Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?
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  • Alphfia


  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    I love how respectful this episode was

  • jose hernandez
    jose hernandez

    Graham is really a hardworking guy he made all his money right and keeps doing it

  • Brandon Osborne
    Brandon Osborne

    I just love that no matter what TR-my channel Graham is on, credit card churning will always pop up somewhere in the conversation

  • Icram Mohamed Chaban
    Icram Mohamed Chaban

    Jubilee: I am not afraid to spoil myself. Graham: *Looks into the distance*

  • Mega War
    Mega War

    Beatriz has no idea what's going on

  • me

    I'm living for the black neon girl

  • Curtis Derbyshire
    Curtis Derbyshire

    Also depends on the house morgues, some morgues in the UK give you a 1k income per month

  • Ratatǫskr

    I think Graham and Tierra have some crushing going on

  • Disciple808

    Seeing this side of Graham was very eye opening, I appreciate this and all the others being open to this.

  • neilbradley

    "I feel it becomes more like a self fulfilling prophecy, as in 'what if I go into it and what if I fail' and that becomes my main focus?"

  • Morgan Kaplan
    Morgan Kaplan

    omg graham stephan

  • Loyalty-Sentry

    Some of these people really need to look at life with another perspective. Life is not fair. Hardwork doesn't always equal money, there's a ton of luck involved. Someone who lives in a third world country born into a poor family can have as much "hope" and "believe in themselves" and "never give up" but in the end, life is not fair and white millionaires telling their stories about hardwork doesn't mean it can be like that for everyone.

  • mark tackett
    mark tackett

    Obligated to be charitable, no one should be obligated, in fact I think people are more willing to give when their isn’t someone saying they have to or it’s their responsibility simply because they have a big bank acct.

  • Hadri Zharif
    Hadri Zharif

    Stephen, I predicted your selections and they were all correct ! Haha guess ive watched your videos too much

  • bullsquid42

    Just because you were poor and managed to make a lot of money, doesn't mean ANYONE could have done that. How this isn't obvious to these smart seeming millionaires baffles me. You still have to be born with the required intelligence, and a thousand other things that are out of your control.

  • PMoose Traven
    PMoose Traven

    For capitalism to function there will always have to be someone at the bottom. So no, working harder doesn’t translate to wealth. If everyone worked harder and smarter they all can’t be rich, because then everyone would be the same and that would be socialism.

    • Chloë

      not everybody is fearless businessman so yeah at least 80% of the people will always stay at the bottom, i'm quite fine with that.

  • ivanpro123

    Tim will always be poor with that mindset. It's blatant.

  • Seddd Zennn
    Seddd Zennn

    Tim first speech were awesome

  • Joel Delaney
    Joel Delaney

    12:05 Graham buy that girl a car!

  • MrGetsome21

    Graham looking like a ferret in the thumbnail

  • Faraz Hedayat
    Faraz Hedayat

    Tim is a learned dude!

  • aziz adventures
    aziz adventures

    Terra is gonna be a millionaire.

  • Naray Cross
    Naray Cross

    I think we should rephrase the phrase "Work Hard". Should be "Work Strong, work smart" or "work hard, spend smart". Something on the lines of a hard work ethic but invest your money wisely.

  • Avery Jones
    Avery Jones

    I fw Tim


    Only clicked for Graham 🙏🏽

  • LOLHenryLOL

    "Money doesn't matter" Me: Is that communism?

  • LOLHenryLOL

    "Money doesn't matter" Me: Is that communism?

  • Krys Burke
    Krys Burke

    It’s funny how being wealthy is a taboo to the regressive left. If you watch Graham’s videos, he most likely lives a much more disciplined (financially) lifestyle than the people that make much less than him.

  • Not in Gb
    Not in Gb

    The bald guy has such a loser mentality. He sounds to me like he is rationalizing why he has to be miserable no matter what. No dude, instead of thinking of reasons why its impossible, think of how it could be possible.

  • Sylvie Joseph
    Sylvie Joseph

    Best take away from Brett: “Your beliefs create the level of actions you take; and the level of actions you take determine your results.”

  • Tiki Media
    Tiki Media

    Seeing a lot of those comments of: "Becoming rich and successful is a lot harder than you think." Being broke is hard. Becoming wealthy from nothing is hard. It's up to you to decide which "hard" you want in your life.

  • WOLF pack vids
    WOLF pack vids

    I love graham

  • Rachel Morrow
    Rachel Morrow

    WhO cAmE hErE for GrAhAm

  • why me
    why me

    i was so surprised that most of them agreed anyone could become rich if they worked hard enough... that’s absolutely not true

  • Santiago Arce
    Santiago Arce

    Why would someone call their daughter Tierra? Does it mean something other than "earth" in Spanish?

  • Jada Hardy
    Jada Hardy

    that white boy in the brown jacket is so money hungry and does absolutely nothing with his money and trust me he is apart of the problem hoarding wealth like what is wrong with you

  • bandgeek89

    Tim is such a great person. He doesn't even see or think of money as an issue or how it limits us, and just finds joy in the little things in life. Good for him.

  • Brianna Hills
    Brianna Hills

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  • Portly Welfare King
    Portly Welfare King

    Tall ass mothaphukka

  • Robert Rudolf
    Robert Rudolf

    Don't depend on wages and message Jeff on 2486338457 he helps me make money

  • Roosa L
    Roosa L

    "Anyone can become rich" there is only one answer: no. Have these people really forgot about the 3 billion+ living in poverty (1 billion+ in extreme poverty), the disabled, the illiterate etc. Lez go to Yemen to talk about investing money. USA has been said to suffer from the worst poverty in the developed world so you'd think they'd know.

  • Stumpo Bear
    Stumpo Bear

    not to flex but I’m Homeless

  • Stumpo Bear
    Stumpo Bear

    ERIN: Money’s not Vegan

  • Xanidor Gaming
    Xanidor Gaming

    I would like to meet Brett, he seems like a nice guy

  • Mackenzie ASMR
    Mackenzie ASMR

    That really tells me something.... all the millionaires wish they had more money. It would never be enough. I want to be content with necessities.. then I can spend more time on the more important things.

  • Scott Gallacher
    Scott Gallacher

    I clicked on this thinking "Graham will love this" jokes on me Graham is in this

  • EnDSchultz

    Of course the last thing you hear from Graham is "Oh yeah, I'll tell you all about credit cards."

  • gavin Frierson
    gavin Frierson

    The millionaire spoke truth always getting what you want make you spoiled and ungrateful but working for it allows you to appreciate things I mean the mindset humans have today is “I want the Lamborghini “ “I want more food” “I WANT MORE “ yes it’s ok to spoil yourself sometimes to make to congratulate yourself for working hard. I think of it like this you play a video game idk Zelda breath of the wild or clash royale you hack the game of Zelda to get all the gear elixirs and weapons or clash to get all the cards but you never worked for them sure it might feel for the moment but over time you will get bored their is nothing else to get and you want more but cannot get it because you just spoiled yourself and didn’t work for it so you didn’t value it as much and you didn’t want it no more

  • gavin Frierson
    gavin Frierson

    Bro why spend a good amount of your life with no friends in order to get a big house a good car but in the end of the day their is nobody in that house with you nobody to drive you or for you to drive nobody to love nobody to share with because you chose money over family and friends now I could see putting friends to the side till you get rich and then bringing them back in as long as you still talk to them or else it’s like bringing a stranger in into your life because you haven’t talked in a while

  • Infires

    Christianna is all I aspire to be in life

  • Joe C
    Joe C

    "I want to see a society where the money that we have doesn't determine all of our possibilities." This guy doesn't have the first clue about what money is. Without money there would be no efficient mechanism to distribute the resources we do have or bring new resources to market. Without money EVERYONE would be living in abject poverty.

  • Neidentifikovani Leteći Objekat
    Neidentifikovani Leteći Objekat

    Graham gives me the "I have 3 girls tied up in my basement" kinda vibe

  • Taniya Hk
    Taniya Hk


  • Lord

    I would like to see people with Foot Fetishes vs people against foot fetishes.

  • The Book reader
    The Book reader

    Graham is saying 20 cent coffee and 90 cent avocado toast in his head 😂

  • Johnathan K Woodard
    Johnathan K Woodard

    I like most of the people in this video, so this isn't really a critique, but does anybody else notice that every woman in the room turns very, very capitalist when they start talking about the guys they want to date?

  • GamerBoy04

    I only watched this bc of graham Stephan and I wish he would react to this

  • RushButter

    No one: Graham: I do my laundry on off-peak electrical hours.

  • Deborah Walker
    Deborah Walker

    Graham and Theirra are just vibing! They seem to really HEAR each other. And they didn't hug! Defo like each other

  • ShadesAndBoots

    It's irritating when you ask someone a question & they continuously take it to the abstract. "Why do we associate spoiling ourselves with money?" ...because this is a panel who was selected based on their differing economic statuses & "spoiling yourself" is directly related to financially having the ability to do so.

  • Adrian Grza
    Adrian Grza

    Bald guy will go crazy reading Das Kapital

  • C-BREAK فسحة
    C-BREAK فسحة

    Tim's thinking is the reason he's not rich💔

  • Jerewy

    This dude has a 2.0 gpa but is the smartest person in the room... and that’s not a bad thing...

  • Mark M
    Mark M

    the fact that those two people sat back when they asked anybody could get rich, shows they are just unmotivated lazy people

  • Father Leo
    Father Leo

    Graham is such a great speaker. He really needs to start diving in on being a public speaker and get more money!!

  • Ian Dutra
    Ian Dutra

    “Oh yeah I’ll tell you all about credit card churning” Graham Stephan fans will understand😂😂😂

  • Cynthia Romero
    Cynthia Romero

    Not everyone can be successful in every scenario you need a boss and you need workers both roles are valuable though

  • Rosy Jackson
    Rosy Jackson


  • Fire Breathing Moon Beam
    Fire Breathing Moon Beam

    I love the quote. "I'll die. d-cup"