Most Hardcore Soldier: Spartan
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What was life like for a Spartan solider in ancient Greece? Was it anything like the movie "300"? In today's educational cartoon we are going back to the ancient times to look at how the warrior Spartans lived.
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show

    Could you make it in Sparta? 💪🏻 Why/why not?

    • Dustin Elias
      Dustin Elias

      I might

    • Jake Rojas
      Jake Rojas

      me cliff YEET

    • CatholicPh TV
      CatholicPh TV

      NOT ME

    • fadumo Ahmed
      fadumo Ahmed

      @Pubg mobile- Free fire battlegrounds cool

    • fadumo Ahmed
      fadumo Ahmed

      @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ is that true

  • Ibrahim Bey
    Ibrahim Bey

    I would like to try the spartan way of life, cuz only the strongest will survive.

  • Gnorts Mr Alien
    Gnorts Mr Alien

    Spartans were mega cucks.

  • Zeke Stein
    Zeke Stein

    THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!!!!!

  • V Naval
    V Naval

    So basically... Spartans are *aholes*

  • Mihai Burlacu
    Mihai Burlacu

    Snow in Greece? Really?

  • Walter Wagner
    Walter Wagner

    what about the weaponised homosexuality?

  • Ametrion Johnson
    Ametrion Johnson

    The definition of too angry to die

  • Andy Sulu
    Andy Sulu

    Spartans vs Kemoni va Samoan Warriors

  • 123 456
    123 456

    If reincarnation exists, I wondered how many of us died at birth or age 5 hahaha

  • Tomi Adewole
    Tomi Adewole

    This video was entertaining but it needing editing, given many contradictions. "Spartan society was equal" - then goes on talk about subpar baby boys being killed and 7 year old boys tossed in war preparations lol.

  • Brayan De Ita
    Brayan De Ita


  • Kal Rodwick
    Kal Rodwick

    We definitely molded our military more to roman standards than spartan standards.

  • AcE_ Petros
    AcE_ Petros

    +1 αν εισαι Έλληνας

  • Eyes Red
    Eyes Red

    You know Spartans wasn't a war region, Sparta was known for its women and slaves. Athens was the war raging land really. This whole Sparta talk was propaganda.

  • b ware
    b ware

    Getting old with you guys always throwing in “ the one percent” “ global warming” and other political views. We get it.

  • Arthur -BoY- Kratos
    Arthur -BoY- Kratos

    There was a famous quite from a spartan, an arrow went in-between the cracks of the Shields and hit his leg, he bled out, but before he died he said that he was just disappointed that after a whole life of vigorous training he dies to such a puny weapon

  • Aile Zanme
    Aile Zanme

    Yes i wanna be a spartan

  • Klajdi Bakollari
    Klajdi Bakollari

    Spartans was pelazgian and ilirian tribe and the greeks dont have a connection with those tribes

  • Manu Silva
    Manu Silva

    Spartan baby: aahhh-chuuu Spartan adult: OMAE WA MU SHINDEIRU!!!

  • ouzin sy
    ouzin sy

    The spartans were mainly hebrew slaves that has NOTHING to lose.

  • Hyrum_Hyrum

    Navy soldiers: We got one of the most difficult training in the whole world. Spartans: cute

  • Nisden

    I realized that Spartas weakness was at it's strenght. They were putting all their eggs into one basket if you will, neglecting science, art and economy.

  • KingXXI

    So were Spartans the same as roman soldiers?

  • The Darshmeister1
    The Darshmeister1

    A lot of this information is inaccurate. One example is the Krypteia was not a period in training but rather only the best where selected to join. The killing of the helot was an initiation. The Perioeci would often be informed of the killing and often choose who died. This was not done by the largest helot but rather the biggest trouble maker's.

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance

    Spartans were awesome. I love the way they lived. Life is about training the mind and body, not thing else matters as much as that. I would be happy to endure such training. TERRANCE OUT

  • Elijah Anglacer
    Elijah Anglacer

    Imagine getting drafted at the age of 7

  • Vasiliki Davoulou
    Vasiliki Davoulou

    Im a greek too

  • I PP
    I PP

    Not the Spartans, the Tercios or the Romas where better

    • I PP
      I PP

      Spain won a lot of battles heavily outnumbered

  • Aman Pandey
    Aman Pandey


  • Anonymous

    spartans: *exist* "everyone liked that"

  • Hey Paulman
    Hey Paulman

    ctually this is wrong, spartans loved poetry and arts, they were required to learn that stuff or they couldnt be a spartan, the romans created much dis-information about sparta

  • greek gamer
    greek gamer

    I am from greece γεια σας +1 αν εισαι ελληνας

  • Tempo9

    My mans drafted at age 7

    • Lz.2.waveyy


  • OwO rainbow
    OwO rainbow

    ThIS iS sPArTaaAAAaaaaAAaaAA

  • Sheeppotato !
    Sheeppotato !

    This is a dumb comment but I think I now know why in Assassin's Creed Odyssey your sibling was thrown of a cliff

  • DevilishKANAN

    6:23 u made mistake because Spartans will never surrender

  • FuckRoys

    Polynesians better

  • Anthony Hargis
    Anthony Hargis

    It's amazing how many Ph.D.s disagree with this. Perhaps more and better reading material?

  • zero orange
    zero orange

    That's one very buff 10 yr old

  • Kun

    So basically they were the worst people in history.

  • Wigwahm

    Is that where the term 10,000 Maniacs comes from?

  • The Black Kaiser
    The Black Kaiser

    Persian: our arrows will blot out the sun Spartan: then we will fight in the shade

  • Geydi Gutierrez
    Geydi Gutierrez

    Spartans never die

  • Ritch Paul Belostrino
    Ritch Paul Belostrino

    DISS IS SPAWRTAA!*kicks somebody's nuts* AAAAAHHH!!!*war starts*

  • Sameer Basfor
    Sameer Basfor

    Marathas : Are we joke to you?

  • Primus Dominus Augustus
    Primus Dominus Augustus

    And that's how you achieve a stalemate against the whole Persian army as 300+700 soldiers , kids.

  • pertybluestang

    Is this really all factual? Seems to be a lot of information for a place that we didnt know that much about..

  • Not Extremist
    Not Extremist

    Kids 2020: Born and sent to school after 2 years!

  • Just a nice View
    Just a nice View

    Child:is short Mother:where is he? Father:gone, reduced to atoms.

  • Poli

    53 years of training for war... That’s insane

  • J P H
    J P H

    “There was no gender gap”. And there isn’t one today!

  • Woodscrafters Apprentice
    Woodscrafters Apprentice

    "in a sort of mentor relationship"......*WHATRE YOU DOING STEP BRO*

  • Thats cool but sometimes I don’t CARE
    Thats cool but sometimes I don’t CARE

    You train in sparta when your 5

  • Kia IsPro
    Kia IsPro

    i wish i was born in greece so i can be spartan:C


    how do you know all this

  • king Slayer
    king Slayer

    vikings were much harder than them

  • Sawyer the meme Subscribe.
    Sawyer the meme Subscribe.


  • -SMP- scientific method perspective
    -SMP- scientific method perspective

    This is legend and thought to be false by historians. Cool video though

  • Joji Kanojo
    Joji Kanojo

    Nowadays civilizations: Strength alone won't save you. You also need to be very educated in math and philosophy. Spartans: Amazing, everything you just said is wrong.

  • AceGod7

    Pointless I would have just planted mines and challenged the Spartans to catch me. And phew up I smoke they go. If you use your brain you can conquer the world without lifting a finger. Waste of life I my view.

  • Yuri Guimarães
    Yuri Guimarães

    Põe umas legendas em português aí carai

  • hitmankillerX5

    Spartans are just old school Russians on steroids

  • Anis Baalan
    Anis Baalan

    So Spartans were basically communists right?

  • slober.memez 1
    slober.memez 1

    Nah I couldn't because I was born with a whole leading to my lungs but it covered up a couple of days later, but I'm pretty sure why would've thrown me away once they saw it

  • Diana Johnson
    Diana Johnson

    I'd make it I'm tough strong and stealthy I'll break a man's neck

    • Youtube Sucks
      Youtube Sucks

      Diana Johnson uh oh watch out guys, we got a badass over here!

  • Aiden Lin
    Aiden Lin

    Women now: We are being objectified and oppressed! Spartan bois: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, yeah no.

  • Veteran Patriot
    Veteran Patriot

    The Worlds First Special Operations Force. SEAL TEAM 6 + Delta Force = THIS IS SPARTA.

  • anisahari

    *This is how it feels like* 1. You hate the gods 2. ZEUS!!! 3. *B O I*

  • Don H
    Don H

    Lost respect for Sparta after watching this