[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch
Peek inside the mind of an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon: Introducing Sigma.
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  • A1_Aaryan

    They need to add a skin where he's wearing that suit from the beginning

  • Jason bolden
    Jason bolden

    Are there therapists in this game?

  • Solaire of Astora
    Solaire of Astora


  • Humanized Music
    Humanized Music

    WHaT iS ThaT MelAdY



  • rykan a
    rykan a

    Thats so creepy When he says whats that melody i shat my self i think this orgin is 4 sure one of the best ones

  • vu pham
    vu pham

    He look like a mix up lex luthor With joker, and the ability of magneto

  • FOXtube LP
    FOXtube LP

    sigma NUTS

  • Mephisto

    It's creepy his face

  • Tawny Embers Mae
    Tawny Embers Mae

    1:13 Anyone else see that smirk??

  • William Raphael
    William Raphael

    coolest character so far

  • Agordian yeet
    Agordian yeet

    he should still at least wear socks

  • ꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂
    ꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂

    **Videos games exist** Media: 1:05

  • ꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂
    ꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂

    What's a Sigma?

  • Raul Hidlao
    Raul Hidlao

    Please help Amazon to recover 🙏🙏🙏.

  • me AND mines
    me AND mines

    Worst origin story yet! That really sucked.

  • sidd98110

    Who else would love to watch overwatch movies? I think OCU will be the best thing ever

  • Dayday Mclovin
    Dayday Mclovin

    Jesus... moira 🤤🤤🤤 that's my main right there

  • The Rift
    The Rift

    Stal: *exists* WHAT IS THAT MELODY?

  • Uta Ghoul
    Uta Ghoul

    0:52 when you’re about to nut and she keeps on sucking

  • Thishan Wijesinghe
    Thishan Wijesinghe

    This could easily pass off as an episode from Love, Death & Robots

  • Now This Is Epic
    Now This Is Epic

    Me: *has completely given up on overwatch due to its community and lack of wanting to play any new characters release.* Blizzard and TR-my: *hits this up in my recommended and also makes this trailer extremely amazing* Me: *takes a deep breath, grabs a radiation suit and puts in overwatch one last time to play this man and see what the world has become*

  • Aria Farahinia
    Aria Farahinia

    I have a MAD feeling that this “MeLodY” was heavily inspired by Erik Satie

  • Melquisedec Bermudez
    Melquisedec Bermudez

    Jhin and sigma should toootally hang out

  • warystatue33

    Nice to see the reeeing sjws are buried in the comments

  • Somebody's Here
    Somebody's Here

    Wow this is like the only new Overwatch hero I've liked in a long time.

  • I Smell Pestilence _
    I Smell Pestilence _

    1:23 me unknowingly opening Spotify

  • Electrophilic Emerald
    Electrophilic Emerald

    0:49 that Melody is all the Twitter notifications blizzard is getting for """""AdDiNg A WhItE gUuUuUuY"""""

  • Livelock

    I keep watching this because of how amazing the voice acting and story line are

  • cevaggelou

    At 1:48 he says "Release me!" in reverse audio. I wonder what other reverse-audio messages are hidden in the whole video :)

  • HyperLynx

    Thats how you get tinnitus

  • Reign Knight
    Reign Knight

    Sigma: "Gravity is a harness." Pucci: "Hold my Bible"

  • Kindle Bomb
    Kindle Bomb

    Grandpa rick ? 😂

  • Crack IT!
    Crack IT!


  • Patrick Dy
    Patrick Dy

    Looking at the view counts from the other recent hero’s origin videos and this one shows that the Overwatch team really needs to come up with more interesting character ideas than “durr he was a terrorist, but now he shoots bandage grenades” Half of overwatch's appeal is the interesting and fun characters like Sigma here.

  • Coollikex Yeet
    Coollikex Yeet

    Sigma: what is that melody Giorno:

    • Sr. Repavo
      Sr. Repavo

      Plays the *P I A N O*

  • Stae *
    Stae *

    I think he was "programmed" by this melody

  • Mr Tumnum
    Mr Tumnum

    I love how you can hear faint whispering when you use his abilities in game

  • Pixellight Gaming
    Pixellight Gaming

    Theory time. The melody that sigma hears is, in fact the Iris that zenyatta and the enlightened omnics worship. Perhaps the Iris is in fact a Lovecraft horror,brought forth into the overwatch world,as a result of sigma and his team finding out how to channel the power of a black hole. The Lovecraft horror may have come threw the moment they succeeded in doing this. It may even be responsible for the omnic crisis This would make sigma older than we think. Remember that in his origin story we don't actually know what year it is,and sense its threw the eyes of madness time and reality keep fading in and out. The reason it drove Sigma mad is that its voice is uncomprehensiable to humans,which is why it only seems like the omnics can understand the Iris,being machines they would not go mad.

  • Energy_kadx 11
    Energy_kadx 11

    I did not understand what they were saying

  • KP

    Okay I already knew he was insane but wth 😓

  • MLGguyXO Progames
    MLGguyXO Progames

    I heared release me not in reverse

  • Walid AlDari
    Walid AlDari

    Triple Personality: helpful guy, evil guy, and the crazy guy. Somehow the evil guy managed to lock his personality in place. Very very interesting well done blizzard

  • Michigancube gaming and mapping!
    Michigancube gaming and mapping!

    I don't think you understand the *gravity* of the situation.

  • Abdalrhman Mohsen
    Abdalrhman Mohsen

    Does anyone know that melody. I actually Like it.

  • VeryPG

    Better than baptists reveal

  • Necroxy

    I never noticed this until now, but at 1:16, he smiles for a split second.

  • Zero Views
    Zero Views

    Who else has listened to the reversed audio version?

  • AustralianHusky

    Zarya and Sigma make a good team Mainly because they both have an understanding with gravity and physics

  • jacob stephens
    jacob stephens

    I think what i and everyone else would like is a backstory of the omnics because they just came out of nowhere

  • Brittney Prete
    Brittney Prete

    U no, I think this design concept has been done before (Lex Luthor)

  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker


  • FlyConeGuy

    Heh, he is a flying Dutchmen, top kek.

  • Santiago Sosa
    Santiago Sosa


  • Ender

    *I HAvE HaRNeSsEd ThE HARnesS*

    • VeryPG

      What's wrong with that? The dude has gone crazy

  • Георгий Курилин
    Георгий Курилин

    Удалите это имбовое говно нахер

  • Arda Deniz
    Arda Deniz

    I will bring you a new understanding of the universe... VİOLENCE

  • Matas Pipiras
    Matas Pipiras


  • Carl Lombard
    Carl Lombard

    Lex Luthor finally lost his marbles

  • Hellsin 101
    Hellsin 101

    I like how he seems insane yet in game he's extremely polite and nice to everyone...

  • French Man
    French Man

    sigma sounds like a bad ligma joke

  • Tranquil Pants
    Tranquil Pants

    1:48 "Release me!"

  • Morio


  • Tomm.Catt.99

    And that's how I became a Sigma main.

  • Onypop

    00:35 Is that Interstellar music? That movie has a black hole in it too.

  • Luis Barney
    Luis Barney

    What if it's not the universe speaking to him but some other entity that is using his mind as a temporary home

  • Darth Youtuber
    Darth Youtuber

    huh, Sigma ? More like Ligma LMAO

  • StarLord61297

    I want a cinematic trailer for Sigma, who is with me?

  • MadKing


  • Chris Hamilton
    Chris Hamilton

    Great the first Dutch man in this game and he is a complete basket case.