Never Offroad Supercars ft. my Widebody Supra and Aventador
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  • Chirag Chaudhuri
    Chirag Chaudhuri

    For who else did the video pop up after James sold the Supra

  • Elijah Jacob Sabale
    Elijah Jacob Sabale

    3:38 anybody notice JackUltraMotive

  • DB FiveXxpumpXx
    DB FiveXxpumpXx

    Man I’m going to miss the supra

  • MaJeel A
    MaJeel A

    I like the lambo

  • Amar Jabar
    Amar Jabar

    You are the best

  • MΔC

    JackUltraMotive 4:40

  • Zulfiqar Khan
    Zulfiqar Khan

    Please buy a huracan bro

  • Aarya Chavan
    Aarya Chavan

    Jackultramotive x Stradman

  • Nick Temple
    Nick Temple

    What is this song?

  • isaac madrigal jr
    isaac madrigal jr

    Hey James, thank for showing us this insane video with the nice cars ft. Movie sylte

  • Michael Courtney
    Michael Courtney

    Whats the song at 10:12

  • Dwight Ace Briones
    Dwight Ace Briones

    Hi James I recreated ur supra in pixel car racer you should go check it out

  • Hibitt

    2020: Its sad to say that the supra is gonna be sold already :(

  • Life_of_a_car_guy


  • George Gathercole
    George Gathercole

    Tessa should drive the supra

  • Nicky Tomkinson
    Nicky Tomkinson

    The 3 cars look sick together! Love your vids

  • sohail habib
    sohail habib

    Me to

  • Justyn Ulloa
    Justyn Ulloa

    I love that lamdo

  • Avery Lo
    Avery Lo

    and also like your song 😊😊😊😊

  • Barbara Basile
    Barbara Basile

    I Love Lambos

  • Phillip Looker
    Phillip Looker

    Tessa is in this video lol

  • Angel Boateng
    Angel Boateng

    4:43 look at that drifting

  • Krishang SHARMA
    Krishang SHARMA

    JackUltraMotive With Stradman Those to Record’s Today in this Video 4:26

  • Hayden Freeland
    Hayden Freeland

    yes to the manual swap!!!

  • 3kingsjohn 3kings sakristan
    3kingsjohn 3kings sakristan

    I think James you are the richest in the Utah I think..... James do donuts with your gayardo and jeep gladiator... Keep safe god bless you

  • Springtrap ben v
    Springtrap ben v

    Oh good

  • Rolf Michael Francisco
    Rolf Michael Francisco

    James what happen with the dirtbikes

  • ace3218

    That audi r8 you saw is a youtuber

  • King Trey Gaming
    King Trey Gaming

    The red audi r8 is jack ultra motive

  • The Boi
    The Boi

    The guy on the left doesnt know how to play rock paper scissors

  • Justin Peralta
    Justin Peralta

    Stradman already meet an 18 year old gamer and vlogger and his Audi R8 V10

  • Denis Petrovic
    Denis Petrovic

    4:41 is that a Jackultramotiv

  • aa vlogs 23
    aa vlogs 23

    The guy in the r8 was frikin jack ultra motive

  • Tiger

    James u had one job with white wheels

  • Evdal Deniri
    Evdal Deniri


  • Angus Lyle
    Angus Lyle


  • Aadityan

    James, i really love that thumbnail ❤️❤️

  • Hayden Bond
    Hayden Bond

    Did anyone else see jack ultra motives car in the vid doing donuts

  • gary nienhaus
    gary nienhaus

  • strofex

    Was that jack ultramotive in the r8

  • UMP Lets Talk!
    UMP Lets Talk!


  • Mohammed

    4:36 Jack ultramotive doing dounts

  • Quelvin Cruz
    Quelvin Cruz

    Where’s your lambo garodo

  • Kadeem Omarri
    Kadeem Omarri

    Where is the supa

  • Tiger

    James you haven’t accelerated your aventador in a very long time

  • Marie Theodore
    Marie Theodore

    thestradman:wow me: omg

  • Elijah Jacob Sabale
    Elijah Jacob Sabale

    Give a like for the trio of the Aventador, supra, and gladiator 👇🏻

  • Str8line Racing
    Str8line Racing

    Racing racing and more racing! Lol.

  • mustafa khan
    mustafa khan

    “It’s all in the knee cap” Me:cries in dislocated knees

  • Adam Grace
    Adam Grace

    JackUltraMotive is younger but he can do better donuts

  • Olia Samad
    Olia Samad

    The R8 sounds like the hurcan

  • Cameron H Khuy
    Cameron H Khuy

    2:19 whats the music called

  • Daniell Duran
    Daniell Duran

    Did anyone see jack with the audi?

  • GabrijelBro Bosnjak
    GabrijelBro Bosnjak


  • Adam BULLARS
    Adam BULLARS

    Anyone else know jack ultra motives Audi r8

  • Mark Merner
    Mark Merner

    It's Josh

  • Mark Merner
    Mark Merner

    How do you know my name

  • Roblox Twins
    Roblox Twins


  • car nation amc
    car nation amc

    Song name. 2:10

  • Ali Peracha
    Ali Peracha


  • Travis Meays
    Travis Meays

    "Sometimes in life, it's the only time you have in life" new words to live by

  • Prasiddhi Dhital
    Prasiddhi Dhital

    I am gonna drive thesame aventontor

  • Brenda N Mugica
    Brenda N Mugica

    Tessa is the stradgirl

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall

    get a mclaron

  • Ayaan Khan
    Ayaan Khan

    Don’t Manuel the supera it will be slow

  • Motion Movies
    Motion Movies

    *good morning welcome back to the channel, welcome back to the vlog!*

  • sync csr carcools
    sync csr carcools

    Wrap gallardo purple

  • Jan Geejhey Lagarico
    Jan Geejhey Lagarico

    Team purple car

  • Herlen Erdenebat
    Herlen Erdenebat

    My favorite is Lamborghini Aventador

  • Hamza Khan A.K.A Baby Yoda
    Hamza Khan A.K.A Baby Yoda

    All I was thinking was why just why Lol 😂