A Day in the Life of a 69
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  • Roberto Fi
    Roberto Fi

    love your lips

  • George Zaragosa
    George Zaragosa

    Grandpa has a great sense of humor, granma looked so happy, yet its unfortunate that you guys left early but family should understand and not be nit picky. I think it would have been a much better and fun at your dad's regardless you spent the time you promised with your grandparents, and if you leave your Man call me I'll give you the ROYALTY you deserve every day so Beautiful. 🤗💫❤💫💥💫❤💫💥💫❤💥 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Jonathan Monroy
    Jonathan Monroy

    Q hermosa estas

  • Joe's Paintings
    Joe's Paintings

    Que ermosa 😍

  • s. Reyes
    s. Reyes

    Arriba Michoacan !!

  • Sergio garcia
    Sergio garcia

    Usted es mexicana por sangre, no obstante que naciera en usa, tiene sangre azteca, por eso es usted así de bonita, no entendí ni madre de lo que dijo, pero está bien.

  • KY HILL$
    KY HILL$

    are you married?

  • VRRV

    6:17 😂🤣😂

  • Nancy Mendoza
    Nancy Mendoza

    He said happy birthday 😍😍 family is everything love this

  • Jay Loud
    Jay Loud

    Chulada ❗si me caso alv😍

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez

    Did u meet any of your gay uncles or cousins

  • Adrian Saucekid
    Adrian Saucekid

    Another 69?? very original

  • Miguelito Cruz
    Miguelito Cruz

    So. So artificial, fake, getto and brainless.

  • El LOBO MAYOR #1
    El LOBO MAYOR #1

    También yo quiero 💋

  • Rufino Martinez
    Rufino Martinez

    Hola cv hi beatiful princess how are yuo are merry or single is luken for relationschip for ever yuo have wasapp beatiful princess bonita

  • Rufino Martinez
    Rufino Martinez

    Hola linda amiguita bonita como está y como a estado la princesita la más linda y la más bonita y la más hermosa del universo y discúlpeme el atrevimiento usted es casada ho mamá soltera es que yo ando buscando una relación seria para toda la vida yo soy original de México y no tomo no fumo cero Vícios y sabe nunca me he casado y sabe ya kisiera ser papá pero no ay conkien y sabe usted sebe que es una gran persona y una gran mujer de un gran corazoncito y ala mejor de unos lindos y hermosos sentimientos y bueno si algún día kiere ablar con un verdadero amigo de verdad aki le dejo mi wasap es

  • mickey 1000.000
    mickey 1000.000

    Pura belleza de mi michoacan kerido

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez

    Guao estas vien cojible hermosa

  • Espinoza Lalia
    Espinoza Lalia

    Grandpa:"There you go" there too cute.

  • Rogger Jr
    Rogger Jr


  • Raquel Taboada
    Raquel Taboada

    The grandparents happiness... god bless you!

  • Leo Montanes
    Leo Montanes

    She needs a alpha mexican like me from michoacan also😘

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia

    Huevos que

  • Leslie Maki
    Leslie Maki

    Puro michoacan ❤🇲🇽

  • Criss Valdez
    Criss Valdez

    A good way weve taught my daughter is we say wheres mommy and daddy and make sure to point to the person it they dont do it the person walks over and does it for them and says good job we did it a couple times a day and now shes pretty good at it.

  • Danielle Jimenez
    Danielle Jimenez

    Those nails are so fire

  • Karla Duenas
    Karla Duenas

    Primer video que miro de ella . Wow que hermosa que le regaló a su abuelita ❤️❤️❤️

  • Roger E alvarados
    Roger E alvarados

    Te miras mejor sin maquillaje

  • Roger E alvarados
    Roger E alvarados

    Yo quiero tener una novia de michoacan mexico soy latino soltero de california manden mensaje

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez

    A happy jenny😍😍😍😍

  • K9 RULER
    K9 RULER

    @A Day in the Life of a 69 who is the babe is gray addidas sweatpants at 27:48

  • K9 RULER
    K9 RULER

    @A Dat in the Life of a 69 your hand would look so good wrapped around my....

  • R. Aguilar
    R. Aguilar

    OMG your grandparents are so cute! Que Dios te los cuide.

  • KingLouie

    Mr Taco 🤢

  • karina R
    karina R

    Fuck yea, arriba Michoacán 🇲🇽💯🔥

  • La silverado Azul
    La silverado Azul

    Cuando ases un video cosinando con esas uñas 🤔

  • Manuel Ruiz
    Manuel Ruiz

    You’re that girl from that meme???

  • Ramírez Ramírez
    Ramírez Ramírez

    Se te ve que nomas te gusta la parranda y estar arreglándote,vieras de enseñarte hacer tortillas a mano

  • Claudia Contreras
    Claudia Contreras

    11:09 omg I’m so jealous 😩😭

  • Eduardo Vega
    Eduardo Vega

    New sub 😍😍😍 u got a new super fan .. so beautiful girl.. viva Mexico y Michoacan. De lla es mi familia chingao.. pura mujer hermosisima.. god bless u pretty..

  • ari g
    ari g


  • pancho villa
    pancho villa

    Estás más rica que unos aguachiles con una tecate

  • Rolando Mota
    Rolando Mota

    Your gorgeous im proud of my michoacan blood

  • Addicted To Boxing
    Addicted To Boxing

    What kind of coffee maker is that? Jenny you need to talk to your grandpa, dad and brothers to see what has them with their women all these years. Guarantee you it's not because they're all arreglada.

  • Addicted To Boxing
    Addicted To Boxing

    Grampa is right. Everything is fake and unnecessary. You're already pretty. Woody lol ..

  • Juan de La Cruz
    Juan de La Cruz

    Cómo te verás al natural ? I mean natural, sin tinte en el pelo, sin pestañas postizas, sin extensiones, sin maquillaje exagerado, sin uñas postizas, sin joyeria ???

  • Roberto Cavalli
    Roberto Cavalli

    Oh dayum your folks are also from Michoacán?? Cool mine are from Panindícuaro

  • Ahmed Surah
    Ahmed Surah

    Tucson Arizona

  • Ahmed Surah
    Ahmed Surah

    Love you 😘♥️

  • Pedro Reyna
    Pedro Reyna

    Q ermosa está

  • Frankenstein

    7:40 sorry but you need to fix your son head, instead of having him sleep fuckked up.. and on top of that, when he says you keep the the kid.. smh I would smack him while he is driving lmbo

  • Poncho Diaz
    Poncho Diaz

    Hola mi amor te amo

  • Santi

    Saludos linda!!!

  • Martha Ordaz Antonio
    Martha Ordaz Antonio

    Si no fueras tan mierda. Y hablaras español sería o tendrían mas gente latina. Sigue así y te vas a la vga.

  • gomez ga
    gomez ga

    disrespectful to let your dad go in the back :/ like your brother should’ve atleast said no i’ll go in the back :/ also being ungrateful and not saying thank you for your dad washing your car :/ i love you girl but that was messed up

  • Guadalupe Albarran
    Guadalupe Albarran

    Michoacán 🙌🏻

  • Abby Torres
    Abby Torres

    Your a great person and mom. God bless you and your family!!!

  • Raquel Mejia
    Raquel Mejia

    Your grandpa is so funny and cute lol

  • Raquel Mejia
    Raquel Mejia

    Damn sis handle that and flip the man some tortilla!

  • Jacqueline Beltran
    Jacqueline Beltran

    her mom clearly said he loves to go in the back! back off, damn let ppl live.

  • Daisy Foster
    Daisy Foster

    Maybe you can wear a “no makeup look” when you see your abuelitos, maybe they get happy, xx 💋

  • Delliah’s Life
    Delliah’s Life

    I went to your parents house years ago with my husband he used to work at FedEx with your brother

  • Melinda Vargas
    Melinda Vargas

    Ur so gorgeous girly I am a new person watching ur old videos and u both are cute couple (: and my niece is a Girl Scout

  • Camelia Palacios
    Camelia Palacios

    Jenny dad was expecting a “Thank you”or Gratitude from her but I can understand from Jenny side sometimes us as human being it’s hard for us to express our feelings or show emphaty but because not everyone is the same .. Now I don’t know and I can’t judge if Jenny dad has been a good father or a bad father but I know one damn thing that’s your parent that’s your family and unfortunately there not here eternity and is never EVER too late to say Thank you dad for washing my car. I know deep down Jenny has a good heart. ❤️

  • The Cavanaugh’s
    The Cavanaugh’s

    I love that you say LOL 😂😂

  • MtzHaydee

    Yes I know what you mean about leaving early . I do the same with my autistic son . But that’s the life of an autistic mom .

  • 2727Memphis

    How do you wipe your butt with those nails?

  • Christina Marie Gomez
    Christina Marie Gomez

    I know what you mean when you say other kids don’t want to play with manny... I have an autistic son and I remember when he was little and we would go to the park and the kids would ask me why doesn’t he talk and they would just look at him like something was wrong with my baby I would get sad for my son 😭and then I would play with him😀

  • Karolina Rugama
    Karolina Rugama

    No se porq m salio est video m yamo l atencion q dise q su abue mejico No abla español

  • Briana Gebell
    Briana Gebell

    First off Catholic culture and jewelry such as rosary’s and jewelry of Jesus and Maria originated in REAL LATINO CULTURE SUCH AS ITALY. Latin culture aka the Largest culturally appropriated Heritage of the century specifically in the USA and by those who foolishly and wrongfully embrace how Latin identity is MISUSED in places like the USA and Canada Latin America is NOT Latin origin therefore these people are NOT Latino they’re conquered native Americans some pure some mixed which is mestizo NOT Latino . Latin America has absolutely NOTHING to do with the accomplishments of Latin culture and those who are born and raised in “Latin” America are very aware of that. In REAL LATIN CULTURE Latino is Not a term used to identify the native Americans /Mestizos/Afro mixed Native Americans except of course other than in the culturally corrupt delusional USA where Latin culture has lost all meaning except for us EDUCATED Latin peoples of course such as an Exotic Italiana as myself aka a TRUE Latina. The only people who call themselves “Latino” from the Americas as In they are born and raised in south Central America/Mexico are delusional idiots who take advantage of USA ignorance in how Latin identity is misused because it’s become trending propaganda for these people to do so vs actual ethnicity which is what being Latin is. NO proud Educated latin man or woman would ever call people from the Americas Latin men and women Latino or Latina because their Ancestry is FACTUALLY NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LATIN CULTURE. And the Only people who would do so are uneducated confused peoples this is mainly people from the USA such as this being labeled Latin when absolutely NOTHING Latin comes from “Latin” America NOR SPAIN👌🏽🇮🇹ALL things LATIN/LATINO FACTUALLY AND HISTORICALLY COME FROM ITALY. WHICH LATINIZED LATIN EUROPE AND LATIN EUROPE CONQUERED THE AMERICAS AND THAT IS ALL LATIN IN LATIN AMERICA MEANS. Latin History can NOT be rewritten by delusional peoples who Embrace how the USA MISUSES Latin identity👌🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹👌🏽