KYLE Feat. Lil Yachty "Hey Julie!" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)
Watch the official music video for "Hey Julie!" by KYLE Feat. Lil Yachty.
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Directed by Lonewolf
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  • tyron byman
    tyron byman

    2020 and still listern to lil boat and kyle

  • TwistPlayzFN

    Am I the only one that thinks that Lil Yachty's voice sounds satisfying?

  • ռօtɦɨռɢ ʍattɛʀs
    ռօtɦɨռɢ ʍattɛʀs

    Shit still fire as ever

  • amari international
    amari international

    Who is whaching this bc tik tok

  • lexi bean
    lexi bean

    rmbr when life was good lmao

  • Jacob Acker
    Jacob Acker

    how dat bich gonna turn down kyle and lil boat

  • Maria Dimitrakakos
    Maria Dimitrakakos

    I do

  • Reckless RMT
    Reckless RMT

    The snippet was wayyy better

  • Kadin Moises
    Kadin Moises

    This bih is lookin at my funny Grl, ur racket She on x games mode

  • Unknow Porson
    Unknow Porson

    1:21 what the heck is wrong with his teeth they all fucked up

  • Savannah Davis
    Savannah Davis

    Yo i also like the movie how high 2 that you made with dc young fly it was funny lil yachty

  • Savannah Davis
    Savannah Davis

    I like the song do yall


    kyle and lil boat make the best videos together idc idc.

  • Nayira Vera
    Nayira Vera

    whos julie thoo

    • Nayira Vera
      Nayira Vera

      @Potato Steve ik its a joke lmaooo

    • Potato Steve
      Potato Steve


  • Yusef Holmes
    Yusef Holmes


  • louisa frempong
    louisa frempong

    Am I the only one that forgot the dance to this

  • Bianca Wilt
    Bianca Wilt

    Who is here from tiktok comment I want to follow you

  • ferdy super sayayin
    ferdy super sayayin

    Es buena la cancion

  • Julie H
    Julie H

    The fact that my name is Julie...

  • julie billy
    julie billy

    Halo julie gang

  • Eva Shinta Cakes
    Eva Shinta Cakes

    nice vidio👍👍👍👍👍

  • Jacob Mohamed
    Jacob Mohamed

    I’m here in 2020 and it still bangs

  • corrupt tristan
    corrupt tristan

    Tik Tok?


    TikTok just entered the room

  • lilpj80

    Chis brown told us these hoes aint loyal

  • Euna Faye Van Sant
    Euna Faye Van Sant

    Yes quarantine jam :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Gabe on 60 ping
    Gabe on 60 ping

    10k dislikes are juilie's alt accounts

  • Alguém ai uwu
    Alguém ai uwu

    Lil boat or Lil yachty?

    • Lucas Pickard
      Lucas Pickard


    • Lucas Pickard
      Lucas Pickard

      I thought he went by yachty

  • Jace Paden
    Jace Paden

    His voice do be noice tho

  • i2kLegit

    This is iSpy part 2 😎

  • Jayden Jackson
    Jayden Jackson

    I loved when yatchy freaked out when the girls fought

  • Osinachi Izuogu
    Osinachi Izuogu

    they dislikes are from girls who are beefing with Julie

  • Visaba Sangtam
    Visaba Sangtam

    I like this shit I wish I can also rap for my ex when I become a famous rapper😭😭😭💔💔💔

  • Kennith Toporowski
    Kennith Toporowski

    2:15 faze house trying to make a video 😂

  • Ezra Mueller
    Ezra Mueller

    came for a meme left knowing this song do bop tho

  • Matiyas On mobile
    Matiyas On mobile

    Who listening to this in quarantine?

  • Mohammed AL Harthy
    Mohammed AL Harthy

    الي جايين من موجو لايك😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cedric Clayton
    Cedric Clayton

    I just want to be sure to make sons Nle Choppa Dababy Bluefce

  • LilM0S3Y FAN
    LilM0S3Y FAN

    Nobody said that there were kids featured in this! XP

  • Teddy Latte
    Teddy Latte

    My friends name is Julie, she got that drip, got that drip. :3

  • Blank Paper
    Blank Paper

    Facebook yes someone knows facebook

  • Devaune Temple
    Devaune Temple

    U know he ain’t fw her when he press the hang up button 7 times

  • Devaune Temple
    Devaune Temple

    He keep outshowing *Yachty* on these tracks he do wit em

  • Devaune Temple
    Devaune Temple

    *Random Person* - how old r u? *Me* - 0:34

  • Jyazian Moore
    Jyazian Moore

    Two rappers that fell off

  • Ewuraa Yeboah-Asare
    Ewuraa Yeboah-Asare

    anyone thinking about the kids singing sucking from my neck😂

  • Ewuraa Yeboah-Asare
    Ewuraa Yeboah-Asare

    anyone thinking about the kids singing sucking from my neck😂

  • yebbi

    nostalgia summer song



  • Lara Cavalcante
    Lara Cavalcante


  • Frixxx

    2020 but still vibing.

  • Julie Druyts
    Julie Druyts

    My name is Julie 🙂

  • Akira Smith
    Akira Smith

    Amazing duo 😌

  • kossi Bassowou
    kossi Bassowou


  • TheSuperChris

    I didn't know KYLE hung out with KSI

  • random person watching anime
    random person watching anime

    The beat goes hard

  • Jordie Tshimanga
    Jordie Tshimanga

    I know this song from last time

  • fadepanni i
    fadepanni i

    2020 anyone


    Lil yatchy lowkey looks like ksi now lol

  • Hb plays
    Hb plays

    Kyle>lil yachty

  • Karol Steamer
    Karol Steamer

    Excuse me but, who the fuck are you ???...

  • liv r.
    liv r.

    I haven't seen these weirdos since "i spy"

  • The Jones’s
    The Jones’s

    Lil Yachty not being mad at Kyle

  • The Jones’s
    The Jones’s

    Imagine Kyle not being a Simp

  • The Jones’s
    The Jones’s

    Imagine Lil Yachty not hitting his cheeks

  • Comixathome92

    "This b* is looking at me "WHO U CALLING A B* B*" "YOU B*" that had me lmbo

  • Mickealia Nation
    Mickealia Nation

    I love yachty reaction when the two girls start fighting he's like I'm out 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • FlIcKz

    Lets go

  • Simon DK
    Simon DK

    Best part 1:15

  • Nevan Javins
    Nevan Javins

    bruh at the start u can hear the song