Miraculous ladybug season 3 episode 20 / StartRain [eng]
Mira PL
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  • Teresa Garcia
    Teresa Garcia

    Chloe is so bossy and ridiculous utterly ridiculous. See what I did there and she always try's to get her miraculous when she knows she can't and she never understsands.

  • Melisa Kong
    Melisa Kong

    ....its not StartRain its StarTrain

  • Sophia Bislig
    Sophia Bislig


  • WolfCatMari


  • WolfCatMari

    TRIGGERED This is to cuteeee

  • Lili Najwa
    Lili Najwa

    Hey merrynetti look like me but I have sekart too 😅😅😅

  • Belinda Egan
    Belinda Egan

    love you ladbug

  • Gacha girl 2.0
    Gacha girl 2.0

    Me what I see Lila: no you need to die in a hole girl

  • Gacha girl 2.0
    Gacha girl 2.0

    Marinette: *sleeps on Adrien shoulder* Me: *screams of joy*

  • Mr Wong
    Mr Wong

    I really hate Lila!

  • Kaylee Faye
    Kaylee Faye

    It's cuter when Marinette is with Adrian in his cat form..... But that's not in this episode

  • Khadija Sahar
    Khadija Sahar

    8:44 so cute 😊

  • Meringue

    *"Are you Glorious and Famous?"* I love it

  • Tamilselviw Siva
    Tamilselviw Siva

    Adrien: she's just a friend me: then why he is flirting with her?😞

  • Harley Jackson
    Harley Jackson

    Max's transformation was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

  • Gilli Ram
    Gilli Ram

    How Old is Ladybug 🐞

  • Gilli Ram
    Gilli Ram

    How es Ladybug 🐞

  • Kaetlen Mundy
    Kaetlen Mundy

    When Max transformed, I honestly thought of two things: One- Way to go Max! Looking awesome buddy! Two- Did anyone else get a very Matrix-like vibe from that transformation?

  • Sam Berg
    Sam Berg

    Adrien: were just FRIENDS also Adrien: * Marinette falls asleep on his arm * leans head on her head Adrien: were just friends

  • Mahbub Ahmed
    Mahbub Ahmed

    How cute 😏 Adrinette for life!

  • Jessica Selevchuk
    Jessica Selevchuk

    Anybody gonna talk about now Max looks like he belongs in the Matrix?

  • Betsy Spear
    Betsy Spear

    16:05 there is a person still on the train!!

  • Qaiser Abbas
    Qaiser Abbas

    Marinate sleep on Adrien shoulder OMG ❤️

  • Emily Tague
    Emily Tague


  • Jagjot Grewal
    Jagjot Grewal


  • Jay Tal
    Jay Tal

    My gawd the intro is so funny i keep reapeting it haahahhaha

  • Vicky Puisan
    Vicky Puisan

    I like how Chloe just takes the Akuma as a joke

  • Polly Hater
    Polly Hater

    8:44 The SHIIIIIIIIPPPPPPP is sleeping😄😄😗😗

  • lizzy chr
    lizzy chr

    *my dear sweet daddy*

  • MoonlightWolf

    Marinette:falls asleep on adrian Adrian:smiles and falls asleep on her too Class:AWWWW Lila:Tries to stop them Classmates:OH HELL NAWW What I would do:YEET HER OUT THE TRAIN

  • Sundae _Studios
    Sundae _Studios

    How come this season isn't out on netflix yet?!

  • Angel Chan
    Angel Chan

    Look at the title of this video, Hmmm, which episode is this? Is it, StarTrain Or.. *StartRain* 🌧️

  • Angel Chan
    Angel Chan


  • April Whaley
    April Whaley


  • PmsBroke

    8:49 OMG MYLENE SECRETLY HAS A KWAMI BUT IS TOO SCARED TO BE A SUPER HERO. Lol jkjk i think🤔 (Tikki made one of those for marinette.)

  • Alexandra Abicht
    Alexandra Abicht

    Adrian and Marinette love their life Lyla Triggered The whole class hold my juice

  • Bubbxly Subliminals
    Bubbxly Subliminals

    These last couple of episodes I BEEN CRYING MY EYESSS OUT! Watching this episode makes me happy after all this SHEET that is happening...

  • Abigail Brown
    Abigail Brown

    Another sign Adrien likes Marinette, but wont admit it

  • Aaleyah Rodriguez
    Aaleyah Rodriguez

    Lilya tries to ruin it

  • Aaleyah Rodriguez
    Aaleyah Rodriguez

    It's so adorable 😍

  • Sanjay prabhat
    Sanjay prabhat

    Loved every second💜💜

  • n i
    n i

    11:56 is too cute for my heart to handle

  • Djusrah Saip
    Djusrah Saip


  • besmellah ali
    besmellah ali

    I'v been waiting for an episode like this to come

  • Chillax it’s just me
    Chillax it’s just me

    Marinette ships them The her BFF ships them Her class ships then Her other crush ships them France ships them America ships them Canada ships them Everybody except for him ships them.

  • Kevin Nam
    Kevin Nam

    Red ladybug

  • amaccoy

    8:04 did anyone notice that Nate's nails are painted now? Painted white like someone else who paints theirs's black?📓🏳️‍🌈

  • _ kiara_
    _ kiara_

    *I got, horses in the back-*

  • Riley Sullivan
    Riley Sullivan

    Marinette finally thinking she has a chance with Adrien Kagami: I'm about to ruin this woman's career.

  • Siti Hasanah
    Siti Hasanah

    Me: * see's thumbnail* *TAP THE VIDEO SO FAST*

  • Kelsey Cotton
    Kelsey Cotton

    Everyone please keep in mind, that their still "JUST FRIENDS" 🙄

  • Alex Aponte
    Alex Aponte

    *marinette and Adrian falling asleep on each other* Class:*ships them* Lila:*tries to ruin it* Me:*points gun at her*TAKE ONE MORE STEP AND I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL FIRE AT YOU!!!!!

  • Zule Ville
    Zule Ville

    😍 8:25 is my favorite part Awww 9:00 22:00 oooh I want a Photo like that

  • Amelia Jade
    Amelia Jade

    While watching this series am I the only one who noticed that hawk moth only hates ladybug and barely notices cat noir?

  • rhian

    no one: someone: *GRR* Hawkmoth: *herE we gO agAiN*

  • 玖蘭優姫

    8:25~8:44まで、最高😃⤴️⤴️ マリネット♥️♥️アドリアン    大好き😍

  • Unicorns Unite
    Unicorns Unite

    OMG so funny

  • Mica Mallari
    Mica Mallari

    wishing for the list of episodes with the correct order☹️

  • gacha life girl
    gacha life girl

    When this vid came out I thought that Adrian and marrnitte where going to be together (spoloir alert) but Luca is with marinette and Adrian is with Kami me:awwwww come on😩

  • John Claude Ceriola
    John Claude Ceriola

    hawkmoth just use the rabbit miraculous so you can go back in time

  • XxAceJusterxX

    I feel bad for Sabrina... Hate Chloe so much hmph.

  • Dount_gurl Kiki
    Dount_gurl Kiki

    I love how cool the transformation he is just dancing with the moves XD and I love how he sees stuff when he has think like ladybug but instead it is horse shoes XD

  • XxDetektivXxConanxXFanxx

    3:02. This could be a real conversation between me and a friend xd

  • Diya Haridas
    Diya Haridas

    I have not seen it all maybe another day but I’m in France oh no 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Caitlin Cats
    Caitlin Cats

    I had a weird dream that I was ladybug BUT my lucky charm was a broccoli and when I threw it up the fix things it didn’t work.... don’t ask...

    • Miraculous Danibug
      Miraculous Danibug

      Caitlin Cats 😂I had a dream I was Ladybug too so cool!

  • Olga Velasquez
    Olga Velasquez


  • Xx BlueBell xX
    Xx BlueBell xX

    Did anyone notice the intro I hate luka am gonna kill him ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Atlehang Buthelezi
    Atlehang Buthelezi

    I just feel every episode Adrien start to form feelings for Marinette

  • Atlehang Buthelezi
    Atlehang Buthelezi

    This Lila girl is so mean and aaaahhhhhh....I HATE HER

  • Moon Wolf Foxx
    Moon Wolf Foxx

    Even their friends ship adrienette

    • Moon Wolf Foxx
      Moon Wolf Foxx

      When she yawned like a maniac Adrien smiled very cute yet very creepily