More Than 10,000 Dead In Italy From Coronavirus As Global Cases Top 600,000 | NBC Nightly News
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Italy’s death toll from the coronavirus surged after its deadliest day yet, with 919 fatalities on Friday. Officials there may extend its lockdown to mid-April in response, and have already increased fines for violating the order.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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More Than 10,000 Dead In Italy From Coronavirus As Global Cases Top 600,000 | NBC Nightly News

  • Ayache Adouane
    Ayache Adouane

    We used to be as free as birds now we are shut up behind lofty steel gates. We are imprisoned and locked down by coronavirus. The glamour and dream of a bright day are now turned to a shambles and chaos. Life has become totally insipid and flavourless. Devoid of new clothes , devoid of former outdoor free playing and roaming from dawn to dusk our kids now keep viewing this world from behind the curtains our women can't put up with the sedentary life of confinement ,and are fed up with tedious , sporadic but never ending slumber.They have become nervy, violent and bad-tempered .We, men, are viewed as coronavirus.Horror-struck, my wife rushes to the door as soon as she hears the clinking of my keys, opens the door, frowning and glaring at me searchingly , then she hands me a towel , cleanser and a bottle of bleach . Everything I wear must be removed with caution and lots of panic, and then either piled up or hanged in the balcony. Everything I take must be cleaned .My wife keeps cleaning , rubbing and wiping her hands restlessly. The next step, I must take a shower .Finally , she sighs in relaxation and comfort because I AM NO LONGER CORONAVIRUS .

  • Elmer Pacheco
    Elmer Pacheco


  • Elmer Pacheco
    Elmer Pacheco


  • سوسو الجميلة
    سوسو الجميلة

    For sure funeral companies made big bucks!

  • Srijana Sampang
    Srijana Sampang

    People who died due to corona!'I wish them to'(Rest in peace) As a own member of their family!I want this to be end because hearing that people are dying day by day it's really sad! Wish everything will get back to normal So I can see everyone smile' Pls be safe everyone!

  • A Peppermint Candy
    A Peppermint Candy

    And all of those that died were vaccinated for flu prior this epidemic,yes?

  • Geyzee The Sharks Sniper
    Geyzee The Sharks Sniper


  • tiberio135

    PEOPLE, please be informed *The older folks in Italy, especially the ones in the region of Lombardy worked for a long time in AMIANTO or ASBESTOS mining.....and they were most of the victims of Covid outbreak in Italy. Their lungs were severely compromised with pulmonary FIBROSIS and silicate mineral. That is why doctors, especially from the WHO were saying that the virus TURNED THEIR LUNGS GLASSY....WHICH IS FALSE. The silicate dust and MICROSCOPIC FIBRILS from working in the mines over a long period of time totally damaged their lungs. The WHO and the CDC did NOT report that. Only to maintain the FEAR MONGERING of the world population.* Very similar situation in Spain. BE AWARE OF THAT. That information was revealed by Dr. Pablo Goldschmidt from Argentina.

  • Sami Chakkor
    Sami Chakkor

    Guys my friend died of coronavirus

  • jess jesse
    jess jesse

    Top of Fraud worldwide , they blame each dead are coronus & refused the underlaying real facts reason of deads ! Evil brainswashed you daily by new tv & repeating repeating brainwashed ! Evil liars !

  • Habibamaishanuibrahim Ibarahim mai shanu
    Habibamaishanuibrahim Ibarahim mai shanu

    God have mercy

  • Sterrah Zia
    Sterrah Zia

    Rip our brothers and sisters

  • aeyisthethics


  • Preken Orgel Samenzang Liederen
    Preken Orgel Samenzang Liederen

    Pray for everybody thank you!

  • Egor Biletskiy
    Egor Biletskiy

    Go to Unflexal page and learn how to do workouts.

  • Kassim Seidu
    Kassim Seidu

    Ooh Dio

  • Fort Red
    Fort Red

    Why did China do this to Italy?

  • Reality News Providence
    Reality News Providence

  • Ilham Ramadhan
    Ilham Ramadhan

    After Corona is gone , Italy will be development country

  • Mr MYX MYX
    Mr MYX MYX

    Next pandemic are going to wipe out all Roman Catholic..look what your ancestor have done in early Christian.

  • Silvia j
    Silvia j

    Now it’s at 2,000,000 cases

  • edi madi gabi
    edi madi gabi


  • Maryhelen Lizama
    Maryhelen Lizama

    Prayers for everyone around the world. I am wondering did anyone ever tested if it is Poison causing people to have their respiratory system to fail and dying so quickly. Was there any Lab test done because Poison is fatal and it does affect the respiratory system. They said one of the symptoms for COVID is no smell and no taste, well so is the cold and flu, you cannot smell and you cannot taste. Is this somewhat like Anthrax or some kind of Poison rather than just a virus? I am wondering is it really Coronavirus or is it a Poison because this thing spread so fast around the world and so many are dying from this? Is there anyone with answers?

  • Ishwar Singh
    Ishwar Singh

    , .

  • leti divya
    leti divya

    It's really bad situation Think about once electric crematorium machines to burn covid 19 dead patients.

  • Алексей Сазонов
    Алексей Сазонов

    really? fack newes. Italia, aspetta! La Russia è per te! Viva Italia

  • ابو فهد
    ابو فهد

    O people, fornication, sodomy, drinking wine, eating pork, theft, injustice, music and all kinds of corruption bring torture and anger from God. The Corona virus epidemic is divine punishment. Repent to God and worship Him, and do not worship anyone with Him. God alone has no partner in his worship. He is the Lord of all things, and he had no son, father, and was not the father of mankind. God Almighty is innocent of what the priests, magicians, and monks who lied to God and people say

  • zaik Ash
    zaik Ash

    Deleted 2020 jump to 2021

  • Vin Diesel
    Vin Diesel

    🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Keine CoronaVirus!!! Alle Fake🖕

  • Leandro s. reis
    Leandro s. reis

  • Bamulanze Tonny
    Bamulanze Tonny


  • S ziz Mr SS Wehrmacht
    S ziz Mr SS Wehrmacht

    Faku American 😠

  • G

    People should eat citrus fruits and drink boiled holy basil water.It increases immunity

  • Rahul Khan
    Rahul Khan

    Corona virus only conpiracy

  • Dark king Rayleigh
    Dark king Rayleigh

    in the phillipines many case about corona virus

  • Francesco Fulminis
    Francesco Fulminis

    People that blame Italian Healthcare System when they don't even know what they are talking about. Italy was the first democratic country that imposed the national lockdown. Other countries acted even slower than Italy...

  • 지민Jiminie

    Im italian and my techer husband died my sis has the virus her huband oof atleast i live in a small place but i miss school and my friends...

    • Tania Gones
      Tania Gones


  • mstokess16

    Please god 💙🙏

  • Chagon Makaya
    Chagon Makaya

    Drop a nuclear weapon on china

  • Zahid Khan 1122
    Zahid Khan 1122

    Yah Allah bless would bless itliy. Itliy condition vary sad. 😢🙏

  • Kobby Omono
    Kobby Omono

    So what did the China used to treat it's people's, they should open up to the world to help to save humanity.

    • G. Lowenklee
      G. Lowenklee

      Humanity is no danger from this, calm down.

  • ツ「Dz」 Maher
    ツ「Dz」 Maher

    god bless italy i am so sad 😥😥💔💔 love you from 🇩🇿❤🙏🇮🇹

  • Sabrina Isbell
    Sabrina Isbell

    Safes sabrinaIsbell last amilea rusty guit night

  • Eugen Cazacu
    Eugen Cazacu

  • Felicia Wang
    Felicia Wang

    One day our kids will have to learn this coronavirus on history class and we gotta explain the whole thing to them


    Watch WION news channel type china and u will get the clearn picture of what its upto

  • Munnima Shaik
    Munnima Shaik

    Please Italy....and save world..

  • Money counter 555
    Money counter 555

    I think we are all gonna die by just seeing one million cases

  • cox Willson
    cox Willson

    The cure for covid19 is at

  • June Griffith
    June Griffith

    Its baffling how china doesnt have any more new cases. Yet there is a 2nd wave of the virus still lingering in china

  • Tina

    Maybe we must become better human beings...selfless, less entitle, more compassionate..maybe God had enough with empty prayers while with the other we are destroying our planet, our animals species our trees because of our insatiable appetite for materials things..yes, he must be feed up but he is love and we'll have another chance.

  • shan videos
    shan videos

    Very bad ...😢 All are poor human. What happened medical science

  • Asif Ali
    Asif Ali

    TR-my par subscribe do or tik tok par jitne marzi like le lo

  • Miles Salinas
    Miles Salinas

    I guess some of Italians are mad to Chinese

    • PG trojka
      PG trojka

      No they aren't. It seems. Not even the families of dead ones.

  • 813RiC

    Staged and fake there is no virus

  • raywo

    God bless us...

  • Oro

    COVID-free tomorrow, where are you? ☹️

  • Ajay maurya
    Ajay maurya

    I am Ajay Maurya from Delhi capital city of India want to donate my body for Clinical trial of corona virus vaccine to MIT centre of USA

  • Ajay maurya
    Ajay maurya

    I am Ajay Maurya from Delhi capital city of India want to donate my body for Clinical trial of corona virus vaccine to MIT centre of USA

  • Ajay maurya
    Ajay maurya

    I am Ajay Maurya from Delhi capital city of India want to donate my body for Clinical trial of corona virus vaccine to MIT centre of USA

  • Ajay maurya
    Ajay maurya

    I am Ajay Maurya from Delhi capital city of India want to donate my body for Clinical trial of corona virus vaccine to MIT centre of USA.

  • Jonathan Li wang
    Jonathan Li wang

    I want to appreciate Mr Jonathan Lewes who helped me and my family to get COVID19 drugs that cared for me and my family It all looked weird to me at first but am here today to testify he’s great work to me and my family all you need to do is to provide him with your home address your phone number and you will get the drugs for COVID19 treatment feel free to email him on he’s private email address jonathanlewes541@gmail. com to save lives

  • Daud Khan
    Daud Khan

    Call to ALLAH your charch is nathing👎👎👎

  • Saba Zeenat
    Saba Zeenat


  • saif Malik
    saif Malik

    From now concerted effort to ban traval to and from china and avoiding chinese imports

  • saif Malik
    saif Malik

    EU should have followed germany. Italians hugging chinese campaign was suicide

    • PG trojka
      PG trojka

      Ain't that the truth. Just don't expect many likes for your 100 percent truthfull comment. It's not "politically correct".

  • Hamro chitwon Nepal
    Hamro chitwon Nepal

    It is very scary and sad for the people died heaven in peace

  • Annet Mukwaya
    Annet Mukwaya

    RIP but God have mercy on us

  • Rakha Anaqi
    Rakha Anaqi

    Forgive all human in this world my god Ya Allah SWT

  • Mutesi Specious
    Mutesi Specious

    Oh omg God rescue Italy and the world at large