Lions vs. Packers Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2019
The Detroit Lions take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • David Toyras
    David Toyras


  • Peezster

    The Like to dislike ratio. Wow.

  • benjamin will
    benjamin will

    im seeing a lot of bad drop passes in the 1st quarter, rodgers will throw the pass perfectly in double coverage right in the corner of endzone n if it hits the wrs hands he better catch it or drop it n lose a playoff game,smdh, weve got to get better,allsion drops way too many passes

  • Katerina Pierce
    Katerina Pierce

    thats bs this game was bs

  • Katerina Pierce
    Katerina Pierce

    does anyone here just not even care about football and is just watching this cause...

  • Richard Billy
    Richard Billy

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  • Griffin Folmmer
    Griffin Folmmer

    0:14 bru that should be a fumbled

  • Seahawks Fan9000
    Seahawks Fan9000

    I miss Jimmy Graham please come back!

  • James Tatum
    James Tatum

    I wonders if the referee look back at the tape to understand where he went wrong at calling the wrong penalty not once but twice this is the reason why Detroit vs every body. someday a player will be so smart that many referee wont be able to make calls for penalties because it will be to awesome to call!!!

  • Rosant

  • Moe Bazzi
    Moe Bazzi

    Corrupted Refrees.

  • James Vs. Movies
    James Vs. Movies

    The Lions haven’t been relevant in years, what do the refs have against them?

  • Jose Luis Fernandez
    Jose Luis Fernandez

    The lions won that game if you ask me

  • Jose Luis Fernandez
    Jose Luis Fernandez

    That game was trash w/those calls

  • raun raris
    raun raris

    Go Ref Go!!!

  • Charleybones

    Anyone who thinks that the NFL ref's are not bought off, need only look at this game

  • Alessandro Marani
    Alessandro Marani

    Lions MERDE nn avete neanche un po di orgoglio andate a lavorare pezzenti

  • the big one
    the big one

    Nfl be like Looking at the passer Flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Russell Vlogs
    Steve Russell Vlogs

    For everyone complaining about the refs, just know that they are human and that they got hundred of cameras and people watching them, second, although I agree that the second hands to the face call was bad, the first however is not a phantom call, there was some contact to the face from the Lions player, third, remember that the Packers have been screwed many times, remember the 2009 playoff facemask- (no call)that sealed the game for Arizona? Or maybe that one game against Seattle? Just remember that refs aren't perfect.

  • FeniX1022


  • bryan the magnus
    bryan the magnus

    Green Bay Packers suck

  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes

    Refs love ruining the games😂😂

  • Phelix 818
    Phelix 818

    I’m done with the nfl. This is so annoying. If you guys want real football with legit refs check out the xfl when it launches next year on February

  • Ryan Koplien
    Ryan Koplien


  • Hoover Dam
    Hoover Dam

    I’m a Patriots fan and I’m pissed right now...

  • Chance Moir
    Chance Moir

    It's not the referee's it's the NFL. They only want franchise QBs in the bowl.

  • Christina Pankey
    Christina Pankey

    Folks it's about money

  • Christina Pankey
    Christina Pankey

    NFL is totally rigged

  • Dennis Romo
    Dennis Romo


  • Roy Salas Jr
    Roy Salas Jr

    Same crew of refs every game bad calls

  • Eddie Quinata
    Eddie Quinata

    im not even a fan of the lions but they got screwed.... nfl bad refs lmao

  • DEADmenwalking savtheusa
    DEADmenwalking savtheusa

    Trump is #1 2020

  • Daniel McCurdy
    Daniel McCurdy

    10:50. Right hand comes across in a hook like motion, hits the facemask (you can see Bakhtiari's helmet bobble when it happens.) Yeah, the left stays on the pad, but the right clearly connects. So... why doesn't that count?

  • Diontae Daughtry
    Diontae Daughtry

    This is like putting game mode on hard.

  • John Sbisa
    John Sbisa

    Some celebration for a 22-yard field goal.

  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez

    stupid officials all kinds of penalties to Detroit just to make Green Bay win. there was no hands to the face there was Hands-On uniform close to the neck stupid officials

  • Роман Чемерис
    Роман Чемерис

    Как в кино.

  • les antoine
    les antoine

    Lions sneezing Ref: illegals hands to the face , oh btw mmm... bless you.

  • Keith Winter
    Keith Winter

    Lions vs packers/refs

  • SkinCarver

    Has to be tough to be a Lions fan. They haven't won a playoff game in almost 28 years.

  • Travis Spencer
    Travis Spencer

    Go pack go


    Is it just me or do these Greenbay receivers only make crazy catches? It seems to me like, they don't want to catch the easy ones😂

  • Ronald Honour
    Ronald Honour

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  • King Dj
    King Dj

    Boy I would have been so mad if I was Detroit

  • Aidan Nicholas
    Aidan Nicholas

    Detroit got robbed by the officials.

  • Travis Rush
    Travis Rush

    refs need to loose there pay check for bad calls this howl game NFL is still the biggest joke of the Country or weight 2nd biggest joke of the Nation Demon rat party is still the biggest joke of the Country

  • Travis Rush
    Travis Rush

    over paid cry babies you all suck

  • PhilliP YouTube Nguyen
    PhilliP YouTube Nguyen


  • PhilliP YouTube Nguyen
    PhilliP YouTube Nguyen


  • PhilliP YouTube Nguyen
    PhilliP YouTube Nguyen

    @NF. LIONS

  • PhilliP YouTube Nguyen
    PhilliP YouTube Nguyen


  • Brian Abramson
    Brian Abramson

    Linebacker not committing when he sees a tackler near the QB. huge mistake.

  • Brian Abramson
    Brian Abramson

    3rd and ten linebacker in a zone defense.

  • Brian Abramson
    Brian Abramson

    Lions Coleman interception. Good play.

  • Brian Abramson
    Brian Abramson

    Rogers pass was perfect 3rd and five what an idiot draft dropped that ball. TD only.

  • Brian Abramson
    Brian Abramson

    that was not a touchdown. Bad referee call.

  • Mikky

    lmao you're team's just bad deal with it

  • David Coleman
    David Coleman

    Green Bay did not win this game - referee two bad calls.:()

  • paul thomas
    paul thomas

    I've thought about being a Packers fan because the refs give them a lot of games. You are bound to be in the playoffs. It's a nice advantage to have when the refs just give you games.

  • Abdul Said
    Abdul Said

    The lions offense suck


    Bull...S__t dam zebras ...they should be thrown in the nile river& let the crocadiles take care of them ,aThats why the NFL is on the decline👎👎👎

  • Dont Worry
    Dont Worry

    The refs were for sure paid off in this game. That's the only way the packers won. We all know the Lions had this game and should have left with the W. These refs need to be investigated an like Barry Sanders said, check bank statements. It's all good Lions, yah no who really won this game, don't trip the Raiders are gonna get a lil revenge for yah in exactly 20 Minutes when the game starts. Where are all the Packer fans at? who wanna bet my Raiders are going 2 destroy you guys today. Put your money where your mouths at.

  • Daniel Alvarez
    Daniel Alvarez

    BS calls........The NFL is losing fans because the refs are controlling the outcomes. A 3rd and long as Rodgers takes a sack.....and a late flag...right at the end of the play. Oh yeah....on the same play, the Packers guard was holding....but the zebras are not looking for that.

  • Robert Witt
    Robert Witt

    Thats like beatin up and old lady or a baby. You don't get street cred for that

  • TheConservativesrock

    This referee crap has been going on for 20 years. Where you all been?

  • guy sumpthin
    guy sumpthin


    • Boss On Battlefield
      Boss On Battlefield

      guy sumpthin weellllll you see here the defense stopped several touchdowns, turning them into field goals so if that is your claim then it shouldn’t of even been this close to begin with. if they didn’t have a chance to win then the refs shouldn’t have even been able to sway the game, and the lions should have won 49-0

  • guy sumpthin
    guy sumpthin

    Rodgers cant win a tough game without the pack-refs , lions were WAY better in this game . Last year the second half of first game bears v packers SAME DAM THING , packers had no chance of winning that game either

  • Nanette Moore
    Nanette Moore

    How come there is no sound?

  • sleigh the god
    sleigh the god

    packers fan, game is absolute bullshit, the lions shouldve won