My Ex Girlfriend Called Me... (We Picked up)
See you guys soon! Go watch the vlog channel TYPE IT IN!

  • eddie a
    eddie a

    idc if it’s 5 minutes the video still fire

    • Fate_clan

      How do you like this trash

    • Kingzero000


    • prefer magpies
      prefer magpies

      If you're referring to this type of content as fire, you're prolly talking about the heat on your ass after something spicy.

    • PuraVida channel
      PuraVida channel

      RiceGum - KSI diss track (Official Music Video)

    • Snackdatsmacks


  • niko .b
    niko .b

    I whant face reveal can you doo it

  • न se NASEELA
    न se NASEELA

    I thought there would still be some i dubbz comments here im disappointed

  • Emanuel Severino
    Emanuel Severino

    Sucky sucky long time

  • 表FLICKz

    this was funny

  • Immortalbuddies

    No hate but hasn’t he been on 10 million subs for the past 2 years😂

  • Jack Fichera
    Jack Fichera

    she does this all the time so imma just record it ya know just invade her personal things and recording a private matter being so insecure and selfish lol all g.

  • Ethan Farris
    Ethan Farris

    Oh look its only his 20th video about his ex within the same 3 months. This spells out Obsession.

    • jack anrend
      jack anrend

      Wtf? Lol

  • cactus stacks
    cactus stacks


  • PuraVida channel
    PuraVida channel

    Jake Paul - KSI exposed writers diss track ft. RiceGum

  • I am a human being
    I am a human being

    How has this guys channel not died by now?

    • Ethan Farris
      Ethan Farris

      @I am a human being it only shows the comments made to the channel of the video commented on

    • Ethan Farris
      Ethan Farris

      @I am a human being you tap on their profile pic in the comments

    • I am a human being
      I am a human being

      Since when can you view someone’s comment history on TR-my?

    • PuraVida channel
      PuraVida channel

      because u racist, i see all your racist comments. You are NOT a HUMAN BEING !

  • Black Screen
    Black Screen

    Forever 10 million?

  • Eternal Sioana
    Eternal Sioana

    *Calling my ex Girlfriend at 3 am*

    • Ethan Farris
      Ethan Farris

      Making a video about my ex girlfriend for the 20th time in a row

  • notglee blr
    notglee blr

    I’ve been watching rice since his bed was on the floor and he was making these people must be stopped

  • Toasty Waffle
    Toasty Waffle

    Wtf happened to your face you turned square

  • Was brakkin Chris
    Was brakkin Chris

    I wanna see afrogum again


    how they say if in England: piss off

    • Ethan Farris
      Ethan Farris

      Wanna know how they say piss off in china

  • Bangtan Chefs
    Bangtan Chefs


    • Ethan Farris
      Ethan Farris

      @jack anrend yeah I just got bored and finished watching idubbz and then rice gum prove him right.

    • jack anrend
      jack anrend

      Ethan Farris why you commenting on every comment? Bro chill

  • happyjuicycherry

    doesn’t he have a new gf?

    • Ethan Farris
      Ethan Farris

      An obsession so bad he is willing to get another ex for it. And then make 50 more videos about his new ex

  • The Pasavier
    The Pasavier

    Bruh rice doesn't love women for their personalities he loves them for their bodies.

  • The Pasavier
    The Pasavier

    Is it me or does rice gets more annoying and louder by the years go by?

  • Akaiyo Beauvais
    Akaiyo Beauvais

    Please make a distrack with Afro gum

    • Ethan Farris
      Ethan Farris

      Brain = ⬜

  • Dig All
    Dig All

    Where are those gains imma call kali

  • TrashCavalierMan

    rice is the type of guy that uses the wrong side of a pencil to write on

  • Glypthz

    Wtf is wrong with your ex if you have a new girlfriend what is she gonna do

  • bx_ siZzy
    bx_ siZzy

    Call shorty and be like you mad or naaaaahhhh

  • Lovenson Pierre
    Lovenson Pierre

    I want to know why she mad like she's jealous leave him be

  • Äñšøń.Fłåmįö

    hi nice to meet you small 太監😁

  • kim aira Delos Santos
    kim aira Delos Santos

    Hey i just saw lizzy's new video that she had a date with you!

  • ice2 k
    ice2 k

    Lol i just remembered he existed and decided to search up. I remember the good old days of TR-my.

    • PuraVida channel
      PuraVida channel


  • Riivas Pink
    Riivas Pink

    Crazy how hes still at 10 mill after years

    • Le Monke
      Le Monke

      Cus he don’t upload on this channel

  • Adan Ramos
    Adan Ramos

    Rice we need a diss track on the sway and hype house

  • Victor Rodrigues
    Victor Rodrigues


  • Victor Rodrigues
    Victor Rodrigues


  • Harry Nash
    Harry Nash

    O well

  • Mach Mad
    Mach Mad

    woah ricegum really getting jt.... 10.6 mil subs from 3 years ago

  • Coltez Ψ
    Coltez Ψ

    Ricegum more vids plz

    • Le Monke
      Le Monke

      Go on family gum

  • Chris LeBelMusic
    Chris LeBelMusic

    You a joke bruh

  • night Dasher
    night Dasher

    The odd ones out is much better than you

  • Stephanie

    Genuine question to ricegum fans, why do you support him? It’s sounds like hate but I’m actually curious.

    • Stephanie

      PuraVida channel I’ll try out the other channel then, the content on this channel just isn’t what I watch.

    • PuraVida channel
      PuraVida channel

      @Stephanie maybe you try out FamilyGum to see if u like him or not. This channel has been rough lately.

    • Stephanie

      Le Monke I personally don’t watch him, but it’s great you like him!

    • Le Monke
      Le Monke

      Stephanie ricegum is a great youtuber

    • Stephanie

      Le Monke What?

  • Jazmanai Edwards
    Jazmanai Edwards

    What adout Lizzy

  • Samuel Owens
    Samuel Owens


  • Mr Chukky
    Mr Chukky


  • Itzwr3ck

    That channel banner is jokes

  • A _ G A Y _ R A T
    A _ G A Y _ R A T

    Did it feel good though

  • Shaun& London
    Shaun& London

    Imagine rice gum filming full time🥺🥺😞

    • PuraVida channel
      PuraVida channel

      Go to FamilyGum

    • Shaun& London
      Shaun& London

      He use to make my day😞😞🥺🥺

  • Andre Montes
    Andre Montes

    who else has been a fan before the “these kids must be stopped “ series and still has never got notice by rice 😔

    • The Pasavier
      The Pasavier

      That's because he doesn't care about his fans he loves them for money, views, and subs.

    • Oskar Kupidura
      Oskar Kupidura

  • JackGeezy

    Shortest career ever on Wild n Out, RiceCum

  • Tom vs jerry
    Tom vs jerry


  • Disney vlog
    Disney vlog

    Leave liz alone

  • epik memr
    epik memr

    hey idiot make a diss track against hypehouse and swayhouse and you’d be cool again

  • Nico Gonzales
    Nico Gonzales

    Stop talking like you’re black, you’re not.

    • PuraVida channel
      PuraVida channel

      You know he has a lot of black friend from his earlier YT video right ?


    Look do not subscribe he is not talented

  • this cool guy on YouTube
    this cool guy on YouTube

    I dare u to not were Supreme clothes and ur Rolex and ur gold chain

  • Just me ary 66
    Just me ary 66

    What about Lizzy???

  • Oscar H
    Oscar H

    Why do so many of these 12 year olds watch this guy’s garbage content rice gum is the human embodiment of a toilet full of diarrhea and vomit

    • PuraVida channel
      PuraVida channel

      Rice is undefeated in 1v1 basketball, first youtuber with platinum song, first youtuber on Super Bowl ad....yes he do said some wrong thing sometimes and get misunderstood, and racist just love to hate him

  • y23meen _
    y23meen _

    make a diss on the hype & sway house and humble them

  • Dakota Wiley
    Dakota Wiley

    I been a subscribe since the Jake Paul diss track

  • Doggo Fun time
    Doggo Fun time


  • Carla Jean Pare
    Carla Jean Pare

    Yo rice faze rug had 16M and you have 10M that so emberising

  • Sarai Lawrie
    Sarai Lawrie

    skinny stove

  • Arian Dzinic
    Arian Dzinic

    This channel is dead *Insert crabrave*

    • Oskar Kupidura
      Oskar Kupidura

    • PuraVida channel
      PuraVida channel

      Thank god u too dumb to realize Rice is still king

  • Daniel Calix
    Daniel Calix

    Why has this guy still have 10million after two years

    • Oskar Kupidura
      Oskar Kupidura

  • Skidoo

    sound effects haven't been abused in the making of this video.

  • lance craig uithaler
    lance craig uithaler

    Who came from lizzys channlle

    • PuraVida channel
      PuraVida channel

      you went to wrong should be FamilyGum

  • Nathan the gamer
    Nathan the gamer

    u went with a date whith Lizzy capri . she is carters bay

    • Oskar Kupidura
      Oskar Kupidura

  • Hanna Stephanie B. Mendoza
    Hanna Stephanie B. Mendoza


  • Jonathan Kim
    Jonathan Kim

    Honestly he sounds like his nose is stuffy with boogers every time he tqlks

    • Ansh Chandra
      Ansh Chandra

      So true like a nose block

    • Oskar Kupidura
      Oskar Kupidura

    • 35th Ave
      35th Ave

      Shutup Jonathan Kim

    • Mundi

      Hahahahaha with boogers hahahahha Wery funy

  • Anthony From YT
    Anthony From YT


  • Thatasiandude 7
    Thatasiandude 7

    Remember when Rice said he was gonna post everyday... rice not the same anymore

    • Thatasiandude 7
      Thatasiandude 7

      @PuraVida channel ya ik but his vids doesn't give off the same energy no more

    • PuraVida channel
      PuraVida channel

      Check out FamilyGum...he post there