Marizu - Looku Looku
Marizu is back with his new single 'Looku Looku'.
"Looking back at far I’ve come through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it is almost impossible not to want to give thanks and gratitude to the Most High. I’ve also come to learn that blessings from God aren’t just for me, they’re for everyone around me; signs and wonders to prove God’s mighty hand. Looku Looku is a psalm of my gratitude to God." - Marizu
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  • BLSSD Music
    BLSSD Music

    *LYRICS* Looku Looku Look at me My God is good As you can see Everybody Taste and see The victory My God has given me Pre Chorus: Thank you loving me For every trial you brought me through Thank you for saving me Now I can shout Glory To my everlasting King Jesus the King of Kings You make my life so beautiful Chorus: Looku looku x2 See me shining now Looku Looku x2 See me glowing now Looku Looku Yeah I shine for the world to see To see Looku Looku x2 See me shining now Looku Looku x2 See me glowing now Looku Looku x2 Yeah I shine for the world to see Too see 2nd verse Whatever is born of God Overcomes the world See I am born of God I’ve overcome the world Greater is He that lives inside me I know I can do all things Pre-chorus: Through Christ who strengthens me Give me strength so I can win You gimme the victory Now I can shout glory My everlasting king Jesus the king of kings You make my life so beautiful Chorus Bridge Ahh eh x2 I shine I shine Ahh eh x2 So bright So bright Ahh eh x2 In Him I have the victory Yeah Ahh eh x2 I shine I shine Ahh eh x2 So bright So bright Ahh eh x2 In Him I have the victory Ohh Chorus

    • Miss Michca Mwamukenza
      Miss Michca Mwamukenza

      Que signifie lookou svp?

    • Alain Mbaki Makusa
      Alain Mbaki Makusa


    • Doris Tende
      Doris Tende

      Love the song ❤❤❤

    • Manuela Abraham
      Manuela Abraham

      BLSSD Music god bless you !!! wonderful song

    • Shereen Pearl
      Shereen Pearl

      @Chris Main cool fact hey? :)

  • Joy Gakenia
    Joy Gakenia

    I looooooove this song ♥

  • Aaron Legré
    Aaron Legré

    Please what means looku looku?

  • Vissaintha Gassant
    Vissaintha Gassant

    OMG I like it so much!!!

  • Queen Bahati
    Queen Bahati

    What is the meaning of looku looku?😔

  • RDC - Profondeur TV
    RDC - Profondeur TV

    Glory to God He deserved the glory

  • Boni Prince
    Boni Prince

    Already turned into a fan... GBU

  • NoVa Royalty
    NoVa Royalty

    1 MILLL !! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 hats off

  • JennOMG

    This song makes me so happyyy

  • Orido Axes
    Orido Axes

    i just like good songs . any recommendation(s) ? thanks

  • okaywen


  • mac victor
    mac victor

    very good track, keep shining

  • Elizabeth Etebu E
    Elizabeth Etebu E

    I love this. Thank you Lord God for giving Marizu this talent

  • Enoch Bardoe
    Enoch Bardoe

    I am so proud to be a Ghanaian

  • Johneka Douglas
    Johneka Douglas

    still on repeat

  • Obinna Egbuchiri
    Obinna Egbuchiri

    Nice song, Brov...🙌

  • Nonofo Moseki
    Nonofo Moseki

    Ha Ha HA! This guys are crazy as f*k!

  • Tulia Kilele
    Tulia Kilele

    this, this is it

  • Clariiss GT
    Clariiss GT

    🔥🔥🥳🥳💃🏾💃🏾 listening from the Caribbean "sint-maarten "

  • Olwethu Zuma
    Olwethu Zuma

    I love this song 🤍🔥

  • David Nyamy
    David Nyamy

    Cette musique est vraiment profonde


    1M views Wow. looki looku, God is great

  • peace batamuriza
    peace batamuriza

    😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤God is good

  • Ester Castro
    Ester Castro

    Que música maravilhosa ❤

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M

    Jesus Christ is my king 🙌

  • Catherine Valihora
    Catherine Valihora

    Beautiful song i like iiiiitttttt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👌💕

  • Miglay Samedi
    Miglay Samedi

    I love this vibe right here “Looku Looku” on my new playlist! God bless man

  • M M
    M M

    Reclaiming afrobeat for Christ!! This fire💥💥💥

  • Aude Marisa Babaedjou
    Aude Marisa Babaedjou

    This songggggg😭is honestly everything. Matizu i honestly want to meet you and shake your hand. Your songs put me in the Spirit you are gifted and i bless God for your gift

  • Jeboysaih

    good song amen

  • angelica cejour
    angelica cejour

    blessed the lord . i love this song

  • Jalisa Johnson
    Jalisa Johnson

    Here in 2020 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alek Rual
    Alek Rual

    Ah yeh ah yeh I love that part of the song and I shine I shine

  • Shantal imani
    Shantal imani

    bro every time i bath i put it in speaker

  • Don King Asare
    Don King Asare

    Really loving it... Hope we can have more banging gospel music like this

  • CF TP
    CF TP

    I am a person who loves music but when this music got into my life(blssd) I was hype

  • dmc Salam
    dmc Salam

    Amen my God is good my God save me 😪😪😪

  • Shefennety Redan
    Shefennety Redan

    blssd this is really my favorite song I really want to meet you sometime

  • Stella Musafiri
    Stella Musafiri

    I'm very amazed by this song! May god bless you. I can't wait for more! Thank you for using your voice to praise the Lord

  • Saskia Rustenburg
    Saskia Rustenburg

    Love muziek. ❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘💞💞💞💖💖💖💕💕💕💓💓💓💋💋💋💗🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • kimisha williams
    kimisha williams

    I heard this song one morning . I was just playing some unknown gospel songs and this started to play and i feel in love with it after that. Never stop listening to it.

  • christelle larissa johou tchafa
    christelle larissa johou tchafa

    I love this song, the lyric is perfect. Thank you God bless you 💞💞 I want more.

  • Guy Djangou Nansi
    Guy Djangou Nansi

    nice song🔥🙏🔥

  • 4Knewt

    this is the song that made me subscribe to BLSSD Music Channel! Greetings from Southern Arizona

  • Irinss Eyamsitoka
    Irinss Eyamsitoka

    keep doing this, I lov it

  • Mom's E&E
    Mom's E&E

    Amen que Dieu te bénisse 💕👏

  • Moni Blue
    Moni Blue


  • Tik Tok Vídeos
    Tik Tok Vídeos


  • Adetokunbo Ademosu
    Adetokunbo Ademosu

    Great song ! I can't stop praising God😁

  • Josiah Neptune
    Josiah Neptune

    Love this song🙌💯👍

  • Mercy Odagbodo
    Mercy Odagbodo

    Love you

  • Alek Rual
    Alek Rual

    So beautiful 😂😂😂


    Love this song so much

  • Chachou Boucka
    Chachou Boucka


  • Eric Bawack Arrey
    Eric Bawack Arrey

    I love the song soo much

  • Memory Mungofa
    Memory Mungofa

    my pastor's favourite song turned to be my favourite too

  • Dr Alfons
    Dr Alfons

    Amazing bro, keep up the good work, God will take you yonder...



  • princess marange
    princess marange

    hahaha who said Christianity was boring...…?? think again thank you my God is good # 2020

  • Ruthie Olaiya
    Ruthie Olaiya

    Y My favourite song 🎶🎶🎶!💃🕺💃🕺

  • Glory Chammah
    Glory Chammah

    GOD bless you for thaïs sweet song 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Martha kahora
    Martha kahora

    Am so blessed here by this powerful giant worshipper. God bless you my brother. Listening from Washington Seattle 🇺🇸

  • Jackie p Guillory
    Jackie p Guillory

    I love this song!!🔥🔥💯🙏🙌


    Whatever is BORN OF GOD overcomes the world. AMEN

  • Oluwaseun Idowu
    Oluwaseun Idowu

    More grace to you Marizu! From Glory to Glory may you rise.

  • thisis 4jesus
    thisis 4jesus


  • Julia Makarenko
    Julia Makarenko


  • Ngoungoure Rahimatou
    Ngoungoure Rahimatou

    Love it some Afro beats GOD IS THE ALPHA AND OMEGA

  • Terry Africa.
    Terry Africa.

    Cant get enough!🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪lookulooku

  • Arlene Charlon
    Arlene Charlon

    Jesus all day! 💯🔥💥

    • Arlene Charlon
      Arlene Charlon

      Thank you Stella!

    • Stella Musafiri
      Stella Musafiri

      you're so pretty!!