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Dir x Jakob Owens

  • CURRE x
    CURRE x

    Who is here in corona times??

  • DaleyGully

    Sitting here in this quarantine bumpin nostalgic joints

  • Hb plays
    Hb plays

    When you tell a girl you like her and the end was so funny

  • jacquah09

    Anyone know the girls name? and insta...

  • Lil G0D
    Lil G0D

    Fun fact: this song would blow up if it posted this year BC its so modern 2020

  • Playboy Zona
    Playboy Zona

    Liking everyones comments so they come back

  • Christine Carbone
    Christine Carbone

    can we get this Kyle back stop trying to makes hits and make shit you like

  • Modesto Tapia
    Modesto Tapia

    Kyle goes hard bro 🔥

  • Mr.Potato

    best beat in existence

  • Roman Shamin
    Roman Shamin

    I listen Kyle since 2015!

  • Roman Shamin
    Roman Shamin

    I love Trap!

  • Roman Shamin
    Roman Shamin


  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross

    do kyle and g eazy fw each other?

  • Eyuael Tadesse
    Eyuael Tadesse

    Anybody here in 2020

  • Re Really
    Re Really

    Yep !! Really!!

  • MarcusFN

    Anyone only know this song from Vine?

  • Devan Whittaker
    Devan Whittaker

    So why haven’t g easy and Kyle done anything together yet?

  • Crixa Liss
    Crixa Liss

    My cock so small

  • Mildred Horsesome
    Mildred Horsesome

    Yep that girl in the vid called it this shit corny af =\

  • Mildred Horsesome
    Mildred Horsesome

    Will Smith could do it and has done it like you smh

  • Mildred Horsesome
    Mildred Horsesome

    I mean if you trying to be the next fresh prince it's been done, don't try and redo

  • Steve Murray
    Steve Murray


  • Luciano Chiaverini
    Luciano Chiaverini

    2020, really? YEAH!!!

  • shut

    went from YEAH! to YES!

  • Gamer God PG
    Gamer God PG

    2:33 me thinking about my life decisions

  • Logan the rap fan
    Logan the rap fan

    this Video and song was released on my Birthday when i turned 5!

  • What Is Calm??
    What Is Calm??

    Oh my God. I haven’t listen to this song in years :\ I almost forgot about its existence. I used to love this song.

  • bigbluelt56

    Oh God, so this is who(among others) Rittz was talking about in Dork Rap. Vomit-inducing.

  • Danila S541
    Danila S541

    Да это , да это правда ....))

  • Marco Torres
    Marco Torres

    Who else here 2020!?

  • Lil Guillotine
    Lil Guillotine

    This still a hit ngl

  • Tatiana Cor-dova
    Tatiana Cor-dova

    he sounds just like g eazy😭

  • NF Gio
    NF Gio

    Still listening to this. 🔥

  • Chris Matthew
    Chris Matthew

    (My Rap) now I'm an insane guy.stuff me with pills until I'm normal.its ok.theyre just trying to help you.

  • Ashlee Dinora
    Ashlee Dinora

    Him + Tyler the crater =🔥✨⚡️

  • XJ Karls clipz
    XJ Karls clipz


  • Devon Woodyatt
    Devon Woodyatt


  • Andre ANDRE
    Andre ANDRE

    2o20? 😂

  • d030b

    I can already see this on a TikTok oh god..

  • Nightmare Unboxing
    Nightmare Unboxing

    Dude Kyle kind reminds me of G-Easy in this 👀👏🏻👏🏻😇

  • Landon McCloud
    Landon McCloud

    HAD to pay respect before the end of 2019

  • _gruff _m0dz
    _gruff _m0dz

    His shit always put me in a better mood

  • Mochamad Fauzy
    Mochamad Fauzy

    I just knew this song today. Thanks Instagram, Yeah!

  • rruubiq

    SOULOUD - Really?Yeah!

  • Brenda D
    Brenda D

    Okay I love him but I'm just tired of the n word being used in rap. 🙄 he's talented enough without using it

  • Keith Merritt
    Keith Merritt

    i hope he doesnt get cought up in teh coruption withinin the music industry like everyone else

  • yeeyef

    Can’t believe I forgot bout this song

  • xX PinkAesthetics Xx
    xX PinkAesthetics Xx


  • juan fernando
    juan fernando

    Plagiat lico jeri Taufik standar

  • BASS X 92
    BASS X 92

    Much love for this one Kyle 💣💣

  • NaniMonique

    Songs like this makes me wanna head bang every time I hear the chorus 🤘🤘

  • Evan Komina
    Evan Komina

    You lyrics are god tier but you gotta find some new beats my guy

  • Elzeekio Labbee
    Elzeekio Labbee

    Fuck with me, you get your brand new white tee distressed.

  • Spencer Wyant
    Spencer Wyant

    This beat is filthy


    That middle singing transition is one of my favorite scenes in a music video. Too fire.

  • Elzeekio Labbee
    Elzeekio Labbee

    Dude, dude keep it real with yourself. You know your ass still play keep it real.

  • Ju'Ale

    Niggas mad sleep on this shit.

  • Dani Elizabeth
    Dani Elizabeth

    still hocked af on this song XD

  • damien powell
    damien powell

    Fuck you

  • Analisa Oldham
    Analisa Oldham

    what is this the reeses puff commercial

  • Fern Anne Doe Fernando
    Fern Anne Doe Fernando

    this guy performed at our school and opened for Carnage. he was finishing his set, asked if we wanted to hear another song and everyone was like "NO". then he was like "...really??" and proceeded to play this song whilst everyone started getting hyped despite the crowd saying no. funniest shit ever


    The raptors won

  • Skarlette Crimsyn
    Skarlette Crimsyn

    I first heard this song during a concert moshpits were going crazy for no reason so many people kept passing out and throwing up and had to be pulled out the pit and I'm just like "LOL REALLY REALLY?" Ironic

  • TB TB
    TB TB

    Like the reallys, dislike the yeah

  • Vegeta Black potato
    Vegeta Black potato

    1:58 is that comethazine

  • Beth & Annalise
    Beth & Annalise

    Different between Yeah and Yah Everyone singing this song: YEAH (ye-ah) Kyle:YAH (yee-AaH)

  • zulfikar fikry
    zulfikar fikry

    Lico plagiat

  • Zømßøÿ Wøłf
    Zømßøÿ Wøłf


  • Allison neumeister
    Allison neumeister

    He so good

  • flabbergasto

    i'm honestly expecting tiktok to steal this song for some ironic shit tbh