Kevin Gates - “Wetty” (Freestyle) (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive)
Exclusive WSHH music video for “Wetty” (Freestyle) by Kevin Gates.
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Wetty (Freestyle) (Prod by AXL Beats)

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  • Destancio Estrich
    Destancio Estrich

    Gotta fuck with this instrumental FR..

  • daniel khan
    daniel khan

    Whoever disliked doesn’t know good music

  • ModelsNed

  • That Kidcareyon
    That Kidcareyon


  • That Kidcareyon
    That Kidcareyon


  • Dj Da God
    Dj Da God

    To me this song sound like dior or the beat does

  • Joewins Laplante
    Joewins Laplante

    He going hard *no homo* 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ComiliPurpp

    exactly 2 months ago this heat dropped

  • peter DaBeater
    peter DaBeater

    I wish there was somebody with this flow. BUT with STYLES P's BRAIN

  • Judith Johnson
    Judith Johnson

    Pop smoke beat

  • Curtis Bradley
    Curtis Bradley

    Hardest song of 2020

  • Jonathan Tiberio
    Jonathan Tiberio

    Why is this not on Spotify?

  • Mack Twenty2
    Mack Twenty2

    subsribe to my channel

  • RapKey

    I am music producer,,, if anybody wants to make their own song,, so he can send an email -

  • A .A
    A .A


  • Imagines

    I swear if tik tok steals this

  • Tragedy VEVO
    Tragedy VEVO

    Check out my music

  • Silyo FN
    Silyo FN

    Subscribe to my channel if you actually like world stars channel and music they put out.

  • Manny Brannon
    Manny Brannon


  • Know Shun
    Know Shun

    That small altercation combo was slick. Bro hands moved at the same pace as the syllables. @Nickfilms Good Shit!!

  • Miso TeeVee
    Miso TeeVee

    Im the 12,000,000th View 💯

  • GachaPickleJuice jr
    GachaPickleJuice jr

    My mom sent me here lol,she played this song one night I liked it so I searched it up,not bad.

  • Zachary Albanese
    Zachary Albanese

    This shit is just pure heat,

  • H. Nissen
    H. Nissen

    The absolute best. Still 🔥💜🔥

  • Donnie Briley
    Donnie Briley

    Cupid more

  • Jada Reed
    Jada Reed

    This better than the original


    check this hard beat>>hard af

  • Marcus Temple
    Marcus Temple

    Chris brown .... shot out to young chop

  • Marcus Temple
    Marcus Temple

    7 .62

  • Marcus Temple
    Marcus Temple

    Wet wet where you at at.. let me see you if you let me ... why you so sexy

  • Optiv Btk
    Optiv Btk


  • Philip Jackez
    Philip Jackez

    My heart goes goes out to young chop R.i.p to chops mom From south central Varriio FLORENCIA SS Maple TDS SURTOWN CHiQUES

  • Gav Button
    Gav Button

    He makes it soooooooo hard to vibe to other artists he speaks to me hardcore

  • Kyle Bland
    Kyle Bland

    I struggle with depression all his music speaks to all areas of mental illness thanks Gates I flipped it on its head ( the day to day bs ) I look at everything like a mental and physical challenge

  • Wild & Paradise
    Wild & Paradise

    Who hear what he saying? 🔥🔥🔥Go Off

  • Shirley Auberry
    Shirley Auberry


  • mr fortnite mobile
    mr fortnite mobile

    Jemand aus Deutschland hier ?

  • mr fortnite mobile
    mr fortnite mobile

    I'm from Germany, do you belong to Deutrapper or not and do you actually forget that? I think usa is really nice

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown


  • Zae Zack
    Zae Zack

    Tatted the face of a hater but sadly mistaken Kevin gone get removed he talking bout youngboy tf he do that for anyway

  • bark apo
    bark apo

    spotify though???

  • Ryan Lawrence
    Ryan Lawrence

    .762 clip this is high powered fibre optic firing at ya 💥💥

  • Sydney Parrott
    Sydney Parrott


  • evoni jackson
    evoni jackson

    So we are just going to ignore the blood comment in the beginning?

  • Christopher Pullen
    Christopher Pullen

    Sobers...minds STR8 panea fast slowed chopped no black top assfault calling no more next call my own flexed flashed camera action wasn't perfect back then this present ope lned explored dreamed more gotten done 4c sons blessed Allie Ray daughter sunshine climbed mines been too mountain Neva coming down no clown no mask no more dash racin wat to do came to 2 bless alls of you's....lov

  • Stephanie Lowery
    Stephanie Lowery


  • ZOMBiE_SMuT_1

    Gates 100

  • Desmoineia515

  • Anthony Tate
    Anthony Tate

    He cranked the fuck outta this jont !💪🏾💪🏾

  • The Real Rap Guru
    The Real Rap Guru

    If there’s one rapper I’ll accept a 360 deal from, it’s from Gates. He just as solid as they come and I’ll apply pressure to the industry with em

  • Vanessa Martinez
    Vanessa Martinez


  • EvaPhillippp

    He still go stupid

  • Delinio Wells
    Delinio Wells

    The best

  • RapAlotDari Gang
    RapAlotDari Gang

    I started eating ass cause of you

  • Doktor

    Look like Kevin been doin some personal reflection 👌🏽

  • Sights To Travel For
    Sights To Travel For


  • Tim Chant
    Tim Chant

    All these trappers going to buy a black honda minivan & put stupid ass dubs on them ,😞🔫

  • Gifted Visionz
    Gifted Visionz

  • Nicholas Highlander
    Nicholas Highlander

    Okayyy okay okay okayyyy

  • King Marvelliss
    King Marvelliss

    my beats go so hard.

  • Ashley Frazier
    Ashley Frazier

    This my shit

  • Raja Comedy Tv
    Raja Comedy Tv

    Random musicians showing Lamborghini,dreary,Bentley in their music Video. and here’s the legend Kelvin Gates Showing Hunder

  • Logan O'Neil
    Logan O'Neil

    Crash site 7 minutes from my house, Rest In Peace to tha Black Mamba! #RIPKobe&Gigi #24 #8 #GatesKilledIt. RNS, i sho respect gates for how he showed love ta Kobe in this song. Still can't believe that nigga gone bruh smh

  • Rob Thegamer410
    Rob Thegamer410

    🔥 all day he got them bars pressure

  • Luulant 2x
    Luulant 2x


  • jernero cooper
    jernero cooper

    I respect his career he isnt a police or a fireman or a lawyer i salute a person who hustling for they own on they own accord

  • Bianca Jones
    Bianca Jones New sound

  • Bianca Jones
    Bianca Jones Dope sound

  • Marco Bingham
    Marco Bingham

    i wanna hear kevin spazz on more axl beats like this

  • Labronski Milan
    Labronski Milan