Lil Pump - "Drug Addicts" (Official Music Video)
Lil pump
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Drug Addicts Starring Charlie Sheen
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  • Andrew Homan
    Andrew Homan

    Ну и кал. Хотя рэпчину люблю.

  • Easyclapbyvictor!

    Im vaping som times when i say som times i smoke all time All Day All Night....🤫😅

  • Patrick U
    Patrick U

    Een Icicle wow :>

  • Elpolar xdxd
    Elpolar xdxd

    Yo creo que lil pump va a morir dela misma manera que juice wrld 😞

  • Halie Maxine
    Halie Maxine

    This kind of makes me sick and is absolutely stupid. This kid is literally glorifying drug addiction and for what? I'm sorry but he needs a serious ass whoopin in my opinion. Here let me be at the living sh*t out of you so that you have a logical reason to have become a "drug addict" and not just sing about being one while you continue to sing about it and glorify it and make kids think its cool to want to take said drugs. I mean good god man, just cause you been doing this or that sense whatever age dosent mean ya need to advertise it so other children then do it and ruin their entire lives thinking they will be *cool* just like "lil rumba**" over here. Anyways ima just stop typing before I type out an entire novel over here about my disgust for this little twerp over here. Sorry not sorry.

  • Fajne Dziąchy
    Fajne Dziąchy


  • Rswagz Youtube
    Rswagz Youtube

    Yo Charlie sheen in this has me cracking up


    Я один русский

  • Lil skies
    Lil skies


  • Taehyun Kim
    Taehyun Kim


  • MadHouseTV

    When you take 2 advils for a headache instead of 1

  • Mr Desconocido
    Mr Desconocido

    El último en dar like la tiene más grande

  • Finnan Playz
    Finnan Playz

    do you acually take druggs ?

  • Blanciarz_420

    2020 ???

    • Mr Desconocido
      Mr Desconocido


  • Jesus Loves
    Jesus Loves

    Why is this life style being embraced?? People wake up please! Be careful on what you let into your subconscious....

  • Luan Zeka
    Luan Zeka

    Bro that's Ur hole crew ?? Bruuuuh!

  • oli wingate
    oli wingate

    We now know where Charlie Harper has been when he faked his death


    La letra te dice lo bueno que es ser adicto a las drogas mientras el video los muestra como pacientes de hospital, hay un doble sentido ahí o que?

  • Krnnyý Kwwlq
    Krnnyý Kwwlq


  • Giorgio Farano
    Giorgio Farano

    1:18 AH

  • Mikael Heinonen
    Mikael Heinonen

    When you take a drug ( for medication)

  • Adilzhan Otzhanov
    Adilzhan Otzhanov

    2020 bitch like dis comment!🔥

  • 500,000 subs For my special ED brother
    500,000 subs For my special ED brother

    Lil pump: names song drug addict Cops: thanks

  • McYumYum 1
    McYumYum 1

    I’m only here for Charlie sheen

  • raezean peace
    raezean peace

    tell u this dude is good I luv him lol

  • Høld My Søul
    Høld My Søul

    Charlie sheen is just👌

  • Tiuzin da marmita
    Tiuzin da marmita

    Brah, not bad, but I realy prefere lyrical ;-;

  • TheSmokedKoopa

    juice WRLD in the hospital be like:

  • Jorge Luis
    Jorge Luis

    Y alan? JAAJAJ

  • Cojuma


  • Ana Carolina Conceicao Silva
    Ana Carolina Conceicao Silva

    Carlos q me mostrou essa música kkk

  • yxng.farmer

    why the fuck Charlie sheen there

  • lil Macchiato
    lil Macchiato

    Omg this is best song of sixnime

  • Elias Andersen
    Elias Andersen

    Me at 5am only having two working brain cells :))

  • Jan Benes
    Jan Benes

    i like to play this song in csgo, it makes me feel good

  • 10,000 subs without videos challenge
    10,000 subs without videos challenge

    Im here only for Charlie Sheen


    Lil pump foda kkk top


    Um br nessa merda em 2020 kkk

  • X.krapi.X

    Me in future XD

  • Lidia Rauda
    Lidia Rauda

    Todos hablando inglés Yo: escribiendo en español

    • ThislsShaka

      Lidia Rauda yo tambien

  • Lupita Duran
    Lupita Duran


  • c gomez
    c gomez

    Lil pump boy!

  • c gomez
    c gomez

    Hell yeah Charlie Sheen!

  • 이승원

  • ДГЬЕяТ Еiизтеiи
    ДГЬЕяТ Еiизтеiи

    He's more depressed than Billie Elish

  • One hundred subs before next year Lol
    One hundred subs before next year Lol

    Me after eating 2 medications instead of 1

  • Suman SARKAR
    Suman SARKAR

    Only video where featuring Artist did more drug than lil pump whole Entourage

  • C1 Britt
    C1 Britt

    When your eat you friends cracked out donut

  • richy edits225
    richy edits225

    Playing this while my cat is getting some cat nip

  • Johan Ledesma
    Johan Ledesma

    the uncle Charlie?

  • MrFallDamage_TV

    F's in the chat for people that likes this shit

  • 익명

    릴펌다운 유치한 내용의 뮤직비디오네

  • Powfu Ros
    Powfu Ros

    fucking shittt

  • onkel bro
    onkel bro

    Paul gang full of drug addicts? Logan paul?

  • alessandro Baby
    alessandro Baby

    Tarjeta plateada,exp

  • Steve Marlantis
    Steve Marlantis

    When your mom forgets to put the lid back on the videmen gummy cap on

  • Anne Donoghue
    Anne Donoghue

    A scap the hpostol

  • Franco Villordo
    Franco Villordo

    Like Si Sos Argentino 🇦🇷🕶

  • Elias_FF_2019_ randore
    Elias_FF_2019_ randore


  • He’s ignominious
    He’s ignominious

    lil pump the type of dude to post a stupid TR-my comment about “type of dude”

  • Elvira Abutanatin
    Elvira Abutanatin

    You drug addict. Me:Masturbate addict :(

  • Jewpacabra -
    Jewpacabra -

    After you leave an american pharmacy

  • sarunao pingmeiso
    sarunao pingmeiso

    Maxican mafia should probably whip his ass.... This fucking son of bitch' killing everyone.....i wouldn't regret if his parents had wrapped something around! 😂😂😂

  • Xd aldejr
    Xd aldejr

    When you eat 2 flint stone gummies

  • ZeusOS

    Dragon addicts

  • TomSon

    Willy Wonka goglessss....?

  • Alicia Jovanovic
    Alicia Jovanovic

    Lil pump ist cool Wer kann auch kein Englisch und versteht die Kommentare nicht 😂😂

  • AR '` Million
    AR '` Million

    Everyday All Night uhh ~ uh-huh ~

  • tarasgameon

    When you take some red vinegar and pretend its wine

  • Renebean

    charlie sheen thinking he's relevant. Lock gumdrop in a car without auto locks and see how long it takes him to escape