Kyle "iSpy" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified
Kyle’s “iSpy” is a song about finding cuties online that don’t have too many followers yet, but as the California-based rapper tells Genius, there’s a lot more going on too. The track is a goofy collaboration with the King of the Teens, Lil Yachty. Kyle explains that he realized Lil Boat was destined to be featured on the track after something magical happened when he was in the studio with his producer Ayo.
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  • Fifty cents
    Fifty cents

    kyle the type of guy to do an impression of himself.

  • Rawsome Awesome
    Rawsome Awesome

    Unpopular opinion I actually liked yachtys verse

  • Kelley Goodale
    Kelley Goodale

    “Damn mom when I can afford” mans out here rocking Gucci as Casual clothes

  • Phillip Bendtsen
    Phillip Bendtsen

    He looks like Drakes cousin. But sounds like Tyler the creator.

  • Qt Mongraal
    Qt Mongraal

    I just noticed he played in after party

  • Garrett Gaither
    Garrett Gaither

    Why does Kyle kind of sound like Tyler the creator?

  • Lucas Anderson
    Lucas Anderson

    Kyle does a good empresion of li boat but he makes him seem like a old man without teeth

  • Brandon

    Plot twist he did yachtys part

  • jon jernagan
    jon jernagan

    He did an amazing Lil yachty

  • Tom Hand
    Tom Hand

    Is lil yatchy even real or wot

  • Grover Goffstein
    Grover Goffstein

    I just watched 1-800 logics video on genius and then watched this and the problems do not compare

  • Evan Fenton
    Evan Fenton

    Bruh he do be straight up soundin like Yachty

  • meme makers
    meme makers

    He did boat so good😂😂

  • John Solano
    John Solano

    I remember when shit song used to bang

  • Brett And Brodys Baseball Channel
    Brett And Brodys Baseball Channel

    middle school nostalgia right here anybody else?

  • Faisal Al-Abdullah
    Faisal Al-Abdullah

    one hit wonder

    • Faisal Al-Abdullah
      Faisal Al-Abdullah

      Justin Li nah

    • Justin Li
      Justin Li


    • Justin Li
      Justin Li

      Faisal Al-Abdullah nah he had a bunch of hits

  • Farrin Islam
    Farrin Islam

    2020 quarantine?

  • StormySmith576

    this man sounds more like lil yachty than lil yachty sounds like lil yachty

  • Jojy taby
    Jojy taby

    I never actually noticed he had a lisp

  • Akze

    Why does TR-my recommend this to me... _now?_

  • GraiShawn Landry
    GraiShawn Landry

    When you getting married? When I can afford it, lol😂 4:52

  • Janggz

    Tf he built like that for

  • brittle coffee
    brittle coffee

    lmfao im dead about lil yatchy impression

  • Paul Luevano
    Paul Luevano

    How is this lame famous ?

  • the heartbreaker
    the heartbreaker


  • Jordan Gaming
    Jordan Gaming

    srsly? this was popular in 2015-2016 not 2017 lol

  • icedmellonz Sajwan
    icedmellonz Sajwan

    Bruh he sounds like tyler the creator not even capping

  • billiam7645 playz
    billiam7645 playz

    He sound like lil yachty lol

  • KingMAL

    Is he talking in third person?

  • Tuğra Riddle
    Tuğra Riddle

    i thought heads in the video filtered

  • Game Busting
    Game Busting

    Nobody: Kyle: sExUaL iNtErCoUrSe

  • Emmanuella Eigege
    Emmanuella Eigege

    😂 Kyle makes me happy

  • TheGoldenApple

    He has a big ass head

  • China MA Midnight
    China MA Midnight

    The short look makes so much sense now🤣

  • Nathan Mutale
    Nathan Mutale

    2020 oof

  • katya kuzmina
    katya kuzmina

    damn musically vibes tho

  • doglichusday 456
    doglichusday 456

    ( *** intensifies* )

  • Shamia Simon
    Shamia Simon

    I ain't be getting high well maybe a little baby I don't want to lie I know when you text me girl I don't always reply you ain't an angel you can't even fly I notice could then no stuff

    • Shamia Simon
      Shamia Simon

      This is me talking to myself ABA night or maybe a little baby I don't want to lie I know Wayne text me y'all don't know where Supply you not an angel either you can't even fly I notice WWE poop oh my God it's lagging so bad

  • Mathias Rael
    Mathias Rael

    Buscabas un comentario en español pues aqui estoy :Vvv

  • Soham Chandra
    Soham Chandra

    Its weird that he says selfie with oprah then just 3 years later oprahs bank account drops🧐.


    I’ve always wanted to know the story behind the lyrics “I ain’t frown since ‘06 I ain’t cry since ‘01”

  • Patrick Dulfo
    Patrick Dulfo

    Those are scripts to a movie

  • X Soldoutdates
    X Soldoutdates

    🤣🤣lil Yachty impression

  • 1999

    This nigga head look edited on

  • R3Ap3R_ Shotzz
    R3Ap3R_ Shotzz

    I will never see him the same again

  • Highlight ED
    Highlight ED

    Kyle really got a fat ass head just like he got In the music video

  • Magsar Magsar
    Magsar Magsar

    Y’all watch the movie abt him becoming a rapper

  • Tadija Randjelovic
    Tadija Randjelovic

    Autistic niggas be like: 0:48

  • Suzie Burns
    Suzie Burns

    he sounds exactly like tyler

  • luke

    this guys head is bigger than my future

  • Kaiden Greydanus
    Kaiden Greydanus

    He looks like he's stuck in the 90's

  • 1000 subs without no videos
    1000 subs without no videos

    They should rename "iSpy" to stalk.

  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler Adams

    bruh lil boat impressions on point

  • Dummy

    When he did the Lil Yachty voice I started crying

  • Xxkubilay dabomb Karhan
    Xxkubilay dabomb Karhan

    Why does Kyle sound so much like Lil Yachty

  • R4G3 Teaher
    R4G3 Teaher

    He has a big head

  • iiTechii Mobile, PC & More
    iiTechii Mobile, PC & More

    She said she 21 I might have to ID that.

  • Will Hughes
    Will Hughes

    where is boat?

  • Ki Marion Morgan
    Ki Marion Morgan

    This song made my 2017 summer Idc if u like but comment if u agree

  • Barney ツ
    Barney ツ

    Man forgot the lyrics

  • Marzio Machado
    Marzio Machado

    1:49 2:11 2:41 3:17 3:35 4:05

  • 신성ɳσѵα

    He's good actor lol

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee


  • Marloue Dela Cruz
    Marloue Dela Cruz


  • Yung Allen
    Yung Allen

    That nigga made lil yachty sound like a grandpa

  • Cryllie Covers
    Cryllie Covers


  • Cryllie Covers
    Cryllie Covers

    "You're right"

  • 808 Productions
    808 Productions

    They really got kyle acting a 2-part scene by himself 😭😂

  • Zoozeeman1234

    He looks like the bobble head thing he did in the music video but it’s real life

  • James

    This is my favourite song for the summer frfr