Michelle Wolf is Better Than You
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Michelle talks about making political jokes, Americans being very mature, doing the White House Correspondents' Dinner, internet trolls, looking like Carrot Top, and the real reason she runs ultra-marathons.
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Michelle Wolf is Better Than You

  • Erick Arevalo
    Erick Arevalo

    dang I love her. Those curls 😍

  • DumpstercRATs for extinction 2020
    DumpstercRATs for extinction 2020

    Michelle Woof is one FUGLY UNFUCKABLE MUT!!!

  • Victor Hugo Gonzalez
    Victor Hugo Gonzalez


  • jack mayhoffer
    jack mayhoffer

    Carrot top really shouldn’t wear a blue dress. Just not very flattering.

  • Tim Veldkamp
    Tim Veldkamp

    The best joke she got, is het carrier

  • Keno Steven Neal
    Keno Steven Neal

    Michelle Wolf is brilliant. Love her.

  • 84Elenai

    Her specials are awesome! She's a smart, intelligent woman and I love her. Can't wait to see her new material. As an Italian woman, I just want to say "thank you Michelle".

  • David Griffin
    David Griffin

    Isn't the audience's only job on this type of show to laugh at everything?This may be worse than lily singh

  • S Cherry
    S Cherry


  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    She will burn in hell.

  • Biko The Animator
    Biko The Animator

    Who is this female again? An other female attempting to be funny? She sounds like a monotone Simpson's character. Horrible. Absurd.

  • Baidu Chicom
    Baidu Chicom

    She's funny enough to get fired. For not being funny.

  • M.R R.M
    M.R R.M

    Kick her teeth out and rip her throat... Ha ha ha!!! Baby killer... Ha ha ha!!! Smirdīgā gnīda...

  • David Pfeifer
    David Pfeifer

    When u can’t make certain jokes it’s not being mature it’s being immature sensitive children! These Hollywood ppl are so full of sh*t

  • Rajat Sethi
    Rajat Sethi

    This woman is just amazing. Love her Love her Lover her.

    • Mother Teresa
      Mother Teresa

      Don't most 😻 look a piece of Salami. .and men are gross how come the hole want d cks in are ours. . How come Molly Shattuck had to get boy Drunk to get his teenaged D in her mouth. She Thinks your gross give on her. How insecure can a Girl be that all she does try make everyone else feel bad. If she opressed and Harrased by How you your anatomy then. It's Her not. You.

  • lopsy80

    Checked her age, she's only 34 good grace, they really do age really fast

  • J Law
    J Law

    We are being waayyy too mature these days

  • MrBrothafunk

    I miss her so much she should have more time to shine:)

  • Vicasso Fourie
    Vicasso Fourie

    She is one sick puppy, have you seen her abortion joke. Well I suppose that is what feminism is all about.

  • Jay Yount
    Jay Yount

    I hope someone aborts her from this world then I would laugh.

  • Brand Gadfly
    Brand Gadfly

    Progressives are the most self righteous and self absorbed humans on earth. Delusional. YOU DON'T KNOW MORE THAN..... OR WHATS BEST FOR EVERYONE

  • Jeffrey Martin
    Jeffrey Martin

    The worst comedian & the most annoying host on TV. Kimmel is a huge hypocrite and should do everyone a favor & jump off a cliff.

  • kate L.
    kate L.

    Esta es la actriz que se siente como Dios al abortar, espero que la proxima dija que se siente como Ala o como Mahoma para ver que pasa

    • 84Elenai

      @Juana Medina That was a joke, but Kate doesn't know it. Kate was busy studying the Bible instead of grammar books. She's like that. And now she's correcting us, because we all are morally deviants. Hahahah, what a surprising attitude from a Catholic, uh?! Jeez, religious people are just unbelievable! Hey Kate, read a bloody book and study science from time to time, you lunatic.

    • Juana Medina
      Juana Medina


  • Christian Dehlinger
    Christian Dehlinger

    She is the bottom of the barrel of comedy, shock comedy has turned into gutter comedy. Long live Jim Gaffigan.

  • pamoffa

    Just seen her abortion jokes on Alex Jones. Wow evil personified, not Alex, Her. Even If she doesn't believe it, evil makes her say it to shock and make the good old green back. Absolute scum audience laughing also. Anybody with a shred of decency would have walked out. F you future people that say I'm wrong.

  • Faisal Haq
    Faisal Haq

    Why is she orange?

  • Robbie Hart
    Robbie Hart

    Love you Michelle! Stay brave.

  • athanott

    Hilarious 👏

  • danny rivas
    danny rivas

    She looks like carrot top

  • Kit Coffey
    Kit Coffey

    ... but I knew that! She did amazing at the WHCD!

  • Ricardo

    she is a very sick woman

  • Da Roostah
    Da Roostah

    Is it to late to abort Michelle?

    • Arnold gareth
      Arnold gareth

      Apparently tea what a disappointment 😡 what were her parents thinking?

  • Diana Prince
    Diana Prince

    Michelle Wolf literally makes me sick to my stomach. Anyone who celebrates abortion as she does is pure evil.

  • The Snow Monkey Has Landed
    The Snow Monkey Has Landed

    We'll make fun of her looking like Carrot Top but we won't make fun of Carrot Top looking like Michelle Wolf. I don't get it.

  • Michael Riddell
    Michael Riddell

    Does anyone else agree... Michelle Wolf has a face for radio and a voice for print... not sure how anyone can even find her funny.

  • Sandia Delli Gatti
    Sandia Delli Gatti

    michelle wolf said she feel like God..oh boy.........it does not matte how many reboen batist you go to or hail mary or confession or repents......Once you say you ferl the power of GOD by killing your unborn child..is this a new way of child abuse without manatore assault chargs..okay...but there a catch 22.....She put herself above Jesus son of GOD.....and put hetself up there like MOSES......and fail to read the part in the bible......where it say cant put yourself eqaul or above God......yup.....a lot of bad luck heading your way...

  • ctwatcher

    We so hope God doesn't waste any time on this one that brags of murdering a baby that can't fight back. I wonder if she can fight grown up people and walk away thinking she's God.

    • Not Crazy
      Not Crazy

      I challenged your God to a fistfight. He was too afraid to show up. A forfeit is still a win.

  • Marcus launther
    Marcus launther

    Society is more mature now "😂 I feel the irony in her tone😂

  • Taylor Allen
    Taylor Allen

    What a ho. Jimmy too

  • jason currie
    jason currie

    Just dont find her funny

  • HIF1alpha

    She's not funny at all and her persistently whiny 16-year-old attitude is so annoying.

  • clarkprice1

    She also said that killing her unborn baby made her feel powerful, like a god. Classy.

    • clarkprice1

      Sure I do. I don’t think God laughs about killing unborn babies. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Dr Beyonder
      Dr Beyonder

      clarkprice1 do you think God has a sense of humor? Also that’s her brand of comedy. If want clean family stand up comedy I suggest you look up Jim Gaffigan. He’s clean funny stand up comic.

    • clarkprice1

      So I personally think that is a pretty sick way to think. We all have to make tough choices in our live and I’m not judging anyone. But in my opinion, that’s a weird and sick way to think about something like that.

    • Dr Beyonder
      Dr Beyonder

      clarkprice1 so

  • Gerard Zimmermann
    Gerard Zimmermann

    She is a RASH.

  • Herb Dean
    Herb Dean

    Strangely obvious cut between her joking about the audience lazy and her outro.

  • dwinosam

    Michelle Wolf answers the question: what about if amy shumer had talent

    • S

      dwinosam pls leave Amy Schumer out of this conversation 😂😂

  • chris b
    chris b

    She looks like a fallout character

  • DamnedXtians

    The best thing about Michelle is how much sand she apparently shovels into the thongs of the IDW crowd. Somewhere along the way America sh*t out a generation of ultra-fragile man-boys whose sole purpose in life appears to be getting butt-hurt whenever the spotlight shines on a (fully clothed/capable) woman.

  • Orlando Fernandez
    Orlando Fernandez

    I call him Bootyjiggle.

  • Sandy Koles
    Sandy Koles

    She is so sharp ppl are afraid of her.

  • Sistah W
    Sistah W

    Watched one of her shows on Netflix. Wasn't impressed. I'm sure her type of comedy appeals to some people.

  • Love4pizza

    She is sharp and fast and funny..... and all that!

  • Shadow IV
    Shadow IV

    She's right... I am lazy. I'm out of breath just watching this... I haven't moved. Why am I breathing heavy? Maybe I should a doctoaa;lalfakfjfa;lksd;f.ds..

  • nora robinson
    nora robinson

    She is amazing I loved her at the WHCD all the drama the republicans drummed up because of her jokes just proves they are the real snowflakes ❄️

    • Pr3ssPl4y

      @Haaa aakk Pretty much...

    • Haaa aakk
      Haaa aakk

      @Pr3ssPl4y Are pathetic insults all you have?

    • Pr3ssPl4y

      @Haaa aakk Ah, makes sense. Your prefrontal cortex won't fully form until you're around 26. That's why you lack reasoning skills.

    • Haaa aakk
      Haaa aakk

      @Pr3ssPl4y In a 16 year old body

    • Pr3ssPl4y

      @Haaa aakk I don't. I was just guessing. You sound like a whiny boomer. Old soul?

  • rudeboymon

    Yea..if being ugly was a virtue

  • Etienne Portail
    Etienne Portail

    “She [Sanders] burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. Like, maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s lies. It’s probably lies.” (Michelle Wolf) -> still one of the best !

  • Normal60621

    Michelle Wolf is not seen anymore because she was that of a no talent. The left simply propped her up and they realized she was the wrong tool. It is amazing that Michelle Wolf does not realize the left and the leftist media simply used this woman until they had no use for her and they threw her out like a dirty rag. The other side would have embraced her and she has no clue!!

  • Kane's Crimes
    Kane's Crimes

    She's the tallest dwarf I've ever seen.

  • F YM
    F YM

    Omg I hadn't thought about the "south bent" part.

    • Pr3ssPl4y

      It's south "bend" .

  • Wendy Muller
    Wendy Muller

    The audience wasn't ready.

  • zioncartel

    “she’s better than you” uglier too!

  • Carl Creighton
    Carl Creighton

    she's no Lizzo

  • Eric Ryan
    Eric Ryan

    She carries a lot of baggage.

  • Respect/Walk

    Your Lefty media attacked Monica because the Clinton's were hands off

  • Respect/Walk


  • Shane

    she did a 50 miler after an 8 ball of coke.

    • Death Dealer
      Death Dealer

      Shane 3 8 balls.

  • Shane

    shes not funny.shes old . look at the bags under her eyes. its not from working a real job. smoking dope doing coke and whatever she can get her hands on.

  • jack mayhoffer
    jack mayhoffer

    Carrot top has a sister?

  • chas ames
    chas ames

    A man couldn't tell ANY of the jokes she did. And I think that's her larger comment.

  • chas ames
    chas ames

    Really? You're gonna bleep 'blowjobs'? 'Cause they definitely don't happen *everyday*. Apparently not to the censor.

  • harlow jean 1975 deymonaz
    harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

    I loved the correspondence dinner