King Von & Lil Durk - Down Me (Official Video)
King Von
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Official music video by King Von & Lil Durk - Down Me © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / King Von / EMPIRE

  • Mat Off
    Mat Off

    Plz dont play with Durkio or u gone get ur Tooka hit.. Duck should have listened... OTF BD shit (You cant run when we shooooot)

  • Lil Kayta00
    Lil Kayta00

    This the best 1ne ❌🧢


  • tt spencer
    tt spencer

    Von weak asl

  • z9y xpt
    z9y xpt

    more like 37 -6 now ifykyk

  • Jayla Marie
    Jayla Marie

    I’m finna go gets some black forces💯💀

  • ::


  • Tinnell Edwards
    Tinnell Edwards


    • Mat Off
      Mat Off

      @BE FR GDs never had a mainstream rapper.. KEEF took Tooka and Reese took Jojo.. And now Lil Durk took FBG... Basically GDs been taking heavy Ls.. They lost all their big rappers.. While Keef, reese, durk etc.. Are still alive so BDs up the score.. GDs are done..

    • BE FR
      BE FR

      @Mat Off lmao who told you that!!🤣🤣🤣 they took duck but GDs still up💯 R.I.P DUCK🦆

    • Mat Off
      Mat Off

      BDs up the score no 🧢

  • Woodyboy DaGreat
    Woodyboy DaGreat

    What’s the point they should just made they video cartoon instead since they can’t be around each other

  • mrpiemusic

    King Von & Dirk Making Hitz🎶🎤 And Great Visuals 🎥💻 #salutethehardwork

  • FoodStampzzz

    I thought that was DC YoungFly

  • Antoine Gibson
    Antoine Gibson

    Video coulda been better. Song ite.

  • christopher callejas
    christopher callejas

    Durk clam down!!!

  • Melake Fiseha
    Melake Fiseha

    Have you heard this song

  • Trill Tev
    Trill Tev

    They ain't shootin shit but videos and murdering beats 😂😂😂 all this talk about killin mfs

    • Synthic Vanzy
      Synthic Vanzy

      he killed somebody and alot more stuff

    • Synthic Vanzy
      Synthic Vanzy

      look at king vons criminal record

  • jrock Fox
    jrock Fox

    Im feeling this shyt!! Hard beat too💯🔥🖖

  • Dude Record
    Dude Record


  • HiDefBarskie

    these VISUALS hard

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  • RadialCrypt

    Bruh Von be making some long ass intros to the song bruh

  • Txmiloluwa

    Only people not from 63rd can like this

  • A&J's World
    A&J's World

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • redbeard Hall
    redbeard Hall

    Spread the word it's a mind set level up


    “First nigga out that door he got a suit coming” 😭☄️🔥

  • Zerk

    king von should do sum with chief keef

  • Dreamy

    Feds watchin dis like: 👁👄👁

  • Paul Rebel
    Paul Rebel

    6-37 now right ?🤔

  • DayDay El Hombre
    DayDay El Hombre


  • Thatkkqeen YFNKKQEEN
    Thatkkqeen YFNKKQEEN

    Thats a nice ass range von had😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍💪💪💪💪💪

  • Parinsu [Dbl0]
    Parinsu [Dbl0]

    It's 6-37 now...

  • PercGoneVegan

    Last nigga play with Nuski name, I bet he won't do it again - thats wild

  • Ascendant Fur
    Ascendant Fur

    am i the only one who peeped he did the hand gun like big boy did to ti lil brother in atl lmao

    • Lovell Edwards
      Lovell Edwards

      On God I thought same thing 😂😂😂

  • Eisus Dyfo
    Eisus Dyfo

    When Von spit feel like a demon possessing me

  • Jas Cash
    Jas Cash

    I’m inlove. Lol GTA!!

  • RecklezzCam -
    RecklezzCam -

    Am i tripping or did they get that last scene at the store from the movie ATL

  • Nino Brown
    Nino Brown


  • Darnell Trotter
    Darnell Trotter

    It’s not 6-24 no mo it’s more like 36🤭BRUHHH HOW YALL NOW HEAR THAT

  • tazeem bradford
    tazeem bradford

    Durk can’t be around Von because of there probation

  • Valentin Valdez IV
    Valentin Valdez IV

    I'd rather drive the Cadillac than the Ford range rover lol 😆

  • Chanel Moore
    Chanel Moore

    Von so damn sexy

  • Chance Pippen
    Chance Pippen

    37 now

  • vacuumunit

    Based on a true story

  • Khan SAVAGE
    Khan SAVAGE


  • Jayla Marie
    Jayla Marie

    Ik y’all noticed that ATL scene wit da “chocolate milk”😂👀

    • Meechie Roberts
      Meechie Roberts

      How they got 🦆

  • Niko Montana
    Niko Montana

    Lol 😆 🤣

  • Money Over Bitches
    Money Over Bitches

    That's y they smokin duck 🤣

  • No Love
    No Love

    Wasted sum good coffe

  • Ur A punani
    Ur A punani

    So you gave me a keylogger 😅😅😅😅😅😅😘😘👏👏😎

  • Malachi Hopkins
    Malachi Hopkins

    who's here after fbg duck got killled

  • Brittany Hall
    Brittany Hall

    banga fasure fasure

  • Julian Turner
    Julian Turner

    Say goodbye 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Odwa Ngqavu
    Odwa Ngqavu

    Who here after FBG DUCK was caught lacking bad 😐😐

  • Marth Daul
    Marth Daul

    They better have cleaned that fuckin broken bottle of starbucks at the end

  • deanthony watkins
    deanthony watkins

    king von was on Tara Blvd

  • itachi uchiha
    itachi uchiha

    Second day out i got a glock im hitting all dem blocks😈🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Stacks

    Y’all knw why durkio cant b on this video rite

  • Roman Numeralsbih
    Roman Numeralsbih

    Gravediggers, Demons & ghost in that order.

  • X3Kash

    Dude caught so much bodies if someone told me he slid on someone grandma imma believe it😂‼️

  • M O D D I F I E D
    M O D D I F I E D

    its too bad that king Von cant be with Lil Durk anymore

  • ZillTheGOAT

    Last N**** play w Nuskiii name bet he won't do that again 🔥🔥🔥🤣

  • Jordan Mendez
    Jordan Mendez

    No more FBG 🙅‍♂️

  • Zariya Gibson
    Zariya Gibson

    King von and lil durk like brothers frfr

  • H44DCashlete

    6 - 37*

    • Joel Robertson
      Joel Robertson

      Dang bruh stop...

  • Desireé Mulaâ
    Desireé Mulaâ


  • J V
    J V


  • I love you all
    I love you all

    daammmn von got a new pack😂😂😂😢🦆

  • Dinero DaDemiGod
    Dinero DaDemiGod

    They made down me then duck made his diss song next they beat my mans in the end 🤦🏽‍♂️ r.i.p

  • Firas 51
    Firas 51

    Waited months just for the vid

  • Dad Burg
    Dad Burg

    last nigga to play wit Nuski name bet he won't do it again ... damn was showing my wife lil durkio and explaining the RIP Nuski tweet about when duck died.. and showed her this song and accidentally skipped straight to that bar ! crazy yo

  • Stay Gold
    Stay Gold

    Fbg shoulda knew what it was