Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?
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  • Paulo Massarde
    Paulo Massarde

    The path to be rich is to be great at something.. 99% of ppl in this planet are mediocre at best and despite the fact we all want to be rich we just don't want do what it takes.

  • Pelhamite

    Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration. Keep grinding. You can't keep a good person down.

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov
    Mikhail Kalashnikov

    Environmental justice = Marxist loon

  • Sneekyninja007

    Bald headed guy Is a tool, his outlook is the reason he has nothing. Little man can't get ahead. Doesn't have control of his own future.

  • Pita Ariadne
    Pita Ariadne

    i enjoy graham and tierra's interaction

  • Loose Ozzy Political Punting
    Loose Ozzy Political Punting

    Guys talking is good

  • Jovanka Smiljanic-Jazic
    Jovanka Smiljanic-Jazic

    Graham is a boss

  • Subsistence

    4:33 A broke woman dont want a broke man. A rich woman Dont want a broke man. Hypergamy at best yall

  • Jacob Chacko
    Jacob Chacko

    Tim's mentality is the exact reason why he's 50 (im guessing) and still working in minimum wage

  • Brandon Saltzman
    Brandon Saltzman

    Tim is so full of dog doo doo

  • Benson Moore
    Benson Moore

    Investment you placed today will definitely be a life changing one for you even after 10 years, The rich invest and make good living while the poor working their whole life.

    • zelina thompson
      zelina thompson

      Just came across her name here too, indeed she is great

    • zelina thompson
      zelina thompson

      everyone(brokers) here is like Mrs Mary Walls then there would be no problem and the world would be a better place. She has helped so many people and I'm part of those people.

    • Michael Oliver Torres
      Michael Oliver Torres

      Never been given chance to appreciate her efforts

    • Michael Oliver Torres
      Michael Oliver Torres

      Without the help of Mrs Mary Walls today, I would still been in abject poverty struggling with life, that's the best testimony gotten so far after years of great loss here on TR-my, I do thank her and is grateful and recommended her for those out there who're confused about forex too or make very low profit

    • Andres Gerardo
      Andres Gerardo

      I love this Mrs Mary Walls😊 I love her strategies and methods, I was able to withdraw $13,500 in a week, there is more to the system than the eye sees sometimes, sometimes this videos don't really help much as they end up confusing you more. When I came across Mrs Mary the confusion ended

  • Ali Boo
    Ali Boo

    I think what people don't think about is the difference between having a lot of money because you worked hard and the billionaires who made their money exploiting people. Not everyone can become a millionaire because of the socioeconomic conditions that were mentioned in the video, yes, but also because many minimum wage workers are the ones being exploited. Example: workers at Amazon making bezos the first trillionaire.

  • Jadin Ellis
    Jadin Ellis

    “I work on environmental justice, social justice, housing justice...” Huh, I wonder why he’s broke lol

  • OAL sythe
    OAL sythe

    Brett tall asf like damn

  • エディEduardo

    I make my money by selling organs on the black market

  • eunice

    The girl with the short hair is my girlfriend isn't as so pretty :)

  • drzrider911

    Lazy people really want socialism, I live in Russia, I’ve seen what socialism brings. You spoiled brats don’t want socialism.

  • Robert Rydlewski
    Robert Rydlewski

    Very interesting

  • Joelo

    Everybody wants to win the lotto, but you have to make the dollar to by the ticket and then play it.

  • Micky-J Productions
    Micky-J Productions

    Tim and Beatriz will be poor for life with those attitudes towards financial success

  • Shashank Kaveti
    Shashank Kaveti

    I came into this with pro-Capitalist views, but the way Tim presented his viewpoint made me think. I don’t agree with everything he says, but we can definitely clean up a few things.

  • Shashank Kaveti
    Shashank Kaveti

    Tierra has a bright future


      I feel like she has a story to tell and a really nice personality. She should start a TR-my channel!

  • Tambino1

    Left side ath the end Shaking hands: " Can I borrow 20 bucks?"

  • Saajidah Jardien
    Saajidah Jardien

    I know I'm a year late , but Graham sweetheart 👏. Your mindset . . . It's not at all a wonder why you are so successful... And Tierra I love your character and personality , you are so sweet and humble. 🤗

  • Angie Rose
    Angie Rose

    Rich people are motivated people that also get lucky. So it takes a lot of work but not everyone who is motivated is offered the chance, even if they're ready to take it.

  • Gerardo Salazar
    Gerardo Salazar

    Anyone can be rich. Rich does not mean Beverly Hills 10 million dollar mansion rich. Rich means you have enough for luxuries. Anyone can be rich. Maybe not by your 20's. That is unreasonable. But by 50 you can do that. There is no excuses. Maybe a child but most people have them voluntarily. The girl mentions her dad not bieng able to start his own company. If he could of waited a couple years before having money he could of made it. Then his kids could of grown up with money. If you wait to have kids and save money. Becoming rich should come along easily.

  • Gerardo Salazar
    Gerardo Salazar

    Tim says they did not earn anything and took advantage of workers. Like how they make money for houses they did not built. But those people were paid to do that. They did not work for free. They accepted to do that for a price.

  • Gerardo Salazar
    Gerardo Salazar

    Couple things. Tim is happy with minumum wage. He says he is okay with that. But 99.9% of people want more. Also how are you like 50 years old and still earn minimum wage.

  • Natalie J
    Natalie J

    If I had saved every penny I made while living with my parents in hs, I could have started a company or a small business. Just because the real estate agent didn’t build the houses he sold, doesn’t mean he didn’t work. Working isn’t just building, selling is a real job and takes work and time.

  • Jackson Fishburn
    Jackson Fishburn

    Brett standing next to the other millionaires made them look like 5 year olds 3:13

  • Kevin Brady
    Kevin Brady

    Tim looks like he is 45 or 50 years old and he is still a minimum wage worker. What a loser he has no reason to cry and point the finger at anyone else.

  • Still Not A Millionaire
    Still Not A Millionaire

    Really enjoy seeing the different mentalities and stories here Ambition is everything!

  • Malcolm Kellogg
    Malcolm Kellogg

    The difference in mentality is huge here, the millionaires have their money invested and have a purpose. The minimum wage workers have an attitude towards money that hampers wealth acquisition greatly. Namely that they don't feel, due to their current situation, that they can ever be wealthy.

  • Thing Of A Thing
    Thing Of A Thing

    Bruh its 1 and i have to get up at 6 a and I can’t stop watching these wtf

  • julia tobio
    julia tobio

    “anyone can become rich is they work hard enough” implies that people who aren’t rich don’t work hard. and that i disagree with.

    • DrCola

      Work smarter not harder. Working a minimum wage job is working hard, but not smart. They aren't the ones barely having any friends, not buying anything extra for themselves, and making the huge sacrifices needed. They also aren't the ones working 12 hours starting a business with your extra money saved up from only buying necessity's

  • clem collison
    clem collison

    What Graham and the guy in the black said in response to what Tim said is a wild simplification you can't just believe your way out of a bad financial situation especial like he said if you've taken a risk before and you can't afford to take another one, you can believe in yourself all you want but what you need is money to make more money. A good mindset is a start but there are so many factors that go into becoming a millionaire which granted is not impossible but not as commonly accessible as so many people in the comments seem to believe

  • Emmie Gimme
    Emmie Gimme

    Tiara is gorgeous 🥺

  • Sean Ford
    Sean Ford

    That bald guy at the end described a communist society.

  • Jeremiah Mckenna
    Jeremiah Mckenna

    Oh, the Victim/ Woe is me attitude is sickening.

  • Jonas

    I always skipped the parts when Tim was talking because I don't want to pollute my mindset.

  • The empty Nothing
    The empty Nothing

    U guys should have invited vanoss and gis friends, they’re the true minimum wage workers.

  • Skylar Derthick
    Skylar Derthick

    I love how Graham is on here!!!

  • garrett smith
    garrett smith

    my boy Tim has no brain man

  • Stop looking at my name
    Stop looking at my name

    Ok everyone all children now have to make their own pencils and paper because they didn’t actually write it because they didn’t make 😐 this is basically what that man is saying when he said you didn’t build that house so you shouldn’t be being payed to sell it andI understand that in a way but no one is going to buy a house off someone without any experience in that profession if you understand what I mean so because Rosa Parks didn’t make the bus she didn’t stand up to racism in you look at what he said in a world wide example

  • Ross Williams
    Ross Williams

    12:54 you know Graham will be talking for an extra hour after this

  • Saint Nico
    Saint Nico

    No wonder this bald dude works for social justice😂


    1:24 I never knew graham was so tiny!

  • jacob

    Dont be a tim

  • LI LY
    LI LY

    I felt what Beatriz said, I agree. Not everyone can get rich. Some people really have too many barriers that hold them back. Their family, their kids, death of a parent/husband/wife/child, a string of terrible events, not able to save, not able to get to school, not able to learn English, becoming disabled, and so on

  • Jessica Bixler
    Jessica Bixler

    Did she say people in Jr high were getting boobs? what school is that?

  • Bigbooty Man • 69 hours ago
    Bigbooty Man • 69 hours ago

    That one guy that was the public worker that made minimum wage was basically justifying not trying because you might fail.

  • JV _
    JV _

    Tim is that one guy who acts "woke" and posts black squares on his instagram and prays beneath a portrait of Karl Marx every night before he goes to bed.

  • JV _
    JV _

    MIllionaires: I spent countless hours and worked from the ground up to get where I am today Minimum Wage Workers: *suprised pikachu face*

  • John Apple
    John Apple

    ''i'll tell you all about credit cards'' imagine self built millionaire Graham trying to teach you something when your minimum wage, the excitement though

  • Asifur Rahman
    Asifur Rahman

    Ahh this is where I first watched graham

  • Efren Rios
    Efren Rios

    Ayyyeee graham !!

  • Luis Fermin
    Luis Fermin

    Work smarter not harder.

  • Víctor Enrique
    Víctor Enrique

    All of the people in the comments speaking about "mindset" are about to be blown away by the fact that having a "good mindset" is also a form of privilege. I make lots of money working a job I love, but before all that I was born into a toxic family. I had a massive inferiority complex all my life. I thought I did not deserve anything and that all I was useful for was for working at braindead jobs making minimum wage. I was lucky enough to meet the love of my life, a woman that loves me dearly. She has a "good mindset" about stuff because, guess what, her parents treated her like a human being. And I had to learn that "good mindset" to be where I'm at now. Having a stable, emotionally supportive family is a massive privilege and people that tell you that your "bad mindset" is the problem are awfully unaware of that. Having a supportive family also largely depends on generational trauma. If your parents were bullied, outcasted, preyed upon, sexually abused on, it tends to reflect on the way they treat their children and how they make the child feel about him/herself. And surprise surprise, race, gender and social status greatly influence trauma and mental health, and that's why poor people have "bad mindsets". Poor people have "bad mindsets" because social inequality generates trauma and trauma generates "bad mindsets". It's a catch-22.

  • ReubenXR

    Tim and Christiana are weird af.

  • Joshua Kwasniewski
    Joshua Kwasniewski

    Tim... The classic liberal that blames everything on PRIVELAGE! Bro, listen to Graham especially... Had nothing and took risks and put himself out there. In 2020 America, if you work hard, you can be who you want to be.

    • Joshua Kwasniewski
      Joshua Kwasniewski

      @Maksie0 Because in society, they make sense. Now we have an infinite amount of genders, supposedly America is Racist even though it is the most free, prosperous & generous country in the world.

    • Maksie0

      @Joshua Kwasniewski All words are made up

    • Joshua Kwasniewski
      Joshua Kwasniewski

      @Maksie0 the last 2 categorical words are made up words...

    • Maksie0

      @Joshua Kwasniewski You're delusional if you think being white, male, heterosexual, able-bodied, neurotypical, cisgender, etc don't give you privilege in today's society.

    • Joshua Kwasniewski
      Joshua Kwasniewski

      @Maksie0 I'm saying Privilege does not exist outside of being able to be born in America, have both parents together and have those parents bring you up properly. Outside of that... No privilege does NOT exist. Even if born into poverty, 1.) Graduate high school, 2.) Get a part time job & go to community college, 3.) Graduate and get a good job. The rest will take care of itself.

  • JonOnFIRE: Budgeting, Investing, Financial Freedom
    JonOnFIRE: Budgeting, Investing, Financial Freedom

    *Tierra has the mindset of a millionaire* She is gonna go so far, right now she is in a different chapter but she is preparing herself for such a bright future.

  • koushinproductions

    "Anyone can become rich if they work hard for it." Not true at all, one simple thing that people tends to forget, is luck. You maybe an honor student, you might have the knowledge and wisdom, the perseverance, but you also need to have luck.

  • Antonia Traistaru
    Antonia Traistaru

    Graham is in Selling Sunset behind Romain in the episode in which they throw a party in Malibu

  • Aili

    no cap, tierra has an amazing personality

  • Jackie Lon
    Jackie Lon

    All I heard was excuses (minimum) vs. sacrifices (millionaire). Tim is literally what’s wrong with America. All I heard from Tim was “I’m a victim, the world is so unfair.”

    • Maksie0

      There's a lot wrong with America and Tim ain't it.

  • Christian Ruano
    Christian Ruano

    Of course the only female millionaire doesn’t give to the less fortunate :)

  • Shane Gravitt
    Shane Gravitt

    The gentleman with the shaved head in particular seemed to spend much of his time arguing (rationalizing) why not everyone has the ability to become wealthy. I guarantee the millionaires spend their time figuring out how to get around, over or otherwise past those impediments. "Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours"

  • Bear Wanderer
    Bear Wanderer

    Sometimes I don't think self made millionaires realize that yes, the grind and mentality are extremely important. Still like the older guy said, there are certain barriers and situations where things really don't work out when for you they have worked out. Like the Real Estate guy, who got taken under someone's wing who was generous enough to do so. Which he even said he met like 50 real estate agents, and only 1 was willing to do what he did. As I always say, 70-80% of success come from attitude, and knowledge the other 20 to 30% that makes the biggest difference is luck and connections. He didn't start off with connections, but the moment he was lucky enough to make that first connection that is when it all came together. This isn't a white thing either though, black, Asian, Hispanic people have gotten similar lucky moments as well, and of course it is what you do with that chance that truly matters. I just think they have to realize not everyone finds that chance ever, even when they are looking for it. Also realize that no one makes it alone, at every point of success there is someone else who took a chance on you, which isn't really what I read from them personally.

  • Kim Brodersen
    Kim Brodersen

    That one guy is a mountain

  • Andrew Gibbs
    Andrew Gibbs

    Tim answered his own question if you don't speak english you cant build connections lol