My Pink VAULT Closet Tour
HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm finally uploading one of my most requested videos, my pink vault closet tour!!!! I started construction during the filming of my series with Shane Dawson last year and it's finally done! This is a museum of fashion. My personal collection of handbags, luxury items and family heirlooms that I've been collecting for over 15 years. Come inside my pink vault and take a peek inside one of the world's largest Birkin collections hidden behind a pink bank vault door and walls that are bulletproof and stainless steel.
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  • Nathalie's Tube
    Nathalie's Tube

    Flex on the haters 💪🏻

  • Javeria Awais
    Javeria Awais

    Plz give me some of your clothes ☺️☺️


    *jeffery showing all of his life prgress* Me: if only be gay was a job-

  • Ashleigh Fox
    Ashleigh Fox

    I’m now going to ask my parents if I can have $23,000

  • Maricela Gomez
    Maricela Gomez

    Can u pls do another giveaway

  • Rosme34 Mariños Lara
    Rosme34 Mariños Lara

    Alguien que hable español

  • Libby Bailey
    Libby Bailey

    This called me poor im every language in the world

  • Thirdy Gempis
    Thirdy Gempis

    damn!!! i wish i could have just one of her shoes huhuhuhu

  • Leticia Cavalcante teixeira
    Leticia Cavalcante teixeira

    Ho my.. U're rich or what..?? 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Jessie Jordan
    Jessie Jordan

    Where can girl

  • marveree daphne
    marveree daphne

    jeffreestar closet looks like our ukayukay store in the philiphines

  • Marla Wettstein
    Marla Wettstein

    He better hope his luggage never gets stolen

  • Marla Wettstein
    Marla Wettstein

    Budget!? Who’s she?

  • Kelly Youngblood
    Kelly Youngblood

    And I feel like I can buy anything when my bank account is over $1000 which happens maybe once a year lol after watching this my mind can not even comprehend how much money some people have access too . Jeffree if you just gave me one of your Birkin bags it would literally change my life !

  • Jason Abernathy
    Jason Abernathy

    i love your dogs they are soo cute

  • Sofia Coppola
    Sofia Coppola

    My one Louie Wallet is my baby like it has its own case but Jefferys over hear just you know with like 20 Bergen’s that in total are worth millions of dollars. You know no biggy everyone has them

  • Jennifer Kelly
    Jennifer Kelly

    I miss you sooo much

  • Muaed Benyazed
    Muaed Benyazed

    I think ima act gay and become a gold digger and take jeffreestar's stuff

  • Vicky Stewart-smith
    Vicky Stewart-smith

    Boyfriend now

  • Emily Law
    Emily Law

    Subtitles: Put your glasses on Me: I don't HAVE glasses- Jeffree: Put your glasses on Me: Yessir

  • Aman

    A flashback in history when Jeffree actually 'Loved' Shane 😂😂😂

    • ok lia ur mom
      ok lia ur mom

      the shadeeeee 😂💀

  • Keertana Vinod
    Keertana Vinod

    "This house is very special to me. I'm gonna keep it for the rest of my life." Jefree's New mansion-"Am I joke to you?"

  • Hannah Joynes
    Hannah Joynes

    I would go to a jeffreestar museum

  • Billie's Fanforever
    Billie's Fanforever

    If I had all that, I would never be able to sleep.

  • Goozie Goo
    Goozie Goo

    I love it

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams

    tha is not 10000 pounds thick bulletproof steel its so this.

  • Sanne Pauwelsen
    Sanne Pauwelsen

    Your f******* volt is my bedroom OMGGG 🤤🤤🤤🤤😦😦😦

  • Sanne Pauwelsen
    Sanne Pauwelsen

    Your closet is maby twise the size of my bedroom. 😅😅😅

  • cassey Cabildo
    cassey Cabildo

    OMG your closet is bigger than my house

  • Yusuf PlayYT
    Yusuf PlayYT

    Hi I am girl I am you big fan I love you some much I like and love your closet

  • Lillith's life
    Lillith's life

    omg he is so like careful with all of his clothes and bags i wish i had like louis vuitton or something like that

  • Arelys Rodriguez
    Arelys Rodriguez

    gucci is like jeffreestar's toy's R us

  • Guadalupe Chicas
    Guadalupe Chicas

    I love you ❤😘🤟

  • Alice Rubidge Year 07
    Alice Rubidge Year 07

    jefree: *points at supreme jacket* these are just everyday wear me: wow im poor also jefree: here are just some louis vuitton pyjamas also me: my pyjamas are from the clearance section at walmart

  • young mesho
    young mesho


  • Jasmine Ryes
    Jasmine Ryes

    I love! love! love! LOVE!! That Closet I wish it was mine, and its my favorite color PINK. He/She is so very lucky. He is living a RICH 💕 life.

  • Audrey Mcaffee
    Audrey Mcaffee

    Barbie could never

  • Audrey Mcaffee
    Audrey Mcaffee

    Yes cause of quarantine

  • Audrey Mcaffee
    Audrey Mcaffee

    I feel poor now

  • Asma Parveen
    Asma Parveen

    Hello jeffniy star ⭐️ I am your big fan and frakinakn you pink closet is so cute

  • v toowwn
    v toowwn

    Please tell me Jeffree will consider selling some of those bags and giving the money to a charity or someone in need.🥺

  • Tristan Farhood
    Tristan Farhood

    Bro the whole closet 10X the price of a whole house

  • Freia Nicole Almaden
    Freia Nicole Almaden

    You're gay right?

  • Asin Narang
    Asin Narang

    my mom has half of his closet#my mom loves desinger


    So Cham your not a girl ok

  • Marckon lewis Gajete
    Marckon lewis Gajete

    I’m super inspired how you value youre dream Youre such an inspiration to us LGBT,coZ u came into a simple way of living and now a powerful person who could buy anything u want because u worked so hard I hope I could meet u and person and to hug you coz u make me realize how to value everything and to become down to earth person.I wish I could have one pair of shoes u have.take care sissy and God Bless

  • Olive-Ray The Cat
    Olive-Ray The Cat

    Me: *has one pair of sunglasses that I wear everyday.* Jeffree: ‘I wear a different one everyday’ Me again: 😐😳 ‘ok then...’

  • racchu rachitha
    racchu rachitha

    I'm new for this channel anyone explain me that that human in the video is he or she mean boy or girl 💀💀💀

    • Sara Iftikhar
      Sara Iftikhar

      A he but loves makeup

  • Joanne van der Hoeven
    Joanne van der Hoeven

    His closet is bigger than my whole house

  • truthseeker89 for life
    truthseeker89 for life

    Why does he have so much money ?

    • Zurcaled Gutierrez
      Zurcaled Gutierrez

      he got so many businesses

  • Uzma Taj
    Uzma Taj

    I haven't watched the entire vid but I doubt that jefree has a normal pair of shoes

  • Kholood moo
    Kholood moo

    طيب امتا تستخدم كل هدول 🤔

  • Brian Bird
    Brian Bird

    If I ever met Jeffree I’d be scared of stepping on his feet high key

  • Shaikh Nawaz Fatima
    Shaikh Nawaz Fatima

    u r a complete wastage of money and nature😐

    • Tanjila Ahmed
      Tanjila Ahmed

      It’s obvious that u r a hate that just jealous of his success. To some people fashion is their pride. You being the judgmental person you r would not understand.

    • Zurcaled Gutierrez
      Zurcaled Gutierrez

      waste? u clearly have no knowledge how these Limited Edition stuff grow value. what am I even expecting from poor and judgemental people like u

  • Naroa Ulibarrena
    Naroa Ulibarrena

    alguien por aqui que no entienda una mierda???

  • Melay Ubana
    Melay Ubana

    Little lia brought me here

  • roblox girl
    roblox girl

    Why is this the only video that l love

  • GG

    Me owning 3 pairs of shoes watching this: 👁️👄👁️

  • Tayha Lousie
    Tayha Lousie

    Hey Jeffreestar I love your vids and everything but how did you become rich I really want some notes 📝 thank you From Tayha

  • Yee Ching Hailey Dang
    Yee Ching Hailey Dang

    Jeffrey how rich are you exactly are

    • Tanjila Ahmed
      Tanjila Ahmed

      Yee Ching Hailey Dang he’s a BILLIONAIRE

  • ts jennyfer Ts
    ts jennyfer Ts

    omg is awesome closet

  • Karla Karlita
    Karla Karlita

    I have never been in his vault! 😳 Can you imagine that?!

  • Otaku Nerd
    Otaku Nerd

    This video called me broke in 108 languages and 52 accents...

  • Janeth Garcia
    Janeth Garcia

    Wonder wut will happen when he dies and has all those clothes luggage bags shoes vault with keypad hmmmm

  • Serendipity fox
    Serendipity fox

    Woah Jeffree that’s a lot of stuff 😂 *love ya 😁❤️🔥*

  • Lu na
    Lu na

    My mom:Is this a Closet or a store😶 Me: Its his Wish...wht he wanna define...

  • Kamryn Millét
    Kamryn Millét

    The berkin bag cause more than a million dollars

  • Kamryn Millét
    Kamryn Millét

    Y’all no that barking cause 1 mill+

  • Zoella Channel
    Zoella Channel

    they should do a competition with kylie

  • Łā Bëłłę
    Łā Bëłłę

    Are you ok man 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢