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0:05 - JUNGLE CRUISE (2020) Dwayne Johnson
2:13 - TOP GUN 2 (2020) Extended Trailer ** TOP GUN THEME REMOVED**
5:07 - GUNS AKIMBO (2020) Daniel Radcliffe
7:23 - BLACK WIDOW (2020) Extended Trailer
9:23 - MORBIUS (2020) Jared Leto
12:09 - THE NEW MUTANTS (2020)
14:11 - BLOODSHOT (2020) Vin Diesel
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  • Crazy Monkey
    Crazy Monkey

    Power Rangers !!!

  • Baby Fishy
    Baby Fishy

    How do these people know about this?

  • Please Read
    Please Read

    See how Disney ruins movies.. They add stupid fucking jokes that aren't even funny.. Jesus fucking christ they ruin everything

  • KK

    Why power rangers tho

  • Playboy38

    Thats a show

  • Miriam Walsh
    Miriam Walsh

    I need the second power rangers moive

  • José Juan Sánchez
    José Juan Sánchez

    Lier peace of shit...

  • मित्रा मित्र
    मित्रा मित्र

    Boo where the hell is the sequel for power rangers godamit

  • Daphne Lacayo
    Daphne Lacayo

    This power ranger movie is so disappointing

  • DaFuckIsThis Breh
    DaFuckIsThis Breh

    Power rangers looks wack asf lmao

  • Deacon Whalen
    Deacon Whalen

    The power rangers is not coming out

  • Xtreme Channel
    Xtreme Channel

    Ok quick 3 things 1. Top Gun has nothing to show, they even put a beach ball scene again with nice bodies 2. Power Ranger was bought by hasbro and that is the result? We ll wait 13 years for another good movie due to money-based untalented ceo's 3. We need to give real super hero movies to teens and youngsters one way or another, the easiest way to make a decent hero movie today is make a villain's one. That says a lot

  • funtime freddy
    funtime freddy

    People who are making the power rangers movie:lets use five dollars for this movie me:ima say the n word

  • funtime freddy
    funtime freddy

    I'm here because I was told there was a trailer for assians creed black flag the movie

  • JordyG

    Bruh power ranger 😂

  • Hunter Zolomon
    Hunter Zolomon

    Why is there a hasbro toy commercial in the end

  • ifrosty 228
    ifrosty 228

    The power ranger vie looks like a bad ad on tv


    No one else notice doctor who?

  • Andrei GamingYT
    Andrei GamingYT

    Where the hell is the power rangers in this video

  • Lamont King
    Lamont King

    So lame smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • roger 2 Alvarado
    roger 2 Alvarado

    Why are there so many title pictures that lie

  • Yeetus the Fetus
    Yeetus the Fetus

    I only clicked cus of the thumbnail and now I'm disappointed

  • Dark Daisy
    Dark Daisy

    ohh fuck no Power Rangers are back ..... they will cure CoronaVirus

  • Whipple Hazlewood
    Whipple Hazlewood


  • Moon Lynx
    Moon Lynx

    Morbius yesss,,, something tells me that I just misspelled Morbius 😂

  • Saad Razi
    Saad Razi

    Bruh is 2020 and they still gonna make power rangers like this? -_-

  • Jearard David
    Jearard David

    I checked this vid because I thought there would be Pacific rim but it gave me power rangers😂

  • Chonky Boi
    Chonky Boi

    Man the new power rangers has lower budget than before

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  • Alayah Higginbotham
    Alayah Higginbotham

    Marvel making horror movies now?!!🤣😂

  • BHAVE-KoolAidMan

    Power ranges movie looks so shitty.

  • Biad Hehe Xd
    Biad Hehe Xd

    JOJO REFERENCE????????

  • FindSurfs GT
    FindSurfs GT

    Wow, lowbudget PowerRanger..

  • X_A

    The Power’s not even a movie, it’s a show with hundreds of episodes

  • Veronika Erdei
    Veronika Erdei

    Why are they trying to bring power rangers back so badly it's so cringey because they're still making it baaad as if nothing changed since the 90's😖😖😖

  • X_A

    Any movie with Dwayne Johnson is already a great movie

  • William Morrison
    William Morrison

    Instead of morbius i was thinking The Spectere

  • nanoplex extreme
    nanoplex extreme

    Those power rangers look terrible

  • Kermit Teh Froge
    Kermit Teh Froge

    I think they should not have made any more power rangers seasons

  • CharizardBoy 921
    CharizardBoy 921

    Congratulations you found a comment not complaining about the new power rangers movie

  • CharizardBoy 921
    CharizardBoy 921

    The new mutants literally just looks like stranger things like when the guy came out of the wall and stuff

  • Kwenza lifestyle
    Kwenza lifestyle

    The power ranger trailer was nice but I am disappointed

  • Vision

    Power Rangers looks like the tv series back in the 90s

  • blue sky
    blue sky

    cartoon network makes better movies

  • Daily as Baily
    Daily as Baily

    5:40 hold up is she a storm trooper or what

  • awadh hasan
    awadh hasan

    Wtf are these movies

  • Tavaras Rochell
    Tavaras Rochell


  • Gaming with Us
    Gaming with Us

    I clicked because of the power rangers and I was disappointed before power rangers were so good know they’re trash

  • Jay viperson
    Jay viperson

    wow long time no-see noticeable characters Red Guardian and black widow for anyone who doesn't know what Red Guardian is, think of Captain America only soviet Russian Style

  • David Ungureanu
    David Ungureanu

    tf is wrong with the power rangers movie?

  • The Jacobs Clan
    The Jacobs Clan

    Thumbnail looks like power ranger It’s not power rangers *everyone disliked that*

  • dirty pcy
    dirty pcy

    Stop clickbaiting👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Moisz Guiné Bissau
    Moisz Guiné Bissau

    Oowee rangers killed the mood kmt

  • Frost and fire Studios
    Frost and fire Studios

    Bruh the power rangers movie was better than this, this is legit one episode of an old power rangers series, they used old actors from the series. None of this is new , Zordes, MegaZordes, Modes, or even the costumes on the power rangers. THAT IS CRAP!

  • Frost and fire Studios
    Frost and fire Studios

    Morbius: how corona virus started

  • Michel Chidolue
    Michel Chidolue

    actually dont understand why power rangers was in the video

  • Clutch180

    I feel like there's golden opportunity for them to produce a remix of Harder Better Faster Stronger with the original PowerRanger theme, because you know the lyrics are separate at first and then they c o m b i n e. Am also disappoint.

  • Michel Chidolue
    Michel Chidolue

    new mutants looks like a horror movie

  • Ivan Petrov
    Ivan Petrov

    The rangers are like worse

  • Cerberus8513

    Him: 2020 movies, yeah Covid19: ummm, let’s cancel most of the please!

  • AK 47 Only
    AK 47 Only

    My whole mood soiled by the last trailer... seriously wtf is that

  • DdAdNs

    The new top gun looks like the old one. Damn tom cruise has an ego

  • Matt Schuler
    Matt Schuler

    I don’t know why y’all complaining about the power rangers movie, that movie looks fire as

  • da guy
    da guy

    This comments only talk abou the power rangers

  • Seb Kuffer
    Seb Kuffer

    Jojos ?

  • ·Jolteon Animations·
    ·Jolteon Animations·

    When will they stop making Power Rangers Movies? The one that is show. In this video is just ridiculous. 😐😑😐😑

  • KimboG25

    Damn no badass power ranger sequel

  • xx Nico xx
    xx Nico xx

    How bad does power ranger look

  • Anthony Ian
    Anthony Ian

    wow those were some great trailers... oh ya the theres power rangers

  • Cater Dig
    Cater Dig

    That's a power ranger show on Netflix smh...