Kid Cudi, Eminem - The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (Lyric Video)
"The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady" available everywhere now:
Music video by Kid Cudi performing The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (Lyric Video). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Justin James
    Justin James

    I'll battle anyone that replies to this

  • Rabidification

    Eminem is so fast normally, it just makes his sound like he is in slo-mo in this song

  • eM0hBe907

    Every one just STFU and enjoy!!

  • William F
    William F

    Why am I just now finding out he dropped this??? MAN ON THE MOON !!!

  • carm coral and reef marine
    carm coral and reef marine

    The adventures of moonman and slim .. hmmm awww who would want it with them ... (power) great track

  • emin ozlem
    emin ozlem

    2:50 "The fuck's going on man ?" summary of 2020

  • Matt Tafolla
    Matt Tafolla


  • Okram Nilgen
    Okram Nilgen

    This song never gets bore.

  • no lol
    no lol

    "Since Tuesday probably killed a few tress. But the only one I smoke are the loose l smoke are the loose leaf" Loose leaf is a type of paper, hinting that he smokes the paper when he writes rhymes because his bars are fire. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Antonio Eduardo
    Antonio Eduardo

    This whole fucking song gets better every time I hear it!!!

  • Nosir Tokhirov
    Nosir Tokhirov

    Re-listened to this like 20 times in a single trip !!!!!

  • Kuyirutao

    Em has revolutionized with this song how lyrics are delivered to listeners. No doubt best rapper alive. King 👑

  • Kuyirutao

    Em has revolutionized with this song how lyrics are delivered to listeners. No doubt best rapper alive. King

  • Vic R
    Vic R

    The moment you realize this verse was a response to snoop ahead of its time, i guess he really defeated it ....

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar

    "If I was on the Floor id swish, fluoride" *mind fucking blown*

  • Justus Bischke
    Justus Bischke

    If he would just get dre to produce all the best to his songs with better hooks em could easily drop another classic like the marshal Mathers LP or Eminem show he also sounds his best when he's laid back like this

  • Anthony Henry
    Anthony Henry

    What he meant be hnoch ya top off LeBron or Dwyane Wade.


    Animated video is lit I rarely see something like this

  • mr.house_

    this was good till slim shady started rapping...

    • iAmeer

      dude are u ok in the head? lol slim carried

  • Adrian George
    Adrian George

    Its nonstop fury ye bc I ain't holding em up like an armed robbery Rip juice

  • Daniel Thomas music
    Daniel Thomas music

    These two together

  • Tom Ebbs
    Tom Ebbs

    Bring back the slim shady show and cross it over with south park, ray:the hitman for hire, a show about cartoon rappers in Detroit, New York California, Florida, Atlanta, Alabama and Virginia. Have South Park Studios, Adult Swim and Bad robot get behind it and have Brad Bird produce it and entwine it with real emotional dynamics....consequencial comedy and life lesson knowledge....have Chris Titus, Mike Epps, Bill Burr, Chelsea Peretti, Childish gambino, obie trice, Kid rock, Yelawolf and Whitney Cummings and have it crossover with shows like boondock saints, Futurama, Rick and Morty and Big mouth and give each show serious dilemmas with life consequences that is meant to educate the viewer about the choices in life and things that might happen and approached to how to make decisions based of who they are and how they can live better lives and smarter lives.....this needs to happen, also think the show space ghost needs to be brought back and in partnership of adult swim, comedy Central and Amazon prime, brought back as a crossover with aqua team Hunger force, Harvey birdman and the tick as news team dedicated to remodelling the face of social media news and republican crime and vigilantism.

  • morteza ahmadi
    morteza ahmadi

    You know i kinda start to feel sorry for people who em dissed 😂😂😂

  • Rhythm Records
    Rhythm Records


  • Carlos Nolasco
    Carlos Nolasco

    this song sounds like migos did the tune, even though Em is in it, this sounds so fucking boring! Nothing like the 90's rappers and lyricists! Not allof them but most of today's rappers are a joke! (Eminem included).

    • TheLSSJ Broly
      TheLSSJ Broly

      @Carlos Nolasco oh nice

    • Carlos Nolasco
      Carlos Nolasco

      @TheLSSJ Broly not only Joyner, but also NF, K.A.A.N (who personally I think he is a beast) MGK, Ritzz Some you tube rappers like Crypt, Vin Jay, Gawne and few more. Even though I'm a 43 years Hip Hop old head I do like some of the rappers of today.

    • TheLSSJ Broly
      TheLSSJ Broly

      Joyner is pretty good

    • Carlos Nolasco
      Carlos Nolasco

      @iAmeer what? And just because my name is Carlos you think I don't speak english? Get the fuck outta here with that racist comment. I grew up listening to the best rappers out there in the 80's and the 90's. Eminem is one of the greatest lyricist in the history of Hip Hop, but can't compare to rappers like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane. Pete Rock. Andre 3000 and the list could go on. You're not gonna tell me about who has been the greatest rapper of all time when there's been better rappers than him. So this fucking jam is boring has hell.

    • iAmeer

      ur name is carlos u probably dont even understand english dont talk about lyricism when u say eminem isn't good in it clown

  • Michael Buffington
    Michael Buffington

    long live the moon man

  • Treasure of Songs
    Treasure of Songs

    #people: Enjoy the music #me: translate what eminem said with his rhythm

  • Jon Huyard
    Jon Huyard


  • Andrzej Gawłowski
    Andrzej Gawłowski


  • xcite03

    That Drew Brees Line 😂😂💀

  • Itz LZB
    Itz LZB

    Play eminems verse in 1.5 speed

  • Edward Mowry
    Edward Mowry

    Is it bad that he is 50 Years old and is still Rapping and doing better than 90% of every one else Lol 😂 when he makes $20 million dollars a Year and is Worth $250 million dollars that's what I thought.

    • iAmeer


  • Bill Barnews
    Bill Barnews

    Black lives matter!

  • Anubhav Singh
    Anubhav Singh

    1:51 Eminem

  • Amanda Preston
    Amanda Preston

    You better wake up music about to guide us to the end

  • Keith B
    Keith B

    cudi completely biting asap ferg... i’m not hating but that’s exactly what i hear

  • Tiny world of our
    Tiny world of our

    we people have a bad habit of listing the greatest in number. We should be just leave them as the greatest cause they have achieved and proven themselves way too much. They should be considered as legend and remain as it.

  • Tiny world of our
    Tiny world of our

    eminem doesn't do black music, doesn't do white music,,,he just kills every beat

  • Grimzel

    The best part is when he says aha 0:08

  • Randy Patt
    Randy Patt

    16k butthurt weirdos

  • ÁUß Code II
    ÁUß Code II


  • dayrol MnM
    dayrol MnM


    • H S
      H S

      Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

  • 922demz

    Holy shit!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • H S
      H S

      Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

  • Yousef Alwazzan
    Yousef Alwazzan

    we need travis and em and kid cudi the scotts

    • H S
      H S

      Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

  • Yousef Alwazzan
    Yousef Alwazzan

    the best collab

  • TheGoldwingz

    Mark My words this song is already a classic! -2020

  • Marouane Jaabit
    Marouane Jaabit

    Oh havun visions of the city and I Go To War see me in the day through the latf nt ght

  • youninb

    The true kings of the old school rap are 2 pac n biggie fr who believes me here??😭😭💯 i still love them even thoe i was never born at the time💯💯😔 rip both of them🙏

  • jacob burnett
    jacob burnett

    Eminem, The giggling parts are amazing! Well 'ti...UGH' -ed. They remind me of my cousin Jesse Locke. Jesse rest in peace, sir.

    • H S
      H S

      Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

  • Macho F
    Macho F

    The fluoride bar is so fire!

  • JaxHighlights

    Half the 9 year old eminem fans here don’t know who kid cudi is 💀

    • H S
      H S

      Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

  • Clerkz

    Old fan of both artists, and this is beyond great! Hoping for a full project from Shady and Rager!:D

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D

    The president is no more then a captain of a boat with a small rudder(Elon musk )

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D

    This is fire. More of this. And less of the old useless farts in power.

  • Dave Bautista
    Dave Bautista

    In film "Bad words" with Jason Bateman I saw not Jason but Marshall, angry guy who want to win Spelling bee and he won of course

    • H S
      H S

      Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

  • Jonathan Cook
    Jonathan Cook

    em is still fire as ever you got the moon man and slim

  • BlankStudioTV

    We really been waiting ten years for this

  • ADLAY Esh 2444
    ADLAY Esh 2444

    Behind the scenes

  • That dude 777
    That dude 777

    Rap God Rager 🔥

  • Batman

    Its a good lsd trip vibe 🔥

  • Brian Ott
    Brian Ott

    Its good but. Not enough for either of em

  • Average Reaction
    Average Reaction

    Okay but can we take a min on how Nice the Beat is

  • mike Picioli
    mike Picioli

    Still on point, just got into an debate over Drew Brees, i still say fk him, but I get it, it thats your team...

  • Yousef Al-khars
    Yousef Al-khars


  • Chad Buckley
    Chad Buckley

    Screw em .. cudi cannot spit anything but fire 🔥

  • 5280 ME
    5280 ME

    I do miss the old slim Shady

  • Meejahs Place
    Meejahs Place

    Kid Cudi is still the best rapper alive

  • Dale Welch
    Dale Welch

    Got damn, snoop got done in. Loved it ty em & cudi

  • Dohn Peezy
    Dohn Peezy

  • MCCleggster LIVE
    MCCleggster LIVE

    please make this a movie and have the people who made spiderman into the spiderverse animate it