MXR Timmy Overdrive - Demo
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Let's check out the all-new MXR Custom Shop Timmy Overdrive!
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  • John Koch
    John Koch

    I expected it to speak TIM-MEH like the Miku pedal

  • Technicolour Sound
    Technicolour Sound

    I see he's got a blue shirt to match the Timmy and bring out those beautiful baby blues'

  • Liam Armstrong
    Liam Armstrong

    *T I N Y B O X T I M*

  • RoughRide666

    Nothing against you or your channel brother cause I love what you do, but that is one of the more horrific sounding OD pedals I’ve ever heard!

    • divebomb99

      So far I am thinking the same thing. I've gotta be missing something though. Too many people praise it. Withholding final decision until I can plug one in.

  • guitargeek84

    Like your videos Fluff. I enjoy it when a high-gain guy takes a serious look at lower gain and can expound on the virtues. I own a Timmy and find it's addictive with single coils as well. It has a certain fuzzy character that at higher gain settings makes things sound like an amplifier that's falling apart. One really great sound - Timmy into a Wampler Tumnus Deluxe (got the idea from Josh Scott of JHS pedals) Juicy is an accurate description. Keep it up!

  • Alchemists Anonymous
    Alchemists Anonymous

    Cue the South Park references

  • Aloha Wahoo
    Aloha Wahoo

    Cheap ass made in Covid ... Behringer sounds a lot better.

  • Paul Kielt
    Paul Kielt

    A little bit disappointing. To me it works more in the Fuzz territory. To boost the front end of a tube amp it's not the best way to go!

  • Paul Caputo
    Paul Caputo

    I loved the tone you had before you clicked it on as well. Very Pumpkiny

    • Felipe Vega
      Felipe Vega

      Paul Caputo I said, what an amazing tone!! Oh... the pedal is off :D

  • Landon Bailey
    Landon Bailey

    immediately thought of south park 😆🎸👍

  • P.o.B pedals
    P.o.B pedals

    We build customizable modded timmy pedals, all handwired and handbuilt using top quality components for 150

  • triledink

    i wonder if they make a bigger version if the pedal they would call it timothy.

    • Andi Kravljaca
      Andi Kravljaca

      Funnily enough, the big one is called the Tim. Paul's been making those for years. Similar to a Timmy but with a boost switch.

  • The Deedee Files
    The Deedee Files

    Awesome pedal man

  • Dizzy Duke
    Dizzy Duke


  • Fender Bassman
    Fender Bassman

    Definitely not my cup of tea but I'm going to tell some of my friends about it.

  • SuperJiggawhat

    Nice my landlords name is Tim, and dude is short. If only he played guitar, what a perfect present this would make.

  • Dmusic TV
    Dmusic TV

    how about ammoon metal pedal?

  • Robbie Valentine
    Robbie Valentine

    Between this and a greer lightspeed in front of an evh lbx 2. The small size is making it the front runner

    • Nickolay Naydenov
      Nickolay Naydenov

      Whatever you choose. Both are outstanding pedals

  • shovington67

    Maybe it would be worthwhile to try this pedal with a high gain amp? I'm not really feeling that much with this setup.

  • James kornbrust
    James kornbrust

    Do you ride a harley !?

  • xsonicassassinx

    it sounds like a high gain amp with the volume knob turned down the entire time on the supro. no boners.

  • JCRS

    Libilahhhh Timmyyyyyyy

  • Roy Monfero
    Roy Monfero

    Been waiting for this....great demo

  • NoLifeLeft13

    It's also great to add after a gnarly fuzz to soft clip the harshness a bit.

  • Hazel Storer
    Hazel Storer

    Just need the Tommy now...

  • kidder83

    It reminds me of the sugar drive

  • kidder83

    Mmmm I do love a mini pedal

  • Paul Partington
    Paul Partington

    4:04 sounded great!

  • nimble fred
    nimble fred

    I approve

  • Paul Cowart
    Paul Cowart

    Thought I would like this but I didn't

  • DJ 7 StringGuitar
    DJ 7 StringGuitar


  • 72dodge340

    I love my Caline Pure Sky. I wonder how this compares? (for 1/4 the price). In this video, it sounds about the same as my Pure Sky, but in real life, maybe there's differences. I usually use the Pure Sky in front of another overdrive, but sometimes by itself.

  • Michael Parkinson
    Michael Parkinson

    I like how the graphic of Timmy from South Park made its way in there on the sly... good work sir.

  • MrPurpleNess10

    I wanted to see you playing yo 😞

  • Jeremy Conner
    Jeremy Conner

    Pepers dirty tree. That’s a pedal.

  • Jake Witt
    Jake Witt

    I could be wrong but I thought mxr said the bass and treble aren’t a cut like on the original.

  • Ben heaver
    Ben heaver


  • davidgtsi

    Sweet demo. Was the shirt included in the box?

  • Sam Libman
    Sam Libman

    Sounds a bit too fizzy for my taste. I’m not into OD’s that much anyway, I like using a clean boost/EQ into a dirty amp. Peace!

    • LS / Lime
      LS / Lime

      Sam Libman his sound is fizzy, that’s why. Into a smooth amp, the Timmy is smooth.

  • jhmcwha

    i kind of hate the way this pedal sounds. lol. it's nothing Fluff did, the pedal just doesn't sound good to me.

    • AttakaiMusic

      I much prefer them into a gainy amp, they're a little weird into something completely clean. but any sound is a good sound as long as it cuts, just depends on the person

  • bdwitt66

    TIMMY! (and the Lords of the Underworld) TIMMY! (darkness fills my heart with pain)



    • Danny Alaniz
      Danny Alaniz

      bdwitt66 and when girls start to sleep with girls....

  • ffviiiangel


  • Steven Nemeth
    Steven Nemeth

    Great sounding OD....I think Reverb did a side by side comparison...which wasn't much of a comparison. The original Timmy OD was so much more harmonically rich and full compared to the MXR version. And I love MXR Pedals.

  • Ben Peasley
    Ben Peasley

    I think you meant the Tim is hard to find and expensive. The Timmy was a more affordable shrunken down version.

  • ZackSeifMusic

    The Timmy is the OD I use the most on modelers. So clear and amazing. Also putting this infront of mid gain amps cuts the mid without adding the mid bump of a tube scream which makes it more desirable imo

    • Ed Diaz
      Ed Diaz

      Does that mean this won’t stack well with a pedal that has a tube screamer circuit?

  • Jonathan Wapner
    Jonathan Wapner

    People go crazy over these pedals. I don't get it.

    • LS / Lime
      LS / Lime

      Jonathan Wapner you need to pair it with your own personal/favorite (tube) amp and guitar (your own desired tone and feel). It complements your own sound. Listening to random people use it on their gear just doesn’t cut it. The minute they say “this is my clean sound” and you clinch your teeth, it’s already game over.

  • DannyLlerenaTV

    Hmmm, if MXR and paul collaborated for the timmy, I wonder if MXR would collab with Analogman who has a monumental list for the KOT(which I happen to be on that waiting list).

    • Phil Smith
      Phil Smith

      You can always get a Prince of Tone copy, made by the same Chinese sub-contractor that builds the Prince of Tone. It’s called XinSound SkyOverDrive RM-20 (ouch, that’s a mouth full!). I got this one: Now it would be nice if we could get it in a mini pedal by MXR. If it would be the same as this XinSound, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Adam Mays
    Adam Mays

    Today on wrists spirits and gear

  • David Megens
    David Megens

    Should've called it tiny timmy

    • TheNew Swag1FL
      TheNew Swag1FL

      Juan Cruz Pompei TIMMY!!!

    • Juan Cruz Pompei
      Juan Cruz Pompei

      because it would sound crippled

  • Be Glory or Peace
    Be Glory or Peace

    🤔 ...if you could create your own custom effect what would it be? would it be a plug-in or a physical stompbox? and thanks if you see and read my comment 🤘🏽😆 @#$& yeah, Fluff ROCKS!!

  • Jeff Hendricks
    Jeff Hendricks

    The new MXR minis are legit. Love my Sugar Drive. Good stuff, great price.

    • NeilAran

      MXR pedals have really solid build quality, and their mini pedals are no exception.

  • Dustin Alford
    Dustin Alford

    Suprised they didn't call this the tiny tim.

    • George1002

      Dustin Alford ha. That’s funny.

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia

    Timmy Burch approves this pedal.

  • Idan Shahar
    Idan Shahar

    Great video, I'd go with a TS9 or 808

    • Raleigh Dent Company
      Raleigh Dent Company

      I run an OCD into a TS9 currently. It seems to suit my needs, but the Timmy and the Sugar Drive are so tempting.

    • Jeremy Conner
      Jeremy Conner

      Idan Shahar I use the ts9 all the time. But when I switch to the peper dirty tree. It’s makes all my amps. Just killer. Two in one pedal. The dirty tree is a 33 clone also a tc electronics preamp that’s famous

  • Timothy McKane
    Timothy McKane

    I never thought they made a pedal with a name. -My first name to be exact.-

  • Thira Chanmaneelert
    Thira Chanmaneelert

    I love when you boost the front of the amp, To know it can use in difference way.