Keith & Becky’s $3,000 Junk Room Makeover • Try DIY
The Try Guys
Welcome to Try DIY! The show where Ned and Ariel try to transform their friend's forgotten spaces and places into beautiful interiors! In this episode Ned & Ariel will help Keith & Becky tackle their "shame" room! Can they fix it?!👷👷‍♀️⚒️
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  • Katarina Bergqwist
    Katarina Bergqwist

    Wait, you put a carpet on top of a full-room carpet? Just... Why?...

  • Neil Passarell
    Neil Passarell

    That futurama painting was pretty sweet imo I hope he kept that

  • CatwomanCelia

    OMG MTG!

  • L B
    L B

    I tried to make an octopus and it ended up looking like an octopus made out of dicks.

  • Em Cox
    Em Cox

    Fun tip: When you need to hang something that has multiple hooks/holes to hang from, place a long piece of tape that goes between the hooks/holes on the item and mark the spots on the tape. Then remove the tape from the item and use as the marker for leveling and placement! (For reference: image search "how to hang something with two hooks")

  • Ahmed Mohammed
    Ahmed Mohammed

    Was it $330 or $2670

  • Humstuck

    Who is creepier ... ManBearPig or ManBearKeith :D

  • Mia Xx
    Mia Xx

    Well... we threw away becky’s mug... but- she stole it back ... Honestly me 😂

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly

    I really like Ariel! She’s so sweet!

  • AddictedToGoodMusicx

    Watching this video, seeing how everybody said Keith was really frustrated during the process and how him and Becky were in conflict made me realise I have a really fucked up home life. This looks like what a good day would look like in my home. Damn I hate my parents relationship

  • Debora Brodde
    Debora Brodde



    that is so wholesome holy shit i'm dead

  • #catlover

    Keith’s shirt is such a mood - “You had me at friend chicken.”

  • Daniel Murakami
    Daniel Murakami

    6:36 all the string players will cringe from all the bow hair ripping

  • Aoife

    “Ariel knows what she’s doing and I’M her husband!” Why do I feel like it should have been like this since 2013

  • Aoife Swift
    Aoife Swift

    Mr.Kate Anyone??

  • Megs Beavis
    Megs Beavis

    Ned and Ariel have the most healthy loving sweetest and purest relationship in the world

  • hippopajamas

    I love how genuinely amused Becky was by Keith playing that table saw. No frustration or irritation- just love for this big goof.

  • winks winniw
    winks winniw

    This series is basically a cheaper version of Mr kate

  • Joélle Étienne
    Joélle Étienne

    "Ariel knows what she's doing, and I'm her husband." lol

  • Jeremy tsui
    Jeremy tsui

    Checking the centring of the mirror, Becky is just there to stare at Keith’s BUTT

  • rxspberrie

    becky is me-

  • Diana Ventura
    Diana Ventura

    I swear Ned’s wife can a be a construction Godess

  • chibi girl
    chibi girl

    What I want to know is did Keith get to keep mount futurama

  • carter warnock
    carter warnock

    Do they actually play magic?

  • Alex Sears
    Alex Sears

    “It’s a bAcKliT pIcTuRe” *gasps*

  • MakinoEchizen

    is it weird that i also want ned to do chemistry/education related content? but the silly ones

  • Galaxy Vulture
    Galaxy Vulture

    That was very sacrilegious for doing that to a bow

  • Ethan Ball
    Ethan Ball

    i just learned they play magic i love them sooo much more

  • LLB

    *I swear the Try Guys make it seem like they got their own DIY TV show that’s been around for years which is a shame because they should have one and I would watch it!!* 😃🤩🤩

  • SugarBugX

    Keith can play the musical saw!!! That is an ancient art that cannot be taught. You must figure it out on your own

  • DJ Lowd
    DJ Lowd

    Mass produce cocktopus

  • DJ Lowd
    DJ Lowd

    Okay can we get Ned and Keith play magic the gathering

  • Mickey D
    Mickey D

    my new apartment is basically the size of their junk room so this was actually super helpful

  • mobabyhomeslice

    I love your intro.... "Becky knows what she's doing, and I'M her husband!" LOL!

  • justin Houle
    justin Houle

    i have that same nerf gun XD

  • Potassuim_Cation

    Waaaay better content than Keith stuffing himself sick

  • AProudRavenpuff/Aurora Malfoy
    AProudRavenpuff/Aurora Malfoy

    Don't like becky

  • Ashley Jolly
    Ashley Jolly

    Not really a DIY. It's just a room makeover lol.

  • Paula Isabel
    Paula Isabel

    They need to make a show of this

  • josina Washington
    josina Washington

    It’s a back light picture 😂😂😂

  • Debbie Vidal
    Debbie Vidal

    ,what happened to the piano?

  • Grace R
    Grace R

    He should have called the octopus that looks like dicks, Cocktopus.

  • staceybarnett1994

    At the end all I see is a rolling tray 😂

  • Judith Ramirez
    Judith Ramirez

    Ned and Ariel said: "Mr.Kate who?"

  • Finley Brockley
    Finley Brockley

    Laurdiy is quaking

  • Queen_riley W
    Queen_riley W

    Anyone notice that Ariel n Becky had the exact same jeans on

  • ashley gibbs
    ashley gibbs

    Can Keith have his own channel

  • Karissa Wieskamp
    Karissa Wieskamp

    “You won’t play frisbee with me!” Me to my bf... ALL. the. time.

  • Christina Castaneda
    Christina Castaneda

    Keith looks so fit! Becky is the best and makes Keith awesomer. Cheers to couples lifting each other up.

  • arnelia lie
    arnelia lie

    What kind of vacuum cleaner is that??? I need that so bad

  • Bamsie

    *Becky:* can we all hug and make up? *_reaches for keith_* *All:* yeah yeah let's hug *Keith: **_reaches for Ned_*

  • Hedda Holberg
    Hedda Holberg

    “You won’t play frisbee with me” why does Keith sound like a sad puppy?!

  • Christy Tran
    Christy Tran

    i keep on trying to close the intro banner because i think its a pop up ad

  • The Dark Pearl
    The Dark Pearl

    Ariel did not come here to fuck spiders but Ned 100% did

  • WhatLenaLikes

    “Ariel knows what she’s doing, and I’m... her husband!”

  • Magic Ocean
    Magic Ocean

    When it said try diy and Ariel and Ned turned around bed had me dying

  • Greenly31

    Were can i get myself one of those memory boxes from?? Ariel your amazing!

  • Elyika


  • Iedin Draws
    Iedin Draws

    *cough cough* Keith is the definition of a *cough cough* hoarder.

  • tOmAtO jAy
    tOmAtO jAy

    Can we just take a moment to talk about how pretty ariel is like damn I wanna look that good when I’m older now I know why Ned always talks about her

  • Ryllie Burke
    Ryllie Burke

    No one: Keith: COCKTAPUSS

  • jennifer barnes
    jennifer barnes

    becky: its keith as a man bare! keith: oooo! cool! :D

  • Alexia

    Becky, Keith Burger, King Hotel? Trivago

  • Binyu Wang
    Binyu Wang

    I really like the sofa!!! Could I know what it is called?

  • ElleCee__


  • Aubrey Cook
    Aubrey Cook


  • Catherine Flores
    Catherine Flores

    Each crazy to their own😅

  • Roseann Tapia
    Roseann Tapia

    I wish they'd renovate our back room lol

  • Awesome Everything
    Awesome Everything

    it should be transform their friends forgotten spaces into lovely places