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  • Piper Anquetil
    Piper Anquetil

    Ur cat may have not like it but my said u wanna see some realspeed bish

  • Gabrielle Parker
    Gabrielle Parker

    So looking forward to this one😂😂😂

  • Lilly Izquierdo
    Lilly Izquierdo

    No One: Not even God : Nessa:Im WaNt To JoIn ThE hYpE hOuSe

  • RyAnna Begay
    RyAnna Begay

    Pls pls nessa

  • Celine Siagian
    Celine Siagian

    i loves his laugh.

  • Andiekae Iglesia
    Andiekae Iglesia

    Was mia floating?

  • Omar Castillo
    Omar Castillo

    Was that chase or jaden

  • Anais Bhullar
    Anais Bhullar

    Boxing match

  • Luyanda Ncube
    Luyanda Ncube

    Why do u name a video never mind

  • Niamh Carr
    Niamh Carr

    Boxing match

  • Paige Legree-S
    Paige Legree-S

    I’m not going to ignore that Thomas said babe

  • artsygirl73 love any art
    artsygirl73 love any art

    Please make the videos longer

  • karina witwer
    karina witwer

    This is for no reason but my birthday is on August 6th witch is the same day as nessa’s birthday

  • Gaming With Lucia
    Gaming With Lucia

    I feel bad for nessa😭😔😢

  • KOKO A
    KOKO A

    bahahahahahhaa i cant rn

  • The Cupcake fam
    The Cupcake fam

    Boxing match

  • Mackenzie Chartrand
    Mackenzie Chartrand

    BEAMAX!!!! Not whatever Michael said

  • Muntha ali
    Muntha ali

    5:00 the glitches

  • Steffie Milligan
    Steffie Milligan

    I wish your videos were 10 mins long

  • excuji me hello
    excuji me hello

    why do i ship michael and uhh idk his name

  • melanie martienz fan
    melanie martienz fan

    My fav person in the hype house is Addison rae and tony

  • Brittney Munoz
    Brittney Munoz

    Ondrez and Jake when Mia walked in with the unicorn costume 🥺🥺🥺there so sweet

  • Angel M
    Angel M


  • Khloe gd Olvera
    Khloe gd Olvera


  • Victoria Jagneaux
    Victoria Jagneaux

    i wanna hug jack

  • Alexis Roy
    Alexis Roy

    Nick cheated on tony

  • Shivaya Sabajo
    Shivaya Sabajo

    Dank god

  • GG Vexx_ttv
    GG Vexx_ttv

    Nevermind nevermind nevermind nevermind

  • mango sea
    mango sea

    "Nevermind" LMAO

  • Rayan Amar
    Rayan Amar

    I Thomas I see this video but already see it every time you post a video but I have an idea there's a fake Obama I see you and Brent Rivera OK you need to bring it from your friends to surprise him he legit look like Obama love you and can you do a shout out for me to enter a video

  • Norah Gloria
    Norah Gloria

    Boxing match

  • Minna Fathima
    Minna Fathima

    I ❤️ hype house so entertaining

  • Laura Muhr
    Laura Muhr

    Why nooooooo

  • lil koodie
    lil koodie


  • Laura Muhr
    Laura Muhr


  • Aleena Sotelo
    Aleena Sotelo


  • Tash’s Life
    Tash’s Life

    Just so ya know it’s bay max baytoven is a dog

  • Safari Sun
    Safari Sun

    Should message join the hype house? *nevermind*

  • Amanda Harrison
    Amanda Harrison

    boxing match lol

  • Olivia Spencer
    Olivia Spencer

    Why did Micheal say "Hi I'm Beethoven," First: It's Baymax Second: Beethoven makes classical music.

  • Dustin Ortega
    Dustin Ortega

    Yes she shoulde not

  • lvnar_ eclpise
    lvnar_ eclpise

    This is way more funny with bay max

  • Lauren Truell
    Lauren Truell


  • Iayanna Raina
    Iayanna Raina

    Why the f*** would you want Nessa in the hype house anyway

  • ahahana snanaj
    ahahana snanaj

    Lol .... .... .... ..... What

  • Aishath Ali
    Aishath Ali

    god your laugh is annoying


    I don’t know if anyone saw this but I saw on the Alixis neck that he had a hickey

  • Alyssa’s Vids!
    Alyssa’s Vids!

    like I don't know what to comment I liked my own comment

  • Warthog Volgs
    Warthog Volgs

    Jesus loves you pray to god!

  • skorpia g
    skorpia g

    Everyone needs a hug from a unicorn 🦄 right now

  • acey matiu
    acey matiu

    Can I come to the hype house for my bday

  • Silver Silvy
    Silver Silvy

    No one wants Nessa to join the hype house

  • editsbyc


  • Glizy Mendez
    Glizy Mendez

    Too tokens be like: Hi am Baytown and am your personal healthcare assistant

    • Glizy Mendez
      Glizy Mendez


  • John Carlos Santos
    John Carlos Santos

    Mia stole Ross Geller’s piano

  • Luis Sanz
    Luis Sanz

    Who's been on tiktok room refreshing for the like 2 hours getting all that TEA 🙋

  • ᴋᴇᴋᴇ

    No 💓

  • Imigen Sococo
    Imigen Sococo

    5.02 the glitch

  • LylaSmiler

    Yeass nessa I sent joinen because I like the origenal og hype house group

  • Rhianne Silvano
    Rhianne Silvano

    Nessa not tiktokers datt houes is for tiktokers

  • Rhianne Silvano
    Rhianne Silvano

    Nessa I don't want to join on hype houes she not tiktokers

  • Joel García
    Joel García

    En los angeles me avisan cuando yegen

  • Lauren Hawes
    Lauren Hawes

    Wait is that ricegums old house?

  • Ciara Mendieta
    Ciara Mendieta

    me: just a normal yt video.. me reading comments: "is nessa gonna join the hype house?" thomas: "nevermind." also me: bruhhh we get it dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. ;-;

  • Sally Jo Riffle
    Sally Jo Riffle


  • Carolina Chong
    Carolina Chong

    Is tayler and Nate in the hype house

  • Louie Mount
    Louie Mount

    Boxing match

  • Ieva Aurylaitė
    Ieva Aurylaitė

    Gay af

  • Jen Is annoying
    Jen Is annoying

    Lmao y’all did her dirty asf

  • Camilla Sadykoff
    Camilla Sadykoff