Nick Cannon Drops 2 Eminem Diss Tracks, Eminem Responds
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Eminem vs Nick Cannon (00:41)
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  • okami shonen
    okami shonen

    Charlemagne ur fucking racist shut ur stupid ass up with ur dumb ass lisp.

  • Dominick Zapata
    Dominick Zapata

    its funny how they never brought up ja during the list of ems beefs.

  • Arkham Asylum
    Arkham Asylum

    All I'm hearing is that Charlemagne thinks nick cannon won because he's black and eminem is white. He clearly contradicts himself. Those diss tracks were absolute dogshit. Charlemagne is blinded in his bias. It's clear he's racist against white people and anyone who says he's not are idiots who think black people can't be racist when they can be racists and assholes just as much as whites. The real reason other big rappers and lyricists like Jay-Z, Tech N9ne, etc. haven't gone against Eminem is because they are the ones that respect eminem. They respect him for his skill and lyrical ability. Ask any other skilled lyrical rapper and they will tell you, "Do not mess with that white boy." The only ones that ATTEMPT to challenge Eminem are the ones that are mediocre at best. Clout chasers like mgk and nick cannon. They fail because they think they are good when in reality, no one can stand against the Rap God Eminem.

  • Sa Xx
    Sa Xx

    criiiing !!!

  • jalen alexander
    jalen alexander

    Nobody came for em wth you mean

  • D BO
    D BO

    Machine gun kelly really killed eminen and thats the only one

  • jaywood1313

    Are you serious who has Enemie he was a battle rapper. You are in the minority of people that think MGK beat EM. I think Charlemagne smokes crack sometimes. Let's be honest the only reason why you feel Rap Devil was better is because EM got on him.

  • sjdjdjddj djdjdjdjdjdjdjdj
    sjdjdjddj djdjdjdjdjdjdjdj

    This has more dislikes then likes 😂😂💀

  • Ruben Torres
    Ruben Torres

    Charlemagne just can’t see what we all see, all those diss against em were trash

  • Martín Ramirez
    Martín Ramirez

    Only idiots that want to end their career would attempt to go after Em

  • Soley Rivera
    Soley Rivera

    Before Godzilla....... i bet they aint talking like that anymore.

  • marry marry
    marry marry

    Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time, especially in his prime, so Charlamagne hating on him just because he’s white is fucked.

  • Goonie Jo
    Goonie Jo

    Eminem vs everyone at scribble jam. Mc juice vs anyone anywhere! !

  • Game World
    Game World

    It’s clear that this dude don’t like Em he’s 1 of them racist dudes that can’t stand a white boy can be a prodigy and to say MGK beat Em GTFO someone give this man a reality check.

  • Jason Kmiec
    Jason Kmiec

    Hater...mgk got em....ya ok

  • Hehe Gone
    Hehe Gone

    Has charmander ever won a wrap battle...nope 🎱

  • Troyus Boggs
    Troyus Boggs

    I don't why y'all listen clown ass dude straight pussy

  • adamthamc87

    Eminem started as a battle rapper y’all garbage

  • adamthamc87

    How tf do any of these guys have a job analyzing anything ? Can’t analyze they’re way outta paper bag

  • Trevor Bruton
    Trevor Bruton

    MGK didn’t beat shit😂😂😭

  • Lana Gorgeous
    Lana Gorgeous

    charlamagne tha god's Eminem jealousy comes out whenever they talk about Em on this show, LMFAO!

  • Elegant Cuber
    Elegant Cuber

    Benzino, Ja, Canibis, Everlast, Evidence, all of Limp Bizkit, and ICP

  • mm mm
    mm mm

    It Ain't a rap beef lol Nick too sweet Nick a clown. Em on Wild n out lol show will end lol. Who has Nick battle??????? Eminem ended careers

  • Frederick Pogue
    Frederick Pogue

    This dude is a clown fr he really believes the shit he is saying

  • Jason Ass
    Jason Ass

    Icp vs Eminem

  • Drake Thompson
    Drake Thompson

    Look like he's wearing mascara... SMH. I hope someone asks you for a drop again

  • John Cameron
    John Cameron

    How can em battle when everyone sacred of him

  • dth4237

    Charlemagne clearly dislikes Em.

  • Bailey White
    Bailey White

    Only mad cuz he cant step to em lol

  • Bailey White
    Bailey White

    Man who has em battled!?!? This fuckin clown. Lol go somewhere sucka.

  • Jaden Coetzee
    Jaden Coetzee

    🤦🏼‍♂️EM should diss Charlemagne instead😂 cus he doesn't know what hes talking about.

  • Shelley Pompa
    Shelley Pompa

    Hey DJ with the gold headphones and the lisp u a hater!

  • Devin Gilliam
    Devin Gilliam

    I love how Charlemagne didn't get the gardener reference in Ems tweet but said Nick and his boys won. He obviously didn't listen to the fucking song. If he had, he'd get the gardener reference. Dumbass.

  • The Gosu
    The Gosu

    he really thought em never battled bruh he literally told everyone in the industry to come at him and nobody did . that shows ENOUGH ! tf you talking about charlemagne

  • Jason Radu
    Jason Radu

    This shit is wack

  • Chino Black
    Chino Black

    Nick cannon whack

  • Channel Seven7
    Channel Seven7

    Great Question though from Charlemagne the God , who has M Battled that would make you say that was a formidable MC he Just Smoked!🤔....., I'll wait! P.S. you can't diss a Man's Baby Mom's and think a Brother won't respond #RespecttheCulture💯!

  • Cale Power
    Cale Power

    Everyone in here talkin down on em is fuckn dumb. Real rap is word play mgk... he ain’t got it. Killshot is “washed up” cause y’all learned how to hear what “rappers” mumble instead of tru artists spit facts. Oh and real words Ofc.

  • ximena flores
    ximena flores

    Also Nick fucking lost Eminem won and I'm not white so don't be thinking that's why I'm saying that like Nick just came out of nowhere oh bc he wants to stand up for his wife like bish that was like ages ago go f urself instead Nick just wants fucking publicity and em knows that that's prob y he's taking long to respond bc he doesn't wanna give Nick a career bc to be real Nick nobody rlly knew bout Nick till that em disstrack

  • ximena flores
    ximena flores

    Bruh he talks ng shit bout em not dissing no big artists like bish the only reason ur still on the breakfast club is bc of ur Fu King Lisp like bishhh stfu

  • Thejamesyboy01

    I have two question, who tf is the guy saying "who has em got in the ring with" and secondly who would u put in the ring with him since he obviously knows who measures up and who doesnt smh, motherfucka probably salty cause he was one of the victims to the animal we call Rap God lmao

  • nurseypie

    Char never researches his topics past eggshell depth. He's failed miserably in preparation to interview 2020 candidates that appear on his show. It's almost as if he doesn't respect his audience.

  • Dr. Frank Castle
    Dr. Frank Castle

    "Nick Cannon won that battle" -Charlemagne- Shhhhhuuuuutafaqup Elvis Pussly

  • alexis moore
    alexis moore

    But nick and the black squad jump em and thats okay but when em does it its wrong

  • Anthony Baioa
    Anthony Baioa

    I never knew this fool Charlaine had a liisspppppp

  • CabinetSpice16

    Gold headphones here smacking his lips as he rewatches this video of himself to put him asleep at night. Stfu, you ruined my breakfast

  • Keedra Edwards
    Keedra Edwards

    I agree he said who has Eminem battled. Where the hell has he been. His ass gone be next chowmein

  • Paul Michael Bassett
    Paul Michael Bassett

    Man's is an em hater

  • woodi moddy
    woodi moddy

    Em at home right now laughing his ass off reading these comments.... after Charlamagne got his feelings hurt Eminem can't win a battle

  • Lawrence

    Wtf is Charlemagne talking about. Dre discovered Em because of battling. I don't respect Charlemagne opinions on rap subject before 2008. Go listen to Cam'ron first breakfast club interview and hear how lost Charlemagne was. He is not a hiphop head.

  • Petik Bertik
    Petik Bertik

    I just don´t understand how can be someone that stupid... He dont realize that hes not right?? He dont see more disslikes then likes?? He dont know that entire world is against him because all what he do is talking and I mean talking bullshit?? STOP to be salty and just said u lost, Nick lost, Budden lost and do what u do.. Just never ever put Em´s name to your mouth!!!! YOU TRASH

    • Petik Bertik
      Petik Bertik

      and MGK as well of course :D

  • Joe Settle
    Joe Settle

    Nick cannon is fucoing terrible

  • Joe Settle
    Joe Settle

    Yo your racist af your delusional to downplay eminem's talent

    • Joe Settle
      Joe Settle

      You suck at rapping as well

    • Joe Settle
      Joe Settle

      Nick cannon is not respected at all everybody think he sucks

    • Lil Tree
      Lil Tree

      Joe Settle Nick Cannon better than Eminem

  • jersey hurricane7
    jersey hurricane7

    Isn't Everlast and ICP real rappers?

  • Donovon Williams
    Donovon Williams

    That clown is clearly democrat , majority votes Eminem and he still delusional

  • Your Phone
    Your Phone

    Daffy Duck needs to quit talking. He’s clearly going to side with anybody Em has beef with. If he’s so trash let’s see you diss him, not just bullshitting yourself saying he’s trash.

  • castreason

    Charlamagne asking who did Eminem battle and it's like, he started off his career with nobody recognizing him, trying to make it doing rap battles and he went far out there in the Rap Olympics man.. Before he was a studio MC, he was an underground artist and a battle MC. If you're trying to say that that's nobody famous, then that's that, but don't try to imply that Eminem built his reputation off of nothing, because the truth is, all his lyricism and wordplay came off of him working hard as a battle MC.

  • Faith and Kylie Vlogs
    Faith and Kylie Vlogs

    "He picked on pop stars and Nick cannon"😂

  • Michael Turner
    Michael Turner

    Who is that guy in the gold headphones 😂 Em ain't battled that many cus nobody with any knowledge and respect for rap are dumb enough to even try 💯

  • Tennyson P
    Tennyson P

    this Daffy Duck first talks about Eminem getting by the Nicky squad being ok and is not ok when ja rule got jumped

  • George Plymale
    George Plymale

    Joe budden

  • Precious Barnes
    Precious Barnes

    Em is better

  • Precious Barnes
    Precious Barnes

    He always says something


    Nick already loses by his own fan.... Why d yall think he won.

  • Pierre Powers
    Pierre Powers

    Donkey of the day: nick cannon

  • Yung Turtle
    Yung Turtle

    Eminem finna be ready to destroy his life

  • Jenai Vogt
    Jenai Vogt

    The fact that they didnt understand what those tweets were referring to just shows that they didn't listen to Nick's diss track... So how did nick win if no body listened to the tracks?

  • sander Gomten
    sander Gomten

    When he sad mgk was better that was it for me, this guy is clearly and idiot who has 0 clue

  • Kameryn Risper
    Kameryn Risper

    Lets go nick

    • Kameryn Risper
      Kameryn Risper

      Lil Tree whatever helps you sleep at night

    • Lil Tree
      Lil Tree

      Kameryn Risper you dumb

  • Ceyhun Akgöl
    Ceyhun Akgöl

    "Eminem isnt better than everybody, but nobody is better than eminem." thats all i got to say about that.