MEAL TEAM SIX MONTREAL MONSTER JAM | Rainbow Six Siege Invitational 2020 Vlog
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  • Devastator 1
    Devastator 1

    Bajur Ubi is so embarrassed of you they gave you an entire section for you and your friends

    • Lunar Solstice
      Lunar Solstice

      @TheRussianBadger This was to be expected for you to say that XD

    • Owen McMillan
      Owen McMillan


    • Luke

      @TheRussianBadger it don't go down it do go down

    • MOOKLA2012

      They hated him because he spoke the truth.

    • YakamashiJared

      My parents would be too if me and the boi's yelled "DAMM BOI HE THICK" In a crowded stadium

  • Dillpick 3280
    Dillpick 3280

    Badger: *Goes to sleep with small cold Also Badger:* Wakes up to the rainbow six siege voice operators saying their meme lines Also also Badger:*confused screaming

  • Peyton Robison
    Peyton Robison

    9:43 best moment in the whole video

  • Ubaid Shahid
    Ubaid Shahid

    can someone please explain who is heavenly eekajj jello skullker and all his friends with time stamps? im kinda new to this channel

  • brand0n -A52
    brand0n -A52

    Real fans have hearts, those who don't watch this don't have hearts. 27:58 change my mind

  • Antonio Tinoco
    Antonio Tinoco

    > coors light Shamefurdispray.jpg

  • UwU_Shugoki

    badger you’re the pure reason i got into siege

  • The Ultimate Tf2 Fan
    The Ultimate Tf2 Fan

    4:00 **The U.N.S.C would like to know your location.** *WORT WORT WORT*

  • Chord

    No One: Me: Honey gold... is a porn actress

  • Definitely Cheese
    Definitely Cheese

    Aw i wish i was there, im in BC not montreal.

  • CEEJAYCEE 1128
    CEEJAYCEE 1128

    The Valk cosplay was "oof" *faints*

  • Jerze Husted
    Jerze Husted

    This man make me think of r6 as a way to relax and take everything in r6 as a joke

  • Tristin Golatt
    Tristin Golatt

    "somebody get this picture please" *cuts* damnit

  • Red

    yo that last part at the end hit home. love you're work keep going forward.

  • MemerPlayz HD
    MemerPlayz HD


  • Doctor Diamond
    Doctor Diamond

    Who thinks this a good idea. Cross platform r6

  • ismail abdelazim
    ismail abdelazim

    Honey is honestly cool for covering badjur and the meal team 6 for this whole thing

  • typie30

    Badger getting choked out by Valk was a mood

  • that original guy
    that original guy


  • Bennett Moseley
    Bennett Moseley

    O P E N Y O U R B O O K S T O L E V I T I C U S

  • E Ea
    E Ea

    NC Carolina be Alabama and new York at the same time

  • Anthony Powell
    Anthony Powell

    “Left with corona virus”-2/22/20 This did not ahe well😂-3/21/20

  • obesity. exe
    obesity. exe

    Are none of his friends on youtube or do they just stream on twitch.

  • BassPlayer LikeKeanu
    BassPlayer LikeKeanu

    4:49 Do you have 90 minutes?

  • Max Bauers
    Max Bauers

    Get it rush in

  • Max Bauers
    Max Bauers

    Ash should be Russian because she always rushes in

  • Crusading Time
    Crusading Time

    Badger imma keep it real witchu. You gotta play some for honor

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio

    When the bois start just start passing the drink around. XD

  • Ark

    Can you make a hoodie for your merch? I really wanna get a hoodie from you and flex while I’m playing rainbow.

  • Hanhi

    respect to hevenly, for the league refrence.

  • Holdini


  • Yous Warrior
    Yous Warrior

    Seach me in youtube youswarrior

  • Caelan Z
    Caelan Z

    I used the link to sign up with honey amd proceeded to use my referral link and posted it on my school's reports club discord.

    • Caelan Z
      Caelan Z

      BTW on an unrelated note, I'm the reason that server has a tab describing the rules.

  • R1TM0 !
    R1TM0 !

    “Mama didn’t raise no bitch” *Mama’s wrong again!*

  • Vitanico XG
    Vitanico XG

    MOAR bubonic

  • wasabi chips
    wasabi chips

    my favorite video on this channel

  • Jacob Newell
    Jacob Newell

    I have two questions 1: how does one join meal team six 2: is it possible to establish console based branches of Meal Team Six, because the condition of my computer is best described as "waiting to die" That, and I've made excellent progress in world of tanks mercenaries on PS4... starting over on PC would be a very unfun experience for me.

  • Not A Stormtrooper Called TK-9091
    Not A Stormtrooper Called TK-9091

    "Best operators, all over the world," *Then who tf is handling Iran?*

  • TheGamingGeek

    a kid was commentating those matches XD

  • Mr Dr
    Mr Dr

    Everyone that used honey technically helped fund this trip.

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo

    20:19 uh oh

  • CMDR Devrim Stern
    CMDR Devrim Stern

    Why dose he sound like fucking Dutch from rdr2

  • Vinícius J. Lima
    Vinícius J. Lima

    Shoutout for the brazilian homenage! True brazilian screaming!!

  • Pyrrha Nikos
    Pyrrha Nikos

    And now, you rest, dear Badger. You deserve it! Sending virtual hugs and pats in the backs of you and Meal Team 6!

  • MiSt Assassin4312
    MiSt Assassin4312

    my family names on the god damn liiiine son!!

  • Cow The God
    Cow The God

    The people who win major competitions like this are too well behaved cause if I ever won some shit like that I’d be on somethin else

  • colton porter
    colton porter

    You know it’s sad when you got the same hairline as badger

  • Banozz

    badger really need to make a video about his workout routin

  • Mikoto Ookami
    Mikoto Ookami

    Lord headass

  • Wyatt Rutan
    Wyatt Rutan

    New me beast

  • S Bowden
    S Bowden

    514 wassup!

  • wasabi chips
    wasabi chips

    When they get diffuser off, i think the players know.

  • Zero

    Honestly surprised they didn’t have coloured subtitles irl lmao

  • gavin glenn
    gavin glenn

    What amazes me, is that badger is such a genuine amazing person, that me creates and gathers this massive community of meme lords and shitposters around him and siege, and in my opinion the main reason siege is as big as it is, and Ubisoft still won’t give him the recognition he deserves. He’s honest and doesn’t make this public’s persona for TR-my like a lot of people do. And still, papa Ubi won’t love him.

  • Mr. Wiggler
    Mr. Wiggler

    14:50 Ushanka ☭

  • SaukeChase26

    It's effing 12 at night at the time I'm watching this and that cinematic was so good 23:40 I wanted to start clapping and you know what I did totally woke up my family but it worth it

  • Thiago Herbert
    Thiago Herbert

    man, i'm so in love with that valkyrie, the end of the video was so emotional, thanks badger. Seu Corno. Big hug from Brazil ❤👍🏻

  • No-One In Particular
    No-One In Particular

    Every time I heard "SSG", my mind immediately thought "Super Saiyan God"

  • levi dewitt
    levi dewitt

    im not crying you is imma go eat sum chimken numgies

  • Ahmad Afyouni
    Ahmad Afyouni

    Dude tell your buddies-even eekaj -to calm down

  • Alexandria Spencer
    Alexandria Spencer

    Jus now realized heavenly looks like kodak black

  • IamRazorsharp89

    18:45 every rook who ever rooked

  • FallAsleep Media
    FallAsleep Media

    Such a phenomenal spectator sport, the trash talk not Siege

  • XProJusticeBoy

    That is why I love cav and main her

  • David Mayes
    David Mayes

    I will still never fully understand y’all’s humor but this was great!

  • LORD tachanka
    LORD tachanka

    @8:40 bagers face tho its just 😑

  • Cletus The III
    Cletus The III

    I want cav pistol and Deagle black ice

  • Cletus The III
    Cletus The III

    Him saying that TSM wins at every game “CSGO” Astralis and Evil Genuises:mmmm I don’t think so

  • Human Male
    Human Male

    This video ending sounds like badger plans on bein dead soon no.

  • Crosby The Wolf
    Crosby The Wolf

    Stop being so damn wholesome and brutally execute someone before i become a got dang rain cloud