!!

  • azimahxoxo

    Please replace Megan with Ana Navarro. Thank you!

  • Jada Seymone
    Jada Seymone

    "I'm not finished speaking, but that's okay." - i strive to be this clam when i'm getting into an argument with my siblings

  • Timothy Antoine
    Timothy Antoine

    Not only didn't do away with racism , probably made it worse . But racism is a two way street , Kamala climbed the political ladder because people wanted to look up her dress with no panties on . Her panties went into the ring for President , there aren't enough onlookers anymore .

  • Daily Driver
    Daily Driver

    I think she lost because she wasn’t proud of her nationality which was Indian but instead she wanted to be seen as black. She never talked about her nationality yet India was proud of her and said she would be the first Indian president if she won. Never even thanked India for the support. That caused her to loose the black support and Indian support for the lack of pride she showed

  • Let the truth be told
    Let the truth be told

    The view blames sexism and racism, that’s the idiot view for you.

  • Samuel Pinchevsky
    Samuel Pinchevsky

    Sunny lady is using the race card , she is way off the mark , Kamala is plain and simple unqualified

  • harrison fallon-wilson
    harrison fallon-wilson

    It’s a shame you don’t feel this way about tulsi Gabbard • Woman of colour. • Female veteran ( major ) • first Hindi women elected to Congress. • has one of the most progressive voting records . But it’s fine she’s a Russian asset

  • Russ Jamison
    Russ Jamison

    Low IQ ,The view!!!! Lol!!!!!

  • Russ Jamison
    Russ Jamison

    Trump 2020 and 2024

  • Russ Jamison
    Russ Jamison

    Ah, the racist kamala has finally met karma!!!

  • Risse Wagez
    Risse Wagez

    This is an example of Meghan's unprofessionalism. Everything Abby said was ridiculous to me and I absolutely disagree but at least she can get her point across without acting like a 5 year old or falling apart when someone challenges you. Please send Meghan back to Fox where she belongs.

  • New Era Boss
    New Era Boss

    Hey Sunny...Yang 2020

  • Anthony Chiaramonte
    Anthony Chiaramonte

    She is as delusional as those on the view

  • bill jones
    bill jones

    ahaha i love how the black lady gets butt hurt the other black lady lost. ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. ahahahaha

    • bill jones
      bill jones

      Trump is still your president. We run the courts 5-4 soon to be 6-3 ahahah. this country is going back to jesus. it wont be the communist atheist scum you worship.

    • SHAMAN hunter gatherer
      SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      Caucasian aggressor lol very small for what we have been through trust me we know who's butt hurt LMAO

  • Ami Talati
    Ami Talati

    Lol joy threw her a bone. Producers made her do it.

  • Ami Talati
    Ami Talati

    At least she shut up. I’m ok with that. Arms crossed or not.

  • Ami Talati
    Ami Talati

    Sunny the hair. Paula Abdul 90’s vibe. 🤩

  • B.G. OPP
    B.G. OPP

    Liberals are racist

  • Elijah B
    Elijah B

    I do agree with Abby that America clearly isn't as racist as it was decades ago, we did elect a black man TWICE that doesn't mean we got rid of racism and WE NEVER WILL!! Not to mention Hillary won the majority of the votes therefore America was also willing to elect a woman, Kamala thought she had it in the bag with black people but she did not solely because here is a woman who put away hundreds of black men for marijuana violations while also bragging that she smoked marijuana. Kamala was losing because she is a pos point blank period!!

  • Marvin Murakami
    Marvin Murakami

    She had more than 10 million dollars left (much more than most of the remaining candidates) in her campaign that she probably ended up pocketing. Kamala was one of the phoniest candidates I've ever seen. She got out because that money would have dwindled to nothing.

  • Ke Aka
    Ke Aka

    yes Kamala get lost. My sistah from my homeland Hawai'i called you out. Mahalo Tulsi

  • NIC Armony
    NIC Armony

    So we’re just supposed to vote for Kamala just cuz she’s “black” and never mind If she doesn’t have an agenda for black people specifically? GTFOH

  • Viking Rollo
    Viking Rollo

    Sunny enough with the racism bs..truth is Harris is nowhere near ready to be president.

  • Viking Rollo
    Viking Rollo


  • Spunkyssportscards Spunky
    Spunkyssportscards Spunky

    The democrats can't beat president Trump that is why the impeach not fair

  • Spunkyssportscards Spunky
    Spunkyssportscards Spunky

    Trump 2020

  • Matt

    Sunny is a Kamala agent just saying🤷🏽‍♂️

    • alwaysopen

      Closet lesbo.

  • Neftali Dejesus
    Neftali Dejesus

    They are all fucking cunts lol

  • Michael Wheeler
    Michael Wheeler

    The polls are rigged Are these idiots that stupid

  • Tusar Koirala
    Tusar Koirala

    tell sunny that Kamala was front runner at the beginning so playing a race card does not help

  • Bad Tiger
    Bad Tiger


  • Nanz Lazarus
    Nanz Lazarus

    Tulsi ended her race.

  • Let the truth be told
    Let the truth be told

    Kamala left because Hillary gave her a call and told her to step down because she was going to support Biden and she’s got Russia on her side

  • Let the truth be told
    Let the truth be told

    If your voting for someone because of the color of their skin you’re a racist

  • Let the truth be told
    Let the truth be told

    Kamala was toast when Tulsi Gabbard smoked her.

  • Let the truth be told
    Let the truth be told

    The view was like a horrible car accident you know it’s going to be really bad and traumatizing but you have to look.

  • Kendall Schillinger
    Kendall Schillinger

    Tbh I think Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny should just host the view!

    • alwaysopen

      The Black View? Did you hear Kamaltoe dropped like a rock? So would that show.

  • TallCoolDrink

    The view is so stupid.

  • TallCoolDrink

    She didn't have a clear message. And....of course the view has to bring in sexism and racism....so, are democratic voters racists and sexists? . Harris had Hillary problem....she was not likeable.

  • beaten billy
    beaten billy

    Sexism and racism . Lmfao . Kamala harris is an evil deceitful snake and everyone can see that in plain sight . Tulsis a genuine , strong woman of color and a FUCKING COMBAT VETERAN !!! Why dont these ladies flock to her cuz shes not a crazy propaganda spewing dictator ?