Lt. Col. Vindman Claps Back At Republicans During Impeachment Testimony
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The son of an immigrant from the Soviet Union, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman withstood amateurish personal attacks at the hands of GOP lawmakers like Rep. Jim Jordan during his testimony at the House impeachment inquiry. #Monologue #Impeachment #Colbert
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  • scott fisher
    scott fisher

    A Russian in our military, what could go wrong there?

  • 1MysticStar

    As a fellow service member, I have the upmost respect for LTC Vindman! He is truly the epitome of the Army Values. He was prepared for the slander and attacks that he knew he would endure for having integrity! Something none of the Republicans know anything about! Love and respect to you Sir!

  • M P
    M P

    6 months later Declassified documents coming out it was all a paid for DNC Hillary Clinton hoax. Criminal referrals are to follow some 50 subpoenas approved today Obama era Administration. See all of you clowns in November.


    open your eys fools... i guess you all see whats happening now hey...we will all see how this all turns out....let wing nuts

  • Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz

    This show is not funny at all and Vindman should be in jail.

  • good_fish_back_there

    3:34 YAS

  • kevin ockenden
    kevin ockenden

    Thank goodness Golbert as writers because the fuckwit wouldn’t be able to put a sentence together, I am amazed how these no bodies think what they are saying is important or funny.

  • Twilight Shooter
    Twilight Shooter

    Vindman was born in the USSR. Harvard MA liberal arts --- He is a commie Major Cluster-phuck !

  • Sandra S
    Sandra S

    Feb. 2020 Trump fires Vindman for honoring his subpoena and testifying in the impeachment trial. In America Right Does NOT Matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jimmy wrangles
    jimmy wrangles

    Aaaaand he's fired. Traitor got what he deserved. Colbert gets more and more biased everyday.

  • E-beggar-In-Bangkok 2018
    E-beggar-In-Bangkok 2018

    Update: Vindman has been escorted out of the WH. He got shit-canned. He deserved it. Vindman 💩

  • E-beggar-In-Bangkok 2018
    E-beggar-In-Bangkok 2018

    Vindman was sitting in a truck that ran over a bomb. he didn't do anything. except just be there. like 1000' of other military personnel ride in war zones all the time. He didn't do anything heroic. He was just "there". He got a purple heart because he was politically connected in the Army. He and his lesser brother were given special treatment from day #1 in the military because they were former Russian citizens. They were like show pieces from the cold war days. They both ended up as pencil pushing desk jockeys waiting for promotional exams from inside offices at the DOD. Then one day, Vindman decided to go full traitor and try for his 15 minutes of fame by lying about the President, his Commander In Chief. He lost, and now he's disgraced. Too bad, so sad, you little weasel Vindman.

  • Jimmy Strudel
    Jimmy Strudel

    This aged like milk. NO IMPEACHMENT TRUMP 2020

  • Wild Man
    Wild Man

    The POS got fired today....HOORAY

  • Kenneth Brault
    Kenneth Brault

    i guess now Feb 7th 2020 , he can take that job offer by the Ukrainians to be their Secretary of the Military, much like when they hired Hunter Biden ........ eh?

  • Felix Pascual Jr
    Felix Pascual Jr

    In your face Colbert - he's fired! Hahaha. You and your liberal liars will go to hell soon.

  • Deborah Cook
    Deborah Cook

    here right doesnt matter- thank you trump.

  • El Duque
    El Duque

    This didn’t age well did it. It’s sad people get there news from people like this

  • John

    Let me school you draft dodgers: LTC Vindman, violated several Articles of the UCMJ. What Vindman did was to express his opinion as a Staff Officer, contrary to his Commander in Chief, and went public with privileged confidential conversations. Conduct Unbecoming An Officer. His damn opinions are nothing, as he violated a position of Trust. An Article 32 Investigation should be started ASAP!

  • Kim jaxson
    Kim jaxson

    Trump and pam Bondi did some dirty deeds in flash. A few years back can't remember what it was that she did for him but it was significant and he paid her handsomely .....can't believe he hired her to do this cause what if the other is found out. I quess he did it because he knows she is dirty and will do anything for money....

  • Tim Salo
    Tim Salo

    Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

  • Nyah Notrealname
    Nyah Notrealname

    Stalin: Dammit... I know I missed one.

  • trefrog

    3:01 tell me he didn't say "little turtle"

    • trefrog

      or "len eternal"

  • anissueof ursincerity
    anissueof ursincerity

    Jordan proven correct and Colbert fake news . Liberals love vets if the vets are liberals. Liberals love 'draft dodgers' when they are liberal "draft dodgers" .

  • John Snow Kumar
    John Snow Kumar

    Aid to Ukraine was approved towards the end of the Obama administration. Aid approval worked out finally with a little help from te whistle blower. No big deal. Every avid news reader knows it. He is Alexander Volkov VINDman. Both his middle name and last name start with a V, or a similar alphabet.The alleged whistle blower may have worked in the White house and was a fan of the ethnic Ukrainian foreign serviec female official who became an ambassador to Kiev representing the United States. She was also a naturalized citizen of Ukrainian ethnicity. Alexander (a common first name of Russians and Ukrainians of the Orthodox faith) may be a naturalized citizen and originally an ethnic Ukrainian named Alexander VINDman, or some other similar name.

  • M P
    M P

    I serve with vindman, he's not the man you believe him to be. My guess is when Mr Barr shows up in the spring he will be one of the actors that have been investigated and I hope he's brought up on charges. I knew it would catch up to you Lt Colon Vind ma'am. I told you. Go to your memory banks December 12th 2009 you'll remember me.

  • Mel The Mom
    Mel The Mom

    also, as a resident of Utah, I can verify that description of Chris Stewart

  • Mel The Mom
    Mel The Mom

    weird twin language 😂

  • Thomas Horrego
    Thomas Horrego

    It's LT Col Vindman, please."

  • YourBroBlogan

    No one watches liberal garbage propaganda and the minority that do in the future will try to blend into the rest of society as if they were never anti American pieces of shit.

  • Nightmare Core
    Nightmare Core

    George Soros bot, vindman is a fake and bernie wants the same thing vindman escaped, quite a troll.

  • Veritas et Aequitas
    Veritas et Aequitas

    Claps back? He perjured himself and narrowly avoided doing so again by refusing to answer a simple question before part of Congress. He made a fool of himself.

  • Ian Magruder
    Ian Magruder

    Hmmmm, so the professional strategist was prepared for their juvenile attacks and consistently outmaneuvered them... huh, that’s a shock.

  • Crystal Bush
    Crystal Bush

    @ 4:30 I see your wearing your little Bitch Face.. 🤣🤣🤣😎

  • James Lucas
    James Lucas

    Woah! That yield tho!

  • For One Light
    For One Light

  • arthur taylor
    arthur taylor

    "It's Lt Col " I kissed ass my whole life to get this rank.

  • Naphtali Musnyama
    Naphtali Musnyama

    Lt. Col. Vindman does shock and awwws. No seasoned soldier should be that cute in their uniform. He's all-round cute even when he claps back at disrespectful bitch Nunes.

  • majorgeeek

    Vindman is a liar - he chose to speak to Schiff even before he reported to his boss so all we can assume he was acting on instructions from the Democrats - can't really understand how weasels like him get to high positions in the military?

  • minnybri

    So much respect for Lt. Col. Vindman. He knew exactly what sort of room he was walking into, and he came calm, confident, and fully prepared to face it.

  • tuffasgong

    Chris Stewart is a total douche and his district here in Utah is extremely gerrymandered.

  • billthestinker

    What to do with an insane Colonel running amok???👎🏿

  • Anthony Borderline
    Anthony Borderline

    Oh the naive people there, military thinks they are fighting "the good fight" (like there is such a thing, definitely not when Exxon and Halliburton make most profits), witnessing that in the US of A truth rules, and an innocent man has nothing to fear.. Soo, why then is Trump still a president and your jails full of innocent and people with petty crimes? Like nowhere near treason levels. Might be your wars on concepts like "terror" or drugs (mostly made by BigPharma today), so why not a war against reason? Seems like since 2016 you've been in that war.. before that against self-awareness. You know, when Obama was there and you were doing only good. Oh, how I envy that naivete! "I speak the truth, so in USA I have nothing to fear." lol

  • Anthony Borderline
    Anthony Borderline

    Three least favorite things, immigrants, fathers who love/people able to love something other than self AND truth.

  • Katherine Kirkhope
    Katherine Kirkhope

    Thank you Lt. Col. Vindman for your truth , righteousness, and service.

  • Dino Leeroy Victory
    Dino Leeroy Victory

    He basically swore to tell the truth on his father’s life! Truth and honor and honest to the fuckin’ core. AkA a crucifix to a constitutional soul sucking Trumpanzee.

  • leslie caldwell
    leslie caldwell

    The snide comment from the Republican Representative regarding Lt. Colonel Vindman wearing his dress uniform at the inquiry. Number one: An active duty military person is required to wear thier dress uniform at a formal meeting or formal hearing. The snide comment was intended purely to denigrate Lt. Col. Vindman. How do l have knowledge of this dress code requirement? Having proudly served as an enlisted man in the United States Navy, the United States Army, and in Vietnam, l know my military dress codes. The 'honorable member' was in a greater sense running down the Col.'s uniform. The honorable member revealed himself to be an asshole. Please excuse my reference.

  • Larry Sherrill
    Larry Sherrill

    Lt co Vindman did not advise Ukraine about not interfering with American politics. He threatened them, they knew his background and his former handlers and that he represented a group of men who were more than just his position. He strong armed them not to start an investigation into corruption. He only told this story to get his version on the record in case it came out... He is a fix it man for the deep state....

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis

    Colbert is as funny as a hot poker in the eye and as silly as a naked clown in a children's playground. Sick.

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis

    Vindman' s 15 mind of infamy is over the Dems are ready to kick him to the curb too. Make room Blasi Ford. Sorry neither of you worked out.

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000

    Benedict Arnold wore a uniform and went behind his bosses back too.

  • Helen McGurk
    Helen McGurk

    Straight up savage

  • Erefuro Stella Amaso-Nedderman
    Erefuro Stella Amaso-Nedderman

    These people defend a man with bone spurs! I wonder they can look at themselves in the mirror....UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Mahesh Pai
    Mahesh Pai

    Colbert pulls no punches

  • Lenny face
    Lenny face

    Damn, 2019 is NOBODY'S year But I feel touched by Mr. Vindmind testimony today....

  • mind ya
    mind ya

    Only indication of him having nerves, was the paper he was reading from had a small shake. But, ROCK SOLID telling truth to power.

  • Tyler Tichoc
    Tyler Tichoc

    Lt. Col. Vindmen, thank you for providing people like me hope for our future, that we have a future, and for being a strong ray of light piercing this darkness. Thank you.😥👍

  • The Duke Of Cambells Ledge
    The Duke Of Cambells Ledge

    What is his true gender? That's what i like to know? not much of a ladies man i do declare. Is this boy even real?

  • Betty Thomas
    Betty Thomas

    POWERFUL!👍💕 Now that's how you use a LETTER!👏👏👏👏

  • Stamp and Scrap
    Stamp and Scrap

    Things Trump hates. The Truth

  • Lynne A.
    Lynne A.

    Here ..Right matters .Ranking file Lt Col. Vindman.

  • Breeze M
    Breeze M

    I'm annoyed that he tried to say that he wasn't in the uniform of the day. It's, the uniform of the day or better than, dickhead. And I like how he pulled it his evaluation. 😆😆 I knew it was going to happen.

  • Kaif

    ‘America where right matters’, personally from the United Kingdom, God bless the United States 🇬🇧🇺🇸

  • David Armillie
    David Armillie

    "And Here" #RightMatters !!!

  • Catherine Gold
    Catherine Gold

    Jim Jordan’ s face 😂😂😂😂

  • Messyfilms

    All the inbred trailer trash bashing him are the ones claiming they hate Kaepernick because he’s disrespecting the troops.

  • normie x
    normie x

    Wow. As kids from the Soviet Union, the Vindmans spoke better english in 1985 than Trump does now. 'Merica.

  • Sheng Long
    Sheng Long

    Vindman for President?

  • Marina Kaye
    Marina Kaye

    I see Richard Dreyfus playing the Lt. the movie, Don and the Giant Impeach!

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    "In America, RIGHT matters..." except to the Trumpster and the Republican Party!