Living on my Own
Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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  • SomeThingElseYT

    I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

    • Black_whiterose 32
      Black_whiterose 32


    • Hasnain Ali
      Hasnain Ali

      This is good

    • Julius Comedido
      Julius Comedido

      Ok Boomer :D

    • Traverse


    • milthon mtz
      milthon mtz

      What do you think about rubecai? ☺im from mexico and yes i like enchilada y me usar chanclas sometimes

  • COOL Cloud
    COOL Cloud

    Lol the milk joke. Here’s my milk joke. We’re the .... IS THE MILKKK?? Mom we’re out. Me 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • The Blue One The Blue One
    The Blue One The Blue One

    Hmmm wow

  • Charlotte Gardiner
    Charlotte Gardiner

    is it just me or does every time the door knocks in the video I look up thinking someone is knocking on the door to my room?

  • Snipe killer 73
    Snipe killer 73


  • dumblike agorrila
    dumblike agorrila

    easter egg there is grifitie art on the side of the apartment at the start of the fame is lame video

  • kspradlins gaming
    kspradlins gaming

    Please make more vids

  • Lukas Whitley
    Lukas Whitley

    Hey admin sorry if I send your name rong I have bad spelling I will solve your food problem git this 3 types of food and you will be good to go meant verges and lick Mac and chess or rice or somethin lick that and git Chocolate Malik if you what to but Ya that will be good for diner hop this whill help you :)

  • Flamingo Cutie
    Flamingo Cutie

    *Who else's posts funny comments just to try to get likes* *dont worry I do too*

  • DatGuy Miller
    DatGuy Miller


  • DatGuy Miller
    DatGuy Miller

    Choccy milk

  • Lolix Plays
    Lolix Plays



    I want merch that says Yo this b!tch better have *SAMOAS*

  • Zaynah R
    Zaynah R

    I find it so weird whenever people say they don't know to shop for groceries, it's really simple. I'm only 17 and even I know how to make a weekly meal plan and shop for groceries for said weekly meal plan.

  • Liviana Hall
    Liviana Hall

    I’m 8

  • Neotchrol X
    Neotchrol X

    BUT you still good bro im NOT your brother BUT umm uhhh i dont know YEET

  • Taylor Morgan
    Taylor Morgan

    this legil made me laugh and cry at the same time lol

  • Shnitzer Weesle
    Shnitzer Weesle

    Why does he remind me of Finn from Adventure Time?

  • AnimationTimeBoi

    Who ever likes this comment I will Mention you in one of my videos after June 20th 2020

  • Gacha peep Girl
    Gacha peep Girl

    Them:Nue tella Me:Nut Ella

  • Billie Central
    Billie Central

    🥺❤️✨ I luv u

  • Dabs 4 Life
    Dabs 4 Life


  • Debora Ersado
    Debora Ersado

    XD I thought the knock was at my house door

  • Anna Pekkala
    Anna Pekkala

    Old man in the background 🤣

  • Kathy Bear
    Kathy Bear

    To be honest I’ve realized after watching this video many times some people don’t know how to grocery shop😂😂. And I’ll like to suggest some things!!! -First of all make it a point to start keeping track of the price of things and which store has it for less or cheap like for example meat one store can have chicken breast for 13 and another one can have it on sale for 5. The 13 dollar one can be Stater Bros and the 5 can be Super King Market. Each store can have different prices. -Buy what you will eat don’t just buy it just because you felt like it because most of the time you will not eat it. -Keep track how much you spend on each trip and if you are tight on money this helps you a lot to even out what you want to get and can buy even if it’s just 10 or 5 dollars. Helps you determine what you will buy without struggling much. Since your preferences are their for you help choose. -I don’t really know what to suggest in terms of food since people Preferences are very different. I hope that wasn’t a bit too simple and helped people actually get a grasp on how to do it since it’s not just food your getting it’s the amount spent on it that is the issue. If you want food that last long get it at a reasonable prices or if you want food that is just a three to five day time thing then go for it at a reasonable price! Sorry I was confusing have a good day everyone!!!! 😋💜

  • Katy Barlow
    Katy Barlow

    This was realised on my birthdays:me realises that I’m the same as Adam on Christmas : my dam tiny brain……… god I’m the actual copy of him

  • Katy Barlow
    Katy Barlow

    Odd1s out 14 million subs:something else yet has more than half less but they are still friends:my brain Nani!!!

  • Cringe Mountain
    Cringe Mountain

    I’m 10 and it’s 2:02 am and I’m looking up how to get money easy and what should I buy to eat and how to pay bills....

  • meme j with Ryan
    meme j with Ryan

    Pls sub me

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson

    I already know what bills are... And I'm 10 years old

  • Preston Fletcher
    Preston Fletcher

    I hate that stupid knocking door sound

  • my life as Benji
    my life as Benji

    Adam: assumes kids are watching. Also Adam: Says the b, d, a, and s, word

  • Isa Contreras
    Isa Contreras

    Btw ur dog a is beautiful and really cute

  • Animation Nerd
    Animation Nerd

    2:59 so no one gonna talk about that picture of bakugou No one Seriously Ok then

  • Lazar fan H
    Lazar fan H

    Stop cursing

  • Chicken McNuggie
    Chicken McNuggie



    The knocking sounded so real that I checked if someone was there and there was money

  • Chasitu Dewbre
    Chasitu Dewbre

    Adem:ok mom I'll go get out the trash but only if you give me my CHOCOLATEMILK Mom:oh mite bad 👉👈

  • WolfiePlayz

    Here’s to solve ur grocery problem : Here’s a list for you - Chocolate milk - Bread - Milk - 2 boxes of cereal ( ur pick ) - Fruits of ur choice - Chips of ur choice - Snack of ur choice - popcorn ( helps pastime) - Eggs - Frozen pizza - corn dogs ~ And whatever else u like ~ 🙃

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee

    Blah blah hotel = Blah blah girl

  • HyrdxRoblox Gaming
    HyrdxRoblox Gaming


  • Charley Tracy
    Charley Tracy

    Ok pretty much all of the animators that I watch, watch my hero acidemia... I is happy :)

  • Paola S. González Martínez
    Paola S. González Martínez

    You see my hero academia or something like that!?

  • Slayer 39
    Slayer 39

    Man child lives on there own

  • Joselito Benavides
    Joselito Benavides

    9:50 Adam looks greate in that suit

  • NoodleSnake

    2:27 everybody gangsta until Adam’s mouth goes through his sunglasses

  • sineadmaire1

    Adam:it's beautiful -me when I see chocy melk-

  • hela

    The opening to your video was like an add T3T iwi UwU OwO

  • Marvelle Arvennio
    Marvelle Arvennio


  • Blueberry Moonlight
    Blueberry Moonlight


  • Love that leopard
    Love that leopard

    The lesson of today. Don’t play enymenymineymoe

  • Jouko Setälä
    Jouko Setälä

    1:55 thats so cute 👌👌

  • Nathan Dossett
    Nathan Dossett

    so glad that ive found some who likes chocy milk as much as i do


    Google it

  • You found a cruiser670. i changed my name
    You found a cruiser670. i changed my name

    thurnis needs to have a cartoon version of himself if he doesn't already

  • Lps grky
    Lps grky

    Bitch what the fuck 0-0 sorry about my language :3

  • Casheena White-Boston
    Casheena White-Boston

    Adam- DON'T. PLAY. INIY. MINY. MOT- Me- OK WE WON'T!!!!!!!! Adam- SHUT THE FUCK UP Me- Ok sorry.. Just to let u know Adam IM UR NUMBER ONE FAN MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  • lillyplays robloxgaming
    lillyplays robloxgaming

    14 year old me : *drink chocolate milk at 3 am * My sister's boyfriend * qwq * ME : MY CHOCOLATE MILK

  • Gary Cottam
    Gary Cottam

    1:14 use captions.

  • Jackamations

    scott pilgrim is the way to live.

  • Animations and Stuff
    Animations and Stuff

    If Adam stops posting videos is because he is stuck on Scp 3008 aka IKEA

  • Kimberly Byers
    Kimberly Byers

    love his fan voice.

  • Nicolas Lopez
    Nicolas Lopez

    You could just pour some milk into a glass pour in some chocolate syrup and mix it around for a few seconds or more until it's Brown and then boom Chocolate milk

  • It’s Rj playz 11
    It’s Rj playz 11

    I love 💕 somethingelseyt So much I will die oof 😵

  • xoxo_lexie UwU
    xoxo_lexie UwU

    I like your vids

  • Mystical Clouds
    Mystical Clouds

    Your mean to Terrance! Poor Terrance.

  • Jake Remley
    Jake Remley

    Watch let me explain studios

  • Snowbro 22
    Snowbro 22

    “Sometimes I feel I’m gonna break down and cry, nowhere to go nothing to do with my time. I get lonely. Just so lonely. Living on my own” if you know what that’s from, you are amazing.

  • Edgar!

    I jumped when responsibilities came

  • thebossman potatoes
    thebossman potatoes

    Bills:"makes a new bill called Mario Cart Adam: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS