MY DEMON SOULMATE | gachalife mini movie
Itz lindy Gacha

  • Itz lindy Gacha
    Itz lindy Gacha

    0:33 OKAY OKAY SORRY GUYS dark green was supposed to be yellow (There are pretty much mistakes in the video but thats because im dumb)

    • slee1098

      It’s ok :)

    • Sweetie JPie
      Sweetie JPie

      Oof oof oof oof oof oof oof

    • Sweetie JPie
      Sweetie JPie

      m o o n n o e l oof oof oof oof

    • Sweetie JPie
      Sweetie JPie

      Itz lindy Gacha oof

    • Meshelle and SophiaSu
      Meshelle and SophiaSu

      I think it good

  • bithi sarkar
    bithi sarkar

    I enjoyed the glmv a lot and don't mean to be rude but the title is "MY DEMON SOULMATE" so technically, the story should be from Faye's point of view.

  • Sarah Hamilton Sutton
    Sarah Hamilton Sutton


  • Guitar Smart
    Guitar Smart

    is this the tiktok trend?

  • Niel Andrew
    Niel Andrew


  • Emilee Hayes
    Emilee Hayes

    When he was like "why are they gone ", I was like "because your on earth stupid ". 😂😂

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    I started watching and my first thought was that his last name has just gotta be Ketchum.

  • Richard Palmer
    Richard Palmer

    Miss huh you got a bf I bet he doesn’t kiss ya

  • Sweetie JPie
    Sweetie JPie

    It’s way past my bed time oof Sorray

  • It’s Flower Wolfy
    It’s Flower Wolfy

    Do you ever look at a comment and be like “damn I wish I wrote that” 😑is it just me....?

    • Sophie Tull
      Sophie Tull


  • Alexandria Casares
    Alexandria Casares

    i love your intro lol and I loved the vid

  • Alice Benitez
    Alice Benitez

    Part 2😽🤍

  • Darrell RANKIN
    Darrell RANKIN

    Dad here's a special phone Me when it's just a phone

  • Aiden Tejada
    Aiden Tejada

    Why is it so Fast

  • Rohajati Tampubolon
    Rohajati Tampubolon

    Ash is so cute when he is a baby

  • Rohajati Tampubolon
    Rohajati Tampubolon

    I love the story but to many kiss@_@

  • irene cordez
    irene cordez

    Hey i just wanted to say that you are an amazing youtuber you deserve more subscribers and keep up the good work i love you and your vids linda Keep doing what you love oh and also dont listen to the people who hate you i love you❤️❤️

  • Ida Rodriguez
    Ida Rodriguez

    your vid : come on you know u need meh Me : well now i basiclly have to watch it

  • Potato_ knuckles
    Potato_ knuckles


  • Iang Iang
    Iang Iang

    So good

  • Angeline Ohoylan
    Angeline Ohoylan

    Hi I love your videos can I please have a shout out in the next video

  • Nishaplays Roblox
    Nishaplays Roblox

    Hello their Jacob snd Isabella their kids its triplets snd their crying haha such a cute baby

  • Ari Velayo
    Ari Velayo

    I think I watched all of ur videos in 1 day I think 🤔 ???? But I still didn’t know u yet but I’ve been watching your videos a lot

  • Slades Daughter
    Slades Daughter

    You can always visit hella often Get it?!

  • Hanna Lynn
    Hanna Lynn

    Aha Faye is my dogs name

  • AP's gacha world
    AP's gacha world

    I kept getting confused because I kept forgetting what all those colors ment so I kept going back :)

  • Savannah Martinez
    Savannah Martinez

    5:13 now that we are alone

  • suvitha kantaia
    suvitha kantaia

    Faye:what are you Ash:*ignores and kisses*

  • jtmq rtsy
    jtmq rtsy

    Where is the mark?

  • Pumpkin Seed :3
    Pumpkin Seed :3

    Just had an idea What if they were straight but their soul mate was the same gender as they are 😮

  • Pumpkin Seed :3
    Pumpkin Seed :3

    This escalated VERY quickly XD

  • Lemonde GrandeTea
    Lemonde GrandeTea

    Omg that intro is lit

  • Trishelle Mudra
    Trishelle Mudra

    Your not dumb people make mistakes

  • best Boy
    best Boy

    If i saw her id say lemme smash

  • Itz_MaryAnne

    Make prt 2 pls

  • Caitlynn Zunun
    Caitlynn Zunun

    Ay yes,my favorite dimension,earth😂

  • Cookie232 Oof
    Cookie232 Oof

    Omg they better start finding a name for there baby ;)

  • Bunny

    I idk why but me and my friends think you go to our school lol

  • annah Sarah
    annah Sarah

    Earth is a planet not a dimension 😡

  • Amy Hernandez
    Amy Hernandez

    13:48 Me: OMG Also me: *thinks* oh no (Edit- me thinks about how they made it)

  • oncelinkarmy thia
    oncelinkarmy thia

    SANA All meron soulmate🙃😭

  • Potato Vanessa
    Potato Vanessa

    I can't explain to you how many freaking times I dropped my phone during this

  • Precious Abby C. Amurao
    Precious Abby C. Amurao

    rip dad 2020 - 2020

  • Isabella Holland
    Isabella Holland

    🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 black

  • Gacha Foxy911
    Gacha Foxy911

    "Everyone has or had a soulmate" but i will never had.

    • Gerry Murillo
      Gerry Murillo

      @Joseph Su hmm i think ur going to get wooooshed

    • Joseph Su
      Joseph Su

      You even know how to spell????????????

    • Joseph Su
      Joseph Su

      I will never had

  • JOHN romeo DM
    JOHN romeo DM

    Humans transformation hooman

  • Kellyn Phillips
    Kellyn Phillips

    is ther a part 3

  • Chårløttë Gäläxy
    Chårløttë Gäläxy

    And his soulmate was in another DIMENSION

  • Chårløttë Gäläxy
    Chårløttë Gäläxy

    Ok ok so when Ash is older his mark is Dark Green (Yellow) and when you go to the begging of the video it said Dark Green was "Green your soulmate was WITH YOU"

  • Abbie Prattis
    Abbie Prattis

    I have a soulmate.. And I know nobody likes me because I don't even Valentine cards.. ;-;

  • Gabby senpai
    Gabby senpai

    First of all when did an hell jave phone? -_-

  • Lay Torn
    Lay Torn

    I like the movie

  • Brielle T.
    Brielle T.

    Dark green ment that he was already with the soulmate

  • Jerome and jelly and ssundee Are the best
    Jerome and jelly and ssundee Are the best

    Can u make a part two please please please please

  • Alice Risley
    Alice Risley

    Hi UwU

  • Chickennugget Tea
    Chickennugget Tea

    I have the urge to do the r/ *you know the rest*

  • Laylah XxX
    Laylah XxX

    That doesn’t make sense, if dark green means your are already with your soulmate why did ash have it? He isn’t with her and his dad said that he has given up which he had so should his mean that she is alive as normal green instead of saying that they’re already together when they arent

  • supernovanick 1
    supernovanick 1


  • Ugne Ziemelyte
    Ugne Ziemelyte

    XDDDD the grandma on the end is like: iM Old BUt Im StiLl eNerGeTIc : XDDDDDDD

  • Petru HD
    Petru HD

    Vă dau dislike la toți.

  • boruto uzumaki
    boruto uzumaki

    When Faye said "I HATE YOU" I felt that.....

  • Gacha shania kitten
    Gacha shania kitten

    I WISH THAT SOULMATE THING EXISTED IRL I Would find my soulmate where is he 😐😐😐

  • Azzahra Bilqish
    Azzahra Bilqish

    i love you Lindy

    • Azzahra Bilqish
      Azzahra Bilqish

      and someday could you make a character name Zara

    • Azzahra Bilqish
      Azzahra Bilqish

      my name is Zara btw

  • p o t a t o._.
    p o t a t o._.

    u PlAy WiTh dEm bAlls LikE itS fiFa

  • Jocelyn Morris
    Jocelyn Morris

    Unmmmmm why are you a boy?


    0:01 is very gross

  • Frank M
    Frank M

  • Kurtazin

    Hey dude what's the name of that song at 00:09

  • Lisa Gilmore
    Lisa Gilmore

    Awe that was so cute and sweet good job GIRL!

  • Shah Azim
    Shah Azim

    "is ez" "is hard" *iS cRazY*