KYLE - Moment feat. Wiz Khalifa [Official Music Video]
KYLE - Moment feat. Wiz Khalifa
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The After Party out now, only on Netflix.
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Director: David Camarena
Production Company: New Edge Cinema
Lightspeed World Tour Dates:
10/23 - Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
10/24 - St. Andrews Hall - Detroit, MI
10/25 - The Phoenix - Toronto, ON
10/29 - Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA
10/30 - House of Blues - Boston, MA
10/31 - Sony Hall - New York, NY

11/03 - Sound Stage - Baltimore, MD
11/04 - The Underground - Charlotte, NC
11/05 - Revolution - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11/06 - Buckhead Theatre - Atlanta, GA
11/08 - House of Blues - Houston, TX
11/09 - House of Blues - Dallas, TX
11/13 - El Rey Theater - Albuquerque, NM
11/14 - Club Red - Mesa, AZ
11/15 - The Observatory North Park - San Diego, CA
11/16 - The Warfield - San Francisco, CA
11/17 - Hollywood Palladium - Hollywood, CA

12/02 - Pumpehuset - Copenhagen, Denmark
12/03 - BiNuu - Berlin, Germany
12/04 - Melkweg Oude Zaal - Amsterdam, Netherlands
12/06 - Club Volta - Cologne, Germany
12/07 - La Bellevilloise - Paris, France
12/10 - Electric Ballroom - London, United Kingdom
12/12 - The Academy - Dublin, Ireland
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  • Samuel Ramirez
    Samuel Ramirez

    still watchin to this day. This song is so so so underated

  • G1bby

    Poland? Yesssss

  • Estevan Martinez
    Estevan Martinez

    I just wanna roll one they don't talk about you bad until they see you glo up

  • Ahmad Braiga
    Ahmad Braiga

    anyone else feels that he and Drake are related in somehow??

  • Jeffery Kincey
    Jeffery Kincey


  • Juzz Wahlangsk
    Juzz Wahlangsk

    🌱🍁🍂🌏carona-19 whatfuck weed I love 🍁

  • Gabriel Hogan
    Gabriel Hogan

    This my go to gym song 🔥🐐

  • Super Saiyan Blue Burrito
    Super Saiyan Blue Burrito

    Brings me back to those nostalgic memories from 2018

  • YT_Stranger_YT

    netflix wah

  • Promo Awesome
    Promo Awesome

    weird watching this knowing he threw up all over wiz

  • Trevor Klock
    Trevor Klock

    This song has alqays been so underrated

  • Pondyx


  • Rey Leon
    Rey Leon

    estaba perrona la peli

  • Aeron Peets
    Aeron Peets

    From the films soundtrack “The After Party”

  • Mai TGOD
    Mai TGOD

    The movie😍🤣

  • Sheldon Frazer
    Sheldon Frazer

    Anybody else knows the song from the movie 🎥 (After Party) .....btw this song is fire✊🏽🥺🤟🏻😩🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • E. T
    E. T


  • Gunnem_down N
    Gunnem_down N

    I’m still watching the after party in 2020 .-.

  • Chritty boi
    Chritty boi


  • TheChicagoMidway Project
    TheChicagoMidway Project

    Why am I barely finding Kyle

  • lil wiz
    lil wiz

    Rolling up weed with my guy 😍😘😍

  • Qwertyyy Yrwqdxc
    Qwertyyy Yrwqdxc

    u need to work with some great producers coz ur song deserves more views

  • Asian

    3:11 my fav part

  • Gohan Paul
    Gohan Paul

    looks like drake

  • Ashley Wednesday
    Ashley Wednesday

    I still really fucking like this shit it will always be a amazing song!!!!

  • cheezy lenard
    cheezy lenard

    Fact people who hate this. This is sick

  • Bryce Marshoff
    Bryce Marshoff

    Anyone still listening to this underated banger?

  • Anthony Evans
    Anthony Evans

    like if you are listening in 2020

  • Lemex

    Here after, after party!

  • Bear Beats Official
    Bear Beats Official

    dopo che gli sbocca addosso ha un feat, ora vado a sboccare su travis scott

  • g unit always wanting ladies
    g unit always wanting ladies

    U have skill bro keep it up

  • gonzalo sanchez lenis
    gonzalo sanchez lenis

    wow it's a very good song I really loved it

  • Hb plays
    Hb plays

    Kyle and wiz make a great collab they should make a whole album together

  • Rethabile Makhanya
    Rethabile Makhanya

    Kyle needs more recognition!! 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽Why are people sleeping on him???

  • Ashley Wednesday
    Ashley Wednesday

    This is my favorite fucking song of his and I watched his movie on Netflix!!!!

  • Nikolas Lourenço
    Nikolas Lourenço


  • Kate Harris
    Kate Harris

    Just watched the after party 💥

  • Jetli

    Everytime i hear these song it gives me goosebumps by the way im khyle too with a h hope you notify me :)

  • Chris Falzone
    Chris Falzone

    My all time favorite song.


    *Kyle is one of the nicest and OG rapper in the game. He nice but he go hard tho.*

  • bob bob
    bob bob

    There is a no one and that's drum roll please...... me

  • Aaron Norris
    Aaron Norris

    Did you really puke on Wiz? lmaooo

  • Allan Prescott
    Allan Prescott

    This one hit me first job I worked was movie theater. Min wage was 7.25hr that's less then a ticket. fn movies.i don't miss working for Mr Hahn two face Enterprise all the way

  • The K Raps
    The K Raps

    Just watched The AfterParty movie... You did great Job Bro.... Love from India ❤️❤️🔥🔥

  • Anna Gilpin
    Anna Gilpin

    fill bad for kyle

  • Julian Navarro
    Julian Navarro

    2 years later I finally understand "I threw up no wiz"

  • Elvis Johnson
    Elvis Johnson


  • Slapzz On Glass
    Slapzz On Glass

    ayyyyeeeee thats fire asf ayyyeee bro thats straight fireeeeeeeeeee

  • St- Valantyne
    St- Valantyne

    “I feel just like goku or gohan I go hard” Bars Straight flamed up 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🔥🔥🔥

  • MNS_OREOS midnight snacks
    MNS_OREOS midnight snacks

    I watch the movie last night

  • Hb plays
    Hb plays

    Why isn't anybody talking about how his manager is a dick

  • Ashley Wednesday
    Ashley Wednesday

    Is still think this shit is fucking 🔥!!!!


    Come back in 2020 where is Kyle I thought he was about to blow up

    • Delusion

      THE AAAT fr tho 🥺

  • TheDarwin 2000
    TheDarwin 2000

    after party broth

  • Sewer Rat
    Sewer Rat

    this is the only kyle i trust

  • Kameron Bain
    Kameron Bain

    I'm playing this at my after party

  • Daryl Deeznutts
    Daryl Deeznutts

    After party good movie

  • Gentlee Pridee
    Gentlee Pridee

    Then return as a customer and be cool to the next dude in your spot and had that dude clean the mess cause the customer is right. But you made yourself humble though so respect for that

  • Jafeth Quiros
    Jafeth Quiros

    El niño espalmo?😂

  • InfamousDeath

    Kyle the 5 hit wonder

  • Victor Eglein-Komlah
    Victor Eglein-Komlah

    Kyle the man

  • Karessa Jallah
    Karessa Jallah

    Yeah this is my moment 💪🏼

  • SkillzHub Gaming
    SkillzHub Gaming

    only 3mil views.... i was expecting billions🤔

  • Kevi Leon
    Kevi Leon

    Ta chida

  • Salina A
    Salina A

    The after party brought me here

  • Ashley Wednesday
    Ashley Wednesday

    I’m stay on my grind rolling up weed with my guy!!!!

  • Ashley Wednesday
    Ashley Wednesday

    This feels my chance this feels like moment!!!!

  • SKV

    The After Party is whack fam. Just watched it.

  • Gamingwithmarii


  • Des Tro
    Des Tro

    Nice, real nice 😎 cool and inspiring!