[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch
Peek inside the mind of an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon: Introducing Sigma.
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  • Emily Miller
    Emily Miller

    Literally whenever I hear “WHAT IS THAT MELODY?!” Behind me, either enemy Sigma or team Sigma, I know he’s dropping his ult no doubt about it and I try to get away as far as I can😂😂😂

  • Candy

    You're going to suffer the wrath of Gru!

  • Just some fan girl
    Just some fan girl

    Give this man a movie, I’m begging y’all.

  • Android E.V.
    Android E.V.

    Sigma nuts

  • Arched Kraken
    Arched Kraken

    Als nederlander vind Ik dit extreem leuk.

  • ali alwan
    ali alwan

    Everyone gangsta until the universe starts singing

  • Okay! Yeah, Kolbe!
    Okay! Yeah, Kolbe!

    This is the edginess that reaper thinks he posses

  • Exotic butters
    Exotic butters

    the giorno of overwatch

  • iiLunacreek

    Junkrat: I'm the craziest man ALIVE! Sigma: Hold my harness.

  • Nick

    1:48 indeed they did

  • Just a normal dog
    Just a normal dog

    How creepy would it be if all the audio just stopped And sigma just would say: "It all makes sense now.."

  • #660066LoLichisan

    *_D e j a V u_*

  • KitKatNightPrincess

    I dont even play Sigma, why do I keep watching this??

  • Mika

    Please someone, I need more explanation on this amazing backstory

  • Dae Su
    Dae Su

    Why people still looking for black holes. Every case is problematic.

  • GG, GG
    GG, GG

    This is the only character i actually like. The rest are bullshit

  • Blue Fin
    Blue Fin


  • Timothys-Mark! The_Viktor_Main
    Timothys-Mark! The_Viktor_Main

    Girls: "getting grounded is horrible!" Boys: 0:43

  • Timothys-Mark! The_Viktor_Main
    Timothys-Mark! The_Viktor_Main

    >Sigma discovers a new science to harness gravity >Goes mad after being exposed to a black hole >Gets locked up by the government and treated horrible possibly >Then talon takes him and uses him as a weapon and a lab rat *Sigma truly lives in a society*

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor

    Hes actually a nice guy

  • Candy Rhodes
    Candy Rhodes

    The voice acting is really good I want a moive with this guy in it

  • Candy Rhodes
    Candy Rhodes

    I like how he goes insane and harnesses two black wholes even though he just throws it at people 😂

  • Candy Rhodes
    Candy Rhodes

    Oh my god I love his voice actor

  • 행복해져요웃으면

    What is this bald

  • Sygmandias the Mage
    Sygmandias the Mage

    Widowmaker: I can snipe Reaper: I can't die Doomfist: I can punch Sigma: I control one of the four fundamental forces of the universe.

  • Barry Woodling
    Barry Woodling

    edward rictofen wanna be

  • MVH - Games
    MVH - Games

    1:08 Ffs that was winnable, d.va you coulda ate reapers ult

  • SamuraiJerk

    Giorno's Theme: *Starts playing* Villains: 1:23

  • Haley Nelson
    Haley Nelson

    Please make a Sigma cinematic @blizzard :c

  • The helicopter goes Swoosh swoosh swoosh
    The helicopter goes Swoosh swoosh swoosh

    Capcom wants to know your location

  • Killer rap Beats and hooks
    Killer rap Beats and hooks

    I get goosebumps every time the piano in the background picks up

  • ItsGabeOW

    why are the scientists always the scariest?

  • Kwan Mah
    Kwan Mah

    Black holes emit x-rays. They have no sound because to have sound it needs a gas body where it can pressurize. However, example like a gieger counter can detect x-rays by ionizing a certain gas in the counter which can be translated to make sounds on your geiger counter. Yes one is pressurization thru sound waves while the other releases electromagnetic energy. You should ask your radiologist how you can covert x-rays into sounds. Because of the how energy is dissipated it may sound like it is in tune of some scale but totally random like jamming random keys on tuned piano. It could be perhaps the new character is the medium where he harnesses the power of the black holes to destroy its foes. Other than that.. I love how they build their characters and back story they all so interesting. Hindsight, they should use bebop jazz music as music he is hearing in his head.

  • Mew

    This is so creepy

  • Filthy_Weeaboo

    i love this, but it might be the most least effort put into a story lol

  • Scovary A.K.A Σκαθαρης
    Scovary A.K.A Σκαθαρης

    F E E T

  • Tr33E00

    I don't get it

  • 미노도

    As sigma saying "violence" in the middle, smiling during the video, and saying "freedom. imprison. It's all illusion". Makes me think that he just want to see blood and doesn't want to escape from talon...

    • 미노도

      Maybe he doesnt want to admit that he is going crazy...

  • cheers love the cavalry’s here
    cheers love the cavalry’s here


  • Isaura Ituarte
    Isaura Ituarte

    Mewtwo clone

  • ZipcoGaming ZG
    ZipcoGaming ZG

    this is the best one yet 1000%

  • Spooky Noodle
    Spooky Noodle


  • Kirboi

    Jo, is he Dutch?

  • VeryPG

    Top heros in animated shorts and overwatch 2 missions I want: SIGMA Doomfist Zenyatta Reaper

  • Jaden Torrence
    Jaden Torrence

    So we all waiting for dat animated movie or what

  • ronald reagan
    ronald reagan

    overwatch doesn’t deserve a character this cool

  • Jr_35

    Did anyone else get chills??

  • x TheEvilRaven x
    x TheEvilRaven x

    This is probably blizzards best origin story, this still gives me chills

  • Jim_the _robot
    Jim_the _robot

    *I have Harness the Harness*

  • Dustyrose

    So he’s just a edgy math teacher?..

    • cylenx


  • DJ ReD FeeL
    DJ ReD FeeL

    At the end sigma said Epstein

  • *ORANG*

    0:42 me when I have to go to school

  • Volcano The God
    Volcano The God

    Египетская сила!

  • Pepso

    What is that melody

  • oq You Dont Know Jack po
    oq You Dont Know Jack po

    "Madness is like gravity all it takes is a little push" - The Joker

    • Timothys-Mark! The_Viktor_Main
      Timothys-Mark! The_Viktor_Main

      Sigma truly lives in a society

  • Gramfeld Gramfeld
    Gramfeld Gramfeld

    do you believe in gravity?

  • Miles Mack
    Miles Mack

    I swear 5 months later and I still get chills when I hear "I have harnessed the harnessed." Just god I love the lore of Sigma!

    • Just some fan girl
      Just some fan girl


    • 93Chowo-Entertainment

      You´r e not alone.

  • TheMrPLewp

    50th time watching

  • HydroWolf235585 :O
    HydroWolf235585 :O

    What if the melody is the background music and he somehow broke the fourth wall. Which means that he is the only sane one and maybe is trying to leave the game.

  • Тимур Бакуревич
    Тимур Бакуревич

    When you don't you don't use Shazam you like: What is that melody?????

  • Gacha Xanthe
    Gacha Xanthe

    Am I the only one thinking about... *sigma balls* or am I just an autistic goose as usual

  • Robot 1229
    Robot 1229

    Am very confuzled

  • Mega catgirl.1st@gmail.com
    Mega catgirl.1st@gmail.com

    Chills every time...

  • Mylie Moo
    Mylie Moo

    He becomes mad after the gravity accident but if I was sigma I would hate to be imprisoned too it’s horrible and scary

  • willbill chillmill
    willbill chillmill

    An animated short for sigma.. That will be the best thing ever

  • DRACKOZYX 9752
    DRACKOZYX 9752



    he was released in July? god my memory is so bad, it felt like he was shown in May..

  • Sean DeCosta jr
    Sean DeCosta jr

    I'm late to comment this. But I feel like sigma should be on his own, he practically goes insane, Especially when he said he'll bring a whole new meaning to "violence". He shouldn't be talons pawn. Imo

  • Captain R3DST0NE
    Captain R3DST0NE

    0:52 When the bathroom’s occupied.

  • Doppio the best boi
    Doppio the best boi

    Did you guys see sigma smile when he was being released