Miss Kitty Vs. Ceaser, Sky, Tati & More | Black Ink Crew | #AloneTogether
Being the Brand Ambassador of Black Ink is way harder than you think.
#BlackInkCrew #VH1
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  • Beauty Istifanus
    Beauty Istifanus

    I luv sky 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Sharla Felton
    Sharla Felton

    Skyy is such a jealous hearted individual. I with she just admit she's in love with Caesar and get it over with. All that my sister, my brother crap. Chile please.

  • Phiwokuhle Nkomo
    Phiwokuhle Nkomo

    Signature 😍😂❤️

  • Rock Your Life Family
    Rock Your Life Family

    Its Dutchess tryna pepper spray and run for me

  • LaTonya The Teacher
    LaTonya The Teacher

    Duchess scared of the Kit Kat!

  • Ptown No favors
    Ptown No favors

    Every time I watch this I get sick lol man Tati better have Covid

  • Tamise Thomas
    Tamise Thomas


  • Deja Mclean
    Deja Mclean

    “Does misssquito know dat”😭😭 I see what she did there 😂😂😂

  • Mary Banson
    Mary Banson

    I love Kitty “you just mad your baby father want me 🤣🤣

  • Model wynter23
    Model wynter23

    Lord have mercy! A bunch of mixed and Asian women acting like they are black! What happen to real Black women representing real Black women. I miss real Black women popping off, I can’t watch these shows anymore.

  • Kenny Ellis
    Kenny Ellis

    Whoever Dutchess bought that pepper spray from she need to get her money back because kitty was still good


    I love SKY

  • Bianca Reid
    Bianca Reid

    Dutches was too scared

  • Tamar case dixon
    Tamar case dixon



    Dutchess looks like Tommie from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, the mannerisms, everything

  • Shelby Mycheelle
    Shelby Mycheelle

    so O’Shit want us to call him Richard now 😂😂?

  • Dorothy Mays-Pitts
    Dorothy Mays-Pitts

    Miss Kitty is being. Walked on like a door. Mat she is 2 good for that

  • Damian E
    Damian E

    Tatiana is toxic and a terrible friend.

  • Damian E
    Damian E

    And after all that lying,...She was INDEED with Ryan.

  • Jasmin Barron
    Jasmin Barron

    Loveee kitty

  • Leonard Ssenkindu
    Leonard Ssenkindu

    If it was me, I would have get Clock work Orange on Kitty with that attitude, PERIOD!!

  • Leopard Vibes
    Leopard Vibes

    Kit know damn well she wasn’t using effort trying to get loose from security 🤣 that’s my dog

  • Angel Diaz
    Angel Diaz

    mad funny when duchess sprayed kitty than zoomed out

    • pgjassy

      Lmfaooo I wonder why she ran 😂😂😂😂

  • Joya Johnson
    Joya Johnson

    Kitty is SOOOO GORGEOUS.

  • queen mymy
    queen mymy

    Kitty is right

  • Preciosa Almeida
    Preciosa Almeida

    I love sky look how she pushed the table cloth🤣

  • Leonard Ssenkindu
    Leonard Ssenkindu

    I can't belive Kitty trying to throw a bottle in Duchess flat, if some C*NT came in my flat/house doing what Kitty did, I will beat the sh*T out of u

  • Jenny Sierra
    Jenny Sierra

    “aNd ThIs Is WhY i DrInK wAtA”

  • Sterling Parker
    Sterling Parker

    They are jealous of Kitty because she’s real pretty!!! Bae was looking for storyline. Kitty’s hair be on POINT!!!!! She need to do something involving hair.

  • Amber West
    Amber West

    Not a scholarship!!! Sky's a MESS 😂

  • v mendoza
    v mendoza

    Dutch gave her a fair warning even though she ran

  • Whinnie The Period Pooh
    Whinnie The Period Pooh

    Why am I even watching this 🤣 but honestly no matter how much you dislike someone don’t sit up there and disrespect their parents/family etc.

  • REAL N.W.A
    REAL N.W.A

    I like how she said "😬sss y'all Raggedy" 😄😄😄

  • Jade Woods
    Jade Woods

    In what coffee shop could a fight like that break out and none of the customers even look😂

  • Jade Woods
    Jade Woods

    Young bae has such bad bitch energy I love it

  • Christina Udodi
    Christina Udodi

    Kitty was wrong in regards to Dutchess. They were cool while Dutchess was dating Ceaser so why wouldn’t Dutchess feel a certain kind of way if they’re dating. However, the rest of them girls were fake and jealous. What kind of friends are they?

  • Krystal Billeck
    Krystal Billeck

    "this why i drink waterrrr"🤣💀

  • Cynthia Mendoza
    Cynthia Mendoza

    Kitty is toxic asf

  • Paige Bradshaw
    Paige Bradshaw

    Dutchess be lookin so pitiful 😂


    Dutchess is sooooooo scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bruh.

  • Dorothy Mays-Pitts
    Dorothy Mays-Pitts

    Drama drama drama over misfit men ladies get your acts and lives together losers. DPitts

  • jeffery thomas
    jeffery thomas

    She ran from kitty

  • Jeremiah Schaffer
    Jeremiah Schaffer

    okay I can't lie that kitty shouldn't have just come up to 113th and flat out call them raggedy because if she really thought about it its dumb to go into a WHOLE SHOP full of people and flat out call them raggedy

  • Nyesha Harris
    Nyesha Harris


  • Allyshia Bright
    Allyshia Bright

    Bitch .. I’m dyin at Walter ...😂😂😂

  • Laurae Fielding
    Laurae Fielding

    the way miss kitty talks to other people is just ridiculous .... good she left !

  • Brazyygirl Val
    Brazyygirl Val

    Bae just wanted to have a problem with kitty . She so messy🙄

  • Kerstien Marie
    Kerstien Marie

    Ceaser baby mama mega mind head ass 😂 kitty so unbothered she’s really mature

  • jessica jessicaa
    jessica jessicaa

    Kit looks funny trynna pass the security when it showed dutchess and kit

  • jessica jessicaa
    jessica jessicaa


  • jessica jessicaa
    jessica jessicaa

    Dam I cant evennnnn. Kitty has my mouth I need to chill lol I've been in these situations and ugh smh #notevenCool

  • African Beauty
    African Beauty

    Kitty, dutchess, tamar keke wyatt all pisces. Pisces we crazy

  • African Beauty
    African Beauty

    Thank God Dutchess left! She is great! Boss lady and all

  • Nijzah Waterman
    Nijzah Waterman

    how you spray pepper spray and dont nobody react to it

  • Apaitia Malupo
    Apaitia Malupo

    Baby Mama really wants Caeser back now coz he getting more successful 💰💰

  • Apaitia Malupo
    Apaitia Malupo

    Tati did Kitty wrong... Girl if you're not sure about what happened shut ur mouth...see what happens when u assume what was happening...and tell everyone what u were assuming was true.. I would've been angry as Kitty too...i dont even like her...but they did her wrong on that scene

  • Apaitia Malupo
    Apaitia Malupo

    The show is all about the drama and nothing about their art and tattoos 😒

  • Emily R
    Emily R


  • C NK
    C NK

    lol all the girls look like chunky wife 😂


    Kitty stay getting her ass beat

  • Clera Babaya
    Clera Babaya

    Messagers get shot 😂😂

  • Breana Morris
    Breana Morris

    she really do look like a pomeranian 😭😭

  • holy_moly.donutshop Sparks
    holy_moly.donutshop Sparks

    How does kitty promise to whoop all these asses when she see em ...but never whoop NOBODY'S ASS!? Promises, promises...

  • Nizya Paulk
    Nizya Paulk

    If you pay attention dutchess started that situation in her home. Kitty sat down to talk but if that what you doing we both can handle it like that. Dutchess lame and problem would have lost that fight. You "attempted" to pepper spray someone but missed trying to argue bout a man that you were with anymore. Thats why the bible sayes dont have sex until marriage. Ppl leaving all these souls ties having sex with people thats only there for a season. Get your mind right Dutchess house would have been destroyed messing with me. Tati, Bae, Donna and even Sky cant keep a man. They all was searching for a story line. Shows what most do when money on the table. They were NeveR Miss Kitty friends. #Facts





  • Stacxz Severight
    Stacxz Severight

    Kitty was way better

  • The MetaChristian
    The MetaChristian

    When do they actually do tattoos

  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe

    And this is why I drink water 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣

  • Jazzelle Williams
    Jazzelle Williams

    Kitty always beefing with someone

    • Jazzelle Williams
      Jazzelle Williams

      And sky should have smacked the shut out of her as soon as she got in her brother face like that