Midland - Put The Hurt On Me
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Girl you already got me
Go on and throw out the key
You lock me up with your body
That’s the only way I’ll ever be free
Kill me softly baby with your kiss
If I go I wanna go like this
Come on be as cruel as you can be
Yeah baby put the hurt on me
Don’t have to promise tomorrow
I know that’s only a lie
But one more taste of your sweet poison
Is gonna burn me just right
Repeat Chorus
Come on come a little closer to me
Let the heartache just wash over me
Repeat Chorus
Oh yeah, baby put the hurt on me

Music video by Midland performing Put The Hurt On Me. © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

  • Richard Hendrickson
    Richard Hendrickson

    Fans of Midland.... in case you haven't, check out the Derailers and the Mavericks. If you like Midland you'll like these now defunct bands from the 90's.

  • rustamtheshadow

    Can’t wait to see these guys live ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lil Red Corvette
    Lil Red Corvette

    🎲❤️🎲 100% SEXY 🎲❤️🎲

  • James Bagwell
    James Bagwell

    Love it! It has a Mavericks feel to it. This band is keeping country music alive.

  • Dustin Guriel
    Dustin Guriel

    Amazing song. Amazing mullet style. Love this band, every time I say they can't get any better.. they always do!

  • GUN SLIN6ER 12
    GUN SLIN6ER 12

    This really moves my soul.

  • Scarlet Madison Lachica
    Scarlet Madison Lachica

    From Canada with love!

  • Donna Jamieson
    Donna Jamieson

    Love Midland - be nicer if Mark would loose the wife beater shirt & the mullet hair - but listening is great

  • dpcjim

    Best new group in YEARS!! Seen them twice now in concert - Terrific!!

  • Joel Guerrero
    Joel Guerrero

    I cant wait for them 2 come 2 Kansas someday.

  • Smith gNarly
    Smith gNarly

    I’m obsessed



  • Maximus Augustus
    Maximus Augustus

    this song deserves 400 million views

  • Ronna Ventro
    Ronna Ventro

    MIDLAND!!!! WoW! You're awesome! Love this song!

  • Kent Shultz
    Kent Shultz

    Why are these guys not #1

  • Alyse Dubinsky
    Alyse Dubinsky

    I love this song

  • Kathy Whittle
    Kathy Whittle

    That is one hotttt sexy man!! Oh yeah!!

  • Su Phakhen
    Su Phakhen


  • Bobby Stanley
    Bobby Stanley

    'bout time New Country went back to the basics of Old Country Music. It is hard not to like Midland if you are a REAL Country fan.

  • aaron thomas
    aaron thomas

    Not even 200k subs What's the world coming to 😟

  • william peck
    william peck

    Good tunes

  • susana4028

    Matame suavemente con tus besos midland!

  • Justin F
    Justin F

    These guys give us all hope for them realllll good country tunes!!

  • Jaclyn crystal
    Jaclyn crystal

    Love the southern twang. ❤

  • Blue Euphoria
    Blue Euphoria

    Any other songs that sound like this? I have been starting to listen to midland.

  • Sandra Gonzales
    Sandra Gonzales

    I’ve never heard a better song! So smooth it makes you melt! 🥰

  • Christina Ament
    Christina Ament

    I think she's waiting!! Come Over!!❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘💥💥💥💥💞💞🥰

  • Tim

    So happy to have a TRUE country music band in today’s POP music being called country ! Thank you MIDLAND !!

  • Lacinda MooreReinhardt
    Lacinda MooreReinhardt

    That intro....

  • Agent 07
    Agent 07

    Over half a million views only? This song should hit 1 billion. Haven't heard country as country in a long time. Loving everything about this band. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rachelle

    I love this song, I love this video. put the hurt on ME, boy.

  • thena marie
    thena marie


  • Hannah Snedeger
    Hannah Snedeger

    Wow I love put the hurt on me! They get better & better.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    Everyone who likes Midland should check out Chad Cooke Band. You won't regret it!

  • DonBanana Juice
    DonBanana Juice

    Little bit of Santana feeling on the strings. Just a few seconds throughout this song!!!😍

  • Rinyapam Shatsang
    Rinyapam Shatsang

    This gives goosebumps evrytime listening to it. .. Midland beats every other country bands of today.

  • Tim Mutina
    Tim Mutina

    Just another TOP hit.... Great job Midland..

  • Sarah Munoz
    Sarah Munoz


  • cgr88m

    Bro theyre so 90s the alan jackson mullet and mustache, love their style. No highlights no true religion jeans, no stupid ass gimmicks, just some real fucking country. And this coming from someone who doesnt listen to country. Theyre making country popular again.

  • Jay R17
    Jay R17

    Wow. Nice. Very nice.

  • Channeling Astor
    Channeling Astor


  • Tim Davis
    Tim Davis

    Eh, you’ve done better

  • Karen Jewett
    Karen Jewett

    Love traditional country, these guys are good

  • Beatriz galindo
    Beatriz galindo


  • not_ haemoglobin
    not_ haemoglobin

    In the world of FGL, be a Midland 💕🤩 love from Mizoram

  • alajsj T
    alajsj T

    Better than Luke Bryan's rapey ass

  • Steven Morrison
    Steven Morrison

    Funny thing is they don't even have country music backgrounds. They're outfits are just part of the gimmick

  • Taryn Hussey
    Taryn Hussey

    Who else loves these guys! Lets give them a big hand ❤💯 Midland put the hurt on me!

  • Tanya Rose
    Tanya Rose

    Love them so much 😍

  • Terry Sutton
    Terry Sutton

    Awesome love Midland

  • Shiana T
    Shiana T

    I love this song

  • ut93rph

    Mavericks guitar sound.......Liam Gallagher stance.......solid country gold.

    • Jerm Johnson
      Jerm Johnson

      I get a mavericks vibe as well

  • Mythic_Alpha

    Love the song !!! The beginning kinda reminds me of a song from the Mavericks ! I love that 90s Vibe !

  • John Calvin
    John Calvin

    This shit hella lit🔥🔥🔥🤟

  • Nikie Wicker
    Nikie Wicker

    This is real country!! This is a real love song not hop in my truck girl and we’ll go riding and get drunk crap, you can feel and hear the emotion when he sings it’s from the heart. Love you midland keep it up!!!

  • Christi Aguero
    Christi Aguero

    Mark the lead singer is so dam sexy

  • Hunter Pannell
    Hunter Pannell

    Pretty sure I'm responsible for at least a 1000 views by now. I have to play this song every time I get in the car

  • austinkftx daniels
    austinkftx daniels

    As A Country DJ....This Is Like Christmas To Me! Can't Wait for the Rest Of The New Collection!

  • Renzo Able
    Renzo Able

    Love this one too.. anyone can share a karaoke of this song please?

  • Spicy Leonardo
    Spicy Leonardo


  • rookiegrandpa

    Awesome band!

  • george jewell
    george jewell

    Amazing sound every time......

  • Arturo Perez
    Arturo Perez

    Country love making song? Ask the wife ;)

  • Cynthia Dillard
    Cynthia Dillard

    I really really like them

  • Suzette m
    Suzette m

    Country as it should be. Great music.

  • Dustin Lynch
    Dustin Lynch

    I’m waiting for you whoever you are out there in the world.

  • Wakkawakka Gitarre
    Wakkawakka Gitarre

    Awesome!! They got it...Style from 70's Music from 90's ....maybe he drives a Pontiac from the 80's ;) Regards from Germany

  • chad petrowski
    chad petrowski

    Ready for a hollow point too the head real music please

  • Bryson Jobe
    Bryson Jobe

    Straight Fire! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Juanita Hamilton
    Juanita Hamilton

    Hey guys thanks for doing so great and keeping it country .. and for all the sexy u have in almost every song .. keeping it country .. 🙌🏼& ullala 💯❤️