Mr Probz - Waves (Official Video) [Robin Schulz Remix]
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Mr Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix) available now!
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  • amine bahamou
    amine bahamou

    2020 and still listening immortal vibes coming everytime i hear this❤❤

  • Adnan Wahidi
    Adnan Wahidi

    Its 2014, im on my way to my first internship with my dad and we are picking up breakfast from Mickey Ds. He passed away in 2018. Some songs just transport you back to good times :)

  • Jazzelynn Gayle
    Jazzelynn Gayle

    So did he drown and that’s his version of hell

    • Jorge Vega
      Jorge Vega

      just my thoughts

  • Sampo Nuriza
    Sampo Nuriza

    2020 July 🤗😩

  • Szabolcs Nagy
    Szabolcs Nagy

    Its been 6 years already!?? Damn time goes hella fast!

  • Tyler Gooch
    Tyler Gooch

    I get mad nostalgia from thia

  • V Toyoda
    V Toyoda

    I always thought he was saying "my Facebook water" until I saw the lyrics

  • Andrea Perrone
    Andrea Perrone

    8 July 2020. This song never Die. Emotion live forever!

  • plnetz


  • Ana Siersma
    Ana Siersma

    No glass by the pool

  • Miguel Ángel
    Miguel Ángel

    Is tulum in Mexico?

  • Elena The Boss
    Elena The Boss

    Why do I see not any 2020 comments? Where’s my 2020 gang at? ->

  • Dario rubi
    Dario rubi

    That place is Tulum

  • isabel

    I wanna appear in a video clip

  • Leo Machado
    Leo Machado

    someone in 2020?

  • W for Wormy
    W for Wormy

    2:41 most nostalgic part of the song

  • Jersey Bro
    Jersey Bro

    The Ocean always reminded me of my Dad,the sounds of the waves brings me peace ,I feel his soul is there with me .RIP

  • Shila

    Who listen 2020 ? I think i can listen to this my whole life to relax and daydreaming💫💫

  • Jesús Díaz
    Jesús Díaz

    2014 and 2015 make best deep house songs ever

  • Diogo Caeiro
    Diogo Caeiro


  • Lilian Monte Negro
    Lilian Monte Negro

    gosto dessa

  • ZetaSQUAD

    I'm getting flashbacks of memories I never had!! 😱😭

    • ____fjj Djetueg
      ____fjj Djetueg

      Dw bro we all do

  • Elevated Existence
    Elevated Existence

    2014 Records hit different

  • Abraham Hernandez
    Abraham Hernandez

    Hermosas las playas y ruimas de tulum Q.roo México

  • Tam Seyrek
    Tam Seyrek

    What I learned from this video : never let a woman destroy you. Drink lots of alcohol instead !

  • Richeinis morel
    Richeinis morel

    this be the song they be playing at hollister , throwback :)))))

  • Dmitry Gavriluk
    Dmitry Gavriluk

    One of the best song ever..

  • Libby Dobre
    Libby Dobre

    This song reminds me of a memory of being a college student with little money, going to a bar and getting drunk. And just dancing all of your sadness away. This a never happened tho

  • sixty


  • Dim 87
    Dim 87

    Drifting away Wave after wave, wave after wave I'm slowly drifting (drifting away)

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams

    Dis song hit different when yhu sad 😢

  • Cherif Lahgazi
    Cherif Lahgazi

    anybody still listen to this music in 2020

  • Angel Almendarez
    Angel Almendarez

    Escaping reality in a lucid opioid induced time skip just like the waves all fears problems wash over you lime wave after wave !!!!🙊🙊🙈

  • James Waterhouse
    James Waterhouse

    This song bring back so many memories of magaluf with the lads hitting bcm mcp clubs boomerang car wash foam party's paint booze cruise dam where has time gone feels just like yesterday this song will always hold happiness for me :)

  • Beatr00t

    0:14 I wanna live there all summer

  • Adam James
    Adam James

    Before all this madness

  • Christian Gianelli
    Christian Gianelli

    I can’t be the only one who notices the Mandela effect here. I remeber this song without the beat behind it but I can’t find that anywhere 🤔

  • Betim Kosova
    Betim Kosova

    2020 still same nostalgia ❤️

  • Nixie ~ ♡ ~
    Nixie ~ ♡ ~

    ❤ 🍄🍃🌑💕

  • Julia Popek
    Julia Popek

    eyyy what’s up it’s 2020 !! We love going back to happy days ;)

  • apv130716

    If you want to play Waves just visit: Chane mapping to REAL and type (on keyboard): EUS 269 TabR9 158


    This song gives me indescribable energy

  • anthi kostopoulou
    anthi kostopoulou

    who is this guy???????

  • SU SU
    SU SU

    2020 here I am again its it's never get old .

  • soleny krauspenhar
    soleny krauspenhar

    Meu deus essa música

  • Gabriela Sampaio
    Gabriela Sampaio

    Rumo aos 100 milhões de visualizações desse clipe

  • Tom Lees
    Tom Lees

    2020 and I'm still loving this song

  • tasarımcı murat
    tasarımcı murat

    so good song. ı love you song

  • Aarneennorf Hews
    Aarneennorf Hews

    Pulling me Wonder did we do the right thing Rewind 8 yrs

  • Valentin

    Why do people this one more than the original? The whole point of the song was giving it a slow feeling.

  • jon luetkens
    jon luetkens

    sky news live

  • Sir_MuttonChops

    I've been feeling like shit, but this always makes feel abit better

  • Big Sky
    Big Sky

    This song gives me goosebumps on my ball sack

  • Krall

    good song stupid clip

  • Nikhil Koshy
    Nikhil Koshy

    Only 70 mil views ?? People are missing out some seriously good music.

    • Charlie Murray
      Charlie Murray

      official one on Mr Probz channel has like 400M views

  • Chris Medrano
    Chris Medrano

    Wow just wow it’s just wow like idek wow

  • Alex Oprea
    Alex Oprea

    I simply don not understand why i have tears on my eyes when i hear this song after all these years...

  • Panda Relics
    Panda Relics

    Who listening now

  • Nagato Ryu
    Nagato Ryu

    It must be 2020 cause I used to love this song and now for some reason I burst into tears while listening... X.x

  • Adam Wrld
    Adam Wrld

    life was better when this song came out

  • axel blaze
    axel blaze

    I love being around people like y'all who care about real music and good vibes 🙏🙏🙏

  • Duda Marinho
    Duda Marinho

    Muito boa essa teoria

  • Dopey16

    Listening to this in quarantine doesn't help :( still a really good song though.

  • kastras 22
    kastras 22


  • Bartosz Maliszewki
    Bartosz Maliszewki

    Can't believe its been 6 years already!

  • Aracelis De Jesús
    Aracelis De Jesús


  • France Noel
    France Noel

    J'aime bien ce hit mr prodz et vous de Josée merci

  • Followyourideas (Aikido Shodokan)
    Followyourideas (Aikido Shodokan)

    Great song but what a bitch that girl was.

  • 7 Buddha
    7 Buddha

    Just ask the camera man for his phone to call for help bro. Not that hard, sheesh

  • 11‐Bhadravathi Prakash Yashwanth
    11‐Bhadravathi Prakash Yashwanth

    What's the meaning of this beautiful song can someone explain it to me 😂😂😂