Kurtz: Why CBS 'repeatedly' letting debate get 'out of control' really matters
Fox News
CBS moderators are under fire after a chaotic Democrat primary debate in South Carolina; Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz weighs in. #FoxNews

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  • Victoria Scalzo
    Victoria Scalzo

    What the F. Is wrong with these people. They are the biggest bunch of idiots and they want to run my country. No F... way

  • Terri Cannizzaro
    Terri Cannizzaro

    What a joke

  • Jason Denney
    Jason Denney

    All puppets. And pretty much everyone is awake now to the charade. They are all on the same team. Very easy to see thru.

  • Kuri M
    Kuri M

    easy, cut off their mics !!!

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown

    They just want ratings. It’s smoke and mirrors they have nothing worth listening to so this was done for ratings. That’s all. Trump 2020.

  • anne anne
    anne anne

    They made it messy on purpose. Imagine Biden and Bloomberg in a controlled environment.

  • James Cen_sored
    James Cen_sored

    Notice how there is no American flags or backgrounds for the Democrats!

  • Jabootie

    F TROOP Audition

  • kempmt1

    Do we really want one of these clowns for POTUS? If the Republicans were going for POTUS, would they act this ridiculous as well?

  • Blixem

    they plan to use this tactic against the Pres...the demtard-elect will talk over President Trump non stop...then CNN will claim a win.

  • Chaz Roberts
    Chaz Roberts

    No American flag. That should tell you all you need to know.

  • Lisette Elise Paris
    Lisette Elise Paris

    Some of them have law degrees, and have been politicians for years, but they acted disgracefully and not a one of them has my vote.

  • Lewis Bauer
    Lewis Bauer

    That debate was like watching first graders at recess! Those clowns all fighting to see who can lie the most! Not one of them will be president.

  • Rocco Conte
    Rocco Conte

    What a joke is this the best the democrats have , answer yes it is , this is what the democrat party has come to, no one in there right mind could vote for any of them.

  • Ronin Toecutter
    Ronin Toecutter

    They’re Democrats. Your really surprised at their behavior.

  • relsba

    I don’t hear any comments concerning the left wanting our 3 and 4 year olds being put into the government run daycares. These precious babies need to be loved and cared for by people that actually love them - preferably parents.

  • relsba

    If it’s not their turn to speak why not cut their mics?


    Every person on the stage want to take away our rights.

  • terry griffin
    terry griffin

    Just add flaming hoops!

  • JLynne Ander
    JLynne Ander

    Here come the clowns! What what flavor of Marxist/Socialist are Democrats O.K. to vote for? And they think President Trump is dangerous? Mind control at work folks..Dems create crisis, fear, lies to terrify the public into accepting anything they offer as a way to escape--escape what? Solid economy, military, safety for destructive chaos. Americans have never been more mentally SICK.

  • Edward Harley
    Edward Harley

    They WANT it to get out of control!!!! They do not care about America!!! CBS just cares about RATINGS !!!! Did they get them????

  • Gary Songer
    Gary Songer

    I thought there were only "three" stooges! This is the biggest collection of nothings ever!

  • Sergio Pires
    Sergio Pires

    "All men are created equal" Thomas Jefferson, 1776. Fast forward to 2020 DNC debate, what a mess!

  • hooterville2

    why? because the 'journalists' in charge were an Oprah trained gossip hound and a low wattage political hack who were only there because they are women . that's why.

  • Tunz909

    All they had to do was turn off their microphones. They WANTED all this garbage, thinking it was good for ratings. That's all they care about.

  • Nolan Gleason
    Nolan Gleason

    Keep it up libs

  • Shelley Solomon
    Shelley Solomon


  • Evil Anonymous Org
    Evil Anonymous Org

    and people still believe in a leader, GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR! THERE IS YOUR LEADER!

  • Marilyn D
    Marilyn D

    Debates weren't like this latest sideshow travesty when the League of Women Voters were in charge. Bring back the League!

  • Mike B
    Mike B

    Tomi Lahren had the best line saying the debate looked like what happens when the old folks home runs out of Jell-O.

  • cacable7

    What's pathetic & scary is that no matter what, at least 50 million people will walk into a voting booth and select one of these people as their choice for President. No matter how much evidence there is that these people hate the country they're attempting to represent; no matter how much evidence there is of their destructive policies, one of them will have that magic (D) next to their name and will be voted for en masse, including by at least 85% of black people, who for some reason continue to elect Democrats, then blame Republicans when things get worse.

  • Nordic Snowhammer
    Nordic Snowhammer

    I want to go camping.

  • Gordon Warlow
    Gordon Warlow

    And all the while in the graphic bar below the interview, Biden's name is being continually displayed, even when another candidate was mentioned. Looks like Fox News has chosen Biden as their favorite! Too obvious, even for the majority of Fox viewers to ignore.

  • Stephen Fogle
    Stephen Fogle

    Mass confusion same as THEIR party!!!

  • High Priestess Angelique
    High Priestess Angelique


  • Paul Rose
    Paul Rose

    The want to run the country no way in hell

  • Paul Rose
    Paul Rose

    Total panic

  • AestheticSloth

    If these people can't regulate their own behaviors, why would I ever elect them to anything higher than the Senate? This isn't just the mods fault, it's the Democrats for not being civilized

  • Max Wylde
    Max Wylde

    I think it's because CBS knows none of these clowns could beat Trump, so they're just letting them mess around.

  • G P
    G P

    My head hurts listening to u morons.

  • jopageri1964

    Unload the evil clown car and have judges with severe TDS try to herd these feral cats.

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt

    Who let those children get up on a stage? tsk tsk tsk

  • Rock Star
    Rock Star


  • Gary R
    Gary R

    Democrat Romper Room debate. LOL

  • Kevy Metal
    Kevy Metal

    CBS is now 'Crazy 'Bout Socialism.'

  • Ted Poplaw
    Ted Poplaw

    LOL....what a bunch of clowns.....and there are Americans who actually support these dimwits?

  • EfffLibtards

    it is sooo funny to see oprah's partner moderating this garbage debate...LOL

  • EfffLibtards

    OMG these garbage are sooo embarrassing... who is going to vote for any of these idiots

  • Magestic

    And again Trump wins the Demonrat debate...

  • Udayakumar Krishnamurthy
    Udayakumar Krishnamurthy

    Looks like republic tv

  • Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast
    Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast

    CBS is terrible at handling debates.Give it to Fox.

  • Scouter

    If we didn't know better we could easily mistake this babbling group for a Saturday Night Live parody of a political debate. The only thing they convinced me of is I dread the thought of anyone them being in charge of anything let alone the US Presidency!

  • Why Me
    Why Me

    Bernie and Lenin are like brother they both believe they did great things.

  • Why Me
    Why Me

    I was at my sons kindergarten class back in the day it was just like this.

  • The World Is A Vampire
    The World Is A Vampire

    No class. Just like their Madame Speaker

  • Michael X
    Michael X

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! What a disgrace. And people still call themselves democrats? Bunch of spoiled children.

  • zonechaser1

    At least this one was interesting. Change things up a bit and end it with brickbats at 20 paces.

  • Kelley Sauer
    Kelley Sauer

    Bloomberg actually looked more adult than the others - that is scary because Bloomberg should be examined closely. He is dangerous, as is Bernie.

  • ProseColored Glasses
    ProseColored Glasses

    This was about as cringy as Captain Marvel.

  • Novella Glass
    Novella Glass

    These incompetent democrats make me laugh! What a bunch of idiots who think they can run this country.

  • PowerSpeakingPro

    The only thing missing from this circus are the elephants.

  • Ken Troutman
    Ken Troutman


  • troy tucker
    troy tucker

    KING TRUMP 2020

  • Rob Friar
    Rob Friar

    The good thing about this debate was showing the American people what kind of clowns want to be president. The Democrats are on self destruct. That is good news for the Republic.

  • troy tucker
    troy tucker


  • Angelo Morte
    Angelo Morte

    Howie Putz, why bother to have this Political Hack.

  • Coffy Mix
    Coffy Mix

    Why is Bernie Sanders allowed to raise both hands to attract attention while the rest of the clowns only get to use one

  • Diji

    Let's tuok abattt it.

  • John Greene
    John Greene

    A communist or a socialist, or a washed up mayor, billionaire racist, lying Pocahontas, Decisions, decisions

  • R. Wong
    R. Wong

    Too funny ! Emperor Fidel Castro Communist for life wants socialist Bernie Sanders for POTUS? Who would have thought?