Making Nintendo-Themed PANCAKE ART - 10 Minute Power Hour
The Grumps
P.P.I.S.S. (The Pokemon Pancake Intake Service System) is back with an upgrade chip that allows him to scan Nintendo character pancakes and identify what they are! Unfortunately after this episode we are going to have to decommission him due to a maple syrup malfunction. Say goodbye to Jory--I mean, P.P.I.S.S., because this is the last time you'll ever see him alive!
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  • Nicole Patronis
    Nicole Patronis

    Arin's Bowser looked like Blanka from Street Fighter and you can't tell me otherwise. Blanka didn't make pound cake, but he did become a pancake.

  • sans50 skelebro
    sans50 skelebro

    3:08 bruh that's just ganondorf

  • Allivair Something
    Allivair Something

    does arin actually not know what a spatula is?

  • Chancy Huttson
    Chancy Huttson

    Animation starts at 6:42

  • Shaun Mcissac
    Shaun Mcissac

    I couldn't stop putting it at this part 9:00

  • Loomin

    jory is a whole cutie

  • Autumn Hague
    Autumn Hague

    Somebody get these men a spatula 🤦

  • AnnaGrace White
    AnnaGrace White

    I want P.P.I.S.S/N.P.I.S.S to have an episode where he gets to make pancakes and Dan and Arin have to guess what it is. Jory in a bad robot costume Assuming P.P.I.S.S/N.P.I.S.S didn’t get incenerated

  • Prince Paradox
    Prince Paradox

    "I got somethin, and It goes thumpin like this. All you need is my NPSS, NPSS, NPSS." Or whatever Bloodhound Gang said.

  • WyattDraws Decently
    WyattDraws Decently

    They missed a HUGE opportunity to rename P.P.I.S.S into P.N.I.S.S

  • Sans Doge
    Sans Doge

    *P-PISS* It’s perfect for this show

  • I. E. Abraham
    I. E. Abraham


  • PrehistoricFanBoy 101
    PrehistoricFanBoy 101

    Nintendo Pancake Intake Serving System

  • Maxoto

    sad that P.P.I.S.S. isn't turned into P.N.I.S.S.

  • 9-BitFox

    Can't wait for the Sega Pancake art lol

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    Hugs for everyone.

  • Sultans Of Zing
    Sultans Of Zing

    "An then, an then, an then, an then".

  • Maldrea

    this is how you get ants!

  • Connor

    Is it a little glitchy for y’all too???

  • Adofo

    PPISS needs some kicks to make it function right

  • Mathieu Designs
    Mathieu Designs

    Don't worry Dan, I'm on your side for the spatula.

  • CA M
    CA M

    A turner or a flipper is a type of spatula.

  • Nova Nebulous
    Nova Nebulous

    Dan's R.O.B reminded me of Johnny 5.


    arin sounds like my foods teacher when arguing with dan about the 'spatula and turner'

  • Timothy Perschon
    Timothy Perschon

    I swear to god Arin is the only other person on this planet that knows the difference between a turner and a spatula.

  • Sam

    Another upgrade chip allows NPIS to identify the third-party characters in Smash Ultimate's roster! Feed him a Joker!

  • Ryan Rodriguez
    Ryan Rodriguez

    The PTSD dan has over fart noises is very clear in the beginning

  • Mike Kingston
    Mike Kingston

    Who the hell edited this

  • Basement _Dweller
    Basement _Dweller

    1:04 must be jam cuz jelly don't shake like that

  • Purple Fox
    Purple Fox

    The worst part is, everyone thinks it's a bit.

  • Carbz

    why does the first pancake look like the bad guy from the runtlings

  • Salty Frek
    Salty Frek

    I'm sad they didnt make ppiss pniss even tho the acronym wouldnt match

  • Carbz

    the guy under the table is way over the top trying to match your funness constantly. Making it cringy instead

  • OddlyCas

    that ass slap is the most iconic thing to ever come out of the 10MPH.

  • Guarding Dark
    Guarding Dark

    According to Wikipedia: "Spatulas are usually used to scrape within the contours of a mixing bowl or to level off the top of a dry mixing cup. It is a tool with two flat edges on a flexible blade. A spatula is usually short and about 8 inches long. A spatula also refers to a turner which is used to flip over pancakes and meat patties. It is used so that a person does not burn their hands flipping something on a hot surface." So technically, Arin is right in that the rubber things used to mix are indeed spatulas. However, the things Dan was thinking of are also called spatulas, so I get the sense that Arin recently learned about this fact and wanted to share it, not realizing he is being pedantic to the point of overcorrecting.

  • Johnny Norris, Jr.
    Johnny Norris, Jr.

    I'm now actively waiting for an opportunity to say "wait a 10 minus 9 minute" in casual conversation

  • Depressing Sheep
    Depressing Sheep

    "And we will reward you, with your inevitable death." *"Uuuuuhhhhh...."*

  • Dalton Dick
    Dalton Dick

    Is it a good thing or a great thing that I thought PPISS should be renamed PNISS

  • quail ic
    quail ic

    i realised somthing just now. TEN MINUTE power HOUR

  • Declan Mullen
    Declan Mullen

    The Grumps should use TWRP’s “Feels Pretty Good” at 0:55 seconds for power hour or good content intro

  • SirInky

    Legit only watching for P.P.I.S.S.

  • Harry Sutton
    Harry Sutton

    The constantly changing piss ball gun bothers me.

  • Leon Steinbach
    Leon Steinbach

    Who would truly want to pay for them to insult their brand?


    Arin's got jiggle

  • Munted Mango
    Munted Mango

    Wow Arin is actually a good artist!

  • it is the frenchiest fry
    it is the frenchiest fry

    npiss kinds cute lowkey highkey lowkey

  • Isaiah Dominguez
    Isaiah Dominguez

    Jory is soooo adorible!!! Does anybody else agree?

  • ShaggyBee

    I want that shirt arin

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez

    What were they trying to spell for green? 😂

  • Tina

    I call it a flipper because my grandfather calls it that and it’s hilarious

  • Jennifer Beck
    Jennifer Beck

    Yay NPSS

  • Cole Finnegan
    Cole Finnegan

    MORE JORY!!!!!

  • Birniac s.
    Birniac s.

    That Rob looks like a rejected pikachu

  • senseisleepyhead

    10:12 This is peak Jory adorableness!!! :D

  • Danielle Layson
    Danielle Layson

    I wish they did one of these with tiger tomato 🐯🍅

  • Rose Rhodes
    Rose Rhodes

    *[Reposted: StrawberryFox]* They missed the opportunity to name it “PNISS”

  • Meggie Mags
    Meggie Mags


  • Enrique Alan
    Enrique Alan

    P.P.I.S was upgraded to N.P.I.S which then was upgraded to DEAD.

  • 89ers

    Snyder’s In Hanover 😍

  • Bluest_Boy

    Npss: *coughs*. Me: I didn’t know robots could get corona

  • Craggsy

    Still love the sexy sax intro

  • like2draw

    Jory eating pancakes under a table is a mood I didn't know I had

  • talen dumas
    talen dumas

    This type of humor confuses me. Lots of kids must watch them

  • Aiden Daugherty
    Aiden Daugherty

    P.P.I.S.S. And N.P.I.S.S. MERCH PLEASE!!

  • Cyphero2

    I first heard of Incineroar as 'Ejaculation Salt' from that translation error thing and I had avoided learning his real name for months, but today I accidentally learned it, lol

  • Cyphero2

    I can't believe they forced Jory to eat all those pancakes, that's a lot of pancakes, he goes through so much just so these rich douches can have their show and I feel like it's kind of cruel if at least not appreciated enough

  • - Fetch -
    - Fetch -

    Wait, what tf does Arin think a spatula is

  • The Atrocity of Time and Space
    The Atrocity of Time and Space

    yo i think npiss is a real person...somethings not right here..

  • Lacy May
    Lacy May

    I would love to be paid to eat mostly cooked pancakes under a table

  • DrknssRules1

    Why didn't they just call it the P.N.I.S.S.?