Most Hardcore Soldier: Spartan
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What was life like for a Spartan solider in ancient Greece? Was it anything like the movie "300"? In today's educational cartoon we are going back to the ancient times to look at how the warrior Spartans lived.
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show

    Could you make it in Sparta? 💪🏻 Why/why not?

    • Mihai Zamfir
      Mihai Zamfir

      This guys train day in day out with little food and constant beating. They go at war like they go in a break of training . How can anybody resist that..

    • Sadox Gaming
      Sadox Gaming

      JD Kwo only if you immigrated there

    • Nick C
      Nick C

      ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ sane with my yia yia

    • jo baco
      jo baco

      No i got couple extra chromies


      Max Douse it is so nice. It was voted the most beautiful country in the world this year, and in 2016 it was voted the best country in the world to visit. Come to Greece, it will be the best vacation you will have, and the food we have is the best food you will ever taste!!

  • mg juju
    mg juju

    persians have fought the muslims,mongols,indians,romans,greeks,egyptians and more throughout the empires that they have established

  • Mech124 12
    Mech124 12


  • ZeR0's BuLLeT
    ZeR0's BuLLeT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aris Mauridis
    Aris Mauridis

    You havea lot of falls

  • Damyen Hockman
    Damyen Hockman

    Spartan vs Viking? Seems right up this channel's alley.

  • ShorUKan

    I would of SMASHED the Spartans!

  • Haru- H
    Haru- H

    A spartan anime would actually be so sick!

  • tobu draws
    tobu draws

    a regular jog on a sunday morning would be running across the entirety of Greece for spartans

  • X_Grave_X

    BeCaUsE hE iS a GaMeR!

  • krek kuća
    krek kuća

    "There was no gender" you're an idiot

  • Lucas Patrick
    Lucas Patrick

    Spartan training techniques were only lacking in skilled martial defense techniques. Most of the training was offense or direct one off techniques. And half of this is a completely made up (Not the video, what I just said).

  • I am a total jerk :I'm selfish, and stupid
    I am a total jerk :I'm selfish, and stupid

    Made marine training like nothing

  • I am a total jerk :I'm selfish, and stupid
    I am a total jerk :I'm selfish, and stupid

    play fighting is like stabbing yo bro then

  • SoSoSleepie

    Is this video only focus on Spartan Men? What about Women? Do they do the same thing? Or how are they different from any other woman at the same period?

  • 00Wingzero

    wealth gap huh. beating that horse since ancient Greece

  • Ishizu09

    You forgot two important things. Women would give to the male warriors their shield before war and would tell them you either come back victorious or dead on this shield. Also if a spartan warrior was injured on his back, he was considered unworthy or a traitor as he turned his back to the enemy.

  • guthrim 14
    guthrim 14

    Kids cough = cliff

  • Valia Xristaki
    Valia Xristaki

    I am greek girl

  • bobby green
    bobby green

    Women were not eaqual

  • bobby green
    bobby green

    This is not entirely accurate

  • AnotherYasuo Main
    AnotherYasuo Main

    I never liked ancient Greece some serious messed up stuff happened there...

  • Moschinii

    Athens : *exists * Sparta : *P a t h e t i c*

  • Lion King
    Lion King

    The movie of Sparta qas dumb though...

  • Trendy Style
    Trendy Style

    Do life in atence

  • Cust- Ials
    Cust- Ials

    The spartans were most definitely the best soldiers of the time no question.

  • Witch Hunter Mag'nus / Wraith Ma'nus
    Witch Hunter Mag'nus / Wraith Ma'nus

    Me: This is madness! Spartan King: Madness? *This.* *Is.* *SPARTA!!!* Me: * Teleports to Athens *

    • Witch Hunter Mag'nus / Wraith Ma'nus
      Witch Hunter Mag'nus / Wraith Ma'nus

      Magic, I say. MAGIC!!!

    • Itachi


  • Cheeseitking

    make a podcast

  • creeper aww man
    creeper aww man


  • andose88

    I WANNA EXPLODE!!! *Baby Sinclair*

  • Loli Communist
    Loli Communist

    *This is madness* No *This is Sparta*

  • [ŸÜRÏ]

    Wow cool , nowdays you kinda just need to press the trigger .

  • THE Scratchyscratch!
    THE Scratchyscratch!

    And to think I’m out of breath when I walk up the stairs

  • Kamil Soltan
    Kamil Soltan

    Ok first of all Money in Sparta was banned only for a certain amount amount of time and even during that time they would still trade normally. Also men and women were not equall. Whilst men would go into battle women were considered as baby making machines and protected the city only when the men went away. And why are the buildings so medievile? I mean we are talking about ancient Greece. And might I add that they were able to marry from age 20? In fact they had to be maried untill age 30 or else they would lose theire citizien hood

  • Aran

    Still don't believe how they didn't master Super Spartan.

  • Zaxarias Kaimakis
    Zaxarias Kaimakis

    Killing the weak its a lie .........

  • GAURAV08

    *Newborn Spartan* : sneezes *Spartans* : I am gonna end his whole carrier...

  • Max Douse
    Max Douse

    In my eyes phalanx is just a Greek glass cannon

  • General Katyusha
    General Katyusha


  • Stelios89

    i a m greek

  • aNToNiS


  • Syed Asad
    Syed Asad

    Weak baby: *exists* Spartans: *that's the most pathetic thing I have ever seen*

  • Victor Waddell
    Victor Waddell

    Spartans got nothing on Irish Fenians.

  • SpaceCowboy

    So in other words, the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta.

  • a fan
    a fan

    Trainer: show me what you can do. Spartan boy who's been training for 5 years: *heehee*

  • Un mammouth flemmard
    Un mammouth flemmard

    Soooo, basically... Spartans are kinda Saiyans, right ? Fighting, Fighting and a little bit of Fighting 😂

  • S A N S
    S A N S

    The Spartan boys did go to school after the age of 7.

  • Fishy Boy
    Fishy Boy

    So everyone had no personal wealth, had to steal to eat, was forced into one single life style, was absolutly equal. Sounds familiar.

  • penny wise
    penny wise

    Me and my friends are training like Spartans for the area 51 raid! I got a six pack the third day of training!

  • penny wise
    penny wise

    woman in history: we have it pretty bad! Spartan boys: lol

  • Westin Newberg
    Westin Newberg

    Sparta made a alliance with Persia to destroy athen cause it feared its democracy

  • Arsal Iqbal
    Arsal Iqbal

    Just play assassin's creed odyssey of you want to be a spartan

  • Matthew Heckman
    Matthew Heckman

    0:55 Um, excuse me *WHAT?* Did you say no gender? I'm pretty sure that's not true

  • Duhreel

    Basically dragon ball Z but irl when it came down to training 😂

  • soulassassin0g

    This is blasphemy! This is *MADNESS!*


      soulassassin0g Madness? *THIS IS SPARTA!* 🦵🏻🦶🏻

  • soulassassin0g

    Our arrows will block out the sun. **smirks** Then we'll fight in the shade.

  • soulassassin0g

    2:15 are they supposed to be arm wrestling? That's not how you do it.

  • IFOS

    Pft winged hussars would win

  • Phara Giza
    Phara Giza

    The Mayans were stronger.

  • Money seeker
    Money seeker

    Alot of the boys were molested and sexually abused by the older Spartans as well

  • Fabricio Benevides
    Fabricio Benevides

    "Defending democracy" they were monarchy ... it was more like showing off their capabaility Some spartans were homosexuals they could be judged or cast out if they couldnt breed right side of falanks were called the position of honor

    • Timothy Stansbery
      Timothy Stansbery

      Diarchy, they had two royal lines that "co-ruled" but they were more religious and military heads. They did have a form of democracy when it came to legislation. They voted on a set of positions that put forward laws and such called the Ephors and when laws were put forth the citizens would vote as well. They also had a body of 28 elders called the Gerousia that had say in matters of which the two kings were part (so 30 in total)

  • Enock Suva
    Enock Suva

    I can feel myself getting smarter😂😂

    • Timothy Stansbery
      Timothy Stansbery

      Not if you watched this thing the whole way through... check out the channels Invicta or Historia Civilis for actual facts on the Spartans.

  • C T
    C T

    F#%k the Spartans... The Macedonian's conquered Persia. In 331 BC, a Macedonian army of Alexander the Great, led by his regent, Antipater, defeated the forces of Sparta, led by King Agis III. The Spartan King had conspired with the mortal enemy of the Greeks, the Persians, and had let on his plans to attack the Macedonian forces of Alexander.

  • Bim Anan
    Bim Anan

    "A Spartan soldiers life begins on birth" Never could have guessed that

  • Shadoestalker 2
    Shadoestalker 2

    Im from greece but jeez they didnt teach us this at school!

  • Radu

    This is wrong,there was diferences in weath and rank,what o you mean,sparta was based on slaves to do there work while spartans haveing a higher rank from birth been basicly a sparta cityzen they just had to work on the army,this fact are wrong document yourself from history not the movie 300

  • Petro Shehi
    Petro Shehi

    Im greek

  • LunEkoYT


  • Ride Out360
    Ride Out360

    No Spartan was better than athens

  • Rajveer Kharod
    Rajveer Kharod

    singh in 1704>spartan