Lincoln Brewster - Miraculum (Instrumental) [Live]
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Music video by Lincoln Brewster performing Miraculum. (C) 2013 Integrity Music


    I watched this video around 10 times the last 2 days...and still can't stop watching it. What a great story!!!! If my 3 kids give me some time, I would be tempted to done it on my guitar. :D Still have some time until Christmas

  • Yrma Sanchez
    Yrma Sanchez


  • geimer 007 Boa
    geimer 007 Boa

    Esto es un video cristiano?? Lleno de ocultismo, disfrazado de piedad, o ignorancia disfrazada de ocultismo. Un PESUDOARTISTA que usa la iglesia como su escenario para triunfar. Obvio, en el mundo no tendría el éxito del que goza en el cristianismo

  • Enice43

    There are no words.....for this..😳

  • carrie walton
    carrie walton

    wow! God Bless

  • Juan López música
    Juan López música

    Here is our version

  • Susan Krug
    Susan Krug

    What movie are these scenes from?

  • Andru Cardozo
    Andru Cardozo

    It's awesome!

  • AceDoesGuitar

    This man...absolutley SHREDSSSSSSS

  • Carlo Bacalla
    Carlo Bacalla

    Thanks very much Brother For Representing the Christian Guitar community.Because before when they say Christian musicians they think of second class musicians,Mediocre and just there to fill the We have someone who can be in the front page Of Guitar player or Guitar world Magazine.

  • Anthem

    very reminiscent of jeff beck in parts very very good bravo👌

  • MrKitchenknives

    The world in the church.

  • Mostro Povich
    Mostro Povich

    God given gifts are to be used not to be hidden... well done Lincoln!!

  • Gospel Soldier
    Gospel Soldier

    7:30 goosebumps!

  • rick grebenik
    rick grebenik

    Trying to replicate malmsteen,

  • Ricke Gurn
    Ricke Gurn

    Lincoln is a modern day example from a time when musicians and composers brought their absolute best to the LORD as an act of their praise and thanksgiving for the GREAT GOD that HE IS! Hope more Christians will desire to see their art elevate as the same vehicle of subscribing worth to Jesus as was shown during this video! Kudos Lincoln for blending musical art with visual arts!

  • Whitevaliantwarrior

    🎵EXCELLENT🎶 (2 King 3:15) But now bring me a musician.” And when the musician played, the hand of the Lord came upon him.

  • Jhoward360

    I’m totally digging the Yngwie Malmsteen vibes

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas

    Can anyone tell me if the video playing behind him on the screens is available for purchase or download anywhere? We'd like to use it when we do this song at our church this Christmas. Or if not, who the person would be that created the video, so I can contact them directly? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me, and feel free to click on my photo (left) and contact me directly through "Discussion" if needed.

  • dipak Mehra
    dipak Mehra

    Hey Lincoln brother can we have a word or conversation

  • Eric Menefee
    Eric Menefee

    Awesome playing. I don’t get the Cuirque De whatever stuff.

  • windk100

    2:17 wow! Move over Yngwie Malmsteen!

  • Jon  Wefel
    Jon Wefel

    Annointed.... Lincoln is a huge blessing from God

  • Sanbor syiem
    Sanbor syiem

    Best ever Christmas instrumental ,everything is perfect arrange.

  • Bogbanter

    I hear Gary Moore. I hear my savior too. Jesus. His voice through the ages changes. The message does not.

  • Challa Hadley
    Challa Hadley

    This song is amazing. check out @ for an inspiring video. it is really heart touching.

  • VdamMusic

    Time for a reunion with Steve Perry!

  • Ever Sophie
    Ever Sophie

    Is this cobinations of christmas songs ❤❤❤

  • Bráulio Gomes
    Bráulio Gomes

    2019 alguém assistindo ainda?

    • Cristiano Oliveira/seguindo a trilha
      Cristiano Oliveira/seguindo a trilha

      @Khristian Koeman verdade

    • Khristian Koeman
      Khristian Koeman

      Não canso de assistir essa obra prima de vídeo. Monstro na guitarra e na voz.

    • Cristiano Oliveira/seguindo a trilha
      Cristiano Oliveira/seguindo a trilha

      Não me canso de assistir, ainda vou pegar esse tema na guitarra

  • César Sáez Herrera
    César Sáez Herrera

    Tremendo guitarrista, no por algo grabo con steve perry album, su tecnica es unica y esquisita.....

  • lewisbeeman

    The imagery is completely out there. This is what happens when you let artist run wild. They can make something as beautiful as the birth of our savior weird and almost evil looking.

  • David Lane
    David Lane

    Someone try and tell me he’s not the best Christian guitarist in the world

  • JoseitoEdlVodao

    You remind me of Devin Townsend!

  • Migs V
    Migs V

    8:06 So breathtaking I literally can't breathe.

  • Jesus is God! The Second Person of the Trinity!!!
    Jesus is God! The Second Person of the Trinity!!!

    The best Guitar I have seen. A master!

  • Izayah Luna-Goddard
    Izayah Luna-Goddard

    This is truly inspiring. Thank you Father, for Lincoln Brewster. Thank you for music. Thank you for guitar. And thank you for giving us an opportunity to live for you and into your Kingdom.

    • Roger Jones
      Roger Jones

      Yes, yes and yes, but I also thank You Father God for my drums and the abilities to sing and play for You!

  • humble servant
    humble servant

    God has his people. Wish that God keeps blessing you to bring glory💝 to him because many people🐑🕊🕊🦁 that are talented deny that God💝🐑🦁🕊 gave them that gift. Bring God's name very high and honor him with your music. May God give you a long life so you play for him and in the kingdom of God.💝💖

    • Mark Weber
      Mark Weber

      Amen very well said God bless you and yours!

  • Adam Antoniak
    Adam Antoniak

    It's incredible how the music and choregraphy is build. The moments of tension are broken by the born of the baby Jesus. I come to study this music and the show for an evaluation of music in my school, and I was not thinking that this music was so much well reflected ! I've discovered a new music. Good job

  • Bryan Hunt
    Bryan Hunt

    Amazing sacrifice to an amazing God...

  • Robert Crouch
    Robert Crouch

    Goosebump Epic!

  • Ian Cunningham
    Ian Cunningham

    This sounds very similar to Trans Siberian Orchestra’s style! I feel like he may have been influenced by them a little bit. Especially with the choreography

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis

    Great video

  • Greg Perryman
    Greg Perryman


  • Greg Perryman
    Greg Perryman

    This guy blows me AWAY!!!!!

  • juanmlarios

    I see this was posted 3 years ago. 20 years too late....

  • Justin Cato
    Justin Cato

    Is this cirque du soleil’s Christmas show?

    • Roger Jones
      Roger Jones

      Something like that, there is a description somewhere I saw stating name of the acrobatic/dance troupe that was a guest at Bayside to perform on this version of Miraculum

  • James Lay
    James Lay

    that's amazing how much like yngwie it sounded and then later closest to jeff beck tone I've ever heard great version of those Christmas songs too

  • Cadmar Business Suite
    Cadmar Business Suite

    Brilliant and exceptional.

  • Alverts Kaunang
    Alverts Kaunang

    The Father of Worship Shred 🎉🎉😁🙌🙌🙌 Hands Down

  • J Dnnn
    J Dnnn

    One of the greatest guitar players ever!

  • DominoFuel

    Steve Vai?

  • Jay Studio
    Jay Studio

    thats a great guitar skill

  • Barbara Lang
    Barbara Lang

    Well done

  • B.B. Wiggs
    B.B. Wiggs

    Love this! Best chops in the biz...

  • shane rose
    shane rose

    Man this guy is ridiculously good.

  • boaz63

    Amazing guitar and arrangement, but the dancers are a huge creepy distraction... 😬😜

  • wayne anderson
    wayne anderson

    Awesome performance & production! I’ve loved this LB version for years & that live performance with the stage production is top notch! I’d love to see that in person live!

  • Jacob Dickie
    Jacob Dickie

    I was there live

    • Sean King
      Sean King

      where was the show?

  • Nadine H
    Nadine H

    LOVE THIS! ❤💚

  • F35Lover

    @daniel Manns Or someone jealous of the angel dance moves.

  • JAT Rock Martin
    JAT Rock Martin

    actually lincoln is using a marshall plexi 1969 on his unit because of EVH and his settings is like EVH.. but he sounds close to Yngwie because of same set up with a strat... but in this song he sounds like johnson and beck which two are his guitar heroes

    • JoseitoEdlVodao

      Here's Eric's style descending Cascade pattern:

    • JoseitoEdlVodao

      He doesn't sound ANYTHING like Eric Johnson. There's no inverted triads here I can here, nor brown sound, nor Phrygian I could hear or Yngwie like Vibrato. The interlude does reminds me of Beck for sure.

  • Victor Brousseau
    Victor Brousseau

    This is so Binding of Isaac OST style

  • Eder Dartanhã
    Eder Dartanhã


  • Marlon Calderon
    Marlon Calderon

    Christian Progressive Rock wow i didnt know Lincoln Brewster is a guitar god, thought he is a good singer, very inspiring! i shred too, i thought i cannot shred if i become a christian.

    • Mark Weber
      Mark Weber

      Very true I thought the same thing myself about shredding as I also I'm an avid guitar player or at least trying to be haha

    • Marlon Calderon
      Marlon Calderon

      @Ben Lowers i heard stryper and guardian. You know mortification?

    • Ben Lowers
      Ben Lowers

      Marlon, on the contrary, shred for the Lord and his body; check out Tony Palacios of “Guardian”, and Oz Fox + Michael Sweet of “Stryper”.

    • Silver Lotus
      Silver Lotus

      Uhm i still think you can still shred if you become a christian, listen to “skillet”, they’re a christian metal/hard rock band

  • Migs V
    Migs V

    Yes it's flashy and a guitar instrumental at that but this has made me crazy for the Savior all the more. Makes me just want to explode in worship especially on Christmas Eve!

  • Migs V
    Migs V

    Yes it's flashy and a guitar instrumental at that but this has made me crazy for the Savior all the more. Makes me just want to explode in worship especially on Christmas Eve!

  • Jesus is God! The Second Person of the Trinity!!!
    Jesus is God! The Second Person of the Trinity!!!

    I love Him! He loves the Jesus who saved from my wicked sin. He is my brother. We christain mouth each other we need to shut up! Does this world matters are we love or judges. I read comments. Shame on us. We are love ! What is love? What we do not what we say! I love you people. We are love, light, kindness!!!!!!! We are Love believers!

  • Sean Austin
    Sean Austin

    I’d love for Lincoln Brewster to release an INSTRUMENTAL album. I think it would be a great work. I prefer his instrumental stuff over his other music.

    • Roger Jones
      Roger Jones

      I thought I read where he is working on one right now...might even be finished, don't know!

  • mrz80

    The dancing and theatrics kinda distract from the music. I think he's watched one TSO Christmas show too many. :) Show of hands time: How many of us would love to play something like that at church at Christmas time? :D

  • Madinvex 14
    Madinvex 14

    To all people who is saying the stage performance is weird.. It called art. Artistic impressions, creative interpretations, a compendium of concepts and ideas to illustrate and expound the meaning of every music he is playing. It is what it is...its called art.

    • JoseitoEdlVodao

      There's no naked butts and panty hoses, that's what's "weird"...women get to dance, get paid and don't have to be slutty onstage...Oh the horror!