Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, Travis Barker - I Think I'm OKAY [Official Music Video]
I Think I'm OKAY by Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, & Travis Barker is available now!
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing I Think I'm OKAY. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

  • w0lf

    the guy that fucking dissed Em is now doing this? cool

  • S Boy
    S Boy

    Ok melody, trash lyrics, they should of used the outro more, best part

  • Scythe _ Vaz
    Scythe _ Vaz

    This is one of the songs I can actually relate to.

  • Zmp Lion
    Zmp Lion

    i see faze banks

  • DartH902

    blink 182 v.2 lmao

  • jsmove

    love this music video. so glad mgk took such a creative initiative with this one. hella respect

  • Chaoticslave

    starting reminds me of taylor swift

  • zraga mohamed
    zraga mohamed

    Follow my instagram Mohamed_Zraga

  • Kayla Payne
    Kayla Payne


  • Victor E
    Victor E

    Great song, also.. #EpsteinDidntKillHimself

  • Imperial Sky
    Imperial Sky

    YungBlud doesn't even have strings on his guitar

  • Don't Ask
    Don't Ask

    Tik Tok brought me here..

  • MoniKer

    I've watched this video so many times never noticed faze banks until now 1:32

  • emily

    half the people here are from tik tok

  • emily

    thing song deserves way more recognition

  • Emile Titeca
    Emile Titeca

    Imagine skn so hard at rap you switch to this shit

  • Eray Yakar
    Eray Yakar

    its time to try a relationship with travis barker for Halsey

  • Jon

    Didn't think some dude from Nerve would carry so well...

  • Matthew Eyers
    Matthew Eyers

    Would of been great if they would have used drop tuned guitars.

  • Valkyrie Gaming
    Valkyrie Gaming

    Damn hasn't posted in 5 months bc he got destroyed by eminem. Yikes he was talented to

  • Montana OTTB
    Montana OTTB

    who here isn't depressed and just enjoys these guy's music lol

  • Gabriel Dela Cruz
    Gabriel Dela Cruz

    i wish this song was longer

  • Alair

    1:31 a WILD Faze Banks spotted.

  • Keenan Londowski
    Keenan Londowski

    I flipping love these song

  • NinjaPhlip

    i think i seen goody grace

  • jess

    is it bad i know every single word

  • Kudi

    Definitely could hear trippie on here

  • Daniel - Roblox
    Daniel - Roblox

    I saw FaZe banks

  • gatorshd

    Just became a fan. Can’t stop.

  • Kaiko

    2019 is soon over and this is the best song i've heard this year. No doubt about that, what an awesome colab with MGK, Yungblud and Travis on the drums. Gotta love Travis, im so happy that he's still with us and can do music like this. It was a miracle that he survived that plane-crash and im glad that he colab with artists like MGK and YB. Blink 182 was awesome too but i'd rather have Tom back there as a singer, not a big fan of mark.

    • Rico Williamson
      Rico Williamson

      Kaiko bro honestly true

  • Hounded `
    Hounded `

    did anyone seen faze banks Lmao

  • Kim liebefreud
    Kim liebefreud

    Scaryyy way to say goodnight

  • fille de papier
    fille de papier

    2:20 noah cyrus?

  • Meli

    If i would show this Song to my friends they would hate it.... I'm gonna let them listen to the real shitty German music

  • PoopDeck

    1:32 faze banks for a split second?

  • Qwerk y
    Qwerk y

    yea, keep on makin music instead of rap, stay in the safe zone is the right move

  • Elliott Imlay
    Elliott Imlay

    Yungblud sounds like Bert McCracken

  • Charles Heinemann
    Charles Heinemann

    Amazing song.

  • Ashley Morrall
    Ashley Morrall

    This song rocks my socks off. I love it.

  • Burget


  • James Goner
    James Goner

    That drummer is sick Travis Barker 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • DeathJr Gaming
    DeathJr Gaming

    I dont like mgk but i like yungblud and travis barker

  • Kayleigh Ann
    Kayleigh Ann

    Yungblood is way too good for this song... mgk is a joke now

    • Chocolate Lover
      Chocolate Lover

      its yungblud hun

  • khaled sakhri
    khaled sakhri

    To much 2005

  • Alyx Ohare
    Alyx Ohare

    Awsome song but lay back on the fucks and bad words because I am 10

    • God fearing Soliders
      God fearing Soliders


  • J Barksdale
    J Barksdale

    What a fuckin joke. Travis Barker must be desperate to be relevant.

    • God fearing Soliders
      God fearing Soliders


  • PatsFan89

    This sh*t is Wack! Another trash ass song by this HOE! Albums going Wood! 😂. Slim Shady shitted on your life! You suck just like Cleveland as a whole does!

  • Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell

    I was only here for YUNGBLUD but they fucked that up

  • Lauw nnogic
    Lauw nnogic

    Band badbadbadbabfbsbdbabfbabdbabbaadbabfabfbabfbadbafbadbadbadbnadbabd so bad

    • Lauw nnogic
      Lauw nnogic

      @Chocolate Lover of course

    • Chocolate Lover
      Chocolate Lover

      did you have a stroke?

  • Roberto Guardado
    Roberto Guardado

    Did I just see faze banks?

  • Ankur Goyal
    Ankur Goyal

    Human Anthem 🖤

  • Rasmus


  • StringsTTV

    Yungblud kinda looking like the crazy witch from The Craft

  • StringsTTV

    Ayyee did I see Mod Sun in there?

  • gaming reaction
    gaming reaction

    You suck mgk

  • Day Freire
    Day Freire


  • Emi Dominguez
    Emi Dominguez

    Dioos que temardoooo

  • Savanna Kokitka
    Savanna Kokitka

    More like this mgk

  • Vape Reviews
    Vape Reviews

    Faze banks got his 1 sec in tha video 1:32

  • Mohammed Patel
    Mohammed Patel

    I love machine gun Kelly, he's so raw and real

  • Everyone I know is fake
    Everyone I know is fake

    Anyone else see faze in there

  • sengie enter a name that's it
    sengie enter a name that's it

    So I'm officially a fan Mgk ure deep 💜

  • Kray IzMe
    Kray IzMe

    0:52 SO CUTE OMG

  • Casey Michael
    Casey Michael

    I don’t see the hype

  • Pluto of HDO
    Pluto of HDO

    1:30 someone tell me why Faze Banks is in this lol

  • RK Henderson
    RK Henderson

    something is fucking wrong with him

  • Angie Vendette
    Angie Vendette

    I’m so dumb I never knew Travis was in this

  • sadgirl jumex
    sadgirl jumex


  • Light Lorraine
    Light Lorraine

    @hikagaming91 i Love You!! two min from apartment about to pull into complex

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone

    Ohhhh that's about me 😂😂😂