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    H Dunavant

    Beautiful look! What eye lash curler are you using?

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    I honestly can’t do maybelline lipsticks because the scent grossed me out. It smells really strong like playdough


    You say you have sensitive skin I’m surprised unless it was a fluke with me but the infallible concealer causes a bad eczema break out under my eyes . It’s gone now had to go to the doc. I assumed it was from that it’s a new product I used then it just popped up. But I love your vids. Love other L’Oréal products .


    What moisturizer did u have on before you started your makeup. I have sensitive skin to a lot of things and u looked really moisturized.

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    'seamless'. 'Ever so slightly '. Has someone been watching John McLean?? This is a beautiful, simple look, btw. Xxx

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    Sophie Epstein

    @Tati love the look and the tips along with all the products you name. For future endeavors like this, I've found 2 alcohol-free setting sprays I really like, both for $10: Pacifica Crystal Dew Setting Spray (has a really fine mist, smells like cherry) and Colourpop's AllStar Mattifying Setting Spray (good value for money and again, no drying alcohol). I prefer these even to Urban Decay because they seem to work just as well won't dry out the skin!

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    • Jiny

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