Most People Have No Idea It's Happening (2020)
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Most People Have No Idea It's Happening (2020) New
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Speaker: David lcke
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  • Anonymous Official
    Anonymous Official

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      Anonymous rocks

    • Damion Papôt
      Damion Papôt

      neil owens I can keep my breath from the entrance to where the Cheese at 🧀 ...!’ It’s from “Loesje’ she’s very funny smart/cleverly thinking and also str8 uP’ TRUTHFULNESS!’ Pinterest is Strongly recommendate to people who want to learn, laugh, get positive hints, tips, etc. etc. To Not Give (Hope&Faith) in life uP, to those who just simply try to bring you down... these are pure threats as they will be your ‘true life -enemy, opponent to fight against as the Lions that we Are!!’... ♌️❕🤞🏼🦁🗯🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️‼️❗️‼️❗️

    • neil owens
      neil owens

      stop breathing lol sorry ""

    • neil owens
      neil owens

      pink flloyeds fault keep smiling !!2!!

    • Qhaleef mirza
      Qhaleef mirza



    Well "ano", so you ALL consider "JESUS ALT RIGHT?" Don't plan on making it if you do. JUST FACT.

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson

    Anyone else thinks the voice sounds like Jeremy Clarkson

  • Out of Context
    Out of Context

    We were all humans until Race disconnected us, Religion separated us, Politics divided us, And wealth classified us.

  • Candy Love
    Candy Love

    Got nothing else to say but Thank you anonymous

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin

    You just exposed the governments and said the reason animals know stuff like this

  • barry hignett
    barry hignett

    David Icke?

  • Corey Long
    Corey Long

    St least our country isn't like North Korea

  • TappyTie

    I think the elite global has get what they want. People are actually ignorant, they ignore everything in their society. They're busy with their phone and they don't care with everybody, the society is worster. From people that drowned with technology, the people who non-stop watching TR-my, or non-stop holding their phone. And those people who get obsessed with anime, k-pop. The elite global may just made those thing so they can drown people in they're obsessed thing. People get crazy and the elite global could control the world. WAKE UP!

  • smudge82ad

    This is David Icke, right?

  • Noah950

    Just about the time you think you've come to agree with what is being said, it introduces it's own subliminal Hate labeling message -- watch 9:45- 9:50

  • MEow

    From 6:57 to 10:25 ....FRICK'N A!!!!!!🧠📣👂👃✌

  • Yvonne Hyatt
    Yvonne Hyatt

    TR-my:JFK To 911, Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick. Forget all the symbols and stop / plans and answers calmly-

  • david77james

    The annoying voice makes it intolerable listening for more than 2 minutes.

  • Ynez YaYa
    Ynez YaYa

    Seeing the number of thumbs down clicked is decreasing more n more on these types of videos. Beautiful. Yet Im now ignored on FBook where before my past post of spiritual awareness n we are all connected had great response. WTF happened? Yep I'm the batshit crazy one now. I'm patiently waiting while warning them here n there if that...that if they ignore the obvious it's gonna hurt more later. It's different now n they know it. Fear of not following the norm. It's crazy! I feel sorry for them n there's far to many of them

  • Mia PLANTsoup
    Mia PLANTsoup

    why is the font so small in these videos? do you want the message out or not ...make the font bigger and at the bottom of the screen ...if you are worried about bigger font disrupting the visual then lower instead of in the middle and being tiny font

  • Wesley W
    Wesley W

    Sounds like Jeremy Clarkson from grand tour /top gear

  • jason bittinger
    jason bittinger

    I graduated high school and I'll tell you something they didn't teach me anything I had to teach it to myself

  • Joe Fuller
    Joe Fuller

    How come your vids are not banned like alot of the other truths being hiden by youtube?

  • Pattaya Flash
    Pattaya Flash

    David Ike is anonymous lol

  • jamak7 root
    jamak7 root

    this sounds like David Icke this is 😁


    anonymous will be my sons first teacher

  • Suomynona Suomynona
    Suomynona Suomynona

    Long Live The People

  • rangers16907


  • AB CD
    AB CD

    You should let David Ike normal voice :)

  • Ryan Wray
    Ryan Wray

    Is this David Icke's voice..combined with Linda Blair's??

  • Markopoi

    Dont know but this is old information to me

  • LaMar McNeil
    LaMar McNeil

    The Great Awakening is here! ❤️This confirms it!

  • Mayte Mtz
    Mayte Mtz

    This is so true and by the way this sounds like its David Icke

  • Jeff Zyeele II
    Jeff Zyeele II

    Hi David Icke

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis

    He is taking about the Antichrist and might not know it.

  • Doctor Gaster
    Doctor Gaster

    Heres a message to other anons like me we have to succeed our goal if not this will happen.

  • Fancine Courcy
    Fancine Courcy

    This is my friend David I love him

  • Lorenzo Lopez
    Lorenzo Lopez

    Total Rekall is what we needed to fight the Coming Slavery Of Human Species, I've been Rekall Already And Know who I Am.

  • Rita Ruiz
    Rita Ruiz

    Absolutely Awesome video!! It makes total sense to me. It's about time someone told the truth! LOVE IT! 🤗😷

  • Jason McGrath
    Jason McGrath

    Why they doing David ickes voice like this. Is it plagiarism or bad protection, or is he censored?

    • Beir

      Read the description.

  • Jay- D
    Jay- D

    They just slowed down david ickes voice.

  • Aljaz Sukljan
    Aljaz Sukljan

    that's david icke voice haha :D

  • Gimmie Cheese
    Gimmie Cheese

    How did I JUST now find them?

  • Cornelius Diez
    Cornelius Diez

    Seriously: If I'm Morphious and you're Neo ,Would you take the BLUE or the RED pill? Wait;before you answer all I'm offering is the truth nothing more. Wait; before you answer: Lying to me is not important but Lying to Yourself is.

  • Dark Agent
    Dark Agent

    They're trying to say our world is just a planned thing by governorment

  • Crossing the Line
    Crossing the Line

    Great vid David Icke

  • Tk F
    Tk F

    I ck ound not agree more

  • Mame Dior Ndiaye
    Mame Dior Ndiaye

    First Disclosure should be about the "gargoyles", the e.t 😒"What" exactly do they harvest among the human beings on this Planet?

  • Coolcat AMAPro
    Coolcat AMAPro

    That is the worst sound in the world bombs coming in don’t give that feeling

  • Dan Teeze
    Dan Teeze

    People think they are evil But they seem like they wanna support the world and uncover the truth of the corrupt

  • Dan Teeze
    Dan Teeze

    Tbh I don’t think anonymous is bad

  • Vicki Light
    Vicki Light


  • Odope Yrn
    Odope Yrn

    I feel like anonymous should Create their own free system where people will dump the old system might not be easy. I might sound crazy but I'm just saying

  • stardust.sxphie

    Bruh imagine watching this while tripping 💀

    • Nic Field
      Nic Field

      Woah, blows my mind WOAH🤯

  • telsah1

    I am certain under the monster tones this is the voice of David Ike.

  • budi utomo
    budi utomo


  • Toan Lam
    Toan Lam

    Whatever happened to revelling the exist of alien on planet earth?

  • Domingos Coimbra
    Domingos Coimbra

    Um vídeo motivacional, com uma mensagem tão poderosa, que vai mudar a vida das pessoas, e pode ser que essas pessoas mudem o mundo. Neste momento, são poucas as pessoas que acreditam em um futuro, mas com você esta mensagem, com tudo o que fazem. Tudo irá mudar, mais tarde ou mas cedo...

  • Juan Soto
    Juan Soto

    Anonymous, the COVID-19! has a effective cure?

  • Shadow_Hunter722

    Anonymous is my new religion 🙏🙏

  • Colm Murphy
    Colm Murphy

    he sounds like jeremy clarkson

  • Paul Shishis
    Paul Shishis

    Each and every one of us has a host held hostage in a hostile world of control

  • Shaye Mccrea
    Shaye Mccrea

    And why does the CIA control what we hear and watch

  • Shaye Mccrea
    Shaye Mccrea

    The government and Hollywood are all in a club and we’re not in it they also use the club to beat useless info into us. I want to wake up and not live in a lie. I want to know the TRUTH

  • Christina L
    Christina L

    Good video tho.

  • Christina L
    Christina L

    Yea great. What else is new.

  • Arran Azza
    Arran Azza

    This is David Icke speaking, his voice has just been altered. Anonymous are controlled opposition a CIA psyop

  • Dilly Tante
    Dilly Tante

    i hope people realize that youtube, unlike 8kun, makes it really easy for people to claim they're someone they aren't. im not sure why an anonymous group of people would come to youtube instead of having their posts digitally signed on 8kun. what other platform has that sort of verification?

  • Ethan & Jose
    Ethan & Jose


  • Hadderboi


  • Jonathan oneill
    Jonathan oneill

    Sounds like David Icke

  • Annas Ramdhan
    Annas Ramdhan

    Anonymaous [IS THE BESTTT]

  • Duru Birlik
    Duru Birlik

    Pls hack the turkish education system

  • Arnold Strickland
    Arnold Strickland

    I'm 51 years old and I'm almost certain every year I have perceived things from my so called consciousness I have seen more of our freedoms disappear every year thank God if there is one this is almost over because I can't see the next place my soul pops into could be any worse if there is another place