Missing Children Uncovers a STRANGE timeline of events. JJ&Tylee Vallow Mystery&Makeup Bailey Sarian
Bailey Sarian
Hi friends happy Monday !
Today I wanted to talk about Lori Vallow and her missing children Tylee and JJ Vallow. The story, if you’ve been following, is…intense. There are a lot of weird things going on to say the least. I wasnt sure how to approach this one without it being so confusing, so I brought in some visuals. Haha. Sorry there wasnt much makeup involved, it was just too difficult. So, I just wanted to talk about the timeline of all the events and what we know happened so far. Im sure more and more will come to light but at the end of the day I really hope the children are found.
Let me know your thoughts down below! Hope you have a wonderful day today, I love and appreciate you guys so much and I hope to be seeing you very soon.
x o
Bailey Sarian
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  • Bailey Sarian
    Bailey Sarian

    Here is my Timeline PDF if you want to follow along or for yourself, I know its a lot of info. Sources are linked at the bottom of the PDF as well. drive.google.com/file/d/1BrF8_pMnBiMT-gk0dwSTPEgFJTZD0qhx/view?usp=sharing Hi friends happy Monday! Todays story is crazy, right? What the heck is going on, is what I kept asking myself over and over again. More info will be coming out over time, I am sure but I really hope they are able to find the kids. The whole thing is so sad. Let me know your thoughts down below! Love and appreciate you guys so much and I appreciate you for hanging out with me today. x o Bailey Sarian ➜ My Social Media Accounts Instagram : bit.ly/2nbO4PR Facebook : bit.ly/2mdZtK6 Snapchat : BaileySarian Twitter : bit.ly/2yT4BLV Pinterest : bit.ly/2mVpXnY TR-my : bit.ly/1HGw3Og

    • Sophia Neilsson
      Sophia Neilsson

      Hey Bailey, thank you so much for saying "LDS" and "Latter-day saint" instead of "Mormon". I'm also a member of tnis church and that is how we self identify--we don't generally call ourselves "Mormons" especially lately, but most people don't seem to care. I hope it doesn't need to be said that bad people can identify as LDS but it doesn't mean other LDS folks approve or support their evil actions!!! Much love from NZ x Edit: lots of members are nuts. I was literally wheezing with laughter at those books-- w o w. I'm not like that lol

    • MsButterFlySting80

      @Swati Shaiwalini Kujur lol I'm sorry, I need levity for this case & this crisis. I'd love a follow up too no matter what as more info comes up. But....Bailey can finish her makeup where she left off? Or restarted it & finish it as planned?

    • Stella B
      Stella B

      Please do a follow up soon!! You did an amazing job at keeping everything together and easy to follow.

    • Bailey Sarian
      Bailey Sarian

      @Salene Brom the parents? from my understanding they left them out of the story and I just respected that because if they didn't want to be mentioned for personal reasons then I don't like to mention them publicly in a video

    • Bailey Sarian
      Bailey Sarian

      @Nikki Vuitton kay and her husband had a child, who had JJ . Kay and her husband was JJ grandparents. Kays brother was Charles, making kay and her husband, their child would be the nephew/neice of Charles, not JJ. Yeah that's confusing as hell but, were missing Kay and her husbands child which would make Charles the uncle to that person, not JJ. I hope that makes sense. idk if that would make Charles the second uncle or what

  • Cherish Abhulimen
    Cherish Abhulimen

    Bailey ur talented

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    This was too much for me to track lol

  • Molly Brown
    Molly Brown

    Thank you so much I’ve tried to follow this story but as it’s so recent all the information is really scattered into lots of different segments and it’s hard to put everything together

  • Mia Katherine
    Mia Katherine

    Can I just say thank you for being the only TR-myr who I've watched cover this case that actually was easy to follow!

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    Emily Gonzalez

    Omfg I love Bailey this isn’t funny but I’m sorry I laughed a lot you make me smile even on my worse days 🥰

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    Serena Taylor

    What's in the heavy black boxes? She never said what was inside of them , for all we know it could be the children . ( Just a thought probably wrong or i just didn't hear what was in the boxes).

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  • Shrek_is_ Skrexy
    Shrek_is_ Skrexy

    Just a theory... whaT if.. well, we know Lori and Chad are doomsday preppers. Let’s say they told Tylee and JJ it was the end of the world and hid them, and if anyone comes into wherever their hiding, they should hide/run. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m not serious about this theory it’s just a big what if?

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    Jeanie Chowdury

    Psychopaths love religion.

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    Jeanie Chowdury

    Im. Ew here - tis is the first video of yours that ive ever watched. I like the way you explain things. You clarify and sort out details for us effectively. Im looking forward to viewing more of your episodes. Wishing you all the best. Stay safe!!

  • Lucid Dreamer
    Lucid Dreamer

    Personally,I think the kids are in the storage unit. they could still be alive idk but earlier in the video when you said Alex was helping Lori put items in the storage unit, they where putting the children’s possessions in it, along the some other “heavy things” that they had struggled to put in to the storage unit.

  • Paper Plains
    Paper Plains

    I love you without makeup. This look is so great on you.

  • honeyvoicehwang

    I haven’t heard the court cases but I’m really afraid they were in the boxes...

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    Thank you! First time I actually understand this story. I could never follow along when they would show on tv.

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    I've also been following this case! It's just incase how evil these ppl r. I just feel heartbroken for JJ and Tylee..... I just love how passionate u are about these cases especially thus one! Your an amazing investigator . You have given me more info then I've seen anywhere. Please do an update sometime!

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    Morgan Piatt

    The board was a HUGE help!! I would’ve been lost without it 😂

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    Mxnuel Moore

    I LOVE how open minded you are❤️I’m a satanist and it’s against our religion to harm people or animals unless it’s for self defense or food (the animals not people) REAL satanists don’t sacrifice living things, just a lil info for anyone that didn’t know, BUT Bailey! Maybe in a future video you could find some crimes involving witches and witchcraft? That stuff interests me ❤️❤️love youuuu

  • ericabirdsong

    So if the last time they were seen was going into Yellowstone, were they seen leaving? All I can think about is the super hot springs. ☹️ I feel so bad for all victims in this crazy drama

  • Please don't kill me
    Please don't kill me

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    Rembrant Crowe

    Hey were those heavy containers Lori and I believe you said it was her brother were having trouble moving into that storage container ever checked? Like that is suspish as heck. Like the people looked in the storage container and found the kids stuff but what about those heavy containers huh? Was it just filled with the stuff? Were those containers missing? Did the people think to not check it because "clearly" it is just more kid stuff and nothing sus is in those containers. It has been about a month since this video and I just heard about this case so they could of been checked by now but I am asking if they did find out check out those containers to see what is in them. I feel the kids are in there with them just being ignored but maybe Im wrong. Hopefully the kids are safe but my gut is telling me they are dead.

  • Clarissa Otto
    Clarissa Otto

    Thank goodness for the white board. Talk about a lot of players in this crazy scenario. I couldn’t have followed you without it. I think you should definitely do a followup on this as the pieces come together.

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    faith christina

    Tammy had a COUGH then DIED ????? corona virus

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    Baylie Moulton

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  • Aj Manus
    Aj Manus

    The kids are in the tubs and lori cheated on charles with chad and chad cheated on tammy with lori and chad and lori killed the kids to keep them quiet. Alex heard wring stories about loris ex husbands and got angry so he did bad things to him bc of her.

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    Juliet Zamora

    Please make in update on this apparently Lori said that she thought Tylee and JJ became zombies 😂

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    Kat Robin

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    Sidrah Sajjad

    Honestly just such a well done video... normally in cases like this i am very bad at keeping up with the timeline and who is who but you really just did it so well with the board and everything it all was just really well done easy to keep up with... great video.

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  • caroline M
    caroline M

    For some reason this one is the most confusing to me 😅

  • MisfitFox

    There was an update to this case today! "Lori Vallow saw her now-missing kids Joshua and Tylee as 'zombies,' court docs claim." Sounds very very strange that she described them that way.

  • Peaches.Bean.Boobear Molina
    Peaches.Bean.Boobear Molina

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    That’s The tea sis

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    kat patterson

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  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    Hey. Love the videos. I hate seeing kids be used and hope they are found. Me and others are on Instagram fighting to take down cp accounts. Lots of people trying to trade it and abuse kids on the app. If you can help in monsterus.refelction or train_ to _reality. Thank you ❤

  • Mason Rex Whitton
    Mason Rex Whitton

    i have a huge feeling that Lori killed Tylee and JJ and stored their bodies in the storage room. idk what or where they moved them to but something happned. and to cover their bases lori used tylees phone to send a message to tylees friend and send money to Colby. Every thing seems to be pointing to a cult run by Chad

  • Charlie Alton
    Charlie Alton

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    *Thanks for returning to us, so glad you took the time for you & yours!* Health & well being are most important, especially now. The pics, board, pdf are so helpful with such a huge number of people involved. Only missing the red yarn & tacks connecting the suspect to a victim(s). Or perhaps during your update(s) vids with the mob type pics with family tree type lines below whomever. Your vids, not mine, your way is so much simpler, replete with much needed levity. Thanks for sharing & have a great day today all!

  • Raeraejoy581

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    Ashley Laudert

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