Nessa Barrett - Pain [Official Music Video]
Nessa Barrett
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xoxo, nessa

You took away my heart and
Told me we were different
Beautiful with room to grow
You left me in the morning
Softly without warning
How was I supposed to know?
Oh I’m trying
Give me a reason
To let you go cause
Right now I can’t
I’m in pain
I’m in pain
And I feel lost with out you
Never thought to doubt you
Oh, who else is there to blame?
So save your best excuses
They can’t get me through this
Maybe time can, maybe space
Oh I’m trying
Give me a reason
To let you go cause
Right now I can’t
I’m in pain
I’m in pain
Should I say I’m sorry?
Did I mess it up?
All that you got from me
Was it not enough?
I’m in pain
I’m in pain
You’re to blame
I’m in pain

  • Always everywhere
    Always everywhere

    When Nessa getting bullied after farting:

  • Amira Anna
    Amira Anna

    nessa: im in paaaaAIN muslims:😮👌

  • shahd Mahmoud Uae
    shahd Mahmoud Uae

    Nessa:🧍‍♀️ The cameraman:⤴️➡️↕️↩↕️↩⬆️

  • mila Blagoeva
    mila Blagoeva

    Happy birthday queeeeen!!!! You deserve the world ❤❤❤

  • paige sucks
    paige sucks

    her singing is good the acting tho

  • Lauren Villegas
    Lauren Villegas

    Happy birthday!! Nessa ilysm!❤️

  • miss aesthetic
    miss aesthetic

    This gives me *Madison Beer* vibes

  • Patricia S
    Patricia S

    josh after listening to this song: i'm in liam payne without the liam

  • NInjester _14
    NInjester _14

    It’s the Walmart version for me 💅💅🐍✨🧚🏿🧚🏻‍♂️

  • Melanies._. crybaby
    Melanies._. crybaby

    I don't hate it I don't like her but the song is fairly good

  • Keshani Williams
    Keshani Williams

    She's not no queen chari is

  • xd_ aaliyah
    xd_ aaliyah

    She is so strong for all the hate she has received

  • Amiya Santosh
    Amiya Santosh

    nessa is problematic asf but this isn't awful it's pretty pleasant

  • Chauquy pham
    Chauquy pham

    she sings very good at 2 speed need to listen so good!!!!!!!!

  • Ecem Çetinoğlu
    Ecem Çetinoğlu

    madison watching this like; 👁️👄👁️

  • Heavyn Naidoo
    Heavyn Naidoo

    This comment section is hilarious but jokes aside she's a really good singer

  • The Chicken Wrap
    The Chicken Wrap

    pray for her , she started herself and sat in it

  • Roblox Life
    Roblox Life

    Who hates is jelouse and shes a human just like all of us I LOVE UU🥺❤

  • Billie Eilish Fan
    Billie Eilish Fan

    Maddison Beer 🖤 typing...

  • Chantelle Jeon
    Chantelle Jeon

    why are all these dumbass tiktokers trying to make music sit down you dance to renegade ❤️😃

    • sniro


  • LilBlasian Peep
    LilBlasian Peep

    Isn’t she cancelled? But this is a nice song

  • 𝘳𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘦 𝘳𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘦 𝘨𝘰 𝘢𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘺𝘺
    𝘳𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘦 𝘳𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘦 𝘨𝘰 𝘢𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘺𝘺

    honestly if the damn cameraman would stop moving. my head achessss alreadyyyy😭😭😭💀

  • Peach -
    Peach -

    This reminds me of Madison's video for some reason lollll

  • Leah Ter5p
    Leah Ter5p

    Its not the camera man's fault, it's because Nessa didn't give him/her the right equipment or this was just how she wanted it because she must have looked at it after the filming, so please stop dissing the camera man I feel bad for him/her

  • Ananya Subandh
    Ananya Subandh

    dude her voice is actually like really good

  • Ananya Subandh
    Ananya Subandh

    dude her voice is actually like really good

  • Hot Dog
    Hot Dog

    was your inspired by in del because you copied her

  • Aishath Aalaa
    Aishath Aalaa

    I can’t do it with all these camera man comments

  • Jeremiah Rueda
    Jeremiah Rueda

    She hit my mom

  • Jeremiah Rueda
    Jeremiah Rueda

    She kinda bad

  • Bellaaa *
    Bellaaa *

    Who’s here after Nessa dropped a big fat fart in a live stream 👀

  • מרגלית האוזי - העמוד הרשמי
    מרגלית האוזי - העמוד הרשמי

    J’ai mal pour elle....😔

  • Omq_ItsNancy _Omq
    Omq_ItsNancy _Omq

    Nessa don’t mind wat anyone thinks about u ur beautiful ur gorgeous the way u r ur my queen love u 💖❤️💞💕

    • sniro
      sniro stan someone who shit on live, purposely got with charlis bf and twerked to the quran? **yikes**

  • Nancy Velidaki
    Nancy Velidaki

    Ok her voice is like an angel 😇 but she could do a better video clip . It's a little bit boring .NO HATE ON NESSA💖

  • Rojan Mirzaie
    Rojan Mirzaie

    her voise is sooooooooo gooooood . i dont hate her people who think she is good singer 👍

  • jesika butrus
    jesika butrus

    Charlie should be in pain since you stole her boyfriend

    • sniro


  • 16_ Sylvia
    16_ Sylvia

    Lil sharty the 🌌baddest🌌

    • sniro

      no <3

    • Kkkerel


  • Kkkerel


  • Kkkerel


  • Kkkerel


  • Kkkerel

    This iss so good

  • Ruth Blamo
    Ruth Blamo


  • Raven Genius
    Raven Genius

    *in my bed with period cramps* Me: IM IN PAIIIIIIIIINNN, I’m in Painnnnnnn

  • tabbithah wasindah
    tabbithah wasindah

    Nessa : did i mess it up Me :is that a question or GURL your messing with our MINDS

  • Ari Seavey
    Ari Seavey

    The more I listen to her voice it just gets more annoying I'm sorry

  • qt layz
    qt layz

    Y'all she prolly won't got the budget for a real music video so she hired a tiktoker LMFAO

  • прогтфн _
    прогтфн _

    People believing she's good at singing and the voice isn't modified: 🤡🤡🤡

  • Santra Suarez
    Santra Suarez

    She is beautiful

  • Ern’aryFaith

    I hope she did t shart in this💀😌💔👁🤢👁👄🔥💋🕊

  • sara wolfhardd
    sara wolfhardd

    I loved the song, but the camera man was making me angry ;-;

  • Skye Plaice
    Skye Plaice

    I got goosebumps 😫

  • Un ptit poney noir
    Un ptit poney noir

    I'm in pain.. ☹️

  • Zacchara Reed
    Zacchara Reed

    Ok.The songs good but the camera man

  • seafern ツ
    seafern ツ

    i searched up nessa sharting

  • Hannah

    Imagine writing a song and everyone is talking about the cameraman😂

  • ミスターブラッ

    Ngl Nessa sounded kinda good

  • Ricky sinnen
    Ricky sinnen

    Im not gonna hate but this is too funny toe watch. People gotta stop hating it's her first song and it does give all of us Maddison Beer vibes but still it's her first music videos and we have toe support even though i don't really like Nessa

    • Ricky sinnen
      Ricky sinnen


    • Ricky sinnen
      Ricky sinnen


  • michaela

    Nessa, i love the song!! Great job

  • Muffin Maggie
    Muffin Maggie

    Nessa I love it so much. Keep up the good work queen

  • jess kimp
    jess kimp



    I love it

  • carlotta mariee
    carlotta mariee

    i kown she did a lot of bad thing but this is a beautiful song with a beautiful voice she gets enough hate so just spread more positivity

  • m e o w strawberry
    m e o w strawberry

    *me not allowed to say s* mom: where are you? Im in sp- pain....

  • 10k subscribers Without any videos
    10k subscribers Without any videos

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Most of the comments: *Talking about the camera man*

  • Gemma Emmonds
    Gemma Emmonds

    Am I the only one who likes this song-

  • Liyah


  • whisperneversleeps

    me when i stub my toe

  • DatScaryDude Yt
    DatScaryDude Yt

    "I'm in pain" after sharing

  • fan_ brat
    fan_ brat

    Omgggg so goood !!!! ILYSM nessa

  • 1k subs w1th n0 vide0s
    1k subs w1th n0 vide0s

    “Your skin is not paper,so don’t cut it” “Your neck is not a coat,so don’t hang it” “Your Height is not a book,so don’t judge it” “Your life is not a movie,so don’t end it” Pass it on🙂