KYLE - F You I Love You feat. Teyana Taylor [Official Music Video]
KYLE - F You I Love You feat. Teyana Taylor [Official Music Video]
Directed by Teyana Taylor
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  • sasi

    This song is so underrated, it is so good like wth 🥺

  • Niyah Mercer
    Niyah Mercer

    I came back to say.... they needa make an album together🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jeffery Kincey
    Jeffery Kincey


  • Kika Yoo
    Kika Yoo

    You know what.. F you, I love you bish! 💕


    Did she broke up with Iman Shumpert??

  • The StarrTer
    The StarrTer

    Musical inspiration. Thank for the masterpiece!

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich


  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich


  • future hofer
    future hofer

    Trying to know where the floor is in this video broke my brain

  • Kevin fr3nchfox
    Kevin fr3nchfox

    So true. Reminds me of my ex

  • LuluJazzy slays
    LuluJazzy slays

    This was definitely my hitta this time around

  • jon cruz
    jon cruz

    Hey Siri what’s the Definition of Toxic:

  • Emvy Arts
    Emvy Arts

    bro this song has cheetah girls vibes wtf I'm I tripping

  • Bambi Ervina
    Bambi Ervina

    This shit is so real and my lyfe!!!!

  • KweenPharoah W
    KweenPharoah W

    Still so in love with this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jasmine Bester
    Jasmine Bester

    Loved the video

  • Nae Awilly
    Nae Awilly

    im not gonna lie, since he acted in the afterparty i have been obsessed with his voice and his flow

  • Theo

    So noones gonna talk about how dope this visual is?

  • Naruto Uzamaki
    Naruto Uzamaki

    lml iman ded was taking his shirt off during arguments 😂😂

  • AndyFaeBaker0890

    This video is just so pleasing and the lyrics so honest.🥰

  • Anselmo Ordiz
    Anselmo Ordiz

    Damn ninjas cutting onions...

  • JayDivfame

    This song is so cute! Why do I always type to the beat, lol :)

  • Rodrigo Taboada
    Rodrigo Taboada


  • 현댕vlog

    흐 넘나노래좋은거 ㅜㅜ..❤️

  • Shekynah Taylor
    Shekynah Taylor

    This my favorite song

  • Mr_StealUrGewl Cooper
    Mr_StealUrGewl Cooper

    anyone here from the after party

  • Teys Melanin
    Teys Melanin

    This song is underrated a JAMMM

  • Liquid Cringe
    Liquid Cringe

    I actually had a relationship like this. Not worth the energy because there was so much it devoured everything and nothing was resolved. It was nothing but pain.

  • alhan wedding
    alhan wedding

    What song does the beginning sound like 😭

  • Dontail

    For anybody that want the doubt it instrumental it’s on my channel not lying either💯

  • Syko Savage
    Syko Savage

    I'm just now hearing this. It's so cute I love my boyfriend like this sometimes. But I wouldn't trade him for the world. It made me actually just want to hug him right now.

  • Mia Gottfried
    Mia Gottfried

    anyone else obsessed with teyana's orange tracksuit/cargo pants ???

  • Everyday I’m Kyrie
    Everyday I’m Kyrie

    Did he just event the woah🤣🤣

  • tommy accorso
    tommy accorso

    Fr me my girl say fuck you an argue but on god we both feel like we finally got one(eachother) an have so much love for one another. My girl name is aleeaa an that's my ride or die. This is one of are most relatable songs🙏

  • prod. sil
    prod. sil

    i am just now listening to this wtf 🔥🔥🔥

  • Normani's Little Baby Boss
    Normani's Little Baby Boss

    First, we had music from Kehlani and Kyle, Then it was from Teyana and Kyle right there, And few month later, it was Teyana and Kehlani ! AND I'M HERE FOR IT🔥

  • MiAngel Jones
    MiAngel Jones

    Is it just me or do they look like the best couple I've seen

  • K R K
    K R K

    man my brain's fighting too hard figuring out what orientation the rooms are actually in lol

  • X MachinePanda
    X MachinePanda

    beautiful video and lovely song

  • Tú Nguyễn
    Tú Nguyễn

    anyone knows what genre this song is?

  • The Brie Bbys
    The Brie Bbys

    I love you ❤️

  • quez

    Anyone remember I SPY?

  • Finesselyfe Bam
    Finesselyfe Bam

    Yo dude got bars

  • brigit mcdonnell
    brigit mcdonnell

    I want to enjoy this song but after the bird became silent love notes between my ex n his last gf I cant 😣💔😔

  • buu700

    how am i just now hearing this🤦‍♂️

  • Trashtalker 101
    Trashtalker 101

    what 90s song does the intro remind me off ??????

  • Ally J
    Ally J

    Lol well timed video, it’s giving me quarantine with my boyfriend vibes. No corona for us😷

  • Wiggle flop Baker
    Wiggle flop Baker


  • Psychotic Maniac
    Psychotic Maniac

    You noticed how every love/hate song is always a bop?

  • Adonis Morris
    Adonis Morris

    who still hitting this 2020 april

  • Islandboy

    Yo Kyle it’s Nolan your cousin

  • Nadia Cristina
    Nadia Cristina

    F* you, I Love You ❤

  • Loren Fleming
    Loren Fleming

    This a super song. Videos awesome 2. Wish great success to u both. Now Dear kyle... Run that chain. I'm deadass. Come up off dat son!


    lowkey a good couple

  • Abraham Chayil
    Abraham Chayil

    No one getting cheetah girls Cinderella vybes? 👀 just me okay......

  • cupcakekisses kk
    cupcakekisses kk


  • Daija Mitchell
    Daija Mitchell

    Teyana is such a mood

  • Ashley Wednesday
    Ashley Wednesday

    I wish I was near you but I’m surrounded by three thousand niggas!!!!

  • Ashley Wednesday
    Ashley Wednesday

    This shit will always be fucking 🔥 to me and the rest of his fans!!!!

  • R C
    R C


  • Destiny Dunn
    Destiny Dunn

    she makes showing your ass crack look classy I-

  • the Life of L roku
    the Life of L roku

    Damn , dope video concept.

  • Geo Sheppard
    Geo Sheppard

    Bruh this song deadass be my feelins as for any relationship i be in

  • 지민 JIMIN
    지민 JIMIN

    이 노래를 어디 삽입곡이 아닌 원영상으로 듣게되다니!!!!

  • Kevin Easley
    Kevin Easley

    ......ifhy tyler the creator

  • Ashley Wednesday
    Ashley Wednesday

    This shit is still fucking 🔥!!!!

  • A Slack Jr
    A Slack Jr

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  • SO COLD Muhfucca
    SO COLD Muhfucca

    The after party movie guy he really go crazy tho

  • Kyree Blanford
    Kyree Blanford

    My situationship, still think about the good like when she hurt her finger trying to help my big ass (6 ft 310lbs ) from falling and I felt so bad that I spent my last couple of dollars to get her a finger splint and some meds for the pain, how when we were at Walmart and I told her to jump in the cart and I pushed her around and just talked. Good memories no love lost though she still my baby even if we don’t talk

  • Red Rhino
    Red Rhino

    if i have a wedding i want KYLE and Teyana to sing this at it