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    I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. creatorink.co/seyt-yt You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

    • sIyceth

      nobody wants animations ANYMORE WLEAVE

    • The Void
      The Void

      Mario: In a-ultimate, no one can a-rip-off my-a final-a smash-a! Adam: 2:41.

    • Gacha Creep
      Gacha Creep


  • Screaming luigi
    Screaming luigi

    Does anyone else have that ad about not vaping, “the real cost”? Is it just me or do they use the SAME PEOPLE but make different videos with the same people :P

  • Fruit YT
    Fruit YT


  • julie tuft
    julie tuft

    My grocery list: Toaster stroodles Ramen Plastic silverware Bread Butter Strawberry Milk Chocolate syrup Hot pockets Soda Apples Microwave dinners Oven pizzas

  • XxWolfy CatxX
    XxWolfy CatxX

    I didn't know u liked my hero! Dats kool

  • Ashley

    If you need a grocery list, I live in a dorm and this is what I eat (i spend only $200 in groceries per month): Frozen meals, yogurts, rice, spaghetti, any drink you want, have a Brita for fresh water, taco mixes, any fruits or veggies you may want, sandwiches, some snacks you like (cookies, garnola bars, etc), breakfast foods (pancakes, muffins, etc.), and whatever else you may want. If you need someone to ship the groceries to you, personally, I use Shipt, but there are lots of other apps that can do it, too.

  • Frida _Delgado
    Frida _Delgado


  • Brianna Tobin
    Brianna Tobin

    You know you can set up your credit card to automatically pay for your bills, if you are having trouble shopping think about what you want to eat and but the items to make it

  • Angry Amilcar games
    Angry Amilcar games

    Oh a nother jaiden animation copy cat first theodd1sout and now somethingelseyt Because jaiden made a moving out video

  • PurpleBoy4476

    you should have showed us how tall it *really* was

  • Oblivious Pie
    Oblivious Pie

    1:50 fan mail part was hilarious. 😂

  • Erin Akuma
    Erin Akuma

    always do research first!!! if your looking for an apartment and one looks pretty nice online GO CHECK IT OUT IN PERSON! you never know what you'll actually find cuz remember: their trying to get you to PAY MONEY for this crap hole. they can't trick you into thinking it's a great deal if you see the place in person! >:D (or can they...)

  • Tiffany Lyons
    Tiffany Lyons

    How did you know

  • John Parla
    John Parla

    I am 26 and I own a house😏👍

  • Ruzhdi lila
    Ruzhdi lila

    The woman: Here at Blah Blah apartment- Me: *Searches Blah Blah apartment on google maps* Adam: Heh try again you dimb bi- Also Adam: *sees me standing outside* Also also Adam: Well f**k

  • Mr.Memes169

    R.I.P Ikea coffee table. :(

  • Ironic Dutch Moonshade
    Ironic Dutch Moonshade

    I don't live totally on my own, but I live with some people my age, not with my parents, and I can tell you: doing groceries is easy. You make a list of everything you eat/drink, you look what is on this list but not currently in your house, and you buy it. Also always look at an apartment in real life before signing any contract. And if you know anybody who knows stuff about houses or buying them, bring that person

  • Phantom

    NOI CE

  • Screw It
    Screw It

    don't touch the god damn chocolate milk!!!

  • Roman lopez
    Roman lopez

    Choky milkyy

  • Caty Brace
    Caty Brace

    2:58 Is that a Bakugo posted I see?!

  • Retrix

    oh my god. when i moved in my new place I literally winged it on food too. $20 for a month of food was such a bad idea.

  • Gameboy Abraham
    Gameboy Abraham

    I’m 8 8!!!!!!!

  • XxShadow_CreaturexX

    1:14 got me dead 😂🤣

  • M Ld
    M Ld

    Bouta head out

  • Erika acevedo
    Erika acevedo


  • Madi_Moon_Tunes

    Nice Bakugo poster lol I saw that haha

  • Ruby_GachaChan

    What is wrong with the kid voice XD

  • Quotecookie _animations
    Quotecookie _animations

    2:58 bagukoooooo

  • Jerric Hammack
    Jerric Hammack

    Just go to Dollar general and get lots of soup and other stuff

  • Mojo Kat
    Mojo Kat

    I feel like the sales lady is named Karen...

  • sIyceth


  • sIyceth

    9:00 you dont deserve money for doing nothing like that MY ACCOFUNT BACFK NOWWW

  • sIyceth


  • FragMemes

    Mans sounds like markiplier

  • Sophia Thomas
    Sophia Thomas

    but im in my house right now! btw i took like twenty screenshots of that vid im something else

  • kylee Kingsbury
    kylee Kingsbury

    Anyone see the bakugou poster or was that just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • sIyceth

    nobody wants animations ANYMORE WLEAVE

  • Ian Connolly
    Ian Connolly

    F in the chat for IKEA table

  • Bahu Thanwin
    Bahu Thanwin

    Oh your parents are demons too?

  • X3 CAT
    X3 CAT

    PUPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! What's its name? Is it a girl or a boy? How old is it? Isn't it so cuteeee? Do you love it as much as I love it by now? When is its birthday? Did you adopt it or it was a gift? Did I put too many questions? I think I put too many questions... Anyway, I love it and I'm happy that you have a puppy :3

  • Me like Burgers
    Me like Burgers

    I went to camp there was a dude named nick that looked like him😎

  • NowYouPeepMe

    Give this lad money

  • Jaime Cisneros
    Jaime Cisneros

    I thought the nock was at my door

  • Meagan Woolstrum
    Meagan Woolstrum

    That bill fire horse was actually really awesome.

  • Mila D
    Mila D


  • Zhyon Zoll
    Zhyon Zoll

    He dose know Samoa us a actual country right

  • BlueRaven 666
    BlueRaven 666

    My usual shopping list: -milk -bread -eggs -pasta -cereal -rice -meat/lunch meat -soda/juice -cheese -peanut butter/jelly/nutella -fruit -snacks

  • TheZapper

    Adam I like your new drawing style

  • Kenny 13
    Kenny 13

    when the lady was talking in the beginning i just had Hazbin Hotel vibes

  • Dino Strike
    Dino Strike

    Adam dinosaurs a real Dumbo they are real because you find bones of them and so are more live today they're real they're a life I also don't need to say and it's game over steam over referring to that video bro

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young

    Let’s get Adam his money for bills

  • SRC Reptiles
    SRC Reptiles

    R.I.P coffee table🤣



    • Lemonade

      I sAw thAT toO!

  • Lisa Hutchinson
    Lisa Hutchinson

    Cool thanks 👍

  • Gaster Wing
    Gaster Wing

    sooooo basically, he is telling us to pay his bills.love you Adam!

  • Cookies ARE!! in center of the universe
    Cookies ARE!! in center of the universe

    I had to survive with out internett the first month i moved out. I never knew that i could read books that fast.

  • WhatIsVinny YT
    WhatIsVinny YT

    when adam said the power YT cash money i stoped skkipping ads

  • AARON Keane
    AARON Keane

    Ouch dude what the hell

  • Kaitlyn O brien
    Kaitlyn O brien

    Let’s all donate one dollar to Adam so he can buy as much chokkie milk he wants

  • WhatIsVinny YT
    WhatIsVinny YT

    2:02 i have the same minecreaft poster next to my loft bed.

  • Paul Leș
    Paul Leș

    Like at the comment if watch the video while drinking choky Milk.

  • y0ur l0cal l0ser
    y0ur l0cal l0ser

    I cloud hear the pain in your voice in the coffee table bit

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood

    Ways to prevent someone from wanting to build nuclear bombs 1. Warm the person about the dangers of nuclear war. 2. Make the person think that government has already made information on how to build nuclear bombs illegal. 3. Make the person think that government has already made nuclear bombs illegal. 4. Get the person obsessed with females or males. 5. Tell government that nuclear bombs should be made illegal.

  • The Void
    The Void

    Mario: In-a ultimate, no one can-a rip-off my-a final-a smash! Adam: 2:42.

    • The Void
      The Void

      Adam: My mom's an angel! Me: Oh you're lucky, mine's still alive.

  • bro jo
    bro jo

    Here is a list of things you can buy as groceries: -cereal -eggs -rice -canola oil -bread -butter -pancake mix -milk -stuff to put in your sandwich (because you got bread) - a pan -a pot -utensils(plastic or metal) -plates and bowls(paper or plastic) -fruits(apples, bananas, pears) -cheese -lettuce, tomatoes -mayonnaise -salt and pepper( for your eggs) (It depends on what you know how to cook) Just buy the ingredients for that, and make sure you have enough money to buy it lol This is just a list of stuff I would buy

    • bro jo
      bro jo

      Or save up to buy

  • Light skin Antics
    Light skin Antics

    1:41 Is me all the way ! 🤪

  • Annika Zoe Quezon
    Annika Zoe Quezon

    Heyo, I have some helpful(?) advice for your grocery shopping Watch Life of Boris, the Cooking stuff. It's entertaining and can potentially save lives!

  • You need a Mint
    You need a Mint

    Did he move into James Charles old apartment or something

  • AJ -
    AJ -

    The woman at the start... Brice Tankthrust